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Sakebar Nippon Restaurant
87/100 (1898 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Belly Sashimi
Crispy Spicy Prawn Roll
Oyster Mayo
Chicken Liver Skewers
Pork Gyoza
Grilled Squid
Grilled Salmon
Chicken Karaage
Prawn Tempura
Beef Tataki
Sushi Train
Japanese Beer
Egg Rolls
Karage Chicken
Hot Sake
Tuna Avocado Salad
Table Service
Serves Alcohol
"First time here, had a blast enjoyed the food. Food arrived fast but reordering more dishes took a long time. Got packed quite quickly. Would eat..."
Angel Burnett-Ashwin
"I’ve been here a couple of times. The place is so popular I still haven’t sat at the main venue. I shall go back and sit by the grille! The food..."
William W
"One of the rainy dark evening, The moment 🪵you open the heavy, dark old wooden door of the bar, 🏮 you'll find the joy of their beautiful..."
"Perfect dinner to have before a movie at The Lido. Great food, great atmosphere, and friendly staff. Yummy vegetarian/vegan options too, they bring a..."
"The food was fab. Loved the atmosphere so much. There's also karaoke available if you're keen. Steve was a nice gentle guy who was serving us. Quite..."
Niloofar ShSh
"Food was so delicious. Portions were a bit small compared to the price. Sashimi was okay, a little expensive for a small dish with 9 pieces. Staff..."
"Loved the drum roll I got when I entered. It instantly lifted up my mood. The wine list has good range of sake, wines and beers. The food was..."
Anujaa Diwaan
"First time trying. Nice ambiance here and the staff there are all friendly. Food here is not bad, more pricey than you would spend for similar food..."
Wilson Shum
"Absolutely 5 stars! I enjoyed the atmosphere heaps! The music selection, the Taiko drum, the staff yelling いらしゃいませ! Making me feel..."
Eric Chou奧克蘭寶哥
"Absolutely the best experience dining in here! Always looked after and always great tasting Japanese food. The sashimi is fresh and has the best cuts..."
Odyssey L
"Wonderful dishes, best place for beers and skewers. One of the Best Japanese place in Auckland. Thank you miyu ,Steven and the team for a great..."
Nonny Impreza
"Had the best meal there with great food, service, atmosphere and drinks. Really made me feel like I was back in Japan!!!!..."
Awesomeness, lots of i t
"Food was beautiful. Bit costly for us two full time students, but you're paying for quality! Amazing atmosphere. Took us a while to get served but in..."
Matt Renata
"Stumbled upon this place on a rainy night with almost no one on the streets. Walked inside and it was PACKED! Amazing vibe, energy, people chatting,..."
"Traditional Sake Bar that really does introduce you to the flavours of Japan. Absolutely loved trying an array of dishes. Great price, amazing ramen..."
Briahna Patterson
"Fun spot for dinner. We sat at the bar and my daughter enjoyed watching the chefs cooking on the hot plate. Quite noisy in that spot but there's..."
Craig Smith
No. 1 Chicken
82/100 (1358 ratings)
Chicken tenders
Fish N' Chips
Spicy Seasoned Chicken & Crispy Chicken
Crispy Chicken Half
Boneless Crispy Cup Chicken
Boneless Crispy Chicken
Box Seasoned Chicken and Chips
Seasoned Fried Chicken with Chips and Dumplings with Chips
Korean Style Hotdog
후라이드 치킨
Refried Old Fried Chicken & Chips
"Tried many fried chicken places - No. 1 is still the best! Tasty af, not overly battered, not overly saucy, and the chicken is not dry. Chips are..."
Adam Chui
"I always grab the chance to get a half crispy and half seasoned chicken whenever I come to Newmarket. My wife and I particularly like the pickled..."
Benz Chan
"Afternoon snack from no1 chicken. I love the seasoned chicken one. We managed to try this after lockdown lifted in Auckland. Will come back soon,..."
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"The boy staff was very unfriendly. He never answers to customers and there is lack of communication. He didnt give us radish pickle as well. Previous..."
J Sethi
"Our favorite fried chicken ! Better if they have delivery..."
Bing Zhang
Jennifer Jiang
"a little place next to train station, they serve a really good and crispy chicken! Both the crispy and spicy chicken are so..."
"No.1 Chicken is indeed No.1 in terms of spicy fried chicken with korean cuisine styled sauces. I always go for the boneless 1/2 chicken and it is..."
"The seasoned chicken was a tad bit too sweet for my liking, I’d prefer it to be a little more balanced. However, the crust on the chicken was..."
Karen Yeung
"5/5 Taste4/5 Display 4/5 Quantity 4/5 Customer ServiceGreat Korean Fried Chicken Takeaway shop in Newmarket!Their..."
"Really good chicken, perfect for takeaways. The spicy variety has just enough spice to make you sweat but not too much. Staff are very friendly. You..."
"This place is perfect if you have a fried chicken craving!! Generous portions and not at all greasy. I surprisingly really enjoyed the crunchy radish..."
Food Adventures With AnnaJ
"i am so hopelessly addicted to this place. i like to order their original crispy chicken unseasoned. they’re just so perfect and boneless and with..."
"A small shop by the entrance of the Newmarket train station on Remuera Road. They do have a couple of tables and a few stools on the side for eating..."
Benedict Uy
"Awesome seasoned chicken and goes really well with the pickled turnips. Ordered half boneless seasoned chicken and I couldn't finish it really even..."
Lyn Lin (Zomato Gold Share Code LINL3293)
"Always my go-to place to grab my all-time flavour Crispy half for dinner. This place usually full and pack of people. They always take order on the..."
Hungry Zombie
"Korean fried chicken is the best thing since sliced bread as far as I'm concerned. Unlike it's American variant, Korean fried chicken has a much..."
"One of my favourite places to have Korean Fried chicken. The place is small but the food is delicious. I often come and grab a small bowl of fried..."
Vanessa Gao
"One of my top 5 Korean fried chicken stores in Auckland. Have been here multiple times but still won't get bored of it!Not a lot of options on..."
Tony Shi
"I got curious as this place got a lot of good reviews in Zomato. I finally decided to try it. We ordered the crispy chicken and the seasoned one. I..."
Yen Retizos
"Our favourite go to place when we were still living in New Market. SweetChili Chicken and Plain chicken is to die for. Me and partner goes here to..."
Rob Boiser
"Crunchy fried chicken with sweet chili sauce. Love it! My colleagues say this is one of the most popular Korean fried chicken in Auckland. Come and..."
"Fried chicken is good. It’s very tiny place inside, so it’s better to take away. But very high of calories with lots of sweet source on the top...."
Wendy Wang
"I’m not a big fan of deep fried crispy chicken and adding sauce to make them soggy. We usually come here when we get munchies at night...."
Tony Ma
"Ordered the cup chicken and fries to takeaway. The chicken was super crispy and wasn’t greasy like KFC. The sauce was sweet and tangy which..."
"I'm obsessed with this place. As a white person it took me a while to adapt to the flavour of their seasoned chicken but once I did there was no..."
Eloise Kerr
"Undoubtedly one of my favourite weekend meals. All you need to do is boil some rice and eat half a boneless seasoned chicken while binging comedy..."
Jenny @ga.eats
"Food: 5/5Service: 5/5Overall: 5/5This place is my new favourite! Felt like fried chicken after watching a movie in broadway..."
The Poor Foodie
"BEST CHICKEN AND CHIPS EVER!!!😍 Staff are great, food is cheap and really yummy! Only thing is that there’s not much room in the place for..."
Emma Smith
"Who doesn't love fast, delicious, juicy, spicy fried chicken?? This place is it, I've had a few different KFC (korean fried chicken ) joints before..."
Tan Wang
"Satisfying Korean fried chicken! sufficiently salty, savoury and spicy. Great portion size as a light snack or lunch. will be back in future to try..."
Clare Ang
"Love this chicken so much. I usually have this half, boneless flavored chicken for 2. Love the radish as well. It is famous among Korean people as..."
Alice In New Zealand
"So I love me some fried chicken from time to time and on various occasions after happy hour I have bought chicken from here. I love the..."
Jenny Da
"I love this place! If you love fried chicken here is the place to be! The chicken is crunchy and flavourful and the portion sizes are pretty..."
Tom Wong
"Spicy seasoned chicken is frickin' yumm! If you love Korean friend chicken definitely give this place a try. Actually finger licking good. fair..."
Ria Amin
"This place is perfect for after school or after work snacking. The cup seasoned chicken is super yummy and deliciously flavoured with Korean sticky..."
"Eating the chicken here reminded me so much of when I used to live in South Korea. It's that good and the flavours are so close to what fried chicken..."
"This place is awesome. If your after tasty fried or crispy chicken to eat in or on the go you need to check this place out. Ideal for small or large..."
"Got the seasoned cup of chicken. Really decent serving size for the price although the sauce got very overpowering by the end and I had to give the..."
"I get cravings for the chicken here! Love the sauce they but in the chicken, it is a little sweet and spicy, probably what makes it so addictive. The..."
"Perfect crispy fried chicken. If you are just after fried chicken, its one of best. Have your own sauce to go with it like peri-peri and..."
"Great chicken! Seasoned chicken wasn't for me but my partner was obsessed with it. I like their fried chicken more. They have great chips as well...."
Dannielle Andrews
"The chicken here is great, nice and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. It’s great when you eat it straight away but when you leave it..."
"Crispy and succulent chicken. Great portion for the price. Good service, freshly made. Not much seat available though, but its the food and service..."
"I was really expecting the seasoned chicken to have a real spicy kick to it. Sadly it didn’t. All in all it was okay, next time I go I will..."
Hasiba Zareh
"Our go to place for korean fried chicken. Fast and easy takeaways, just call 10 minutes ahead! Their chicken batter is so crispy and crunchy that it..."
Saphic Chan
"I finally got to eat some korean fried chicken after hearing all my friends talk about how I was missing out.Service: 9/10The staff..."
Grace Huang
"After reading the view the major of them rule...Staff at work said it smells good that's good enough and it sure taste good...I would go back..."
John Kemp
"Value for money total $13 for 2cups boneless chicken #crispychicken #seasonedchicken, good location and it took 10 minutes to cook. So fast, so..."
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"Perfect place for a snack! The crispy chicken is exactly what is needed to go with a few beers with friends. The shop itself is rather crammed so..."
"They cook the chicken for you after you order so everything comes out hot and fresh. I got the seasoned flavour of chicken and it was super tasty and..."
"i came again today, so so so tasty that was the best Korean fry chicken in the world, must order spicy seasoned boneless one, eat with sour daikon, i..."
Geena Han
"Quick and easy, chicken is always juicy and tender. Original is nice and crispy, but my go-to is always the marinated boneless chicken. Good..."
"Chicken isn't my favourite meat but after tasting no-1 chicken, omg. I love the seasoned chicken the most and it's a great place to hang out with..."
Sharon Louie
"Popped in for an early dinner tonight.The combination of succulent chicken with golden brown crumbs is in perfection with their crispy..."
"Best Korean fried chicken I have tried so far in NZ. Very authentic Korean fried chicken and their picked radish is great too - they will give you..."
"Food was good. We order spicy seasoned chicken and fried chicken. I recommend service should be more friendly. If you like to have a good snacks..."
Trina Wang
"Not bad. I ordered half crispy chicken and spicy sauce chicken. I recommend order the spicy sauce chicken. Crispy chicken don't have much taste on..."
"Very friendly service and they fry the chicken right there in front of you when the orders are inSo it is very crispy and hot =) We always have..."
"Decent chicken however, had too many small bones so it was quite inconvenient to eat, I'll try boneless next time. The desks were not especially..."
Francis Goode
"My friends and I were looking for a good feed and decided to try this place as we were in the mood for some Korean fried chicken and I'm glad to say..."
Orient Express
"Came here the other night with the flattie. Really enjoyed this place. Really good chicken bit I wouldn't quiet say my best. THE..."
Joseph Taleni
"The fried chicken here is quite delicious, and always well cooked (not greasy, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside). We come here often..."
"Cute little fast food place in Newmarket! Authentic Korean fried chicken. Got the half crispy half seasoned, came with some radish on the side. The..."
"We ordered half spicy seasoned chicken, half seasoned chicken and the 2 piece crispy chicken and chips. Pros: seasoned chicken super tasty..."
"I was at a loose end on takeaway Friday and this place popped up on a search. I ordered one spiced chicken and chips and one crispy chicken and..."
"There are a lot of my favourites, it was hard to choose which to get but ended up getting the Chicken and Chips. Taking a first bite, it brings back..."
Tavita Milford
"A beautiful aroma hits you as you get out of your car at the Wilson car park at Newmarket. Explore the origins and you find No. 1 Chicken. So gave it..."
Nakul Patel
"Very good deep fried chicken rather small menu though so they could add things to it but overall veru happy with the meal I had there will definitely..."
"This place is awesome! They have a very small menu but cook everything deepfried on it to perfection! The chicken is super crispy and super juicy. If..."
"Ordered seasoned and crispy chicken (with bones) and I can see why they call themselves no 1 chicken! Crispy chicken skin is super crispy and spicy...."
"Service was super fast..Tried the boneless seasoned chicken in a cup! It was like popcorn chicken but better.might try something else the next time..."
Ms. Piggy Loves Food
"Very delicious with a few drinks hehe! We got the half and half. I recommend you getting the one with bones in them for more of an authentic feel to..."
Sally Tran
"Great chicken place and i prefer mine crispy! Fish is good too :) my chicken pieces were quite small though otherwise id give a 5. The cups were..."
Eddie Liu
"Love the fish & chips... cheap and yum only around  $6 for two hokkis and chips !!! as well as the popcorn chicken :)))))))))))))))) chicken is..."
"A Korean twist on fried chicken. It's like kfc chicken but 10 times better with more flavour, crispness and without the grease. I had the cup of..."
Hungus Girl
"The boneless crispy chicken are really tasty and crispy. Also love the seasoned chicken with chili sauce. It's a place for a quick bite and it can't..."
Mira Sri
"This place is always busy. I like their fish and chips dinner pack. The batter is very light and crispy and you get a decent serving of chips. Only..."
"This place sells Korean Fried chicken, and is probably the best you can find in New Zealand. Their seasoned fried chicken, (양념치킨) is fried..."
Will Zheng
"We need more Korean fried chicken place. Fried chicken and beer combo is the best. We like going to No.1 chicken because you can opt for boneless..."
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"No 1 Chicken is the place I always go to if I ever feel like fried chicken. The staff are always friendly and the food is often fast. The boneless..."
Cindy Lin
"Boneless, crispy fried chicken. They only give a small serving of mustard with the chicken but the korean pickles are nice and the chicken doesn't..."
Emma Patricia Katili
"No 1 chicken is definitely ranks pretty high in the fried chicken scene in Auckland. We dropped by around 6 and the place was packed! We decided to..."
"Food ordered:Crispy Half & Seasoned HalfChips1.5L DrinkBill: $35.50Big tummy: We were introduced to No 1 Chicken..."
A Tale Of Two Tummies
"As the name of this restaurant, it's truly the number one chicken. The spicy crispy chicken is very awesome with reasonable price. Compare to the..."
Michelle Hwang
"The chicken taste amazing and fresh. Love their crispy chicken and spicy chicken. Would recommand takeaway because the restaurant is not very big...."
"After passing this place so many time after work.. Finally I decided to try some chicken. I went for the spicy chicken, I ordered boneless half..."
Asian Fan
"I am completely addicted to the seasoned fried chicken, love it even more when its in the cup as the portion (and price!) is just right for..."
Sheila Putri
"Having made a promise not to drink during the week, in an attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle, I sometimes find myself waiting, quite impatiently,..."
Vivi S
"Discovering this place was an absolute joy. The crispy chicken is to die for. If KFC made chicken like this, they'd probably make a fortune out of..."
"It is fried chicken and its more like popcorn chicken but the sauces they finish them off in makes it more than a standard fried chicken outlet...."
Amit Tripuraneni
"If you are bored of the regular fried chicken, try this KFC - Korean fried chicken! Get it plain fried or seasoned (make it spicy) for a kick. You..."
"not too bad half & half !!! atmosphere was not looking good. service was good ! food tasty was average. price is little bit more cheaper than other..."
"If you want take-away food and into the whole sweet-spicy taste, this is the place for you. Excellent quality and very nice staff as well. Worth your..."
Eric Raymond Baluyut
"The best I had so far!! Ordered the spicy seasoned chicken and for once it's spicy!! I love it. A bit on the pricy side though but the cup version is..."
Den Teo
"I have been here twice , they make decent korean style fried chicken. The price is affordable and the chicken tastes good.I personally..."
Renée Chiu
"The best Korean fried chicken I've had in AucklandI absolutely love fried chicken and I'm always on the lookout for good fried chicken that..."
"Another fried chicken shop?! NO YOU ARE WRONG it's THE fried chicken shop. The smell of fried chicken always fills up the whole building and carpark..."
Regina McDad
"The first time I tried this place, it was a cold  winter's night and I was hungry. The first place that caught my eyes was this small Korean fried..."
Hungry Hippo
"My friend who is Korean brought me here when it first opened after trying the chicken here the night before. It was as good as she claimed it to be...."
"Love this place! Both the seasoned chicken and the fried chicken are delicious but I do prefer the seasoned chicken. If you're a small..."
Vicki Ko
"Good ~ the non seasoned one Shared a bucket with the sis ! Ohh it's good it's crispy and it's not KFC I still don't like the..."
Michelle Huynh
"Came in here after movie on Broadway as we were looking for something easy to eat. Their chicken bites are OK--probably too oily for my taste. Then..."
"A nice and cosy little restaurant that also specialises in 'yang nyum tong dak,' just like the other restaurant that I reviewed on. Overall, this..."
"Awesome chicken and always quick as can be ! My favourite defiantly has to be the cup chicken that's seasoned and reasonable priced.The chips..."
Alice Bayley
"Really love their chicken both savoury and plain(crispy)! I think it's a little bit expensive for the portion you get but its all worth I guess. Only..."
Sushmita Ann Daswani
"Time and date : weekday dinner takeawayFood ordered: crispy chicken and seasoned chickenIngredients: cooked and seasoned on the..."
Cheap Cheap Foodie
"No.1 Chicken, in Newmarket, has become a nice addition to my Korean food addiction since a 'spicy chicken' friend discovered it last year. If..."
"Came here one day after school with friends and decided to try this place out! We ordered the Seasoned Boneless Chicken, and wow, it was delicious!..."
"The chicken. What can I say.I passed by with a couple of friends while looking for a cheap, filling lunch in Newmarket, and looking inside..."
"Decided to try this place out because of all the hype it was receiving. We ordered half n half (crispy/seasoned) it was a little expensive for t.a...."
"Came across this place after searching for a Korean fried chicken shop online. Bought their fried chicken and like what I ate. Definitely will come..."
Charlie M.
"I am from Korea originally, and have fond memories of eating half/half Korean fried chicken. No 1 Chicken was delicious, and was quite good value for..."
"The quality of the food was excellent, and the service was satisfactory. I asked for help three times, and each time, he treated me positively. The..."
Christopher Fohetaha
"No1 Chicken, the name says it all – it truly lives up to its reputation as a premier destination for Korean chicken aficionados. My recent visit to..."
Ney Augereau
"The chicken is golden and crispy. It's better to order it without the sauce and get the sauce on the side, as if it's sauced I feel they put too much..."
Enny Benzonelli
"My personal favorite: crispy cup..."
My Odyssey
"Still Crispy even after coating!!!!! Unforgettable taste !!! Bigger portion, better taste, more drink options and better customer service compare..."
Yufei Su
"This place is great. The chicken bites are great, and the chips are well made as well. Get the seasoned ones as the plain while tasty are a bit..."
Brodie Davis
"Fantastic, flavourful chicken at a good price. Big portion sizes. I recommend the half and half so that you can try a couple different flavours. The..."
Candace McCabe
"Korean establishment. Simple, clean & cozy ambience. Well ventilated & no oily smell. Crispy chicken was nice , crunchy & delicious. Spicy option is..."
"A small shop by the entrance of the Newmarket train station on Remuera Road. They do have a couple of tables and a few stools on the side for eating..."
Benedict Uy
"For 13$ chicken n chips and 6$ korean hotdog, i wasn't expecting a big portion, i was surprised and the taste is really good, chicken and hotdog is..."
Mj Mj
"The best Korea Fried Chicken in town. Worthwhile to buy the crispy chicken and buy the sauce separately, if you gonna take home to enjoy..."
Gary Wilson
"Korean fried chicken - close enough to home to always tempt you on the way back from the gym. A convenient snack is their boneless fried chicken -..."
paul wong
"Very nice Korean establishment. Simple,clean and a cozy ambience.Was the perfect amount for lunch.Excellent fried chicken with sauce and the..."
Lyn Hormann
Sake Bar Nipon
92/100 (1874 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Sit down
Table Service
Serves Alcohol
Highchairs Available
Full Bar
"Love this place! Food is good and the waiter in the hat is the sweetest and liveliest waiter I’ve ever met...."
Larry Young
"Nice environment. Good food quality. Great place for..."
Gabriel Kung
"Great Japanese izakaya feel to the place! Friendly staff, some of them aren't as fluent in English & took a couple of tries to get the correct order..."
Paul Walker
"Open in lockdown and just great. Had all our favourites: sashimi, yum yum prawns and scallops. They did the sakuro steak without sauce so it would be..."
Kath Bolton
"Irasshaimase! Love it, great environment with the Japanese drums playing etc also when you leave - although, I try to slip out quietly to test my..."
J Eats
"Really enjoyable atmosphere and amazing friendly staff!One of our favourite places to visit, but more recently we ordered takeaways due to..."
Emma Sharma
"Great place to go in a group. Plates are small, so it is great to share. Good variety of sake and other japanese spirits. Super friendly staff!..."
"A staple in casual Japanese Izakaya dining! Very down to earth & authentic atmosphere & always genuine service from all staff. Grilled whole squid is..."
"We hadn't been here for a few years, but found the place just as it used to be. Staff are friendly and helpful, service is great and the food is..."
"Best kaarage chicken I've ever had! The crumbed camenbert, gyoza dumplings and teriyaki chicken are also delicious! Not to mention the fantastic..."
Alice B
"Lovely vibrant atmosphere. Customer service was lovely our server he was always smiling. Food was delicious and could eat more then I did the..."
Effie Mcfall
"I always go there when craving for sashimi. I love sashimi boat, calamari grill and yumyum scallop. It is a very full during friday and weekends. You..."
Paulina Food
"A great atmosphere and lovely service - I love this place down to the service and the drums you get upon entering and leaving the building. The sushi..."
"Went here few times, food flavour was pretty good, a lot of kinds of alcohol and non-alcohol can choose,price is good too. Service really nice and..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Been here two time. This time I found out they have my favourite tofu since I came back from Japan trip and my fav Ramune.13 order and we..."
"Just went to the sushi tunnel there last night and the food was delicious, the service and staff are amazing (especially that guy in the fluffy..."
Tania Lin
"We dined last night after the movies. What an amazing place, we had three sharing dishes, chicken, tempura prawns and and pork dumplings. The staff..."
