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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
87/100 (4202 ratings)
"Was super excited to visit and luckily was there at a time when donuts were being made. Very mesmerising process. Donuts were just as delicious as I..."
"Krispy kremes original glazed donuts hold a special place in my heart. Soft and fluffy dough, with a perfect glaze. Ahhh....."
"I got a selection. The original glazed never disappoints! Some of the other ones were a bit too sweet for me - but this was personal preference. They..."
"They have one of the best doughs, leading to such an amazing..."
"my favourite donut place, love their christmas set, and why i am thinking manukau one ais better than chancery one. takeway sometimes, less..."
"Nice clean and bright place. Staff were friendly and polite. Doughnuts were just Delish, really enjoyed them. We ordered a mixed 4pack and shakes..."
Chanel Rowan
"The glazed donuts are always fresh and to die..."
Sara Khandan
"Soft gooey cream filled delights, that’s the best way I can describe the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Like biting into doughnut heaven. Try out the..."
Darin Joe
"Awesome and friendly service made our dining experience great!! Thanks..."
Tarquin Rupapera
"We’re regulars here. Love their doughnuts 🍩 & their hot chocolate is to die for. Love their new additions & my favourite was the M&Ms (bring..."
Evaline Shandil
"Pretty good donuts. Best ones I have ever tasted, soft fluffy but immensely sweet but good cause it keeps me from eating the whole box all at once..."
"Love their shake with a shot of malt! Customer service awesome. I don’t eat doughnuts, so can’t comment..Overall loved my shake. Would recommend..."
Leonardo Clarke
"Doughnuts always of the same standard in the perhaps ten times I have visited - super light and plain delicious😋 Staff always friendly! Simply..."
Foodie Georgie
"Celebrated national donut day today with a dozen of the classic donuts. I'm not a huge fan of the donuts from here because personally I like them..."
"New Zealand was long due to have a Krispy Kreme store, it was quite so overdue it created such a huge hype and on its opening day (28 February 2018)..."
Ang Sarap
"Best donuts by far always fresh soft and tasty.. great place to catch up with friends if you can grab a table. Only downside is place too busy in the..."
"Best donuts ever !! Tiramisu is our favourite one ... Had been here today for their first anniversary in New-Zealand.. the outlet was flowing with..."
Purnima C Nair
"After all the hype, we finally tried the Krispy Kreme donuts and shakes. No more queue now!! Prefer the ‘filled’ donuts, they are too sweet for..."
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"Best doughnuts i have tried. My favourites are caramel, cinnamon and cookies and cream. Their doughnut shake cookies and cream is my favourite for..."
"So tasty. Feel lucky that Krispy Kreme finally decided to open in New Zealand. It's just doughnuts but the freshness and unique toppings make all the..."
"Tried for the first time yesterday and it was good but very sweet with all the fillings. My best one is the original glazed, very yummy. I will try..."
Sally Barnett
"Dine In and you might get a sample of their newest and latest addition to the range!! The team are friendly and have someone cleaning tables on..."
Robyn De Vega
"Delicious donuts and it's at its most convenient being able to order through Uber Eats. Personally the original glazed is the best donut but the..."
Food Loverrr
"I have never been to Krispy Kreme let alone ever tried a Krispy Kreme donut. My partner in crime and I dropped in on the way out of town and the..."
Kaitlyn Tyler
"You can never go wrong with the classic “Glazed Donuts” They are absolutely amazing, slight crunch on the sugar glazed, soft and fluffy in the..."
"Clean and bright place. Staff and service are always good. Donuts are alright - most flavors are a bit too sweet for my tastebud. Milkshake is bad -..."
"Having a bad day today but krispy kreme donuts at work kinda cheered me up a little bit. Too many donuts to choose from so I went for the basic..."
The Poor Foodie
"I had a Caramel glaze doughnut. It was very fresh and tasted amazing. There were lots of flavours to choose from behind the cabinet. It was clean..."
Steamed Hams
"I first came here when they first opened and had to wait almost 2 hours on the drive-thru queue. Now the hype has kinda died down and last Friday..."
"YUMMMMMMMMM! honestly they are amazing! We went through the drive thru and wow it was really fast. My absolute favourite flavour has go to be..."
"Been here a few times since it opened and the one thing i love is their sundaes. They have an original glazed donut with soft serve and cookies and..."
"So glad this place is no where close to be near my house / work place or even my friends.. if this was then I would had turned in to a giant fat mf..."
Its Me
"Glad to have Krispy Kreme in NZ. Their sugar glazing is quite a treat for the sweet lovers. The other flavours were quite too sweet for me. Would..."
"Krispy Kreme is super popular so you’ll always be guaranteed fresh donuts! They come in an assortment of flavours, with my favourite being the..."