Dave Koefoed
"This is my go to Japanese place if I want some Japanese food that feels a little more “special”. It has a great atmosphere and the food is great...."
"Was here yesterday with friends. Great restaurant! Beautiful food with amazing fresh fish! Would highly recommend for Japanese cuisine. Staff and..."
Preeti Kaur
"Many people might think of the dishes as overpriced, but I reckon it’s worth it. Although the mochi and green tea ice cream took quite a while to..."
"One of the original Japanese eateries that first open in Epsom, i  have driven past em untold times and finally got to dine in.I came in on a..."
"Today, my friend recommends me to the Sake Bar, we order lots of delicious foods, the foods are really good! The Char Unagi and Prawn Tempura Sushi..."
Mia Lu
"Its so good! It’s so good literally everything is so good. The taste,the flavors,and the food quality is just amazing. This is my last sentence ITS..."
"Good local Japanese. Been three times now and always friendly service and good food. Just avoid trying to park when the movies are on. Better still..."
"Really fast service and delicious food. We stopped in before a movie at the Lido and we are only disappointed that we haven’t come here sooner...."
Julia Louise
"Came here after unsuccessfully searching for parking for some yakatori in town. Ordered a nigiri selection, prawn yakatori, char unagi (eel) nigiri,..."
Fraser Lewis-Smith And Alana Ah Tani
"So good I had to make another booking for the following week!!Chicken karaghe OMG! 5/5Been a long time since I had some decent fried rice..."
"Went to Sakebar on a Sunday evening, welcomed by drums and a friendly waitress. We were seated promptly by the bar and was given our menus...."
Jenny Da
"Sakebar Nippon has a great atmosphere with authentic dishes and friendly staff. They have a range of dishes that are reasonably priced, and freshly..."
"Went for a friend's birthday dinner last year.Fried rice was flavourful. Sushi was amazing and well presented. Yakisoba was delicious. Loved the..."
Rosanne Choy
"I feel the dishes are slightly overpriced. Always end up spending well over $80 per person and I’m type of guy who doesn’t eat that much and..."
"This restaurant has very friendly staff who are attentive and polite. The menu has a whole bunch of different meats, veges, rice, noodles and other..."
"Would come back again, food on the menu looks the same when on the table. Clean and friendly environment. Staff is absolutely lovely. Would recommend..."
Jeshlyn Bennett
"Staff are lovely, ambience is warm and bustling, especially if you're sitting downstairs. You can see the chefs cooking, and they greet you with..."
Shamili Superapple
"Always love Sake Bar. Been going here for years and the food, service and ambience are always impeccable. Tonight we ordered the sashimi trio, tuna..."
Acacia Wratten-Stone
"I love the food here! The dishes however are a little small so you may need to order more than one. It tastes very good and I recommend the Yum Yum..."
"Held a private function here, communication beforehand was great. Arrived and the hostess was warm and welcoming, The atmosphere was lovely and..."
Mary Mave
"Holy crapola!!! Just finished a really reaalllllyyyy good meal here just now and by heck, amazing!!!!!!!! As you can tell from me plate that I..."
"This is an awesome place.When you walk in the door one of the chefs taps on the drums hanging from the ceiling to announce your arrival. ..."
Deborah Ruth Thompson
"Super fun restaurant with a crazy, busy, always on the move vibe. With welcoming drums sounding as you enter and biding your farewell when you leave..."
"A really good local Japanese restaurant with room for large or small groups. Service is super friendly. Their skewers are really yum - not as big a..."
"This Japanese restaurant is amazing! The service from staff is lovely and they are so friendly and attentive. However the highlight for me is..."
Ashleigh Michelle
"It is many years since we were last here and it certainly won't be that long before we return.  A spontaneous decision to give it a go last night..."
Food And People
"Nice food and really friendly waiters/waitresses. The environment is very comfy. It's my second time here already. They serve various food. I have to..."
"Really fun atmosphere. I love the way they greet you when you walk in. Always busy so you need to book. Great food. Very authentic. One of my..."
Nicola Sherrock
"Now this is the best ever customer service I've experienced in all of Auckland ! Super friendly and polite ! Just amazing atmosphere...."
Leo Dilshan
"ate here two nights ago with a couple of friends. Didn't have much time before the movie next door started, so was a little worried. The service was..."
Julia Crawley
"Went here on a Sunday evening without booking. We were catered to quickly but the waitress kept forgetting details like what we ordered and also what..."
R-Dee Roche
"Awesome place! Agedashi eggplant is phenomenal! I always get it when I get here. The layout is traditional Japanese style and is a really fun..."
"Excellent food and experience.I have been to Sakebar numerous times in the last 5 years and it remains one of my most enjoyable dining..."
"This place gives you the warmest welcome. My bf and I was craving for some japanese. We got the spicy tuna roll, the yaki soba noodles, grilled..."
Joanne Chiang
"Nippon is usually my go too place for Japanese, but last night I was encouraged to try Hokkaido instead. It was pretty good but definitely not as..."
Jenny Daly
"Good Japanese food in Epsom! We ordered the sesame beans, grilled zucchini and mushroom, Katsu chicken and tuna sashimi. The sesame beans..."
Charlene Weaver
"Love this place. We've lived in the area for over ten years but I only discovered it a month ago. Since that first visit, I've been back twice..."
Ann C
"Real good! Food matched menu description and came fast. Very quickly served, high quality food, my favourite being the pork belly skewers. Although a..."
Eddie Liu
"It's probably typical of Japanese restaurants to have tiny tables cramped ingeniously in small spaces and still attain a sense of privacy...."
Dee Elle
"Have been here many times times for some yummy, fast food. I love the drums when you enter and the waitresses are always very friendly and helpful...."
Hannah Gear
"Once I've already tried to have dinner here before. But this place is very popular so there were not available tables. This time I was lucky! I was..."
Anastasia Lobareva
"This place is a hidden gem, once inside, you will be pleasantly surprised. This place is generally busy! They have a reasonable amount of seating -..."
"If oyu're looking for a fun place for dinner with a couple of mates,  Sakebar Nippon is DEFINITELY the place to be and parking is not a problem as..."
Kellie Lee
"This restaurant has a serious pulse!It reminded me what eating out should be about, there's no pretentiousness here, it's all about fun!  For..."
"Perfect sake bar for me!.  The karage chicken, soft shell crab and crispy squid all tasted very good.  A good place to stop by if you're just..."
Anna Fern
"My favourite Japanese place in Auckland.No need for any dramatic descriptions.Perfect FoodFresh ingredientsPerfect..."
"Absolutely fantastic!  The best customer service ever.  Their plum wine is outstanding.  It's the freshest seafood I've ever had.  Absolutely..."
Aly Lu
"Love atmosphere great service and fun for night out. Delicious Japanese beer's like Orion and the best tuna salad. Price is reasonable and a place to..."
Sarah Oxley
"Do visit this fun place with a group of friends & enjoy their hospitality & friendly charm & character. You can tell this place has great vibes from..."
"On a busy main road a great slice of what feels like an authentic sake bar any where in Tokyo. Great for catching up with anyone and a worthwhile..."
Marc Lambert
"If you're looking for a quiet place for some Japanese and conversation, then this really isn't the place for you. It's loud (you're greeted as you..."
Miah Dixon
"We have been past this place many times in the pass, as we go to golden jade restaurant next door..sakebar looks like one of the more establish..."
"Absolutely amazing food. A bit on the noisy side which makes it all the more better! Its usually very busy and sometimes a bit tough to get service..."
"Went here last night (group of 6) and it was really good. Thoroughly enjoyed our experience. The food and drinks arrived promptly, our server was..."
"This is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Auckland. Serve good food- more on the rustic home-cooked dishes rather than degustation that you..."
"Very nice place to go as a group. Food was really delicious and very well presented. Staff were very friendly! Plates are shared and very affordable..."
Joel L.
"We actually went to the opening of the sushi train store right next door as they did a trial opening on Sat. and Sun. afternoons. The atmosphere is..."
Rocky Mak
"Had a very enjoyable meal here this evening with excellent company. Great food, great service, we will be back!! Would recommend the sushi!!..."
Georgia Forde
"In terms of authentic Japanese that is close to the real thing...this is it!! Amazing restaurant with absolutely delicious food. Such a vibrant..."
Deborah Leilua
"Always have a great experience here! Came here to celebrate graduating and the staff were extremely patient and friendly as we waited to order. I do..."
Sophia O-W
"We love everything about this restaurant, service, food and food! We came for their sushi train, opening special $3.50 for all!!! Fried chicken, welk..."
Wendy Zhou
"I'm in love with this place for authentic Japanese food in Epsom. I first came here when attending a birthday party and have been revisiting ever..."
Vivien @ KJAS Blog
"Came here a few nights ago and i was pleasantly surprised by this quaint Japanese restaurant. The first thing you notice is the sushi train which..."
Jenane Jenny Krishnaraj
"Been coming here for years. Probably my favourite place for Japanese! There are so many different plates to choose from on the menu and all of them..."
I Love Food
"The food at Sakebar Nippon provides authentic Japanese cuisine made by Japanese chefs. It was quite a busy night too! The food was rather delicious..."
Eva Zhu
"Love coming here right from the gong when you enter to the gong when you leave. I have had the fish dumplings and the teriyaki chicken which are by..."
Kezia Lobo
"Came here on a date night with hubby, for a change. Was so cute. Loved the setting was very busy but it was a Friday! Had the typical style..."
"Excellent food served in a fun atmosphere.  Good for either a full meal or plates to share.  Very handy to the Lido cinema, so we'll be back for..."
"This is one of my favourites - the moment you step through the door, you could be in some tiny, extremely busy corner of Japan.  The drums..."
Bri DiMattina
"We went to Sake Bar Nippon on 26/3/2015 and were really impressed with the great atmosphere, amazing food and awesome service.  We had kara-age..."
"Have been here twice and has been delicious each time with friendly service! Lots of choice on the menu and everything is pretty well..."
Sarah Malcolm
"Without doubt one of Aucklands best genuine Japanese Sake Bars . The food is excellent , great fun & service . Prepare yourself for a good evening..."
David L Evans
"Happened to walk past here while looking for a place to have dinner with a friend and my partner. Saw "sushi train" and we decided to go in. Super..."
"Everything is absolutely beautiful and tasty, great service great venue. You can't go wrong at this place. Big Thanks to maku San for great..."
Ramo Kazankiran
"This place is almost always packed so make sure you book. We arrived just before 6 and happily Sat in the sister sushi bar next for until the..."
"Im a regular... good food and always quick to say lets go. Had one bad memory though watched the guy on the grill drop a whole squid on the floor..."
"Fantastic meal for 9 after the movies . Fast & efficient. Staff super friendly ! Well priced including a basic wine and beer list .Booking..."
"Loved this place. We booked for a party of 20 people and they were very accommodating. No one had been there before and everyone absolutely loved..."
Arrianna Saifoloi Mathieson
"Absolute favourite of mine from when I lived in Epsom a few years back. Was always a fab place to go with a group of friends to drink, eat and chat..."
Katy Turner
"Excellent food, excellent atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff. Good venue for big groups and parties.I can always rely on this restaurant..."
Ronnie Cee
"My husband and I like the food offered. We have tried most of the items on the menu. It is always good and consistent, plus attentive service. I..."
Amanda Choong
"Wow!!!!! My partner and I were really impressed with this place, food came out quickly, service was amazing, the friendliest I have had in a long..."
Michelle Bailey
"This is an amazing restaurant with a menu to suit any taste. We went with our kids and it's a great family occasion. The Teriyaki Chicken is to die..."
Andrew Thompson
"I love this place. The restaurant has a lovely cosy feel, my favourite spot is on the counter where you can watch the magic being made. The sushi..."
"I have been to quite a few Japanese restaurants in and around Auckland and I can honestly say the food doesn't quite measure up to the taste and..."
Ira Rawiri
"Casual and welcoming ambience (they bang on the drums and call out when you come in and out too), large menu, and it's always entertaining watching..."
"Service: 4/5Wait time: 4/5Environment: 4/5Food Quality and taste: 4/5Price range: $50+ pp[Very close to where I live but..."
Tony Ma
"I've been to Japan and this place brought me back there instantly. If you want a Japanese experience go here! Food was exceptional, and being able to..."
Kay Adams
"A great fun place to head to if you are a small group. The food is all good and generally the service is quick unless they are really busy. Its not a..."
David Boshier
"I have been going to this restaurant for a while now and took two friends with me. We all loved it and I think that the service has become speedier..."
Annalisa Fiore
"Have been to Sake Bar Nippon several times and it never disappoints. The first time was 4 years ago and every time since the food has been lovely. ..."
"I celebrate my birthday here and i would definitely do it again. The food was very good, very authentic and great..."
Marie Huo
"I came here with my friend who's a regular and it was amazing. My first time having authentic Japanese and I was very impressed!! We ordered a couple..."
Karina Jean Weeks
"This is our regular for great casual Japanese food. Very genuine, very busy, very noisy. Always full of patrons from the Lido theatre next door,..."
"Yum Yum Yum food and such a great experience...banging of gongs and sitting on pillows to eat. Felt authentic and tasted great. Our food took a..."
Kelsie Sybe
"We had a joint birthday celebration here on a Sat night and it was awesome! We were a party of 19 and they put us in the room upstairs where we did a..."
Kate Alison-Tomlin
"We went on a cold, rainy, Thursday night, and still it was booked out !!! they kindly fitted us in as long as we could be out by a certain time. ..."
"I have lived in Japan and this is about as close to authentic Japanese cuisine I have found in Auckland. Ichi-ban! Number..."
"a wonderful way to enter japan in the middle of auckland. fantastic service and atmosphere, perfect authentic food at a very reasonable price, always..."
"You know sometimes you find a jewel and the world needs to hear about it. Drum beats welcomed my 7 yr old and I in to the restaurant, and we were..."
Mitch B
"Fantastic little Japanese eatery. Great atmosphere, competent service and very reasonable value for money - we ate there Saturday night and had a..."
"My go to place for nice, authentic Japanese dinner. The ambience is very Japanese, with flags, wooden tables, big rocks texture on the floor surface..."
"A long time favourite of our whole family, there's probably not too many dishes on the menu we haven't tried! Can highly recommend - sushi and..."
Maggie G
"The first time I was taken to this restaurant, I was taken by a girl who told me that 'all her previous relationships had ended shortly after going..."
Alistair Ross
"Wonderful restaurant, great slightly cheaper alternative to more expenisve japanese restaurants. Especially delicious miso soup. I would definitely..."
"First time here, had a blast enjoyed the food. Food arrived fast but reordering more dishes took a long time. Got packed quite quickly. Would eat..."
Angel Burnett-Ashwin
"I’ve been here a couple of times. The place is so popular I still haven’t sat at the main venue. I shall go back and sit by the grille! The food..."
William W
"One of the rainy dark evening, The moment 🪵you open the heavy, dark old wooden door of the bar, 🏮 you'll find the joy of their beautiful..."
"Perfect dinner to have before a movie at The Lido. Great food, great atmosphere, and friendly staff. Yummy vegetarian/vegan options too, they bring a..."
"The food was fab. Loved the atmosphere so much. There's also karaoke available if you're keen. Steve was a nice gentle guy who was serving us. Quite..."
Niloofar ShSh
"Food was so delicious. Portions were a bit small compared to the price. Sashimi was okay, a little expensive for a small dish with 9 pieces. Staff..."
"Loved the drum roll I got when I entered. It instantly lifted up my mood. The wine list has good range of sake, wines and beers. The food was..."
Anujaa Diwaan
"First time trying. Nice ambiance here and the staff there are all friendly. Food here is not bad, more pricey than you would spend for similar food..."
Wilson Shum
"Absolutely 5 stars! I enjoyed the atmosphere heaps! The music selection, the Taiko drum, the staff yelling いらしゃいませ! Making me feel..."
Eric Chou奧克蘭寶哥
"Absolutely the best experience dining in here! Always looked after and always great tasting Japanese food. The sashimi is fresh and has the best cuts..."
Odyssey L
"Wonderful dishes, best place for beers and skewers. One of the Best Japanese place in Auckland. Thank you miyu ,Steven and the team for a great..."
Nonny Impreza
"Had the best meal there with great food, service, atmosphere and drinks. Really made me feel like I was back in Japan!!!!..."
Awesomeness, lots of i t
"Food was beautiful. Bit costly for us two full time students, but you're paying for quality! Amazing atmosphere. Took us a while to get served but in..."
Matt Renata
"Stumbled upon this place on a rainy night with almost no one on the streets. Walked inside and it was PACKED! Amazing vibe, energy, people chatting,..."
"Traditional Sake Bar that really does introduce you to the flavours of Japan. Absolutely loved trying an array of dishes. Great price, amazing ramen..."
Briahna Patterson
"Fun spot for dinner. We sat at the bar and my daughter enjoyed watching the chefs cooking on the hot plate. Quite noisy in that spot but there's..."
Craig Smith
Chaahat Indian Cuisine
82/100 (2285 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Mango Ice Cream
Chicken tikka masala
Garlic Naan Bread
Fish Pakora
Cranberry Juice
Butter Chicken and Rice
Seekh Kebab N Prawns
Samosa Sizzer Veg
Breeze Cocktail
Mango Lassi Papadom
Wheelchair Accessible
Serves Alcohol
Table Service
"Best curry in the area! Spices are cooked through so you can actually taste rather than have your mouth burnt. A little on the sweet side but perfect..."
Bonny Sapphire
"Chaahat - Great value for money, very tasty curries, naan and rice. My wife had a chicken saagwala, I had a lamb Madras, and the others had butter..."
Kiwi FIFO Chef
"Very helpful staff and delicious food quick service, clean... Good ambience, worth for family functions, cheap and best would love to recommend...."
Jagjit Singh Manghera
"A simple impromptu dinner was all we were after. Lovely interiors & very warmly welcoming hosts. Loved the welcoming touch of being served Popadoms..."
"Awesome food. Nice service and staff. Everything Freshly prepared and cleanliness maintained. Reasonable prices and various options available for..."
Amrinder Kathuria
"Went here by accident but glad we did. Food is amazing! Best Indian food I ever had!Every dish was full of flavour. Will definatly be..."
Kirsten Jarvis
"This place has absolutely stunning goat curry or lamb curry. Whatever you order you would not be disappointed and very friendly staff. Even though I..."
Abhiruchi Mehta
"Have been here for takeaways multiple times over the past 3-4 years and have never been disappointed. Even the butter chicken - a dish I normally..."
Christopher Pearce
"Chahaat ..... How do you even pronounce this?  However it's pronounced, in Hindi it translates to, desire.It's a cold, windy, rainy..."
"we ordered lamb biryani and seekh kebabs via Uber eats. the kebabs were so juicy and moist, totally yummilicious and the biryani was too good with..."
"We order Chaahat on Uber eats and I love it. Best butter chicken around also love the saagwal and sizzle platter yum. Would highly..."
"This place is a great restaurant which is good value on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights. The decor is nice and also kept at a good..."
"Been here a couple of times and was always impressed with the service, quality of food and hygiene. Would recommend a makhni panner. And for the..."
Zenos Singh
"We ate here on 01 May 17 and have dined several times before as it is a regular of some friends that we meet to dine with frequently. The furnishings..."
Peter Sefton
"Been coming here for a while now. Get service and great food for a good price. Wouldn't say the best curry ever but for the price, quality and..."
Vivek Katial
"Totally awesome food! Great decor & nice clean facilities (completely unlike other Indian restaurants). The staff are courteous, adaptable quickly to..."
Vijay S. Sethi
"We really liked the food here and went over a lot for takeaway. But then their stadards started to slip so we stopped for about a year. Thought we..."
"I've passed by this place so many times as its close to work and home, and it looks SO unassuming but I was pleasantly surprised when I came here for..."
Nikki S.
" Nice food and good service , recommended for every one. Easy to find the place and parking is easily available,too. Nice sitting with royal..."
Rajesh Patel
"Loved the service and the food. Tried the chicken tikka masala and tawa chicken. It was good value for money! The quantity seemed less but we were..."
Hajra Amir Zohaib
"Ordered one Mango Chicken and one Cheese Naan for only $ 14.89 in total with Monday to Wednesday special dinner deal. Chicken was very juicy and..."
Michelle Hwang
"If you have successfully found this place it is like you have won the treasure hunt. Great place if you want nobody to come between you and your..."
Hardeep Singh
"Went there on saturday night; the place was almost full but the staff were attentive and friendly. We were seated promptly and served papadums. We..."
"The best curries ever!! So flavoursome! Their medium spice is just right. Please do me a favour and order their onion baiji chippies, best..."
Louise MacNaughton
"ordered  food a couple of times to have delivered,food has always been hot temperature and friendly service.I like how they make their Chicken..."
"Hidden restaurant in Epsom. Literally! In spite of living around for some time now I have never heard anything about this place. We wanted to have..."
"Amazing! Can't recommend this place more! They were packed with people but placed us in the corner. The food was amazing and service was great. The..."
Jessica Thomson
"Went in with a big group for a celebration dinner a month ago. Loved the ambience and the food was delicious only thing that I was disappointed with..."
Nia Tupouniua
"Had a graduation dinner here, booked for 15ppl but showed up with 22. Staff were very friendly and accommodating, as we also all wanted to sit..."
Charli Naufahu
"Finally we have found an Indian resturant in Auckland that understands Ambience. - was about to give up hope! Lovely food, friendly and attentive..."
Roisin Connolly
"Friendly and great service. Food was good with just about right portion. All family members enjoyed the whole experience. Mon to Wed deal is..."
"We had a couple of really nice dishes takeaway from Chaahat last night. We ordered online and the first order has 10% off, which makes it better..."
"The best Indian food in Auckland! I'm disappointed that their ratings are so low as they definitely deserve so much more. My family has been dining..."
Eva Teng
"The service was great as usual at this place. The food was avergage though. Howevwr in the past I have found the food here to be extremely good. Will..."
"We have eaten here many times often with few people at an early hour wandering if we have found a little known gem. Being here at 8pm on a..."
Ralph Faamalepe
"The people who have left bad reviews of this great restaurant are the kind of people you cannot please. They probably get their kicks out of being..."
"Our second visit and both times we have enjoyed the food and it's reasonably price. The service is exceptional. The restaurant and atmosphere is..."
Alecia Browne
"Quite possibly the best Indian meal I have had in a very long time. The food was delicious, very reasonably priced and the service was exceptional. ..."
"I'm not an Indian food expert but everything we had was delicious. The waiter's suggestion of 'kiwi hot' was perfect. The best part of our visit..."
Joanna Shanks
"I dined there yesterday with my family. We ordered:Malai Kiofta (Indian Hot) - delicious! could have been a bit more spicyBombay Aaloo..."
Salesh N
"We dined in a group of 6 of us on a Wednesday night. The restaurant was fairly quiet apart from us. We all picked a different curry, had a few..."
Keith Eades
"Four of us were here for dinner tonight (Wed 8th May) and had a good experience. We ordered a variety of entrees and mains and were all happy with..."
Pauline Bennett
"This has to be our favourite Indian restaurant in Auckland. We are always greeted with a warm welcome when we arrive and the food always hits the..."
"I have been to Chaahat a few times since it opened. I have had a great experience each time. The food is delicious. I have eaten Indian food in..."
"Thank you, Rajini, our waitress, for good service. You were very attentive to ensuring we enjoyed our meal, and showed good humour! Complimentary..."
Iain Bremner
"The restaurant has very nice decor and the food is very good.We were a table of 4 and we had an appetizer, a main course, and dessert plus tea..."
Roger Swift
"Last nite our family visited Chaahat for the first time it was my Dads birthday, my dads friend told us about the place. It was almost full..."
Ricky S
"Fantastic food - impeccable service... ALWAYS !Highly..."
Anup Shah
"Hi !Excellent food, Nice Ambience and great customer service. Staff is great. Recommend people to try at least..."
"Have never sat in and dined - just been a loyal takeaway customer. Very good standard of food and cleanliness. They do excellent vegetarian dishes..."
"The best Tandoori Chicken I have had in Auckland ever.Give it a go and see for..."
Joseph Dean
"Amazing food , great customer service, wonderful ambience . We had starters of veg platter includes onion bhaji , samosa , paneer tikka, momo..."
Bhavik Bhatt
"We loved our dinner at was tasty & hot. We ordered Veg food.. Everything was perfect...service or food..."
Madhu TP
"Love this place! Curry is great, naan bread nice and crispy and fresh. We sometimes get takeaway from here which is also of the same standard. The..."
Lisa williams
"Have been here multiple times for takeaway and have never been disappointed. The curry sizes are standard but have good servings of meat. We've..."
Francis Lawes
"THE BEST Indian takeaway I've had yet 🤤🤤🤤 Was recommended by a friend and was not disappointed, we got Butter chicken, the chicken was soft..."
Jaybem M
"Totally loved our dinner at Chaahat last night. Service was excellent, food was amazing and shockingly well-priced! Plenty of vegetarian..."
Dr Yash Maharaj
"Got it as takeout so was able to sit down at home and enjoy the delicious flavours. Great balance of hot 🔥 and creamy. Perfect size dish and at a..."
Mckayla King
"Tonight we ordered tandoori chicken (half), a mango lassi and cheese & garlic naan & for mains the butter chicken & lamb Rogan josh. Overall..."
alyssa p
"I’ve been coming here religiously for a few years now, usually making the most of the $12.99 takeaway mains they offer from Monday - Wednesday. The..."
Hamish Dorrington
"Great value for money, very tasty curries, naan and rice. My wife had a chicken saagwala, I had a lamb Madras, and the others had butter chicken etc...."
Reece Benson
"I've been to Chaahat on two separate occasions six moths apart with different family members. We thought the curries were fresh, fragrant and..."
Dora Green
"This place is so good! Please don’t use one container for two orders with rice. I get it’s a tiny bit bigger however it’s still not twice the..."
Amber Lopez
"One of the best Indian restaurant in Auckland. Been there last night with my family food was good, excellent service as well as they have good..."
Babbal Preet
"Fantastic food....some of the best Indian I have ever had. Reasonable prices and generous portions . Felt like I had gone back in time to great..."
David Poole
Cornwall Park Bistro
77/100 (937 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Eggs Benedict
Sit down
Outdoor Seating
Accepts Mastercard
Accepts Visa
Accepts American Express
Street Parking
Table Service
Wheelchair Accessible
Serves Alcohol
Gift Cards Available
Parking Available
Free off-street parking
Highchairs Available
Full Bar
Digital Payments
"The food was outstanding which was to be expected. My girl and I went to celebrate our 21st Anniversary and it was a lunch date. The food was quick..."
Tovia Va'aelua
"Awesome atmosphere. Great views of the park. Beautiful sunshine 🤩 The high tea special trays were delicious. Variety of scones nd savoury..."
Jeanie M
"Really enjoyed the high tea here. Fresh, nicely presented and we left very full with takeaways too. Generous bowls of cream and berry coulis to go..."
Tracy Huynh
"This sets the highest standards for what a cafe should deliver. Excellent coffee, cabinet, cooked food and fair pricing. Saturday morning. Highly..."
Albert Anderson
"The food is divine and frankly the highlight. The setting was lovely with a stylish atmosphere. The lack of carpet and high ceilings make the rooms..."
Etomia Wilson
"Visited last sunday around 1pm with my husband and received an amazing service. Bistro was buzzing with people, and when we asked for a table for 2,..."
Youjin Beak
"The location inside the park provides a great view. I often go there for breakfast, and the portion sizes are quite..."
MJ Justm
"We were there on a Saturday afternoon and the place was buzzing. It was pretty close to full house. Coffee was strong and to my liking. Meals are..."
Jack Sheu
"Absolutely loved our al-fresco high tea here in celebration of my husband's birthday! The nibbles were decadent, the staff lovely and the whole..."
Sneha Epstein
"Very friendly and accommodating staff. Went during a very busy time, but my friend and I were well looked after. Food portions could be a little..."
Dean Campbell
Sri Mahkota
82/100 (2204 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Chicken Wings
Pork Soup
Bak Kut Teh
Salt & Pepper Pork
Combination Fried Rice
Fish Noodle Soup
Fish Head Noodle Soup
Hainanese Chicken
Fried rice
Coconut Nestum Prawns
Stir Fried Kai Lan with Chicken
MEE Goreng
Nasi Goreng
Marmite Pork
Coconut Prawns
Sweet sour pork
Sambal Water Spinach
Vegetarian Spring Roll
Beef Rendang
Special Pork
Sit down
Table Service
"Been to this place twice in the last month - testimony to the yum factor in this relatively underrated Malaysian eatery. Honestly, the..."
Elaine Yeoh
"Big portions and super tasty. Great value during lunch hour - recommend to come as a group so you can try it..."
"Came here late around 8pm on a weekday. Which is great, as I remember coming here a long time ago and it was always packed and rushed. Food is..."
Ethan Liaw
"came here for lunch yesterday with friend. lots of ppl always a food thing. standard lunch price, tastes good. lots of things wanna try in menu...."
"Always busy but worth it for the food. This is a frequent haunt for me when I'm in the mood for some comfort food. The brisket curry and Kam Heong..."
Amindha Fernando
"I have been here many times, including dine in and takeouts.  This place never disappoint me when it comes to Malaysian food.  I honestly can't say..."
Wilson Shum
"This is my go to for Malaysian foods. I can never get enough of the brisket curry from here. I love everything on the menu but i can never visit here..."
"Great authentic Malaysian food. Smell of the food took me back to Malaysia. As always loved my Teh Tarik (Malaysian pulled tea).We ordered..."
"Definitely our favourite local Malaysian place. Love their use of thick rice noodles in the fish noodle soup. Things can be improved would be allow..."
J Li
"Huge portion sizes and flavourful dishes! But food tends to be oily and greasy, couldn't eat too much of the chicken before feeling like it was too..."
Clare Ang
"Good variety of dishes to choose from. The food was tasty with generous portion. The staff was very attentive and fast. We came here with a group of..."
"Food is tasty and filling, and the portions are decent for the prices. The crumbed prawns are best when de-shelled, although you have to ask...."
"Came here for lunch and we got the laksa, beef brisket rice and Malaysian fried noodles. Very fast service and very authentic and full of flavour...."
"I’m a big Malaysian food fan and have eaten 90% of Malaysian places in Auckland.I have to say this place makes one of, if not the best, char..."
Darren Big Belly
"Always a delight coming in. The tong Choy always tastes amazing and the spring rolls are extremely crispy on the outside. Curry puffs were delicious...."
Rosanne Choy
"Ambience: 3.5/ 5Food: 4/5Service: 4/5Tasty malaysian restaurant.One serving is usually good for 2-3 people depending on how..."
Jho Meets Food
"Highly recommend fish noodle soup! Warning the portion is big! Their menu has most of the Chinese Malaysian classic that you will love and seafood is..."
"The place is fantastic to dine in! Clean, yummy food, ok service however parking across the road is handy! Hard to find car parking spaces in Epsom. ..."
Charlette Taylor
"Delicious and authentic Malaysian food. The portions are very generous. Service is quick and fast which makes ordering the dishes easy. I used to..."
"Great improvement since few years back. Hainan chicken is very succulent, a must try dish. Deep fried tofu and other dishes are also great. I become..."
"Went for a casual lunch. The price on lunch menu was not expensive and the dishes were served very fast with good taste, however the drink was..."
"Tried nasi lemak and nasi goreng. Nasi lemak's chicken was good but serving size was small, nasi goreng just tasted like Chinese fried rice - I've..."
Lo9ve3r 4s
"This is the first time I and family been here to celebrate my two brothers and i birthday dinner. Sri Mahkota Restaurant their recipe taste very good..."
Wee Thong Chong
"Just a dinner with friends, place was rather full. Service and ambience are standard. We had the coco nestum prawns, fish noodle soup, combo special,..."
"First time dining here was great. The Sambal chicken was delicious, crispy and not very salty (didn't need to down lots of water as I usually do with..."
"I love this restaurant. Every time I go there, I always order the fish noodle soup. It may seem pricey but the portion is huge (you can usually share..."
Sharon Louie
"Another popular Malaysian restaurant with a cheap & cheerful element to it. Decor hasn't been changed in years so is a bit tired, but the food is..."
"Delicious food and reasonable prices. Seems to be always extremely busy so you might be better off making a booking before you turn up to avoid..."
"This outlet always busy. Came here for dinner last night at about 8pm, still was at least 3/4 full. Service was friendly, helpful, and fast. But..."
Patrick Tong
"I never come here without ordering the fish noodle soup! No doubt their most popular dish, you can see this on virtually every table. Creamy and..."
"This Malaysian restaurant is more Chinese than Malaysian, as evidenced by the majority of Diners. We dined there with friends on 20 May 17 for the..."
Peter Sefton
"Yummy! Awesome place to goto and share meals. I love their battered prawns, sweet and sour pork, and also their fried beans with chicken mince...."
Annie Wilson
"Sunday night and fairly busy. Booked a table but still left standing for 10 mins. Food was great. Everyone was happy with their choice. Salt and..."
TheGoodKiwi Nz
"Yum, yum, yum!! This is one of the top Malaysian joints for me. Great portion sizes at reasonable prices. The dishes and packed with flavour and the..."
"Not sure if the chefs have changed since I last went, but I remember the quality of food being pretty good here. In terms of specialty..."
Raymond Tiong
"It's been a while I have write a good review. Sri Makota has always been our favorite Malaysia restaurant. Trying out the branch in epsom. The..."
Ronald Tan
"My favourite dish here is definitely the fish collar noodle soup.It's tasty and great for sharing. The bowl is huge and they are quite generous..."
"Very tasty n delicious food and prices are also low, highly recommended👌. I ordered Nasi lemak chicken and mi goreng they both are vey tasty and..."
"Came by for lunch around 1130 and there was only a few tables occupied. Half an hour later the restuarant filled up and most of the tables were now..."
Benedict Uy
"By far the best bakuteh i can find in Auckland is found right here. Sri Mahkota have always been one of my favourite chinese/malaysian restaurant and..."
Emma Patricia Katili
"Great for groups or those that enjoy sharing a few dishes as the portion sizes are very decent. The restaurant looks a little small when you walk in..."
"There is a lot of variety of dishes to choose from. The dishes are cooked really nicely. Staff are very helpful and there's a lot of people in the..."
Marggie Pascua
"one of popular Malaysian  restaurant, i have been there few times, especially fish head soup very tasty and Especially hainaness chicken, just cant..."
Love Food
"I love this place - a family favourite!The chicken rendang, haianese chicken, char kuey teow and wat tan hor are my personal favourites. I..."
Charlene Weaver
"Service was good but Could improve by a cleaner enviroment.Food was good also I liked the food and the payment was fast and easy.Nice use..."
Steven Park
"Based on a review off KK in my feed and a friend also recommending a new diner Mama Rich in green lane I was looking to check them out but Sri M is..."
"I go to this restaurant frequently usually for dinner.  Throughout this period, definitely the service has improved.  They are quite attentive.  I..."
Tony Wan
"Had dinner! Lovely food & good service but hygiene can be improved - especially the toilets!!..."
Vijay S. Sethi
"Food 4.5Service 3Atmosphere 3Service 3THE FISH NOODLE SOUP IS SOOOO GOOD!! :D It makes my mouth watering by just thinking of..."
"We had a group of four to eat at Sri Mahkota for a birthday dinner. We had booked for a table and it wad already set up before we got there for us...."
Sophia O-W
"Haven't had Malaysian food for ages. So four of us went to Sri Mahkota! This place is always busy, but we were lucky enough to get a table..."
"Dined last night - absolutely top class lovely meal. Husband and I shared sweet and sour pork and mongolian beef, I am not a big eater but could not..."
Janette Powell
"We have been to the East Tamaki Branch previously and found the food divine. We came to the Epsom branch last night and food just as beautiful...."
"the best Malaysian restaurant that I've ever been to in Auckland hands down. I'm the type of guy who's scared to try something new and so i always..."
"Simply divine! The seafood is to die for. The service fast and efficient and a real nice cozy atmosphere like eating at a relative's..."
"We found the food enjoyable but the staff members were not trained to serve.It took them ten minutes to bring menu, and the dishes arrived well..."
"You will always find this restaurant popular with the locals because they serve good, honest Malaysian chinese cooked food. For the women,..."
Donny Chai
"Just down the road from home, it is the first successful restaurant I've seen in that building for 17 years, and it is no wonder. The food is..."
"Had heard so much about Sri Mahkota over the years and finally had the opportunity to dine here last week. Celebrated a friend's birthday here...."
Jamini Pulyadath
"I come here frequently for the chicken curry. It is so big that my boyfriend and I always share it and order roti which are perfectly done. So..."
"The huge plate of their speciality Nestum Prawns is an amazing dish yummy and possibly msg sweetened coated, I gotta check.I'm a Thai food..."
Thai Qn
"We eat here often, and it is one of the best places in Auckland!The staff are friendly, it is always packed - booking is..."
Em .
"Amazing restaurant. The curry laksa was amazing. Full of flavor, and just yet right amount Of chilli/spiciness. Mee goreng was good as well,..."
J Muñoz
"Five of us went to Sri Makhota tonight. It was our first time there and it was great. We have tried KK Malaysia and Selera recently but the food was..."
Andrew Reid
"Have been back several times with friends and family and to date have never been disappointed. Sharing dishes and something different everytime we..."
"Love the food - so cheap and always really..."
Crystal Connolly
"We have eaten here once, and the food was excellent. It was completely packed and very noisy, but this gave it great..."
"I have tried many Malaysian foods in Auckland and Sri Mahkota must be one of the best. I and my friends order chicken curry with peanuts on rice,..."
Paul Nash
"Amazing food..Try the fish curry..but be hungrythe best Malaysian in"
Gregor Fyfe
"Great food at a great value. Lunch are $10-$15. The standout dish is the fish head rice noodle soup, at $20 it is enough for 2. Luxury soup with..."
"More Cantonese than Malaysian. Excellent top quality food. Very tasty. Was very surprised how good it was. My parents love it and come often. We got..."
Courtney Joe
"My neighborhood restaurant, was never disappointed, dinning alone or with friends. If you dodge the peak hours, booking is not essential. I usually..."
Monica Cheng
"Found this place driving past. Easy off-street parking, even at 6pm on a Saturday night. Nice set out and decor. Hot tea on the table was refreshing..."
Dee Gee
"Food =Good portion & tasty. Place=comfortable and clean. Fast service, I had full Chinese tea pot and enjoyed drinking with my food. We ordered..."
"The fish noodle soup is always delicious 😋, very large portions. Curry dishes are tasty..."
Maggie Chen
"Because of this place, Malaysian cuisine is now in my top 3 hands down, the most tastiest food around. Those prawns are extra nice and the oats and..."
Odyssey L
"Beautiful food, really good potion. I saw all other tables are having fish noodle soup. Would love to visit..."
Suzy A
"When you think about Malaysian fish noodle soup, you think about Sri Mahkota. Legit the best fish noodle soup in town. The soup was so creamy and..."
Lilian Monaghan
"Large portions and the food is nice! The food arrives really fast too! Best to come with more people to share and try different dishes! We also had..."
Ethan Liaw
"Their signature fish noodle soup is worthy of being called signature. Very good and very big..."
Lifu Sun
"Pretty good Malay food. Love the beef rendang, but I would prefer some crispy anchovies on the side and also peanuts. Also the waitress is too..."
Wilson Shum
"Great food, really great. I'm getting hungry thinking about it! nice and clean setting, though the water wall feels a bit out of place. Service could..."
Nihbru 9
"Reasonable price with great taste. Staff are friendly and it doesn't take them long to get the food out at all. We have tried several dishes already..."
Zoe Chen
"Accidentally ended up to have.dinner here. I have been here once for a birthday lunch. I ordered Bak Kut Teh, arguably the best in town. For those..."
Monica Cheng
"It is nice restaurant to have a meal. Foods are quite good quality and very tasty. Highly..."
Eric Kim
Golden Dragon Seafood Restaurant
78/100 (847 ratings)
Roast Duck and Soy Sauce Duck Compo
Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli in Ginger Sauce Seasonal
BBQ Pork and Crispy Pork on Rice
Salted Pepper Fried Tofu
Sweet and Sour Pork
Fry Fillet and Vegie
Hot and sour soup
Noodle Dish
Criapy Pork
Sizzling Beef
Stir Fry Noodles with Soy Sauce
Sweet and Sour Fish
Fried Rice Noodles with Beef
Roast Duck on Rice
Fried Beans
Seafood Fried Noodles
Free Range Chicken
Crispy Skin Roast Pork
Steam Blue Cod
"Had some delicious takeaway boxes. Squid, scollop, prawn, pork and chicken with noodles and fried rice. Beautiful!..."
"fresh ingredients are used,food is served with large portion, authentic taste, the lobster is very..."
Pear Pear
"Great portion of food and quality, good taste of Southern Chinese style. The environment is a bit noisy and crowded but that occurs in most Chinese..."
Charis Yang
"Hands down one of the most authentic canto food you’ll get in Auckland, love coming here as a big group or have our takeaway rituals here. Don’t..."
Yellow Rabbit
"Always order take away from golden jade. I love their porridge, seafood soup. But tuatua is the best. Stirfrying spicy frrsh tuatua woth rice. I can..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Went for a quick lunch to grab. The proportions of food were pretty big compared to pricing. It also tasted delicious. But, I didn't really feel..."
Coffee Macarons
"4.5/5 Taste4.5/5 Display 5/5 Quantity 4/5 Customer ServiceSpectacular Fantastic WholesomeAlthough I only went in..."
"Came here for dinner last night with a big group. The portion sizes are massive but when you compare with the price, they are really just charging..."
"Always great and fast service. My favourites are the 牛肉炒面 (beef fried noodles) and pork on rice. Portions are large and taste..."
Real Slug
"One of the best Canton cusinies out there.Problem is I go too often so it might affect my judgement of this restaurant.Food is okay. Come..."
Rosanne Choy
"Strengths: good roast meat and good quality of food. Down sides: can get too crowded and needed a long wait for table, and can be pricy. Favourite is..."
J Li
"Very big portions and very delicious! I came here for lunch with my brother and mum and their roasted ducks and pork are to die for! They are so..."
"Delicious dishes and comfortable to have a meal here. The portion is so big and worth for money. Recommend to have dinner or gathering here...."
"I came here for a family dinner and I really enjoyed the dishes. The seating is a little crowded but it isn't too awful. Food was seasoned nicely and..."
Sharon Louie
"Dined here for dinner last night, after selecting this for Fathers Day dinner 😊Never disappointed in the food here as we have dined here..."
"If you have a group of friends or family, you can choose to come here for a dinner. Because the portions are big and the prices are a little..."
I'm A Foodie
"They don't have spoons or plates so don't be surprised but the awesome food was enough to make up for it. We had curry chicken on rice (ask them to..."
Hajra Amir Zohaib
"We went there for a quick lunch last week and got the roasted duck/BBQ pork noodles. The amount of noodles they gave you for the double combo is..."
Michael Hung
"This place gets really busy so if you are really wanting to come then make sure to book a table.The items on the menu is quite expensive,..."
Benedict Uy
"It was actually my dad who discovered this place. We were already expecting that this restaurant does generous servings but wow, it's more generous..."
"At first glance of the menu the prices seemed a bit high, but once the dishes were served and the quality of the food was being consumed, it was all..."
"Great place to go for Chinese food, has seemingly large portions and food arrives quite fast. The prices are alright, about $30 for each..."
"First time trying food in this area, just had enough money to buy some BBQ Pork on Rice; one of my all-time favourite Asian dishes. Although the rice..."
Tavita Milford
"The roast on rice dishes are the best in town! I usually go for Roast Duck and Pork on rice. The portion size is generous. One of the things Golden..."
Alan Ng
"Our family friend invited us for a dinner in this place. We order several dishes and they are nice. The service is quick and the staff is friendly..."
"It' the first time we came here. It gave us an excellent impression first when the staff patiently told  me the direction to find the place. It's..."
"Have been here twice now. This place serves up fast and their dishes actually taste good. I don't remember what most of these dishes are called but..."
"The Golden Jade is one of my families favourite restaurants and we are regular customers. Their lunch menu is extensive, relatively inexpensive,..."
"OK, I know this place has received some criticism but I still think it's a good place with some classic Cantonese dishes. The price range is around..."
"The food was great although it was $200 for dinner for 5 guests. I would defiantly come here again. Great..."
Phillip Liu
"Golden Jade is a great place to come to if you want to enjoy Chinese food. The prices of their dishes are quite affordable, a bit more expensive than..."
"Golden Jade is my family's go-to Chinese restaurant for birthdays and other special occasions. The service is okay; they're always super busy but..."
"Came here for lunch with my family today. We arrived at around 1:30 and the restaurant was still pretty busy so we had to share a table with another..."
"Food 5Value 3Atmosphere 3.5Service 3We ordered Salted Pepper King Prown, Duck. Chicken, pork and some other vegetable. the..."
"Friends recommended Golden Jade for take-away Chinese food. We planned to dine-in and didn't expect it is a very decent restaurant. When looking at..."
Lady K
"Huge portions, my family always dine in and order way too much for ourselves, which always ends up with us having leftovers for dinner/lunch which is..."
Tim Sanders
"One of the little-known gems of Auckland when it comes to decent Chinese food. I love and have eaten Chinese food all over Auckland but Golden Jade's..."
Wilson Chau
"Takeaways on this occasion as place is full on Sat. Night. Worth the drive to pickup as food above average. Got one surprise dish that was too salty..."
"Golden Jade is your classic Chinese Restaurant found on Manukau road in Epsom. I tend to only visit these sort of places when its a family dinner. We..."
Courtney @ A Food Awakening
"Literally "Bang for the buck", huge dish for the price of none, sometime gets you wondering how on earth can they make a profit. Not to mention they..."