Jenny Da
"I'm not a massive doughnut fan, but yes, even I have to admit that these are good. I tried a couple of the filled ones and found them nice, but a bit..."
"The original glazed donuts are like a sweet heaven in my mouth lol. When they have been made fresh and glazed and served straight away.....they are..."
"A veryyy long wait, even with the drive through. (Also very far away from where I’m located which is fine because they’re opening one in CBD..."
"The best donuts ever sooo delicious baked and fresh. I had the 12 box donuts and I loved all of them and I had the choc honeycomb kreme shake the..."
"Original glazed doughnuts….. need I say more! Don’t be strayed by the other decadent flavours – the original glazed ones are where it’s at!..."
"Krispy kreme is just not good because they make the best donuts.. but also because thrir staff is super awesome.. my husband asked them if they could..."
Richa Khattar Goyal
"This is the first ever Krispy Kreme store established in New Zealand. They are currently offering 12 different flavours of doughnuts with a variety..."
Marcus Lau
"Milkshakes are delicious as are the donuts. Finally somewhere where the donuts arent stale. The only downside is sometimes the drive thru line is..."
"Hands down these are delicious donuts.the apple crumble is a soft and fluffy.hhmmm yummy.I do question what's in them though as my..."
Felicity Williams
"I can have many donuts without I love Krispy from back to my home country. Happy to see it in NZ :) it is sweet n just melt in mouth. Just..."
Alice In New Zealand
"Pure indulgence absolutely worthy of 20 km drive from the downtown. We ordered assorted dozen, every donut turned out to be fresh, soft and fluffy..."
"Waiting in line for these donuts is something but yeah theyre realy nice, glazed and the dolce are my favs, plus living close by doesnt help lol but..."
Cris Taufetee
"Doughnuts were nice, sweet and what you'd expect from a doughnut. I had a range of them but I couldnt taste the flavours as distinctively as I..."
Nijal Topiwala
"Oreo was tooo sweet. But when the original hit my lips it went straight to my hips & raised my nips , nekk minute I’m giving tips. Delicious...."
Hungry Southsider
"I never tasted doughnuts in my friend gave me one just to taste in my office. i like it soo much that on my next holiday I drove all the way..."
Aditya Sharma
"Mmmm, doughnuts!This is my go to doughnut place, compared to other places in nz, Krispy Kreme doughnuts are light and fluffy and it’s..."
"In love with Krispy Kreme donuts, I can’t go past the original glaze AND the Dolcé Deliché ones with salted caramel filling! When they first..."
The Kai King
"Amazing doughnuts that take me back to America. Coffee was surprisingly excellent. Service levels were beyond expectations and facilities top..."
Josh Maniam
"Krispy Kreme is the best!!! My favourite donut is the cookie and cream one! 10/10 for flavour, 10/10 for packaging, 10/10 for pricing (around $2.3..."
Min Min
"Busy store but what do you expect when Kirsty Kreme come to town. Great service and if you’re waiting in line for too long they come out and give..."
"Clean, bright and lovely venue with helpful staff. Really like their donuts although the tea was alright - nothing special. Went there on a Saturday..."
Amorita Maharaj
"Was craving for some doughnuts so what's better way than driving from the north to south for some krispy kreme doughnuts?! Ordered their 4 pack..."
"Why does sugar makes us happy? Or in this case doughnuts? Everyone who steps inside Krispy Kreme is like a kid with their Happy Meal (seriously, this..."
Jade Lim
"Yummy love the donuts. Glazed has to be my favourite. Not to sweet, just right 😊👌I think I may have tried all flavours (cut into quarters..."
Natalie Rivers
"Sooooo unbelievably sweet! I’m a big sweet tooth but holy moly these are some sweet doughnuts. Could probably handle about 1 and be done. Could..."
Georgia Vossen
"LOVE LOVE LOVE YAS! They taste so good! The service is good! So fresh, they’re just so good! Have had these donuts a lot of time and I’m still..."
Colleen Henry
"Stopped by after work to pick up a box of doughnuts for the next day. The line wasn't very big but the doughnut machine was still going so you could..."
Benedict Uy
"Went here for the first time with my boyfriend the other day we both got the milkshake with 2 donuts for $9.50 which is not bad. I tried the loonies..."
"We went here tonight and the donuts are yummy! Also happened to speak to a really informative manager about the making of the donuts etc and we said..."
Tanya Roberts
"Definitely better than Dunkin.  Original glazed is the best. Fresh, soft, and with perfect amount of sugar.Apple custard and chocolate..."
"Krispy Kreme specialises in donuts. This newly opened eatery looks very much like KFC or O'Mac with drive-through service. Donuts were soft & lovely;..."