Jason Wong
"I love Golden Jade, this place serves the best roast duck! When you dine in, they give you free soup (really big bowl) and also fruits at the end...."
"This place is like a present!Every time you go it's a surprise!The food is either REALLY REALLY GOOD, OR REALLY REALLY..."
Tony Ma
"Excellent banquet-style Chinese restaurant, and good value for money. Come with a large group, so that you can sample multiple of the generous..."
"A must come Chinese rest in Epsom. Sometimes it’s called Golden Steamboat. The dishes will cost more than $40 but they are bigger than most of..."
"The food is so good. Each dish is big in portion that we need to cancel one of our orders. The setting of the restaurant is pretty crowded. Make a..."
"Best Chinese restaurant I've been to in a while, our group of 5 included my sons Chinese girlfriend who luckily was very familiar with the restaurant..."
Peter Brannan
"Probably one of the best Crispy Pork and BBQ pork on rice meals I’ve had. The Crispy pork was not too salty and the crackling was had the perfect..."
Wannachai Burke
"Good food and great presentation for weddings Fast efficient waiter..."
Phillip Yee
"Good value for quality food served, definitely will come back again when around the area. Sorry I only took the photos after I started because the..."
MW Goh
"Love the food here! Sometimes it’s a bit oily but Yolo! Must try it out if you have not...."
"Absolutely the best crispy pork on rice, loved the gravy/sauce on the rice! Sweet and sour fish was really good as..."
"Absolute winner. It all starts when you walk into the Golden Jade that you are greeted Japanese style which is truly amazing. You are welcomed into..."
Martin Diehl
"Nice as usual big portions which is good. Too many big tables which if busy then you might have to share a..."
David Yung
"The best Cantonese style roast pork belly in Auckland. Salty free range chicken and roast duck combo is great value for money..."
Kitty Zhang
"Food was amazing. Huge portions, definitely didn't need rice! We had the Peking duck which was spectacular - first course was great, and the second..."
David Nickerson
"Love their duck and free range chicken, others are bit pricey… but tastes..."
Vanessa Hu
"This is one of our go-to Chinese restaurants in Auckland 😍 Food is clean and well cooked ☺ some staff are friendly and welcoming 😊 Thank..."
Datchanee Thernphrakiat
India Gate Restaurant
84/100 (761 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"Definitely highly recommend dinning here! Deeply Impressed with Anurag Malik premium customers service. Masala and chicken lollipops are the best..."
"Absolutely loved the butter chicken here. Received such great service. Definitely recommend for future diners who are after Indian..."
Neha Mahabir
"So far the best Indian food that I have tasted outside india. The staff's here are extremely polite and well behaved. The food is delivered super..."
Ganesh Kumar
"Had my sons first birthday here. Absolutely loved it. They were so open to us having decorations and music. The food was incredible! The atmosphere..."
Monisha Singh
"Was a sudden plan and was not disappointed. Absolute worth for money. The food we had was so yummy and was satisfied to the core. We ordered paneer..."
Sreejith V Pawar
"Had a work event dinner here. I dont eat much of indian food but I was surprised I enjoyed the food served. I really liked the Paneer Pakoda, Kaju..."
"Love the weekend buffet here!!! Anu is very helpful. A must try place. The naans are served hot on the table . 4 star as they sometimes are slow in..."
Mahesh Bhardwaj
"Very good taste of paneer curry. Overall food and service is really good. Background music create beautiful environment during dinner...."
"My friends and I came here after our touch game... Cruising up and down the street struggling to pick a place for dinner we saw the sign "$12 for..."
Waina Strickland
"Our function went really well at India Gate restaurant. All our friends and family enjoyed the food and hospitality. A special thanks to..."
Kapil Maheshwari
"Went for a birthday dinner. Was abit skeptical because we hardly eat Indian food but India gate definitely impressed! Will love to go again. Downside..."
"We had a celebration with approx 120 people. Service by the staff was excellent, people loved the set up and everyone was well taken care of for our..."
Sharmilaq Sharan
"Food was brilliant. We had a very large group whom they coped with admirably. Pre-ordered a large number of meals and then had a few late comers join..."
Colleen Van De Laar
"We go as a family to India gate for their Sunday buffet as often as we can. There's always a good selection of dishes that are outstanding in flavour..."
Josh Jones
"Extremely wonderful service every time I go . Especially thanks to Anu for continuing Providing great customer service. It’s brilliant every time ...."
Amy Brar
"Great food and prices on weekdays to go for dinner, awesome customer service specially the girl named Gagan who served us, was polite and did the..."
Nidhi Nangia
"Excellent customer service today by Gagan she was very professional.  Food was great. Thank you! Highly recommend this restaurant. Fantastic staff :..."
Nessa Stewart
"Loved my matar paneer lunch special. The coke zero was served in a glass and was flat.Seemed like it was from a 2 litre bottle which was opened a..."
Priyanka Champanerkar Nayak
"Visited with my friend on his recommendation, even though I had a different place in mind.. This place has a different test of Indian..."
"Great Service, We live in the Los Angeles, USA and we had our Son's Pre-Wedding function on the 28th April 2017. The Food and service was excellent...."
Hemant Gohil
"Me and my family thoroughly enjoyed our visit to India Gate. Cheese khobouse(Naan) a must try as it was so delicious that on Kids demand we had to..."
"Good Indian food. Variety is awesome. However, professionalism of staff is wanting.We have been visiting them and what I can make out is as they..."
Harsh Vardhan Shrotriya
"Have been there at least 50 times.Great ambience ,yummy food and best service can't ask for more .Comfortable seating, authentic and..."
"I love going to this restaurant. Great food, reasonably priced and service with a smile... A big smile! Did I mention the good wholesome food? We..."
Cameron O'Dwyer
"Visited the restaurant couple days ago. Quick service, friendly staff and the food is great. Their Punjabi Chicken curry is a must try dish along..."
Nidhi Nangia
"Love this place, the great food and welcoming friendly customer service from their lovely staff called Gaga keep me and my partner keep coming back...."
Roy Luo
"It's was great time and excellent food . It was great was delicious and great organisation and your staff is very polite and great..."
Harshil Doshi
"Hi  This restaurant gets full marks as Awesome food, excellent service and fabulous staff.Whether it is lunch or dinner, the food is so tasty..."
Geeta Patel
"Just want to congratulate and thank Anu & the rest of the India Gate restaurant team for the fantastic service and delicious food we had earlier..."
Amit Dakshindas
"Friendly helpful wait staff offering good service. The waitress was amazing, knew what she's doing.  Lovely vibe and surroundings but it's the food..."
"Awesome food and friendly staff. Love it each time we come, makes us come again and again. Thanks for making my daughter's 16th an absolutely..."
Shalini Wadhawan
"So it's a Monday, it's lunch time, you're in Epsom and you're hungry. Why not check out India Gate? We've all seen those adverts for Indian..."
James T. Raukete
"I hosted an event here a couple of weeks ago and I have to admit the team on the day were amazing. The lead up to the event was a bit back and forth..."
Tania-Rubini Naidu
"Excellent Ambiance.  We did have Dahi Bhalla chat while waiting for our take away and it was awesome. We had Palak Paneer for dinner (take away) and..."
Santosh Keerti
"Its always a pleasure to be there. Food is good and staff is friendly. The menu is huge. We have never had any complaints with them. India gate is..."
Supriya Sally
"Had a great dinner last night with this place...i like the most amazing was there place and very pleasant atmosphere. We ordered starter , soup and..."
"Food and service is pretty good here. The staff are always polite despite the events and functions they have in progress at any time.  I..."
Audacity 2 Write
"I come here regularly with my local rotary club (Rotary Mt Eden). The VIP room is great for our meetings - the private room has a flat screen TV..."
Frances Loo
"It was a fantastic party organised by the restaurant staff. the food was really delicious and served on time. The customer services of the staff was..."
Mayur Jajadiya
"We went for dinner to India gate Restaurant.We ordered chicken tikka,Bhendi masala and Kali Mirch chicken.Its very delicious,would like to appreciate..."
"India Gate is the best Indian fine Dining restaurant in Auckland.There services are really very good and Anu is very professional. I will really..."
Megha Gulati
"We had a great 1st Birthday Party here with over 60 guests.  Great food and atmosphere for an evening function with family and friends..  Would..."
Raj Hit
"Awesome food, great hospitality.Have been there at least 50 times.Must visit for every north Indian food lover.Nice location, parking..."
Jeetendra Kulkarni
"We had dinner just now ..we oder the banquet ..i can see that its with the new style with new decoration presentation ..i wanna say one word its just..."
Prashant Dholakiya
"I did my son's 5th birthday at IndiaGate it was the awesome experience. The place, food and service were wonderful and we didn't have any small..."
"India Gate is by far the best Indian restaurant. Food is ABSOLUTELY delicious.Indian food is done beautifully, good vibes, friendly staff and always..."
Aakanksha McClymont
"Great ambience ,yummy food and best service can't ask for more .THE BEST👍One of my favourite place to enjoy quality food With family..."
Seema Chatly
"The best restaurant in town to have the authentic indian food. Tastefully decorated place, friendly staff and a variety of mouth watering dishes to..."
Anu Arora
"Finger licking delicious food was served by friendly staff. A very pleasant experience and a must recommend to anyone who wants to eat authentic..."
Suchi Malhotra
"We love India Gate! We've been dining here semi-regularly for at least 3 years. Food is always up to standard and we've never been disappointed...."
Holly Hawkins
"We celebrated our baby first birthday in India Gate restaurant, we were amazed with the quality of food, service and ambiance. The customer service..."
"I visit this restaurant weekly and have done for the past 2 years. The staff are always so friendly and remember my order. The food is well priced..."
"We come here on a regular basis and the food is always fantastic! Never disappoints with a great take on favourite dishes (absolutely adore the..."
Hannah Van Crasbeek
"We have been there couple of times and food was awesome.Must try... Punjabi chicken and paneer saag But malai kofta is not good at..."
Viku Sheokand
"We went last night, 26/3/16. Very busy with a wedding in the function room, but in saying that, we were attended to promptly and efficiently. Food..."
Dave Koefoed
"I go here every week on Thursday's and the staff are really friendly and remember my order. The food is really good and their lunch specials are at..."
Som Sok
"Went in there not realising Nandos has closed, and India Gate has taken it's place.As me and my partner were just about to walk out, the..."
"This pace is really good ... The food , staff . .. I love it .. I went there yesterday with my friends.. There was a slight delay though with the..."
"Went for lunch served with excellent food and great service. Staff was very friendly and experienced; great standards and quality of food. Soothing..."
Sidhu Sarpanch
"I was having a lazy evening so felt like ordering in. India gate had great reviews online and reasonable delivery cost so it was an easy choice. I..."
Food Adventures With AnnaJ
"Great food - I come here all the time and the lunch specials are awesome. They have all the usuals but put a great spin on many classic flavours..."
John Faulding
"We had a 60th Birthday party with about 75 people. The staff at the restaurant were well organised and made the whole process for arranging the party..."
Paresh Patel
"We go here every Thursday for lunch, the staff is always prompt in greeting our group. Our waitress remembers our orders every week. It's amazing!..."
Luke McCallum
"People who rate this this restaurant any less than 5 obviously don't know what true Indian cuisine is. The service is always great and the food is..."
Josh Love
"Staff are always super friendly and make us feelat home. Food is always hot and delicious. Very authentic and an all round great restaurant...."
Chelsea Ross
"Just had my engagement function here and it was a huge success. The Duty Manager (Anu) was an absolute delight. She was on top of everthing and took..."
"We held our son's 1st birthday party and would like to thank the team at india gate, Epsom. Everybody loved the environment and the atmosphere. The..."
Kirthi Raju
"Awesome restaurant with great food!! The lunch special is well worth the price. The service is always good and we go at least once a week. Definitely..."
Amiria Mita
"India Gate is a favourite with myself and co-workers, their lunch special of $10 for a curry, rice, naan and drink is great value. The butter chicken..."
Debbie Sellar
"Although India Gate is not exactly a fine dining establishment, my main priority is always the food; and this place has excellent food!Very..."
Alan James
"Nice place for Indian food. Cool decor and ambience. A large menu with variety. Food is overall nice. Staff is friendly and courteous. Service needs..."
"Visited here for lunch..the ambiance reminds you of almost every Indian restaurant abroad but here it has been done up tastefully..They..."
Hemant Kaushal
"India gate is one of the first Indian restaurant's in Auckland where I am always served with an authentic Indian taste that reminds of my home..."
Harpreet Kaur
"One of the best restaurant good food and good hospitality by young smart manager seems like Punjabi honestly everything was gud we been on last..."
Tapan Amin
"Our friend had organised a birthday party for his kid here. Th food was nice especially the naan breads, they were soft and didn't have to spend much..."
"India Gate is a good Indian restaurant to visit and serves some good flavours and has good value for money. Surely would recommend the Harabhara..."
Savio Valladares
"Mains at only $9.90 represents good value. The food was good too. The service was okay but one complaint ... my Kingfish beer cost $13.50!!!! That..."
Peter Mondosae
"All I can say is the food was really nice. There was nobody to greet customers at the entrance and was a bit awkward as we had to walk up to the bar..."
"Great tasting food, great portions, excellent service all equals fantastic value. I am a veteran Indian food campaigner. I've enjoyed..."
James Dewar
"My husband and I are total curry addicts and over the years we have tried EVERY Indian restaurant in Auckland. For a long time now we have never..."
Donna Sayers
"Consistently good. Child friendly and fairly authentic food only a little bit dumbed down for NZ plebians. However possibly the best value for money..."
Robert Thompson
"India gate is honestly the best Indian restruant I have ever been to, it's even better than all the Indian restruants in Melbourne. First of all the..."
"My family love this restaurant. We had no problems getting a table and the service was fast, and the staff helpful and friendly. The menu selection..."
Jacqui Michael
"My sister raved on about this place and finally took me there last Wednesday. Frankly the food is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! The waitresses that served us were..."
Mere Jesse
"I had a really good time with friends there over the last few months. The food was out of this world, freshly made, and all of the flavors one would..."
"Went there last Saturday without expectation. Most Indian food in NZ sucks as commerical companies deliver their products everywhere and I'll bet..."
Jason Prendergast
"After a suggestion from a Taxi driver we tried India Gate Takeaways. If you love Indian food but are bored to tears with the offering at most Indian..."
Rob Cameron
"Have been here a few times, the first couple of times service was their let down, but has seemed to have improved a smile can go a long way. The food..."
Naz Hussein
"I have ordered takeaways from here multiple times in the last 2 years. the gentleman who does the deliveries is very nice. The food is excellent, I..."
Diana Hetherington-James
"We had India Gate to cater for our child's 5th Birthday Party. The food was simply immaculate. India Gate delivered to their promise. The food taste..."
Neil Dicholkar
"Excellent food and excellent service. Despite arriving within half an hour of closing time, we were made to feel welcome and were under no pressure..."
Ted Erskine-Legget
"My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal! I love Indian food..but it has to be great!!!The waiters throughout the night were wonderful and..."
"My colleague and I had an excellent time at India Gate. The food was immaculate and the flavours of both the Starters and the Mains were explosive...."
"I discovered this restaurant two weeks back and have already been three times! There are four other Indian restaurants I go to - but the food here..."
"Went over to India gate on Wednesday night as they had a special $ 9.90 for most mains. It took a while for the food to arrive, however, the taste..."
Sandip Prakasam
"I went to India Gate on a Thursday night to get the $10 curries.Service was great, and curries were delicious.I had a medium..."
"I work near the location of India Gate and decided to walk in during the lunch special times. The waiter was nice and showed me around right away..."
Tommy Coleman
"Great service I had my wedding there and the food and service was very nice the layout and lights. All my family and Friends had a wonderful time I..."
Adeline Mane
"Went about couple of days before and was welcomed with an awesome atmosphere, with beautiful music in the background and the staff with excellent..."
Rahul M
"We received a very well presented flyer in our letterbox. We ordered a variety of starters and mains - the food was simply delightful and delicious..."
Carol Frisby-Shilton
"Hello people India gate is one of the popular restaurant around Auckland where indian celebrities such as Abhishek Bachchan Bappi etc goes for..."
"Excellent fine dine Indian restaurant along with options of Indo-Chinese. Good location, ample parking, spacious and nice..."
Vinod Vyas
"Went here for Mothers Day with the family, 5 adults. This restaurant is upstairs & for my 87yr old mum it was quite an effort. I don't think there is..."
Trevor Ninness
"Hosted my 21st party here a couple of weeks ago and the party hall had an awesome ambiance to it. Food was amazing especially the starters. The..."
sanya chetty
"I have relatives at home and were staying over the Christmas vacations. I am lucky to have guests as per our culture. I used to dine out in different..."
aditya gupta
"I recently moved to Bellevue from Jersey and was desperate for good Indian food. Tried 2 restaurants before India Gate and honestly I started missing..."
Ashwin Arora
"First time dining there - such great service from the manager Anurag. The food was amazing. Freshly made lemonade was beautiful and the butter..."
Catherine Tamaseu
"Hosted birthday party for my daughter here last week. The food was amazing as always, the arrangements were done in time. Recommend this place if you..."
Suraj Akl
"Absolutely love it here. My go-to Indian in Auckland. Have been here weekly (sometimes daily!) for over a year. Has been nothing but wonderful..."
Peter Nestor
"Would like to thank the Staff and Manager for the awesome service we received when we celebrated our daughter's graduation on 6th May 2017. The food..."
Nazmun Nisaar
". (01/05/2015) Good place for groups and normally busy / crowded during peak hours and weekends. Never quite. Always liked their food. Despite..."
Nitesh Gautam
"Nice buffet, like the..."
Ravi Singh
"Great indian restaurant with a more diverse menu than a lot of other outlets. Good choice of vegetarian options. The venue has quite a lot of..."
Ben H
"A very nice place. Located conveniently in the city center and has friendly staff. The food was quite nice. The celebrity wall is intriguing. Only..."
Chinmay Pandit
Namaste Delhi
85/100 (570 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Naan Butter Chicken
Sit down
Table Service
"The best quality. I have eaten enough Indian cuisine to know this place is the best. Won't..."
Girl On The Move
"Tried this today for lunch and they added a free dhal soup too which was very nice in taste. The curry and the Naan bread was also very good. Will..."
Zeeshan Ahmed
"Came here and got such friendly service immediately! The lady out front is very approachable and was super nice to repeat things back to me so I..."
"I am very fussed when is about food and most of indian cuisine restaurants get very bad reviews from me. Nothing against the cuisine but all about..."
Razvan Gradinaru
"Well worth the drive from south Auckland,biryani was absolutely tasty.excellent customer service.will go back and highly recommended👌excellent..."
Malika Gounder
"A very nice and small place to have Indian food in the town near the city for reasonable prices. The taste is good, makes me remember quite the taste..."
Harneet Singh
"Been here a couple of times, since it is close to my work. Have tried various items off their menu on the lunch specials which was $12.It comes..."
Wilson Shum
"First time to Namaste Delhi and we really enjoyed the experience. The staff were very friendly and helpful - one of us knocked our spoon off the..."
"Great food, awesome service. I called in on the way home from football and they looked after me so well. Delicious butter chicken would definitely..."
"Loved this place. Simple Indian done great. The owners are friendly and work hard to make this a great business.the price was very reasonable...."
Fiji Singh
"Perfect food and service, and good choices for vegetarians as we are. And we’ve been to many Indian restaurants, and the naan bread of this..."
Kelli Tseng
"We decided to try this place - curry and rice is comfort food on a rainy day like today! We live close by but had never had a chance to try. It was..."
"For sure the best curry in Auckland! Great service, great food, great people! The food is very affordable and you get more than what you pay for, and..."
Kayli Singleton
"Tried the Namaste Lemon chicken- it was delicious! The service was very friendly like one receives when traveling in the Garhwal Himalayas in..."
Tushar Sharma
"I love ordering from here as the food is quite prompt and the flavours are usually very authentic. They make very good chicken tikka masala (hot) and..."
"My daughter placed an order by mistake at Ellerslie and didn't realise until she arrived to pick it up that she had got it wrong. You cancelled her..."
"When you're sick of mainstream fastfood like pizza delivery and McDonald's. An order some Indian curry and chicken to eat at home. Good to..."
Tony Ma
"Excellent Indian takeaway place , good service and even better food. Chicken 65 hits the spot. Very clean and good setup . Takeaway pick ups are..."
Shabbir Gin
"This is my local Indian restaurant. The foods great I always return for my curry fix we have not been disappointed. Staff's friendly, prices are..."
Connie Johnson
"Me and my partner are regulars here, so the guy working here recognises us - which is always a nice feeling.Food is nice and fragrant -..."
"A good Indian restaurant, nice staff, throughly well cooked food, always on time and hot. Haven't had a bad experience there yet. Prices are..."
Paul Carney
"Finally a nice Indian takeaway place. Great food most times pretty consistent good variety on the menu. Not too expensive as you expect from..."
Dimitrios Konstantopoulos
"This is a very nice Indian restaurant. The staff and very accommodating and friendly and the food is good and well priced. The only reason I'm not..."
"I frequent this place before most nights a work. I usually go for the vege korma which is one of the best ive had, hands down. Although i found the..."
Benjamin Kenneth Grant Morley
"I have lunch at Namaste Express Epsom Branch quite often during the week. I normally order the paneer Tikka masala lunch special. and on every..."
Gopala Lucken
"Awesome customer service great food always cook my favorite meal to perfection the best in Epsom definitely A+ restaurant. Also try there butter..."
"First time at namaste express, really enjoyed the korma, yummy garlic naan. My partner loved the chilli chicken, would definitely have again. Really..."
Jenn H
"I used to think this place was the bees knees but recently I've been turned off it. I don't think their curries are up to standard anymore. Or maybe..."
Dallace Wulf
"I booked it for my daughter's birthday and it was simply Good. The food they provided was appreciable. I liked it. The staff were friendly and..."
Daizy Gauba
"Dined in at this outlet for the second time just recently. The first time was about 7 months ago and I took a client for Christmas lunch, no alcohol..."
Fries With That
"I work nearby and dine here atleast once a week. I have tried many Indian restaurants and takeaway, this place, by far, makes the best curry in town...."
Qiao Zheng
"What can we say about our favourite curry place? Amazing service, amazing flavour filled curries, attentive, hard working staff, who remember our..."
Frank Faessen
"Namaste express is my local Indian take out and I have never been disappointed (noting some weeks I eat here 4/7 nights)! The food is amazing,..."
Jess Bird
"Very good quality take always. Flavours are authentic and the portions are good.Great service - nice to have a place that gives you a pickup time and..."
Phillip Eades
"Excellent quality - Excellent quantity!  One word to summarize Namaste Express DELICIOUS!!  We tend to get takeaways once per week  and guess what..."
"Food was really good although we order by phone and should have got our food ready 25min later, I still had to wait another 15 or 20 min to get the..."
Pef Mmg
"Had a takeaway last week for my dinner and i tried handi chicken curry, got real awesome indian flavours never had such a gud indian curry with..."
Jaspreet Saini
"My colleague and self, we were in Auckland on an assignment. My colleague, being a vegetarian found it a challenge when it came to finding a suitable..."
"Great food and excellent service, both of which keep bringing me back at least once a week! Latest obsession is the Handi Chicken, but having tasted..."
Paul Lewis
"Second time here and the service is fantastic and the food is just so freshly made, the flavours are incredible. Another ☆☆☆☆☆ experience...."
Mikey Beban
"Had dinner with my friend's family there 3 weeks ago. Very nice staff. The food was so good that my teenage son said it is the best Indian food we..."
Yuanyong Yang
"Tried this place just recently after moving to Greenlane and loved it straight away. Great food, excellent value for money and friendly service. This..."
Steven Farrington
"I've been a regular here since moving to work just round the corner earlier this year.Namaste is, without a doubt, the BEST Northern-style..."
Daniel Smith
"Absolutely love the Namaste Express Lemon Chicken!! It was a favorite lunch dish when I lived in Auckland and I miss having it. Luckily I still make..."
Belinda Ireton
"We come here at least once a week since the day they open about 4 years ago. Could not find a bad food even if u try hard. The service is excellent,..."
"By far my favourite place for Indian Takeaways. Great service. The vegeterian korma in particular is one of my favourite foods. My wife and I treat..."
Allen Dakota
"I regularly have their $11 lunch special trying to branch out from my beloved hot lamb vindaloo. This place is such good value. Their food is..."
Mark Hamilton
"It is one of the best customer service that you could ever get in auckland thanks to Virender. Fresh food everytime i visit on lunch time. Clean and..."
"Working in an Indian restaurant overseas, we like to check out Indian food shops. Came here for lunch & dinner. Very authentic food! Superb flavours..."
Christophe Frommelt
"I keep coming back here so that shows it must be good. Other places you would not return..."
"Excellent food and customer service. Quite possibly the best Indian takeaway in Auckland. The service is outstanding, nothing is ever a problem. The..."
Jason Barnes
"The service was extremely friendly and the food excellent. The passion of the chef in developing each dish and cooking on the night came through in..."
"I eat here every week when I'm in Auckland. I try and mix it up between the lamb and chicken dishes, and I think the quality is second to none across..."
Nathan Bradshaw
"Often head here for lunch and it's great Indian at a great price. They're super friendly and remember faces and your usual order which is a nice..."
"I'm always pleased with my meals at Namaste Express. Came here for lunch again yesterday and ordered a mango chicken curry, which was delightfully..."
Nikki S.
"Very courteous people. I like the way they mix in some veg with my meal. Would prefer quieter environment for reading. Brian..."
Brian Walsh
"You must try the Mango chicken meal,..TDF!!!••°°’Chefs are from the northern part of india (chamoli Garhwal in Uttarakhand)..."
Thai Qn
"Have been to Namaste Express a couple of times now off the back of the positive reviews it has on here, and haven't been disappointed. It's a small..."
"This has got to be by far the best Indian restaurant in Auckland. We have tried it once and have not gone anywhere else since. True fans we are!..."
Nuno Hermitério
"Best Indian food I've ever had!!! Its great that the chefs are cooking right in front of you and I appreciate that the chefs (Sam and Pawan) can add..."
Tania Allen
"I visited it last month with my fiancée at Namastey Express Epsom... We are huge fans of Indian food.. Namaste Express does the best lamb seekh..."
Lisa Alberto
"I'm this close to no longer going to any other Indian restaurant in Auckland. I've tried to find other Indian places closer to the CBD, at..."
"This is the best Indian food you can get in Auckland!! We first went there when they had just opened to get a menu and compare to our..."
Jennifer Connor
"Thank you for all the lovely meals you make for my partner and I when we dine at your restaurant.The ingredients are fresh, the spice..."
Roop Kahlon
"We love Indian food, and go out regularly to different Indian restaurants, and I would rate our dining experience at Namaste Express (Epsom) worthy..."
Diane Ah Mu
"5 Star all the way. Nice restaurant & Excellent service by the staff and food was Devine + alot of varieties. Would recommend to all.Now i..."
"I really enjoy indian food, but Namaste express is a really authentic Indian takeaway and restaurant.. All their food is tastey, my favorite would be..."
"Had a birthday party for my Daughter and it was the best one we had. Everything and everyone were taken care of by the staff. We had 30 guests and..."
Niraj Raval
"A great find, lovely Indian food with a huge choice PLUS many gluten free items clearly indicated. I love choosing from the menu, and find the staff..."
"I am a regular at Namaste as I live in the neighbourhood. I wanted to write a review to say how consistently delicious the food is. I eat mostly..."
"My wife doesn't like Indian food, until we ate from this place. We had the lamb jalfrezi and the spectacular prawn madras accompanied by rice and..."
"We tried Namaste after they delivered a flier and our local Remuera takeaway had become pretty average and inconsistent. We were impressed with..."
"Friendly staff, great service and awesome food. Malai Kofta is a personal favourite of mine and their nan breads are some of the best I've tasted :)..."
Gopal Harlow
"Always professional, the boys at Namaste Express really know how to make customers feel welcome. The food is always expertly prepared and taste..."
Rhonda Snelgar
"Simply the best. Highly recommended!Favourite Indian restaurant/takeaway by far. Fantastic authentic Indian food made with care..."
Hamish Selby
"Best vindaloo in Auckland.The food is always great, well priced and great meal size.I have to say this is the best looking indian..."
"After moving from the UK, it took a while to find a good Indian but I am so SO glad I found Namaste Express!Every Friday I get my curry..."
James Ray
"Tasty curries, with rich flavours and consistent quality. Friendly staff & very clean premises. I get takeaway at least once a week from these..."
"I must admit, I'm not a big Indian food eater but sometimes I really feel like it.Came here for lunch after reading the reviews on here...."
"Namaste Express has fast become one of my favourite Indian Restaurants. I have consistently received delicious food and friendly service and it's..."
Dorian Alexander
"The food was generous, tasted delicious and was definitely great value for money. Actually, I was blown away by the service, the quality of the..."
"We are Indians who do cook at home a lot, but get takeout from these guys at least once a week. We are serious foodies and love our curries among..."
Umesh Dayal
"We discovered namaste by accident. The curries are fantastic, the naan great, the people really lovely and helpful and really good value for money...."
Johanna Kuila
"This is simply the best restaurant I have been to.The chefs are from Chimoli, somewhere high up in the himalayas and the curries they make..."
"This is mainly a takeaway restaurant, a couple of tables are there but no restaurant atmosphere. Very reasonable prices. We..."
"Having tried to find a good curry in Auckland for the last year, we finally hit gold. All mains come with rice, salad and popadom which is a nice..."
Andrea Ray
"A relatively new,predominantly takeout Indian venue in Greenlane with a few tables for those who wish to dine in. Some of the best butter chicken and..."
"Great food, prompt delivery and really good value for the portion size. Some excellent and unusual new additions to the menu - the prawn pakoras were..."
"Ordered lamb byriani for takeaway lunch - delicious! Very generous serving and very prompt service- meal was ready to go, in & out in a minute. Would..."
Pauline Graham
"Daughters want some butter chicken tonight. Tried this neighborhood takeaway. $17 for a butter chicken dish with rice. Initially I thought oh it's..."
Super J's Toys Channel (Super J's Toys)
"Great naans, tasty butter chicken (quite sweet), super friendly staff. Keema naan was okay. $15.50 for a BC puts it a bit pricier than other places..."
"This place is the best Indian Food I have ever tasted in my 34 years of living. Over the past year we have been ordering from them, they have given..."
Samantha Rutherford
"For uni students who are looking for a good meal with a budget, this one is for you! I went to this place today and for just $13.99 (Lunch Special)..."
Aleka Danielle
"Some of the best Indian I have had in a long time. Curry sauce was nice and thick with a very generous portion of meat. Flavour was really good! Naan..."
"Always order here love it great tasting food. Cheese naan is full of cheese, the manchurian chicken is soo tasty. Samosas have so much flavour...."
Effie M
"My god this place is good. The chili cheese garlic naan is criminal, but it's criminally delicious! Big fan of everything I've had so far (many vege..."
Dean Franklet
"Great curries and really nice staff! The paneers are delicious and great selection. This was me and my partners local when we lived in Greenlane...."
Amelia Roberts
"Best Indian I’ve had in years!!!! Highly rate the food...."
Tyla Mataira-Stothers
"100% AUTHENTIC INDIAN FOOD Amazing quality curries, trust me you wont find a better butter chicken! Amazing team and staff that work here, extremely..."
"Amazing value, delightful food, superb quality. I decided to order food from this restaurant. I'm very impressed with it. As a person who is very..."
laleh akram
"Great food and service. A must have in the new market..."
Kireandhan Moodley
"Amazing food, highly recommend. We have been twice this week. Love the new menu, the Lolly Pop Chicken is delicious and a hit with our 3 year old..."
Kathryn Hunt
Joe's Garage Alexandra Park
87/100 (565 ratings)
New Zealand
Dining bars
New Zealand
Dining bars
Sit down
Dining bars
New Zealand
Non-smoking restaurants
Outdoor Seating
Table Service
Serves Alcohol
Wine and Beer
Gift Cards Available
Parking Available
Free off-street parking
Free Wifi
Accepts Credit Cards
Family style
"A life saver for me after a gloomy visit to the hospital in a rainy day. The Salad is insanely beautiful, the service is prompt and professional,..."
Monica Cheng
"This place is amazing. The staff are so attentive, service is prompt, efficient and pleasant. There is indoor and outdoor seating and a kids menu is..."
Pauline T
"Ordered the JFC for $27 burger and chips. Not a bad deal I guess, in line with what’s in the area. The burger itself was okay, nothing compared to..."
Kayc Hilihetule
"I had a work breakfast here and I'd pre-ordered. My BLT was tasty and perfect for a lightish eater. We all got our food within a couple of minutes,..."
Julia MacArthur
"We visited a as a group of 6 on a public holiday and were really impressed, free and close parking.. Great service and amazing food, good variety..."
Clayton P
"Superb and quick service. Coffee was awesome. Lovely and friendly..."
Vipul Jotania
"Staff very friendly, milkshakes still devine. My rare steak done perfectly. Daughter asked for medium but is was rate. Son had the salmon. Wish they..."
Libby (Libby)
"First time having dinner here at the new location in Auckand. Only ever had breakfasts and coffee elsewhere. Happy to report dinner was great exactly..."
Jason Durey
"Awesome experience, great atmosphere, steak mid rare with the salad and chips was absolutely beautiful and the staff were super friendly and very..."
B Mar
"It's a nice brekkie and brunch cafe for everyone. So many variations of menus are available and portions are enough also. Strongly recommended to go..."
Yuichiro Soma
"Had dinner here recently for the first time and the food was amazing! We got the small chips and gravy, the beef burger, the big helga pizza and the..."
"First time here. Service was good and so was the food. They were fairly quiet but the wait was a bit too..."
Garth Roberts
"Great food, great service. Highly rate the place. Will definitely go back!!! Awesome family..."
Mark Prendergast
Urban Verge
70/100 (1285 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
New Zealand
New Zealand
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Nourish Bowl
Salmon Quiche
Chicken Sandwich
Steak and Cheese Pie
Smashed Avocado with Sourdough Toast
Flat White Cappucino Moccacino
Eggs Benedict - GF
Smoked Fish N
english breakfast
BLT Sandwich
Buckwheat Waffles with Smoked Salmon
hot chocolate
Neenish Tart
S'Mores Waffles
Iced Latte
Urban Caesar Salad
Side Salad
Buttermilk Waffles or Gluten Free Crepes
Avocado Smash
New Zealand
Table Service
Wheelchair Accessible
Outdoor Seating
"A very spacious venue with both indoor and outdoor seating options, quick service and a very urban-like..."
"We had breakfast here this morning and really enjoyed the atmosphere, food and service all fantastic. Highly recommend coming here. ..."
"This past week called in with a friend I havnt been there for two years ,I found the service friendly and coffee was very good I had piece apple..."
Gary Bennett
"Came here with my family of 5 and we were all really pleasantly surprised! I have no idea how this place has low reviews? The service was good, great..."
"Friendly staff, excellent eating place for the whole family. Was quite busy when I visited but still they managed to get our food out fast! Menu is..."
Mei Aleva
"Good place for coffee and nice environment. Had breakfast and a black coffee. Enjoyed. I would try something else in the menu next time. Recommended...."
Leo Zhang
"Excellent café! We’re from overseas and each time we travel to Auckland we come here for their Eggs Benedict! Anyway before it was called Frolic..."
Van Shan
"Had a beautiful brekkie here on Sunday - 3 of us had the Eggs Benedict and Hubby had the big breakfast. All meals were superb as was the coffee...."
"Soul food at its best. Super friendly waiters and owner. Yummy healthy food and great coffee. They even have a coffee to go service. Best value for..."
Natasha Nel
"Friendly staff and good, fresh food. Food came out very quickly. Options for gluten free and dairy free folks. Nice little area for kids to play on..."
Julia Louise
"Very friendly staff with good wholesome food. A nice weekend lunch! Staff were very attentive to my wife’s dietary requirements. Would definitely..."
Matthew Wallis
"Had a pretty decent breakfast here, nothing too special about the menu but the servers were nice and the meal prep time was pretty quick. Wouldn’t..."
Sylvester Kuo
"Very warm greeting from obviously experienced staff. I had the special salad which was tasty with chicken and plentiful enough. (Last salad at frolic..."
"Took my coeliac fussy 4yo for breakfast and the staff were so knowledgeable and friendly. They brought my daughter her gluten free breakfast which..."
Nicole van Druten
"Wonderful cafe with friendly service and a diverse menu. I love the vegetarian breakfast, with Halloumi cheese, mushrooms, eggs, sourdough bread and..."
"(Visited and reviewed on 4 October 2023) I had the salmon bagel and caramel milkshake here. Both were delicious, and my mum had the chicken burrito..."
Hasha Samarasekera
"Our food was so yummy and fresh. The smoothies were also delicious. The staff were so lovely and accommodating especially with us moving tables twice..."
Sophia Lemafa
"Fantastic cafe located right next to the west entrance to Cornwall park. Nice atmosphere and the service was incredibly quick. Thanks team! Hamish..."
Hamish Dorrington
"Excellent excellent excellent. Great French toast, super..."
John Cowan
"The best coffee in Auckland! Stopped into this friendly place on Manukau Road (just opposite the entrance to Cornwall Park) for a late breakfast..."
Fergus Blakiston
"Lovely place with a selection of cabinet food and menu items for breakfast and lunch. I tried eggs Benedict which had beetroot cured salmon and..."
Irina Kapeli
"I've had food from Little Urban about 4 times. At least 2 of those times have been delivery via uber eats. I am recovering from an injury and ordered..."
Victoria Rose Mullan
"Lovely little cafe, came here with family for brunch to celebrate my partner's birthday. Food tasted amazing, and we couldn't help trying a bit of..."
Bartholomew Pondsbury
Spicy Palace Restaurant
78/100 (1476 ratings)
"Came here for the 1st time. The Spicy Palace bucket fish is their specialty and is available in either spicy or herbal(non-spicy) soup. We ordered..."
Michele C
"Love the stir fried chicken with fresh chili! Sooooo Hot! The food is sooo good. Love this restaurant! Beef noodle was so yummy!..."
Chloe Lee
"Spicy deep fried chicken is great, fried rice is also good. And the design/display of the pork with cucumber is..."
Jackie Fu
"Came here for dinner recently.  The restuarant was quite spacious and pleasant.  Service was friendly. The food was tasty and we were happy with..."
Tony Wan
"Restaurant Review : Spacious , Beautiful ambience , friendly staff , quick service . Food Review: Good quantity , delicious,authentic chineese..."
Purnima C Nair
"Ordered for takeway- first time tryin out this place. The portion was massive for $12. Flavour wise it was suitable for me- not too numbing or salty..."
"Ordered Spicy Sauce with Pork Belly and Braised Beef Brisket with Beancurd + Kungpao Chicken to takeaway. Food tasted good but a little bit..."
Simon Lee
"It was our first time here for dinner and it didnt disappoint! Dishes are full of flavour and big portion. We had braised beef brisket with beancurd..."
Neverstopeating (20% Off Zomato Gold Code: NEVE9390)
"Cheap, food is acceptableMost of staff are nice, except the waitress at cashierShould go againFood come fastGood..."
"First time there for a weekday lunch. Great selection of lunch specials ($12), many other choices of dishes too. Clean place, reasonably fast..."
"We had the lamb cumin and hot stone beef and both dishes were absolutely delicious! It was surprisingly busy for a Sunday night but they were happy..."
Colleen Ritson Poole
"Close to home. Fast service. Friendly staff. Good food. Portion sizes are pretty good too. What more can you ask for. Prawns with oat is a favourite!..."
Sarah Kapeli-Kautai
"All three dishes we had were super delicious! I love this restaurant! The staffs were attentive, the food arrive fast after order and all of them are..."
"4.5/5 Taste4/5 Display 4.5/5 Quantity 4/5 Customer ServiceAmazing Chinese Restaurant in Epsom Auckland.I actually..."
"I have been here twice and I always order bucket fish and bucket rice. The bucket fish soup was really tasty with tomato slices and cucumber slices...."
I'm A Foodie
"The only nice szichuan style restaurant in epsom. Wooden pot fish is quite nice and special, crayfish is fresh and taste. All other dishes are nice..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Every time I eat here I get the spicy scampi. So good and so spicy. They have quite a few delicious dishes actually, hard to go through them..."
Darren Big Belly
" The food is great , and fresh . On thing I can say this place, you order different meal will come with different styles, not like other Chinese ..."
Henry Ge
"We were suggested to go here by a Chinese friend. Was relatively empty for a weekend but afternoon. We chose from the lunch menu, had a good..."
I'm Hungry
"Went there on a Sunday with a serious hang over. Great place for a hang over cure. After having the spicy chicken and spicy fish. Felt a million..."
Sam Bhandari
"Been a few times with my family.The noodles are sold for a very good price. Perfect for a snack or a lunch. Pancake servings are huge and..."
Rosanne Choy
"This is a great authentic Chinese restaurant, with a massive menu! Lots of vegetarian options also, and the portions are HUGE. Highly recommend the..."
"Authentic, centrally situated Asian restaurant. I have visited a few times for a takeout meal. A plentiful takeaway, for fresh and well-priced asian..."
Maree Brogden
"Had one takeaway and one dine-in here. The menu was good, with a wide range of choices for authentic Chinese spicy cuisines. The dining area was..."
"We came here for their signature bucket fish soup dish. It was fresh and delicious. All the other dishes were cheap and portions were huge. Very well..."
"7 of us went there for lunch, some items were good and some were average. Lunch specials are around $12 and the portion is good. Plenty of on street..."
"Clean restaurant with large food portions that is enough to share at a cheap price! Great customer service and very helpful. Would dine in again!..."
"The only decent Chinese restaurant in the greenlane epsom region. Their lunch menu is so cheap only around $12 for a huge large bowl of..."
Tony Ma
"To be honest, the fish in the bucket fish was really good, really worth a try. I personally really liked the fried rice and the chicken. I had dinner..."
Bel Zhou
"we came here for dinner cuz we all love spicy dish ,and what i personally recommended is the bucket fish with mild spicy ,and other dish we ordered..."
"I have been there for my friend's baby 100th day party on last Wednesday. My friend booked the whole place for the party. I was so impressed by the..."
"Came for a friend's birthday dinner. We had the signature fish soup in the wooden bucket, 👍 I would say that s the best dish of the night, fresh..."
"The singaporean fried noodles was fantastic; I'd order it again. The chicken dish was average.. lots of small bones I kept biting into bone..."
"I recently dined at an astonishing restaurant that left a lasting impression. The ambiance was charming, and the highlight was undoubtedly the..."
elison ding
"The Spicy Palace Bucket Fish is their specialty and is available in either spicy or herbal(non-spicy) soup. We ordered the herbal(non-spicy) fish..."
David Han
"The must have Bucket fish was very good. Freshly cooked at your table and the fish was very fresh. All the other dishes were great as..."
Edmund Lee
"Generous portion size meals. Very flavorful meals. Best Chinese I've had in while. If I lived in Auckland I would be a..."
"Came here for dinner recently. The restuarant was quite spacious and pleasant. Service was friendly. The food was tasty and we were happy with its..."
Tony Wan
"We were suggested to go here by a Chinese friend. Was relatively empty for a weekend but afternoon. We chose from the lunch menu, had a good..."
Amrita Bhattacharya
"Spicy fish healthy cheap &..."
Yingnan Zhou
"I think it is a very good place for food and feels like home if you are done with chips and steaks for..."
"Love it as usual for lunch while at work, speedy with the order, and A++ for flavour, I usually like the cumin beef and the boys are in for the kung..."
Simon Sleiman
"Spicy Palace was a surprisingly unassuming place with absolutely yummy food. We ordered two dishes - the Bucket Fried Rice and Chef Special Pork..."
Ritwik Varma
"One of the best Chinese meals I ever had. Yes, their inhouse fish soup is the best along with their cumin lamb. Staff was attentive even though the..."
Saji Joseph
"My son always tries beef noodles at every restaurant. He says there are the best beef noodle here. The flavor and noodle texture is even better than..."
"Nice food, quiet atmosphere and great..."
Adela Chi
Flour Mill
80/100 (414 ratings)
"I recently had the pleasure of breakfast at Flour Mill Cafe, and it was a delightful experience! The ambiance is charming, the service is top-notch,..."
Jemi Hueman
"I guess they changed owner. Caffee is still good. Only food is not as tasty as before. It is still ok, but salmon with Bene is not fresh, source..."
Chen Serah
"The tuna melt was really delicious, I could eat this everyday… And my cappuccino tastes good with plenty of foam 😋. The girls' staff are super..."
Buche Films
"Heck of a café, boasting some of the best coffee you’ll find in Auckland. The place is always buzzing but the service remains fantastic. Thanks..."
Hamish Dorrington
"Auckland is the 4th most culturally diverse city in the world and the lovely staff at Flour Mill are evidence of that. Japanese, Italian and Kiwi..."
Jonathan Berryman
"The coffee and croissant there is good and the interior and the exterior of the cafe is really nice and interesting..."
"Great “boutique “ cafe…a hidden gem in Epsom….great inviting interior for family. Very friendly owners and very dedicated staff with level of..."
Suman Lal
"Nothing too special about the food and coffee, nice looking interior and not too hard to find..."
"This is one special place! The range of coffee sides in the cabinet is so lovely. But I think it’s the atmosphere that makes it. Great staff,..."
Francis Caetano
"One of the best, warmest, and most welcoming customer service experiences! The food and savouries are very delicious with high-quality! Their matcha..."
Suri R
"Gorgeous little cafe, with great coffee and a lovely atmosphere. You can really tell how much love the owner has put into this place. Cabinet food..."
Chelsea Lopez
"It’s cute, it’s fabulous, and it’s “Gram Worthy”. Plus, it was one of Metro’s Top 50 cafes in 2019. The wall outside is super fun - a..."
Liz Scott
"Nice date scones, coffee was a bit burnt. Very nice and friendly staff, I would go again. The outside tables are wobbly and every time we go there it..."
Hayden Dahm
"What a very cool little cafe. Lovely staff, very nice food and coffee, beautiful soft seats with real cushions for bony bums. We will..."
Leslie Den Harder
"We were warmly greeted on arrival. A delicious range of food items to choose: from home made snack options to a filling brunch menu. A great little..."
Heemi Katene-Hill
"The cafe is just off Manukau Road close to Greenlane.The cafe s quite small. They do have a few tables outside but there isn't much shade. The tables..."
Benedict Uy
"Yummy food and coffee! Lots of choice on the counter. Staff were friendly and the food was quickly prepared and was ready to..."
Alice Duffy
"Really nice place to spend time with friends on a day off. Love the food so much, definitely going back for another dishes n coffee. Perfect onion..."
Johny S
"Five star isn’t quite enough to express my love for this quaint little place where the waiters are kind, waitresses chirpy and the ladies call you..."
Shiyao Annie Tong
Coffee And Tea Lovers
74/100 (779 ratings)
Quick Bites
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Chai Latte
Earl Grey Tea
Eggs on Toast
Green Tea Latte
Corn Fritters
Ham and cheese croissant
Salmon Bagels
Triple Shot Flat White
Fish pie
Chicken Filo
Scrambled Egg on Ciabatta Toast
Roasted Vegetable and Halloumi Cheese
Smashed Avocado with Tomato
Aluminum Coffee Tampers
Breakfast Bagel Rocks Here
French Toast with Banana Bacon and Maple Syrup
Wheelchair Accessible
"Came in for breakfast on Saturday. Ordered the pancakes, salmon avocado salad, scrambled eggs on crossiant, mocha and cappuccino. Loved how they..."
Rosanne Choy
"You know what? this is such a cute place and it really deserves a great review! The ambience is simple but nicely decorated.Is nice to see..."
"I love this shop! So great! Good food,good drink,friendly stuff,and they sale lot of tea pot,coffee pot. They have 204 kinds of tea, if you been..."
Bruce Jing
"Great range of gourmet tea and coffee available to take home or enjoy at the cafe. Friendly and helpful staff. Love the little jars of each tea up on..."
Julia Louise
"Quick brunch before heading out for a bit if shopping. Coffee is superb and we both had ham, cheese and tomato croissants which were also very..."
Dave Koefoed
"We had a delicious selection of cakes for our team Christmas lunch from here. Gluten free options too which is great. Loved the coconut cake and the..."
"A good place to have meals and enjoy mellow coffee. Prices of special deals are very lovely with satisfactory serving size. Only $4.5 for a large..."
Michelle Hwang
"The fact that this is a local spot that I’ve only just visited is both deeply embarrassing and verging on criminal. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit..."
Hamish Dorrington
"Wow what a surprise. It was like walking into a small museum of tea and coffee history. It was so interesting I have to return. The coffee grinders..."
Harold Atkinson
"It was great cozy place we went there at labours day so it was a bit busy but it was great 👍 i would love to go there again Price were..."
"Cafe Eatery is a true hidden gem that's definitely worth checking out. While it may serve sweet items that you can find elsewhere, it has their own..."
Rave Masters
"Generous portions of classic brunch style menu items. Taste was good but nothing to write home about although for the price it’s defs great value...."
Lily Du
"This place has the best chai 😍 Definitely a favorite cafe for food, location, service and atmosphere..."
MiaBelle NZ
"My family visited form the UK for three weeks, and it is no exaggeration that the pies here were the highlight of my uncle’s..."
Harry Fraser
"Really cute shoppe/cafe with every tea accessory you can think of! Tried the vegan Mexican pie and plum + almond cake, both were good but not..."
Lisa Schl8r
"Went to refill a tea (rest in peace) I got for my b-day, but they didn't have it. So I'm trying a different flavor(relax yourself), hope it's as..."
Siriporn Falcon-Grey
"It’s not only a cafe, but also an amazing store for selling lots of interesting coffee and tea stuff! Quite a nice place to enjoy a chilled..."
Vivi Wang
Pheast Noodle Bar
80/100 (896 ratings)
"Their crispy chicken noodles and beast noodles were amazing!! Packed full of delicious flavour with generous portions of the chicken, beef and pork...."
Tiara Tubalado
"The noodles are great. But only noodle options on uber eats. So I can only review this restaurant on uber eats. The noodles are great. I..."
Tony Ma
"Decided to give this place a try and it was just amazing so Much flavour, great price . Everything was just perfect . Definitely need to try other..."
"We went to Pheast tonight and ordered the ever popular Crispy Chicken Noodles, the BBQ Duck Noodles and the Crispy Spicy Squid on the side 🦑 ..."
"Pheast! Last night me and my bf paid a visit to pheast and got the crispy chicken noodles in sweet and sour sauce, BBQ duck noodles and the crispy..."
"Yum yum yum! These guys have a massive variety of dishes! I’ve never been disappointed coming here. They do anything from carby meaty dishes to..."
Biani Hoskins-Peri
"Their noodle dishes are the perfect balance of meat, veggies, noodles & sauce. SO satisfying & tasty. Will definitely be back to try more..."
"Awesome noodle place! Love all the different options and so customisable for vegetarians. The noodles had great flavour and portion sizes were huge!..."
"For noodles, we got the crispy chicken, mee goreng and the beast noodles. THEY ARE GOOOD! Also, aren't they just too pretty to be a takeaway dish?..."
Rita Ge
"Pheast- let's say it definitely lives up to it's name! Portion sizes of the noodles (especially for those prices) are very generous. With a wide..."
Adam Qi
"I was excited to hear there was a noodle bar in Auckland offering a 'zoodle' option. The zoodles were delicious and filling and very generously..."
"We really enjoyed our dinner at Pheast!! The noodle dishes were extremely tasty and the serving sizes were huge- there was enough to take home for..."
Janita Fuller
"Pheast Noodles are so delicious! I love how flavoursome they are and super filling ☺️ The dishes have loads of Meat and Vegetables packed into..."
Tori Hockley
"We ordered the crispy squid, chicken satay, BBQ pork spring rolls, and duck noodles 😍 The spring rolls were crispy and delicious, slightly on the..."
Samantha Taveras
"Have been here a few times and we love the crispy chicken noodles! The chicken satay is delicious and the popcorn chicken is such a generous portion..."
Totally Fried NZ
"I was invited to try some dishes at Pheast, and I was blown away! Everything was so fresh, packed full of vibrant flavours and was cooked so fast...."
Azana Bhatia
"Hands down, the best reasonably priced noodles I've had in Auckland. I've tried the crispy tofu, and I can't stop having that. Their menu has got a..."
"A popular Asian noodle takeaway bar in Epsom, there's something for everyone on the menu at Pheast.I have been invited to try out numerous..."
Alma Eats
"🍜This is a newly established takeaway noodle bar in Epsom. They serve a variety of never before seen noodle dishes with fresh ingredients. There..."
"I went to Pheast Noodle Bar recently because I was in the area and because they accepted the Entertainment Book voucher. Wow, I was impressed.  The..."
David Arthur
"Taste: 🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑Interior Deco: 🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑Customer service: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕Recommend:..."
"Soooo delicious!!!! I used to get my noodles from spicy house, eden noodle cafe and noodle canteen, but I recently stumbled upon this bad boy when I..."
"Great value for take away. Ingredients are all fresh and healthy. Noodle taste delicious, i like the chicken crispy noodle best. Service nice and..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Great value for quality nutritious takeaway food and fast service!I had the Crispy Chicken Sweet & Sour Noodles, Bangkok Zoodles & Duck Spring..."
Mania Selwyn
"Great food! I've had their food regularly since they opened their shop in Epsom - really loving their crispy chicken noodle and laksa noodle soup. I..."
"We love pheast. We eat it regularly as our go to takeaways. Every dish we have had has been amazing, Crispy Pork Belly is delicious and a favourite...."
Krista Scelly
"Tried their Chicken crispy noodles and green curry noodles, it was delicious. Also had chicken satay. Good prices and big servings. They prepared the..."
"This Noodle Bar serves you amazing noodles with fresh veggies, quality meats and tastiest sauces used specially in Asian cooking. Reasonable price ,..."
Purnima C Nair
"Was recommended this place by a friend for a quick and yummy takeaway meal. I had the Singapore noodles with chicken which was thin rice noodles and..."
"We saw their noodle salad sign for $13 out on the street so the GF and i stopped to try. I had the thai vermicelli and she the vietnamese chicken...."
Tom Pine
"Was wanting to try something new for dinner on the way home and remembered about this place. It is located where Manukau road splits with Pah Road so..."
Benedict Uy
"Delicious noodles with a lot of flavour! Yakisoba noodles had the right amount of sweetness and were very satisfying. The chicken pieces that came..."
"Awesome fresh tasty food. We had the Beast, Satay and Crispy Chicken with sweet and sour sauce. Noodles were all cooked really well, veges had a bit..."
"Most amazing noodles in Auckland! Never get disappointed with any one on the menu! Every noddle has its own unique flavour! Highly recommend to all!..."
Kung Pao
"We stopped in tonight after hearing some amazing reviews.Safe to say we were not disappointed. The food was so yum. We got the tofu spring..."
Romana Petrie
"I’ve been here 4 times now and every time I have ordered something great! It’s fairly cheap for the large portion sizes and there’s something..."
Pixie Grace Secker Drewett
"Stopped off here on a cold rainy Monday night. We shared starters: king satay chicken skewer, crispy coconut prawns, and ginger soy tofu rolls...."
"Tried out Pheast via uber eats - I’ve never had an uber eats order arrive quicker, super speedy and meal was still piping hot when it arrived...."
Julia Louise
"Wow! Great taste, great portions, great meat! Usually when I see big portions I think the quality will not be so good but that is not the case with..."
"Loved look and openness of shop, fast service, I order the mee goreng and i'm always really annoying about having no egg/bok choy and they made it..."
Florence Ainley
"Had the crispy pork noodles and it was DELICIOUS! There was a generous amount of pork pieces and the flavours of the noodles were just spot on! It..."
Annie Ren
"What a great spot! Just what was needed in Epsom. Fresh tasty food and friendly staff. Can't beat it. Great to find out that they do delivery too. I..."
Foodie Robbie
"We had Crispy Chicken and Kapow noodles with spicy sauce. They were both amazing with good quantity and just the right kick of spicy. Can’t wait to..."
"Eaten here a couple of times now. wasn't really into noodles before but thought I'd give it a try when I was driving past. most places just pour the..."
Daniel Scott
"Had the Bangkok noodles here for lunch and they were so delicious I felt I had to say something. That dish is Highly recommended. :) Will drop by..."
Pan NaJa
"my partner and I tried the Bangkok noodles which is their pad thai for the first time last night. We both thought it was amazing she had a vegetarian..."
Harris Ishikawa
"Great new noodle place! We got takeout on a friday night. The noodles were made quickly and stayed hot in the boxes for when we got home. We got the..."
Sarah Mah
"Yum!!! Have got takeaway twice in the last week from this place. It caught my eye driving home and I'm so pleased i went in. We've had the teriyaki..."
Faye Stubbs
"Pheast Noodles are so delicious! I love how flavoursome they are and super filling ☺️ The dishes have loads of Meat and Vegetables packed into..."
Tori Hockley
"Yummy food. Good service. Ordered the Bangkok noodles and Crispy chicken noodles along with prawn twisters. Loved the Bangkok noodles. Didn't..."
"Nice noodle place. We got the crispy chicken and BBQ pork. Good amount of flavour and there was heaps of meat and..."
Nathan Smith
"Local noodle bar in Greenwoods Corner. Lovely noodles with great flavours and not overly expensive. Ordered a noodle and a little snack item from..."
Karen Hau
"Ordered via UberEats - it was very busy on a Friday evening but it didn't take long for our orders to arrive. Really liked the Pheast noodles - good..."
Lisa T
"Tasty crispy chicken cone, good for a protein filled..."
Joan Dias
"Why oh why! Why are you using single use plastic FABRIC bags for your takeaway orders?? The whole reason to use a normal plastic is so that it In..."
Katelyn Backup
"Please open a pheast in Christchurch! 🙏🤞 Working a week near by and have visited everyday for dinner. Fresh veg, delicious sauces and..."
Patrick Douëtil
"Ordered uber eats from here for the first time tonight. The crispy chicken noodles were absolutely amazing! The chicken was so tasty. Will definitely..."
Deb H
"This place is our new fave takeout place! given the choices available in the area, that's saying something. Our orders, whether in-store or online..."
Fred Lunjevich
"Parking isnt great but the food is amazing . First time coming here and I'm in love. Will fees be..."
jamee Lisa (JL Orday)
"I think I'm in love. I found this place via UberEats but decided to drive there & check it out. The chicken cashew noodles were incredible - perfect..."
Allana Partridge
"I have had the pleasure of eating here on multiple occasions and I just cant get enough of it. The staff are wonderful. The place is always clean and..."
Ashley Dutton
"So yummy and really good value for money! The range of vegan dishes is amazing and they taste so good (especially the satay noodles). Can’t wait to..."
Ashlee Adams
"Flavours in the food were fine. A little on the sweet side but that was the yakisoba and the crispy pork. I ordered Kapow which had a good balance of..."
Shalinee Perera
"Onehunga based and first experience with Pheast and it was fantastic. Sat night Uber eats order and it was delivered to the door within 20 mins - 1..."
Daniel Byrne
Hambagu Nz
87/100 (324 ratings)
Quick Bites
New Zealand
Seaweed Fries
Karaage Rice Burger
Nori Fries L
Loaded fries
Chicken Master Katsu
Crispy Chicken burger
Cheese Burger Make It Double & Karaage Chicken
steak burger
BBQ burger
Double Stacker Burger
Teriyaki Burger
Gyudon Beef Bowl
Beef Brisket Burger
Standard Fries
Philly Cheesesteak
Philly Cheesesteak Burger
Yakiniku Rice Burger
Teriyaki Beef Burger
Katsu Curry Don
New Zealand
Cash Only
Parking Available
Digital Payments
Accepts Credit Cards
Accepts Mastercard
Accepts Visa
Fine Dining
"I recently visited this burger shop in Auckland, New Zealand, and my experience was a bit of a mixed bag. The car park situation in the area wasn’t..."
Amin Kazemi
"Great food and friendly staff! I came here after driving past many times and then seeing lots of good reviews. The reviews were right, this is a fab..."
Hayley Reid
"If you wanna try a certified halal burger you should definitely go there! Very nice and welcoming people. The bun was soft and the steak was juicy..."
Amine Ben Messaoud
"Nice little place for u to try a mix of NZ and Japanese taste. We tried some nice beef brisk and philly burgers which would be awesome with a small..."
Shujjaat Khan
"Excellent service, didn’t expect the staff of a takeaway burger place to ask us whether we’ve been here before and went through the menu with us...."
Kin Cheung
"Great service and tasty burgers, just a little bit too much sauce. But in general, it's a great burger..."
Nicolas Rojas
"Recently noticed this local eatry while looking for food places around the neighbourhood on Google maps. Yesterday ordered a double stacker and a..."
Ehsan Ullah
"First time my family enjoyed a meal at Hambagu tonight. As a family business owner, Mondays we are closed and this a good chance to get out of the..."
Jean Bou
"One of the overall best hamburgers in NZ my partner & I have tried. We had the Tropical Bliss & The Chicken Katsu burgers. We both liked how one..."
Leo Matthews
"Easily 5+ stars. I ordered a simple cheese burger, seasoned fries and 6 pieces of karaage chicken. The food was excellent. The burger was epic. ..."
Allan C
"The burger is ubiquitous, but so few places strive to elevate the protein-in-a-bun formula. I am please to report that Hambagu DOES elevate the..."
Peter Workman
"Delicious and creative Japanese-inspired burgs. Fab quick and friendly service. Only downside is it doesn't have a great eat-in area, it's just out..."
Marie Quayle
"Ordered 2 burgers (cheeseburger and chicken), onion rings and drinks. Friendly staff, fast service and burgers were delicious! Would happily come..."
Rhiannon Brignall
"As soon as we got there, the staff were extremely welcoming and recommend us some of their popular dishes as we were new customers. The food tasted..."
Shilpa Lal
"Good food great service had the sushi burger and tropical chicken burger both were..."
jay C
"Great selection of gourmet burgers, Service was humbled but a bit slow. The location is also..."
Rizwan Khalid
"If you haven’t had a Japanese rice burger before then go and get one NOW! (Rice is a good option for those who want to cut gluten intake) Their..."
Gerhard Uys
"Burger was OK, the chips were nice, onion rings were decent. Parking is problematic though as the road is very busy. Service was good and..."
Logan Hugo
"My family and I came here for a late snack, and I was truly intreged in the halal variety they had. We got ourselves one philly burger, brisket..."
- “‪SnowGamer‬” -
Wang Jia Wei
83/100 (292 ratings)
Spicy chicken
Spicy Beef
Spicy Diced Chicken with Peanuts
Marinated Beef Soup
王家卫 花椒鸡
Chopped Choy Sum with Soup Stock
Baby Chinese Cabbage in Soup Stock
"This Sichuan eatery, just off Kent St in Newmarket, was very popular with customers having steampot on a Friday evening when we visited. Instead of..."
Di Melody Huang
"One of a casual Chinese restaurant in Newmarket. Foods quality are okay and big portions. Good for families or gathering with..."
Gabriel Kung
"This place was an absolute staple from when I was frequenting newmarket. I never got to try much of the menu because I was always infatuated with the..."
Brandon Feinberg
"Great place for Sichuan style meal. Hot pot is also available. Free customer car park in front. Surprisingly clean and brightly lit place for Chinese..."
German Yakushkin
"Sugar jelly, Spicy Beef & Kongbao Chicken. For two of us. Tasty food, warm serving and chill environment. Good option for your..."
Wang Malcolm
"Excellent food, and a really good app for ordering. Quick and friendly..."
Alice M-B
"One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Auckland. They make really delicious Szechuan food but not costly at all. Have been here a lot of times and..."
Shawn W
"The foods are delious and friendly service. However majority of the dishes are spicy, one good thing is you can choose how spicy u..."
Fiona Ho
"Definitely will come back, great taste and very reasonable..."
"The prices were reasonable. Plates are big. Suitable for sharing food with..."
Xiaorui Wang
"Don’t taste as good as before. But still..."
Annabelle Guo
"Just awesome Sichuan Spicy Flavor...with a broad range of selections, and the Big Chicken Sharing plate is one of the..."
Ze Yuan Wang
"Authentic sichuan-style Chinese food, can't go wrong if you enjoy spicy food. They also have a lunch special menu where a delicious meal only cost..."
Michael He
"Really nice restaurant with good Chinese..."
Jeremy Chi
"One of my favorite Chinese restaurant. Visit at least once a month. Love fired..."
Cherry Liang
"Authentic sichuan food excellent experience Will come back next..."
cecilia W
"Used to come here all the time with the family several years ago. Tried the lunch menu yesterday, and it was delicious-the beef brisket noodles were..."
Lily G
"Very good restaurant and I would definitely come..."
Linlin Liang
Ninja Sushi
83/100 (388 ratings)
Sashimi Salmon
Sushi Deluxe
BBQ Beef
Chicken Kabab
Salmon Teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki Donburi
Avocado sushi
Seafood Udon Soup
Katsu Chicken on Rice
Sushi Califonia
Teriyaki Tofu Don
Teriyaki Chicken on Rice
Teriyaki Salmon Don
"This is a decent local for when you're craving sushi. Our phone order took about 20 mins from ordering for it to be made ready for us. The salmon was..."
Vivien @ KJAS Blog
"Never disappointed when I visit this place. The sushi is tasty and fresh. Favorite off the menu is the salads and donburi’s, especially in the..."
Helen Mach
"I love this place! The owners are so friendly and always accommodate to my needs. We’re always ordering platters and love that they have mini sizes..."
Nhung Mai
"Best sushi I've ever tried. In terms of price, it may be a bit higher than other places. The sushi is extremely fresh and tasty. The owners are by..."
"Dear CustomersNinja Sushi will be having a summer breakFrom Thur 29 DecTo Tues 31Jan.Wish you all the best holiday..."
"Been here a few times now. Good for quick takeaway Japanese sushi. Pleasant experience - nice owner. Food is fresh and well presented. Good selection..."
"Fresh raw food materials with reasonable price. I really like the purple rice salmon roll, a little bit sweet and a little bit sticky. Grabbed four..."
Michelle Hwang
"Very good tasting sushi for reasonable prices. Friendly staff as well. I've been here many times, the service has been consistently..."
Frank Lin
"Super quick and cheap but also tasty Japanese food. Loved the vegetable ramen. Their forte is of course sushi and there's a huge range to choose..."
"So easy to miss unless you look hard for it. Always fresh, always interesting varieties and always satisfying. Bit hard to park but for me it's only..."
Dick Andrews
"Cute little place that serves reasonable sushi...The school pack is a nice and novel idea for the little ones to take for their lunchI also..."
Ivan Koay
"The freshest sushi I've had. Ever. The problem is that the lunch rush thinks the same so if you aren't on the ball, you'll find that the display..."
Ann C
"I’ve genuinely been raving about this restaurant to all of my friends and I finally got to go again, it’s very quickly becoming my favourite..."
"Favourite sushi place we've been going to for nearly a decade! Their lunch offer was great value and have wide sushi selection for everyone to enjoy..."
Eileen Maracha
"This place is great, the service is attentive but relaxed and the food is exceptional, the sushi is out of this world amazing. Go alone, go with a..."
S Hill
"This is the best Japanese restaurant I’ve ever been to in the UK. The menu had a lot of interesting options. All the dishes I ordered came out very..."
Trang Dang
"Lovely food, slightly pricey in my opinion for what it is. Friendly staff but only one person making the sushi so slow service. The food was overall..."
Heidi Mustafa
"This is a rather unassuming but cozy restaurant on the Epsom high st. Service was great, food was fantastic, and the less-than japanese themed..."
Darrin Morgan
"We love Makiyaki Epsom, have been visiting the restaurant for years and never once have we been disappointed. The food is always fresh, the..."
"This is a lovely, modern sushi restaurant with an extensive menu and very tasty fish. Went with a friend during the week and the service was..."
Alice C
"I've been told about this place many times from my friends how good food is there. So I had chance for first time to try it. And I can say that it..."
Marta C
"Food is fantastic and a favourite of my family. Look forward to coming here all the time. great Katsu dishes, great Sushi and great soup dishes. ..."
Gary The Snail
Tiger Sugar
87/100 (241 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
Coffee & Tea
"Best Brown Sugar Tea...Lots of other choices for tea as well....The Staff are lovely and always happy to double the sugar juice quantity for..."
Pinaki Dhairyawan Naik
Yaya Chang
"I am getting addicted to this healthy ice cold fresh milk with hot brown sugar bubbles, just tastes wonderful and healthy. Especially for pregnant..."
"Excellent oolong tea range. Always friendly counter staff...."
Emily Chua
"The new drink grapefruit tea is really good. Cannt go wrong with it. High recommended!..."
Jessica Zhang
"I tried the black sugar pearl milk tea, the pearls were very soft and chewy...."
Jojo Liang
"We were on our way to the usual Gong Cha, but saw a cute Japanese store that sells the softest soft toys, so we just had to go in to have a look. The..."
Jonathan Chau
"This BOBA store is quite busy with lots of people lining up.The brown sugar bubble tea was really nice. I really liked the brown sugar..."
"Service: 4/5Food: 4/5Fresh milk with brown sugar pearls were very nice, although it’s a little on the pricey side it’s totally worth it..."
Veronica Ly
"Thanks Camilia!! Great customer service and ambience . Makes you feel not guilty about the 450 calories in the brown sugar pearl toppings . Camilia..."
MayLing Nguyen
"Used Zomato gold here (code: AIRE5207). Friendly and quick service on a Sunday night.Two large milk teas for $9! Super worth it for its..."
Aireena Omar
"Tiger Sugar is very popular in asian countries that’s why I decided to give it a try. And I never regretted it. Now I know why a lot of people from..."
Angielyn Cruz
"My flavour bubble tea in the town! Have come here few time and have no issue in using Zomato gold. Friendly staff. Definitely will go back again!..."
YEe LiNg
"Come here all the time now to get milk tea with zomato gold! So delicous and very rich milk flavour and well brewed tea- chewy pearls too! I get..."
Abella Wang
"A great place for the Milktea in Newmarket,also have awesome fruit tea smoothie, friendly staff, a comfortable environment, l will comeback to try..."
Chase He
"Brown sugar boba is great! Mango Yakut and cheese black currant are delicious! Coffee oolong just make me can not sleep lol definitely come back..."
"Try out this place because tiger sugar is such a hype in asian country for black sugar. Ordered the most popular drink which is black sugar pearl..."
"Came here for a catch up/planning meeting last Sat (20/07/19). I ordered the Brown sugar pearl milk tea. I was initially worried that it would be..."
Gloria Ching
"Tried this place for the first time using ZG - referral code - JEAN9597.I ordered one of their recommend drinks, brown sugar pearl and..."
Jeannette Salim
"The tea was very good but I made the mistake of having no sugar so it was rather bitter. It would have been greatly improved with the addition of..."
"Dirty milk tea, always tempted to try it whenever and wherever. Also i can say that tiger sugar it’s one of the best milk tea newly open in town...."
Erin - Gold Code For 20% Off : CATH6386
"One of the best bubble tea shop in Auckland, their brown sugar milk tea is really good- my personal favourite is the brown sugar pearl and creme..."
"One of the better bbt places in akl* Had the brown sugar milk tea with brown sugar pearls, not sure if they mixed up orders but tasted more of..."
"Tried the brown sugar mash taro milk tea which was not too sweet and with aroma taro smell. If you’re a big fan of taro, do recommend..."
"Friendly staff, clean environment and yummy drinks! We live in North Shore and actually don’t mind the drive to Newmarket to have their Milk Tea...."
"Noticed the shop a while back but haven't tried it until recently. The first time was a pudding and pearl milk tea with a dog mousse. They have..."
Benedict Uy
"Absolutely loving their brown sugar bubble milk tea!! I opt for half sugar and it’s just right for me, it’s only $5.50 for a regular size BBT!!!!..."
Annie Low
"Revisited in October 19. The milk tea packaging has become consistent with the shop brand.Brown sugar tea was still a little too sweet. The..."
"I tryed a lot tea places, this one is one of the best brown sugar is not over sweet, but mild sweetiegood ambience to meet friends..."
"I'm not someone who has bubble tea drinks often but I had the Dragon Fruit with Cheese Topping and it was really good! Looked really pretty too..."
"Minimalist shop with limited selection of drinks. They also don't offer any food. However, I really liked their drinks because they are not sweet and..."
Benz Chan
"I'm not sure why tiger sugar use the same cup and logo with The alley. I didn't try the alley Auckland yet, but i've tried 5 different branch of the..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Just solely judging the drink alone, it was delicious!The drink had a thick syrup-y black sugar coating around the cup with a scoop of soft..."
The Sweet Tooth Fairy
"I recently went there with my friends and we had the brown sugar creme brulee drink. I thought it was really tasty and different. The price wasn’t..."
Archie Maclang
"Came in for a refreshing drink with a friend after having brunch. Ordered a mango yakult drink and a lemon yakult. Mango flavour was super strong...."
Rosanne Choy
"Love the brown sugar deerioca series, it has a balanca taste of sweetness from brown sugar deerioca and rich milky taste, for $6ish for a regular cup..."
Tanya Chalermtip
"Price- 8/10I ordered Creme Brulee brown sugar boba which cost $6.50 for medium. It's what I would expect to pay for bubble..."
"So good! One of my favourite places for milk tea at the moment! The warm brown sugar pearls are so delicious in the cool milk drink, left me one very..."
Annie Tong
"not sure what is their identity is... butwhatever they are the taste of the brown sugar you cannot deny.its really nice taste and its only..."
Sandy Wang
"We ordered two of their most popular drinks and it did not disappoint (the brown sugar and a cheese flavoured one). The drink was delicious and the..."
"The place is really chic and simple looking which is such a trend for bubble tea places these days. Tiger sugar is right next to Gong Cha and..."
Donna Xu
Joyce Xu
"Ordered pearl milk tea. It wasn’t too sweet like other places. Interior is well designed and great service. Will definitely come back with friends..."
"i saw them use fresh fruit and fresh milk. That really nice! Taste really good as well. Nice place. I have been here few times already. That’s..."
Amanda Chen
"Nice place~ I like the cream cheese topping! So yummy😋 If u like strawberry taste,u will feel real strawberry not just juice~..."
"I found Tiger Sugar in New market, I order mango flavor drink. It’s amazing, I like it. If u like mango, u should come and try it. It won’t make..."
Lily Mai
"First time customer, very enjoy the environment and fast services with kindly staffs. Highly recommend the browns sugar pearl tea,one of the best..."
Catherine Wong
"A very distinctive shop,  I am very impressed with the service and taste at this place,very like their black sugar matcha latte, will recommend to..."
Yaowen Zhang
"Love the cheese topping series drinks. Great friendly service. Like the decor and we got drinks for every at the office. No complaints..."
Jenny Chao
"The molassese tea is great!!!!!I love the idea of having a few drinks and snack and having good ol’ time playing with card games, jenga or reading..."
Kanye Kang
"Awesome milk tea! Tea and milk everything I wanted. Service is really good, they are quick and friendly. Highly recommend brown sugar deerioca..."
Stephy Gan
"Drove for over one hour from Hamilton to Auckland for trying Tiger Sugar last weekend, and it did not let me down at all! The interior of the shop is..."
Jiawen Du
"Well, ordered brown augar milk tea, pretty and tastey. Services are also very friendly, this will be my milke tea shop from now on and will recommend..."
Zhen Tao
"That is taste good and nice shop interiors. Probably I am not sweet preference, the original milk tea is really good. But I would like to try the..."
Fudong Gao
"I'm fantastically amazed by the chewy pearls and creamy milk tea! Also the price is fairly worth to have a try on the products! 👍🏻👍🏻..."
"The brown sugar pearl is soooooo good! Not too sweet!And the cheese topping is so yummy 😍😍 next time I want to try the preorder one, looks so..."
Naomi Wang
"I love the brown sugar milk with brulee. Tasted creamy and nice, pearls are quite chewy, would like to try the cheese topping fruit series next time...."
"Noticed the shop a while back but haven't tried it until recently. The first time was a pudding and pearl milk tea with a dog mousse. They have..."
Benedict Uy
"The flavour of the tea was quite different to others ive tried, i got the brown sugar pearl tea and liked that the pearls were softer and..."
Celia Chan
"We ordered a brown sugar milk tea and a fruity one. Both were pretty good and the price was decent. Staff was fairly friendly and the shop looks..."
Giang Nguyen
"One of the best dessert and drink place! Their brown sugar pearl fresh milk is soooooo..."
"Brown sugar pearl milk tea is so good, brown sugar pearls are comparable to the quality of the ones in Taiwan! Peach oolong is also nice. Staff are..."
Jennifer Tate
"Went there with my sister on a friday night, ordered 2 brown sugar fresh milk with cream brulee. The drink was amazing, however we waited for almost..."
vani guswita
"Unique flavor and cute cups! Had the "Cheese topping watermelon" and "brown sugar tiger cocoa". Cute atmosphere but needs music or a tv or else you..."
Kit life
"So tasty, and a cool, mellow hangout vibe here. They had me at brown..."
Brandon Stark
"Love the brown sugar creme..."
Emil Ramos
"For those with a sweet..."
Alethea Faumuina
"Drink was delicious, just need to wait for..."
Andy Liek
"Good place for bubble tea, quite..."
Henry Gao
"Nice bubble..."
Dennis Cham
70/100 (531 ratings)
"The jasmine fruit tea is consistent and great every single time. It’s delicious and refreshing to drink, the fruit inside is also fun to eat..."
"This is where I first tried cheese foam tea! And it was amazing , I had then tried cheese foam tea else where in a few other tea places .... none of..."
May Hung
"My friend recommended tearaffe's milkform drink to me, i ordered two and milkform was too rich for me. Service was ok,environment was clean and..."
LuNa The TuNa
"I have ordered the white peach oulong with milk form on the top. The milk form is rich. I choice 30% sugar level, it’s still a little bit too sweet..."
Wendy Wang
"Tearaffe has a good quality milk tea! The drink itself is milky and tasty, it's not too sweet. The tapioca is soft and chewy. Overall it is worth a..."
Tanya Chalermtip
"Must be my favorite drink place in Auckland. Cheese tea was me& all my friends’ favorite. We always come to new market for tea raffle even we stay..."
Yi Yi
"Got a Lychee Oolong Cheese tea. Very refreshing. The first taster of cheese foam was absolutely awesome and addictive!! I got 30% sugar, so it is not..."
Amy Ching
"Firstly I really love the atmosphere here! It’s pretty nice and most times I’ve been here, it hasn’t been too busy. It seems like a good place..."
"Came here at night after workout to order a cheese foam hot tea and a fresh fruit tea. The cheese foam here is better than the cheese foam I have..."
"5/5 Taste5/5 Display 5/5 Quantity 4/5 Customer Service Love this place, the best cheese form I have ever had at NZ.the price..."
Gillian CHO
"Would consider a very underrated place, especially as it is positioned right next to gong cha. Although slightly unusual, their popular cheese teas..."
"Came for curiosity reason to try this new type of pearl tea that is different to their rivals where it is topped with this cheesy froth and do have a..."
"Cozy environment but to be honest everything was quite pricey. I ordered full cup of orange (fruit tea) and literally tasted like orange juice mixing..."
The Poor Foodie
"Been here two times but never had time to review it. First time I went with Wai Ying So , we ordered a mango cheese milk tea and a melon cheese milk..."
Rosanne Choy
"Its such a cute little tea place situated on Broadway (v close to the theatre, so it’d be a good idea to just pick up a drink from here before a..."
Sakshi Chadha
"A bit too cheesy. The tea itself is not bad. But I cant justify a $8.50 drink that tastes a bit too cheesy. Most of the drinks..."
Tony Ma
"Yummy fatacrons. Loved the raspberry one then another favourite was the blueberry with passion fruit. They are about $5 each but nice treat that is..."
Shadiya Shaleen
"Friendly staff here! Fatcarons r perfect social media shot definitely! totally colorful and cute! stuffing of the fatcaron is quite creamy and too..."
Sophie Tian
"Fatcarons FTW! Honestly one of my favourite desserts in Auckland! A friend surprised me with these and I was instantly addicted! I had them very very..."
Tammy-Jade Collymore
"Incredibly cute and instagrammable! The unique flavours are spot on with our favourites being cheesecake and brownie. A tad on the expensive side but..."
"Amazing friendly staff and colourful, vibrant & delicious fatcaron , decent pricing for quality of food and trust me one piece won’t be enough, you..."
kairavi parekh
"Absolutely delicious, lovely customer service, is costly however it is totally worth the experience. I tried out a few flavors and have no favorites..."
Tika Rimamate
"I love this place. Look its not a place you go every day unless you have a personal 👟trainer 😁😏but I wish I could they make the most amazing..."
Kylee Carlyle
"What we ordered: - Half dozen $27 - Blueberry yogurt - Creme Brulee - Biscoff - Tiramisu - Melona - Cookies and Cream Aside from the interior being..."
Luna Hale
"Amazing-looking fatcarons with a wide range of interesting flavours. They were nowhere near as sweet as I’d thought, in fact I’d like the filling..."
Ha Ho
"Absolutely delicious !! Once you start eating them it’s rly hard to stop 😅 the filling is a bit plain though it seems like it’s just cream,..."
"The best gourmet Macaroons I ever tried. So far my favourite is Mango..."
"I ordered from Doordash and it delivered quite fast, never let me down. I wish I could have more treats next..."
Lucky G (Squeeze_in_nz)
"Got some of their macarons on Valentine's day. It was very very good, not too sweet in an Asian way. The flavouring on the cream was tasty. ..."
Wilson Shum
"Daldang’s macaron is always my favourite 💯. The new outlet is near Gongcha and Hikoco with bigger and nice environment. The staff is so friendly..."
Roy Ryoo
"I don’t tend to enjoy the cream part of macarons a lot but I occasionally like to try Daldang since they have a lot of interesting flavours. I like..."
Kylie Huang
"May 12, 2023 Love their super yummy fatcarons! their Matcha and Mango Cheesecake flavor tastes so..."
AJ De Vera
"Nice and photo worthy. Good flavours. Texture was different to what I..."
Ashleigh A
"really kind and helpful staff ☺️ fatcarons are also delicious! definitely..."
Skye Halcomb
"I used to go CBD one so I was so excited when I heard Daldang will open new store in Newmarket. The best macarons (fatcaron) in New Zealand! Always..."
yuna lee
Espresso Owens Road
87/100 (833 ratings)
Spaghetti with Prawns
Bacon and Eggs Any Style
Salmon and Avocado
Latte and Mocha
"I went on just wanted a take away coffee, instead i had a full happy belly, the flat white coffee was good, and breakfast bruschetta is really..."
Hong C. Tang
"Whilst visiting the area stumbled upon this pleasant cafe. Busy Saturday morning vibe. Great coffee, quick service and the date and orange scone to..."
Sharon Lang
"I’ve been visiting this place for years and it has some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. I don’t come as often now as I’ve moved farther..."
"I go to this place when I get my car wash done at Rub-a-dub. There's no wow-factor here but at the same time there's nothing bad either. Would love..."
Biscuit Boy
"Tried the Smoked Salmon bruschetta and it was amazing !!! Esp the smoked salmon 😍 I’ve been recreating this simple yet elegant dish and all the..."
Natasha DeWit
"Went for breakfast, morning tea, and lunch.Got the berry pancakes and French toast. Both tasted extremely sweet. Pancakes were the perfect..."
Rosanne Choy
"This was a great chance find.  We were staying at Newmarket Motel just up the road and needed somewhere for breakfast.  This definitely fitted the..."
Sara McLay
"Have any of you foodies notice a little  cafe on the corner of busy Manukau/Owens roads, selling cafe snacks.You may have driven/walk past them..."
"Came here during their peak hours. The lady at the counter was so friendly! Instantly felt welcomed! I ordered their salmon on bagels (they..."
Oksana Zhang
"This is a little gem in the area and it has been serving us well for Sunday brunch for many years. This place seems to have changed owners in the..."
"I really enjoy this place. The most important thing is the consistency - while the food is not 'groundbreaking' it is always fresh and very..."
"I went to Espresso with a friend and I ordered a raspberry and white chocolate muffin and a small hot chocolate whilst my friend ordered a brownie..."
Eggster Eats
"My local though I don't always go because I don't work nearby. I go on weekends as I live near by and I feel they have the best coffee around. I..."
Jason Huang
"Excellent coffee and reasonably priced! Staff are friendly and parking available not far away. Their date scones are also very nice but..."
"This is my favourite cafe in Epsom for Breakfast, brunch or lunch. the coffee is very good and the food is delicious.My favourite is the corn..."
Christine Price
"Hi there, first of all I just want to say that this cafe got some few nice characters despite small space. coffee is great and always..."
"Great coffee and love the berry smoothies (although I was very disappointed when they made them smaller for the same price!). The food is generally..."
Sirpa ConveyancingShop
"Not a big coffee drinker but do enjoy their chai lattes. One of the best I have ever had, very smooth and creamy. Great food on menu and in cabinet,..."
"interesting, other reviews are very well divided! Personally, the few times I've been, David (the awesome barrister) made my coffee, so yeah the..."
Lynnette Xu
"I am a regular customer at this little local spot. Coffee is consistently good if not one of the best.They change their blends of coffee/origins on..."
Jane H.
"Fantastic cafe which is always buzzing. Great coffee, great service, and the owners are super friendly. At $7.90 my iced latte was about $1..."
Hamish Dorrington
"Great little cafe, very busy for lunch when I was there but the staff were friendly and the service was quick. Food was delicious, a little..."
Aden Tiljak
"Excellent owners, great coffee and..."
Pauline Tanner
"Love this place staff are all so friendly they know my order before I even go In get at least 2 coffees a day here. Nice location friendly vibe and..."
Adrian Mchardy
"It’s been my daily coffee takeout place for a couple of months now. Great coffee and friendly..."
Nihal Khurshid
"Had brunch there. Owners amazing and friendly. Food delicious. A must for a coffee if you are in the..."
Ian Rutherford
"The coffee is fabulous and food is fresh and tasty. Nice service!!! Always come with my..."
Julie Dong
"Breakfast with 5 other work colleagues. Great coffee. Most of us had eggs Benedict and the bacon was excellent. One of our group had the big brekkie..."
Aaron Kennaway
"Coffee is SO GOOD! Staff are really friendly and I get a high self worth vibe coming off every one which makes me feel uplifted. Food is expensive..."
Seamonkey L
"Nice little space with outdoor seating roadside. Coffee was really nice and they have a lovely cabinet selection plus menu to..."
Keith Izett
Rice Kitchen Japanese Takeaway
77/100 (636 ratings)
Poke Bowl
chicken teriyaki
Salmon Katsu
Chicken Karaage Don Buri
Chicken Katsu Don Buri
Fast food
Cheap Eats
"Their fried chicken was super juicy and the salmon is really fresh. According to the owner, they have fresh salmon delivered from South Island every..."
Krystal.睿睿 Zhang
"Don’t be misled by their sizing! The small is actually a very decent and filling portion - I ordered their karage chicken donburi which was made..."
"Delicious sushi. I have nearly smashed through the entire menu and have yet to be disappointed. All the donburi bowls like Katsu chicken, teriyaki..."
"Ordered katsu chicken curry for dinner tonight. Curry paste was delicious and the small size was actually quite big. Service was real good. Chef..."
Rosanne Choy
"Interesting, fresh and tasty sushi. Haven't tried the hot meals so can't comment. Best for takeaways as they don't have much space for dining in...."
Julia Louise
"I've only tried the sushi rolls here but they are so good! Ingredients are very fresh, even when going here just before 9pm! Much better than any..."
Ashleigh Michelle
"Yum yum yum!! Most delicious karaage chicken I've ever had the pleasure of devouring, crispy on the outside and not ever dry! Absolutely full of..."
Melanie Rose Hansen
"5 Minutes away from my home.Fresh Sushi, Fresh Nigiri, Fresh ingredients.Crispy Katsu, Flavourful Curries.Nice hosts,..."
"I absolutely love Rice Kitchen. The menu is great and the sushi is always of a high standard, always made fresh. The staff are lovely and are always..."
Sasha McCormick
"Love Rice Kitchen. Great food, friendly and fast. Always our first option for delicious takeaways. Make sure you get a side of crispy..."
Fiona Mason
"Takeaway shop, not for dining, but you can sit at the bar and eat if you need to. The food is good enough and recommendable if your in the mood for..."
Jake Handley
"Had a hankering for Japanese last night but with 2 under 3's, it's difficult to get out on short notice. After some perusing, we came across Rice..."
Ann C
"A solid 5-star for this amazing Japanese Takeaway.I came across this place accidentally. Now its high on my list and have already..."
Amit K
"Eel sushi was tasty. Takoyaki balls yummy.We also ordered the karaage chicken donburi, which when I saw it thought 'ugh, it's going to dry and..."
Kama Ian
"Great sushi and great chicken katsu - this is one of my favourite places for weekday lunches. I think it's also well priced for what you get ($11 for..."
Catherine Bannister
"Actually, a solid 4.5 star. It is primarily a takeout place, but the quality is remarkable consistent. The place is very clean and the food is always..."
Merv Lowe
"Amazing food, amazing sushi. Miso soup is top notch. All meals are seasoned and made to perfection. The chicken meals in particular are tasty. The..."
"The food is quite good. Had the bento box the other night, an extra $4 compare the the don, there are 2 pieces of sashimi, a piece of sushi and a..."
"I originally rated this as 3 stars, but lately we have gone back and purchased sushi here and it is excellent. I haven't tried their cooked meals..."
"Outstanding takeaway sushi, miso soup and teriyaki chicken dishes. Quick and..."
"Hands down the best Donburi I've ever had the pleasure of eating, will definitely be going back next time I'm in Auckland. Cosy atmosphere,..."
samuel gooding
"The sushi and meal at Rice Kitchen was incredibly fresh and delicious, and the staff provided excellent service. I highly recommend..."
Jenny Zhong
"Super delicious food, quick and easy to..."
Caitlin Halls
"Loved the chicken Katsu. The portion size was good and the chicken quite tender ans juicy..."
Farash Ali
"Their bento is the BEST I have every ordered in Auckland. Have many combination and tastes amazing! I love their curry rice, chicken bento; And the..."
Yingnan Zhou
"Their food is really great!!! I gained a very nice experience. I’ll order their food next..."
Lingshu Liu
"OMG, amazing! Love their food so so much!! Really enjoyed the dinning..."
Lingshu Liu
"Great little Japanese take away cafe. A small open kitchen and cafe designed for takeaways. Once you place your order you can watch your food being..."
"It is fantastic!! I’ll definitely recommend this restaurant to my friends. Love..."
Lingshu Liu
"I have no problem with Rice Kitchen Takoyaki Ball when I eat it. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I do not think you have ever had..."
Rebecca Bu
"I tried this place couple months ago. Japanese curry reminds me of island curry. ordered for them tonight via uber, food was awesome. recommend..."
"Katsu donburi is amazing here. Must try. Great portion size too. The service was fast and staff was polite. Once in a while, I get free sushi with my..."
Namita Khanna
Kuai Dian Eatery
85/100 (203 ratings)
Vegetarian Bao
Chilli Oil Dumplings
Braised Pork Noodle Soup
Grilled Blue Cod
Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling
Chilli Oil Noodles
Braised Beef with Bamboo Shoots Noodle Soup
Combo Platter A
Steamed Pork Soup Buns
Xiao Long Bao
Minced Pork Noodles
Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake
Hot & Sour Soup
Sichuan Style Fish
Crispy Duck Salad
Beef Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup
Vegetarian Dumplings
Braised Beef Noodles
Crispy Duck Noodle Soup
Chilli Chicken
"This is one of my favourite restaurants! Their dumplings and buns are my favourite but they also have really nice fried dough and soy milk..."
Kathy Quan
"fresh and yummy food. good value for money. they serve really quick. clean place. they have free condiments like soy sauce and chilli..."
Doan Igharas
"Almost fantastic! I got the combo and really enjoyed most of it, the noodles seemed a little soft to me and the fillings weren't spectacular. A solid..."
Jonathan Ross
"The food was good, the fried dumplings were a bit appalling and wasn’t as good as some other places. The small steamed buns were pretty good and..."
"The vegetarian dumplings were amazing. I ate there twice. Well priced and everything is..."
sandrine lussier (DiineLussier)
"The restaurant is one of the many located on Khyber Pass close to Broadway. They serve a series of different types of Chinese food. They make their..."
Benedict Uy
"First time and we were blown away. Great value combo's that offer a little something for everyone. The service was exceptional and the food was so..."
Carmell Lucania-Smith
"First time visitor after a massage session nearby and the spicy chicken dumplings were full of flavor and so tasty. I wish I had ordered more Priced..."
ńïṢȟ ṽ
"My 4 and half years old daughter said, the food is nice, the room is clean, the music is nice, the lights is good, there is a little tree which is..."
Lili wang
"The fried dough with chocolate sauce was a bit chewy but overall still tasty, and the squid, dan dan mee, and chicken were very good. I recommend..."
Carissa Huynh
"Had lunch with the family at Kuai Dian Eatery today. Had a great dining experience! My dad had the crispy duck noodle soup, he said the food is..."
Denis Helm
"The beef noodle soup was absolutely delicious! The broth is very aromatic and the beef pieces are incredibly soft and melts in your mouth. Quite oily..."
Betty Shi
"We went to Kuai Dian for dinner the other night as we felt like eating Chinese food. They specialise in Sichuan style food but have dishes from other..."
Matt Green
"Had the Kuai Dian Combo A. Delicious, loved having the chance for a variety of food-dumplings, bao bun, wontons, noodles and fried bread. Filled me..."
Che Kumar
"We ate here on Friday my little sis & her hubby. The Teriyaki chicken with cabbage slaw, really tasty. Dumplings were a winner too. Would go..."
"Authentic Chinese food! Very tasty! Staff was kind enough to give lollies to..."
Irone Boquiron
"If you order the rice dish be prepared to get a giant serving! It's a great cheap eats and the food is yummy. I go there regularly and you can also..."
Ellenette Wuthrich
Nan Xin Restaurant 南信美食
77/100 (196 ratings)
XO Sauce Chicken Wings
Beef Claypool Rice with Egg
Sweet and Sour Pork
Cured Duck with Salted Egg Claypot Rice
Beef Brisket Claypot Rice
Omelette with Sweat and Sour Sauce
Beef Chow Fun
Double Layer Steamed Milk Pudding
Noodle Soup with Beef
Cucumber Salad
Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Beef
Salted Duck and Salted Egg Claypot Rice
Red Bean Coconut Sagol Additional Tangyuan
Turnips Cake
Crispy Friend Tofu
Fried Noodles with Soy Sauce
Beans Pudding
"Damn incredible canton food. If you're after the most authentic flavours this is a must try. Anything you order here is guaranteed to be..."
Shuwei Zhang
"Recommended by friends and today we finally be here to have the taste tour. All kinds of claypot rice are really tasty which kept original way..."
Geena Han
"Passed this one for several times, never thought about to give it a try. Because of business lunch today I got my first chance to visit. From what..."
Eric Chou奧克蘭寶哥
"Authentic food. The clay pot rice is really good (especially the salted fish and chicken). Do note that it is often very busy and booking before hand..."
Sze Seah
"First time visiting today. Still full house when we arrived 2ish. We've been waiting outside for more than 20 mins to be seated. No one served us to..."
Nancy Chui
"lived in Canton for more than 10 years, I found the newly opened family owned eatery in NM area offering really authentic Cantonese food, just as..."
Fei Zhao
"If you enjoy clay pot rice, the food here is awesome! Definitely coming back. Update, I tried the combination beef brisket and tendon noodle soup. I..."
Allan C
"Authentic Cantonese taste. Always filled with people, may have to queue for a while or share table with strangers. It'll be worth it. Keep it..."
Wai Mun Lim
"Well worth the trip for Claypot rice. Good ratio of toppings to rice. The milk tea was nice and frothy, side dishes..."
"This place has the best claypot rice with the perfect amount of crunch! Such delicious and authentic food! I would highly recommend this place!..."
Cora Liu
"They provide very good and traditional Cantonese food, even the tables and chairs. All stuff and boss are come from Guangdong, a very kindly grandma..."
wenjing Shi
"Very good tasty Claypot rice.. not the best value or portion Claypot Rice but good Flavours. Would recommend to try it and judge it..."
Jas GL Ng
"Can’t get more Cantonese than this here in Auckland 💕 From decor to taste, just vibing Guangzhou Al the way. Claypot is easily the best..."
Nay X
"authentic and fresh food, friendly service and clean place, highly recommend the clay..."
"The clay pot was incredibly tasty, full of flavours and the chicken inside was so tender and..."
Lilian Monaghan
88/100 (169 ratings)
"Odd place for a cafe but Forest cafe proves to be popular. Great service and good food. We ordered the mushroom bene and the bang bang chicken bene...."
"Forest Eatery Cafe has quickly become an absolute favourite in the heart of Greenwood’s Corner! Their friendly and accommodating service along with..."
Shiprah Christian
"Friendly staff. Good cup of..."
"Excellent customer service, made us feel welcome in a positive and enjoyable environment. The Forest pancakes were divine! Much loved by family and..."
"This could be overlooked in Greenwood’s Corner and a bit of me wants it to be as it is fabulous. The service., coffee and food are excellent. The..."
Dick Andrews
"I rate this place. Always have. Its had a couple of ownership changes over last couple of years but they’re still consistent. It’s always had..."
Lina K
"Friendly and accommodating staff, happy to alter a menu item to make it dairy free and came to offer me more hot water to refill my tea without me..."
Julia Louise
"You are warmly welcomed as soon as you step into this cute and nice cafe in Epsom. Decor is very simple and looks great , I loved the tiny..."
"Always good and fast. Excellent menu food and plenty of choices for cabinet food. The de-cafe coffee is smooth, the service friendly - highly..."
Richard Elliott
"Great coffee great people. This is my favourite cafe for take away. I alway pop in this cafe to grab a coffee in the morning. The coffee there is..."
Benjamin Daisuke Hirata
"Popped in for a takeaway coffee. Great little space and service! The coffee was tasty and smooth. Loved it! Would definitely come back again...."
Bettina Tran
"Forest Eatery Cafe is my favorite local coffee place in Epsom. The baristas are super friendly and they make the best tasting coffee possible. A cup..."
Melanie Park
"A small cafe in Greenwoods Corner that serves great coffee. Had a French stick with lovely lemony chicken salad inside plus a very healthy ;) bliss..."
"Forest eatery cafe is a cute little new comer to Green woods corner. Great for a quick coffee or bite if your hungry. We had the avocado smash..."
Rebecca MacDonald
"The Forest Eatery café is just as charming as its name. Friendly service the moment you arrive, and a gentle atmosphere that seems to relieve all..."
Seorann Kim
"Just came here for coffee (Supreme beans) and it was delicious! They also use the velvet barista milk which personally makes or breaks a coffee for..."
Anna Br
"Absolutely the nicest ladies that work here. Come down for coffee most mornings when I can and always leave feeling like my mood is a little better...."
Hamish Boyack
"Had an amazing fusion style bang bang chicken Benedict which had lots of flavours that worked really well together. The green smoothie was nice and..."
Lily Du
"The coffee is so good and the food is simply delicious. I tried quite a few dishes and always so delicious. I will absolutely recommend..."
Alejandro Humphreys
"Really like this little cafe. It’s a hidden gem. Attention to detail in the presentation and delicious food. Coffee good..."
David Palfreyman
"A small but lovely little cafe in Epsom that serves amazing brunches! The staff were very friendly and welcoming and the food was..."
"Lovely ambience and staff, accompanied by tasty food at a reasonable price. Would be happy to come back and explore more of the menu..."
Viktoriya Korobochka
"I like there's varities of cabinet food to choose from. The wholemeal almond crosaint was very nice. The lady (owner?) served us was nice. Will go..."
Jane & Elton Tiong
"Good coffee. Not expensive. Food is reasonable..."
Cillian Raymond
"Lovely, tasty cafe food and really friendly staff. They add their own unique and delicate touch onto dishes which makes this Cafe stand out from the..."
firewoman nz
"Excellent coffee, food and..."
Jaimee B
Gourmet Noodle House
76/100 (158 ratings)
Wonton soup
Noodle Soup
Beef Soup Noodles
Fried Spring Onion Pancake
Crispy Noodles with Shredded Beef
Qi Cai Wonton
"Excellent authentic Chinese eatery. Pan fried baos were just how they're meant to be. Crispy on the bottom and flavourful inside with hot soup..."
Darren Big Belly
"Not far from home. Like their bun as lunch, although the xiaolongbao pastry a bit thick, but flavor is..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Perfect for hangovers. Nice noodles. The baos are very nice. Chicken tasty too. The xiaolongbao pastry is a bit thick tho. Apart from that..."
Tony Ma
"A traditional Shanghai noodle house. I love the fact that it is basic and simple just like how I imagine people in the olden days would have this..."
"I had a very satisfying spicy pork and vege noodles. It was busy for a weekday after lunch. Looking forward to trying other noodle dishes on the..."
"This place is wonderful! Amazing food and very affordable. My boyfriend and I came in for a quick bite and only had 50 minutes to spare, and had 4..."
Meilin Wu
"My friend and I came here at about 8pm. No customers, so service was quite fast. Friendly staff too. Clean place. The only down side for us this time..."
Patrick Tong
"I think this place makes really authentic Shanghainese food. I always order their Pan Fried Pork Buns, Soup Pork Dumplings, Combination Fried Noodles..."
"I came to this restaurant as it claimed to be shanghai cuisine. The food comes out really fast and the portions are huge for what you pay. I ordered..."
"Lovely Authentic Shanghai Style Restaurant even though it is named Noodle House. You will enjoy more besides good noodle.All kinds of..."
Angel Deng Yun
"Found a nice little Shanghai place today! The place is small but very clean! The service was quite efficient although it was a full house for lunch..."
Lia Yosaatmadja
"Best of best — Shanghai steamed soup pork bun, they have amazing Shanghai food but the pork bun is the one must try. I have friends willing travel..."
紐西蘭吃喝玩樂 Vincent in New Zealand
"Transfer the plane from Sydney. Walking pass the small restaurant, I had the fresh wonton the owner just handmade. Super fresh and delicious. Even..."
Helen Xiao
"Food is nice and cheap here but when it gets busy it may take a while for chef to deliver your food cause the restaurant is run by a small family...."
Sandy Tseng
"i love this chinese.shanghainess noddle shop.its simple menu,mostly are family dishes,its simple and healthy.specially those noddle soup,$9 for an..."
dan brown
"very authentic Shanghai foods Loving it So good Highly..."
Eric Chou奧克蘭寶哥
"Delicious and juicy Dumplings. Very crisp and tasty fried spring onion..."
Charles Misquitta
"We found this place almost by accident as our daughter lives nearby. We now go for lunch every time we are in Akld, the food is fantastic and the..."
Greg McManus
"Been coming here for years, the food has been consistently deliciously. Will keep coming..."
Tina Cheung
"Nice little restaurant run by a family. Food are traditional shanghai food. 100% taste like those nice little restaurant in Shanghai. Highly..."
Vinnie Z
"Wow this place is a GEM. Authentic Shanghainese home made dishes. Cheap and tasty. The only down side is that it only have 5 small tables. Also..."
Sindy Xian
"Most likely the best place to eat this special delicacy. Shanghai style soup dumplings. No not dumplings in soup but soup in dumplings. How do they..."
Dale Cusack
"Excellent authentic Shanghainese Chinese restaurant at a reasonable price. Easily reachable by 302, 309 or 312 buses. Soup dumplings by the way are..."
John Kulp
Buckley Road Foodstore
85/100 (549 ratings)
Flat White
Birthday cake
"Gorgeous little spot, great range of hot beverages, loved my pot of double earl grey tea, also had a truly spectacular gluten free slice of cream and..."
Emma Rose Cottrell
"Definitely a hidden little gem of a place. Nice coffees, personalised service, and loads of homemade goodness to tempt most everyone! It certainly..."
Kiwi FIFO Chef
"Very satisfying and tasty food, it is homemade and made with love. I recommend the savory muffins or the vegetarian frittata. The owner and the..."
Sassy Radish
"Great food in an old fashioned setting which i loved. Nice and quiet during the week with no road noise which was also good. Homemade delicious..."
Maria Van Den Berg
"Always have enjoyed a coffee from here. Such a lovely place to sit in and have a drink and treat. We always really enjoy the cakes... they taste like..."
Rowan Rebecca
"Great coffee, kai and people. Dig it :) How odd that zomato requires this review to be 140 characters long to be acceptable. I don't need that many..."
Sam RB
"This is a small friendly cafe - always clean, professional and staff are warm and friendly. Fabulous coffee and delicious food. Excellent all round!..."
Gina Ferguson
"Great cafe - lovely home cooked meals. Have been here 3 times now. Would like to see some more dishes available on a menu. The coffee and chai..."
Kim M
"Fabulous Coffee and home cooked food!  This cafe is run by two sisters in a quaint Store in shabby boutique style.  Truly home cooked and tasty..."
"Definitely a hidden little gem of a place. Nice coffees, personalised service, and loads of homemade goodness to tempt most everyone! It certainly..."
Reece Benson
"Probably the most cutely decorated cafe I've been to, though in a homely vintage kind of way, rather than modern. You can't pay with credit card..."
Marielle Ibarra
"Quaint. Delicious. A real secret from the road. Worth making a detour for. Stoked to have stopped..."
David Palfreyman
"The cheese scones are to die for! But they do go very quickly. You can also order celebration cakes. We picked a lemon syrup cake - delicious and..."
Cate Hennessy
"an oasis of crazy great cakes and muffins, and Allpress coffee. sadly they have stopped making savory brioche which after leaving this area i would..."
"Absolute BEST baking around! Tastes like my late nanas food - what a treat. Coffee is delish too, and such a cute little place to visit. Love..."
Siobhan Doughty
"Travel back to the days of beautifully prepared baking by a couple of wonderful ladies . Great coffee . Butterfly cakes..."
Kevin Jonas
"delightful little place , all very homemade with allpress coffee as well. Home made loaves of bread which you can also order are..."
Jo Kedzlie
"Cute and delicious! Good coffee and tea, and so many home baking options, sweet and..."
Emma Howden
"Beautiful, home-made food, awesome coffee, great service, lovely quirky atmosphere. Amazing caramel..."
Samantha Whybrow
Sparrow Cafe
77/100 (150 ratings)
New Zealand
New Zealand
Cheese Cake Brownie
Bacon and Egg Pie
Kiwi Cheese Cake
Bounty Bars
Pies and Quiches
Flat White
Cheese Boxes
New Zealand
"Not your run of the mill cafe! Love the fresh food, coffee and..."
Eleanor Purdey Smith
"I work very close to this cafe and love the different choices of food particularly the awesome salads they have. Vegan choices are good too. The..."
Jenny Menzies
"It might be a bit of an unlikely Oasis surrounded by European car yards and offices but this has really become one of my favourite cafes. A great..."
Michael Keall
"Visited this cafe on the last day of school last year for breakfast. I bought an apple spice muffin and my friend got a sausage roll. The apple spice..."
Rosanne Choy
"Modern and cozy cafe along Great South Road. Quite expensive but a handy location if you're in that area. I ordered Chicken and Mushroom pie and..."
"Thank you Team Sparrow! 😍 for the lovely & yummy food you’ve prepared for our boss birthday!!! We enjoyed it sooo much 🤗 reason why we..."
Olie Llanillo
"Make sure you ask for their weekly special dish! Food was amazing and the coffee was delicious. Best cafe in the area - I would definitely recommend...."
Ryuji Battad
"Friendly staff and chill vibes. I had one of the best long blacks this year. Panama beans from Coffee Tech. Give black coffee a go.🤌🤌 Thank..."
Joseph Kim
"I am fortunate enough to work next to Sparrow Cafe. I am always greeted by happy, smiling faces with customer service that is second to none. The..."
Justin Chong
"I've been to quite a few cafés around Newmarket, and Sparrow has the best iced chocolate, hands down. Will definitely be visiting again. It was a..."
Sophia Kim
"New chef and food was delicious. Black bean and chorizo, sour dough, scrambled eggs . Balanced flavors. Coffee smooth and good taste . Not too..."
Shaun & Rita Eastell
"Hidden gem in the area. Nice little cafe with good coffee and yummy food. Staffs are super friendly. I hope I can stop by..."
Jesse Luong
"Great small place with great coffee and food options. A number of tables inside to sit down and..."
Joel Andrews
"I just work round the corner and to come to this awesome cafe everyday with the great friendly staff serving with smiles and awesome energy. The..."
Joseph T Mckinlay
"Nice little cafe. Friendly staffs and great food. Coffee is beautifully made. Highly recommended to stop by when you are after a bite or good coffee...."
Ellen Vo
"Great food, friendly staff, I really like it and will come back to support you..."
Dat Thanh
"Such a friendly and quick service! Would highly recommend the danish and oat latte :) 12/10 would recommend to a friend and will be..."
Libby Lightfoot
"Excellent little cafe. Key thing here is they make fantastic coffee. The host Angelina is friendly and the wait is minimal. Highly..."
Julian Stevenson
"New owners since my last visit. Good service and range of food and..."
John F Verry
"I had the Banana Bread French toast and an Oat-milk Flat White. Absolutely delicious and spot on with the coffee. Really great little spot with a..."
Oli Jay
"The team here are wonderful! All the staff were so friendly and accommodating. The food was excellent - best smashed avo I've had in awhile, and the..."
Kelsy Burns
"Very good food, great..."
Cát Nguyễn
"Have to let you know your new menu is fantastic. Have been in a couple of times and always met with really friendly staff and great food and coffee...."
Colette Campbell
72/100 (128 ratings)
"Cozy atmosphere, authentic Korean experience that doesn't skip out on quality. I got all this for just $50. Great quality meat, excellent service,..."
Elsa K.
"Delicious lunch and awesome service! I absolutely enjoyed my lunch today and had plenty to eat. I think this is one of the best Korean restaurants in..."
Lea Huh
"When I discovered this little Korean gem and tried it for the first time, I just fell in love with their spicy pork dish. Its perfect how the meats..."
supawan kongjinda
"We had the army stew, reasonable price and tasty! Medium size is perfect for 2 people as it comes with rice along with some side dishes. Atmosphere..."
Jimin Lee
"Kimchi dumplings are AMAZING!!!! Ginsen chicken soup is good as always. A go to Korean restaurant in..."
anki fang
"Amazing food and service! Had dinner with a friend here & ordered spicy pork. The portion was more than enough (tbh my friend n I had some leftovers..."
Hyejeong Kim
"Just ate one of my favorite dishes, the pork bone stew. It's so delicious, there were so many good options. The chicken and cheese with the pork bone..."
Kyuvin Lee
"delicious foods and and good pricing. Will definitely go back again. The pork bone stew was so tasty and they serve generous side..."
Pip James
"The restaurant is fairly new, located in the cluster of restaurants on Khyber Pass on the Newmarket end. They have Korean specialities and look to..."
Benedict Uy
"Came here today and tried the army stew with extra tofu. Good portion, side dishes was very nice. The owner lady was also quite nice to us. Clean..."
Wilson Shum
"Love all the food here the buldak cheese and spicy rice cakes are my favorite . Love the ban chan (side dishes) too. Will be back definitely to try..."
Endy Widjaja
"Great place. nice selection of traditional and modern Korean dishes. Excellent and kind service, and they give you plenty of the usual side dishes..."
Leon Harvey
"I had dinner with a friend in this restaurant for the first time and we absolutely loved it! The food is simply amazing! The quality is great and..."
Gaia Grazi
"An amazing authentic Korean food experience! Was blown away by front of house service. Felt like my mom was taking care of me. I’m not even Korean!..."
Jesse Bagadam
"Very cozy restaurant. Feels like it's a family run business. The service was great and the food was soooo good. I would absolutely recommend this..."
Natasha Jethender
"Can definitely redesign the menu and focus a little on interior design. The food looks a little bit too dry and a small portion on the menu,..."
"This restaurant deserves 10 stars! Good service, great food and nice atmosphere. Would really recommend going..."
Lyam Chung
Cafe Du Marche
86/100 (118 ratings)
Chicken Burger
Smashed Avocado
Eggs Benedict
Butcher's Cut
Coconut Milk Flat White
Date Scone
Pizzas Made with Fresh Mozzarella
Creamy Mushroom & Parmesan Sauce
"Popular Cafe with locals. They have a variety of items on their menu. The chicken Burger was nice and..."
"We had our Christmas party here. They had a special menu made up for us. Sandwiches, sausage rolls, mini quiches, veg options, wraps, fried calamari,..."
Charles Misquitta
"Beautiful interior, Lovely service, Delicious food. Always come here for brunch and they never fail to make the perfect eggs benny and my all time..."
Laura Kelly
"Great environment at the heart of Epsom. Lots of antique chandeliers that make this place holy. I hope there can be more places like this. I might..."
"Stopped in here for breakfast and was delightfully surprised by their avo on toast! At only $15, it’s probably the cheapest one around and..."
Annie White
"Had a lovely lunch. Great portioning and quality food. We ordered Spicy Chai with oat milk, polenta fries, caprese salad and the chicken and..."
Lana Tiare
"Great little Cafe. Had a cheese muffin and a tea. Staff were very friendly and a lovely atmosphere. Space to plug in my laptop which was super..."
Melissa Wilson
"We had a very delicious lunch at Cafe Du Marché. The coffee is really good and I love the pizzas. My partner got the steak and it was super tender..."
Sarah Harris
"Probably the best breakfast I have ever had. I ordered the smashed avocado with salmon and my partner ordered eggs benedict with bacon. We both..."
James Turner
"Great choice of food, to which the servings were spot on, the food it self was exceptional, as was the service. I reached out earlier in the week as..."
Mike Brown
"Love this fab restaurant! Great service and excellent food presentation. We visit Cafe Du Marche at least once a month; that is how attractive this..."
Gennie Nakamoto
"Our family favorite cafe in this area. we enjoy the delicious bakery food and friendly service every single..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Went to the Opera Factory event hosted at the cafe last night, with a group of friends. We all absolutely loved it, great venue, amazing atmosphere,..."
Simone Rinke
"Although situated within a Fresh Choice supermarket this cafe has great style and atmosphere. When we visited the first time the Cafe had minimal..."
Therese Hollingsworth
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