"I am not even a donut person but this place is AMAZING. It definitely lives up to its hype in my opinion. Personal faves are the caramel, dulce de..."
Mun Clair
"Totally understand the hype for these donuts. Incredibly crispy and fluffy on the inside.All time fave is definately the original glazed and..."
Neelam Chandra
"Loved the donuts! Staff were friendly and helpful just didn’t like the massive line! Would definitely go back but not until the hype dies down a..."
Katharine Hicks
"Awesome taste. price is reasonable too. The best donuts ever.  Fresh and tasty. Would love to go there again and again. tiramisu and dulce de leche..."
Zeeshan Ahmed
"On Saturday night, I was having a rough day at work but still went to Krispy Kreme after work to hopefully boost my energy and mood with some donuts...."
"Living near by, good place for doughnuts. Not sure if this is the first Store in Auckland or not. Haven’t seen any other around. Still see long..."
TTxiaoyang Luo
"Fresh and delicious donuts, and you can get them drivethrough! I liked that they're not stale like Dunkin' donuts since theyre made fresh on site...."
Kiwi Eats Asia
"Best original glazed donuts and shakes! Worth the wait and money! Best donuts ever. The wait is slowly dying down. Highly recommend! Best to go..."
"Overrated new eatery?Naw, it's a delight - great locale, a massive store with impressive interiors, superb staff (Patricia and Ethan were..."
Avi Yabaluri
"Joined the line for 25 mins to experience the hype and enjoy my donuts and shake in all the ambience of a packed donut store in south Auckland and......"
"First time KK customer! If you're short on time maybe go to Dunkin' as you'll be waiting a while. (20+ in drive-thru) The glazed donuts are my..."
Blogmums Problums Xo
"Kookies n Kreme and Apple Custard Crumble are soooo great! The donut is super soft... Also ice coffee is a must to try! Long queue is worth no matter..."
I'm A Foodie
"Got one of the boxes with a dozen in them for my bday when they first opened and were super busy. They weren’t the best but could have been a day..."
Hannah Kraakman
"First of all it’s been over a month yet there was a huge line to get your hands on the donuts. Great variety and nice flavours. Was too sweet for..."
"Only problem is the wait . The lines so long it lead me back to Dunkin Donuts . 5 stars for taste and customer service. Sorry Krispy Kreme but if I..."
"Notorious for its lines all the way to Manukau mall, the Krispy Kreme craze has definitely landed in Auckland with the ridiculous number of patrons..."
"Visited this place yesterday evenig and there were happy staff offering free regular donuts to all customers right outside. The interiors were clean..."
"The hype is dying down a bit so waited for 45 mins in the drive through but it was a sat night after work. I must say it was all worth the wait,..."
"Went here to see what the hype was about. Thank god we didn't go through the drive thru because the line was insane. We went through the express lane..."
"What a delicious flavours. I really loved them all. Super customer service Only one thing they should improve ‘’ coffee..."
"Waited around an hour in line from 9am to buy these donuts. Service was all rounder really nice and they give everyone a free glazed donut valued at..."
Cathy Fan
"My daughter and I decided to stop in on our way home from shopping.. Parked up and went to the express tent.. was in line for approx. 5mins (no more)..."
Mo Holloway
"I love it so much, honestly the best donut I've ever had! So yummy. Definitely recommend Krispy Kreme's - Such a great treat for the..."
"Delicious donuts from Krispy Kreme NZ, Fluffy and tasty donuts. We bought 4 packs donuts that cost us around 12.90$, Bit expensive for just 4 donuts...."
Canistan Charles
"Drove about half an hour to try these donuts out because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I ordered a sampler which consists on 12x..."
"Pro tip: go during rainy days and peak traffic times when people are trying to go home after work. Super passionate drive thru chick needs a raise!..."
Ashleigh Hea
"Finally got to experience what all the hype was about. The original glazed donut is something which is definitely worth the try. It is so light and..."
"I’m HOOKED. Visited on a Friday night and bought their pre-packed dozens through the express lane as I didn’t want to wait. While my friend and I..."
Linh 💛
"yum! is all I can say the wait was about 20 mins to half an hour but I mean cant complain about the free doughnuts while waiting happy customers haha..."
"Hype is definitely worth it. We came on a Sunday and the queue was about 20 mins wait, but the staff were very friendly and gave us free glazed..."
"Finally got to check out this place to see what the hype was all about!We ordered from the drive through. It was about a 40 minute wait,..."
Michelle Ma Belle
"Original glazed is best!Went on opening day. Lined up for 2 minutes and the line was too long. We went to eat Texas chicken and..."
Tony Ma
"The Best donuts in New Zealand the taste of them is amazing they have a lot of flavour and taste just right and fresh the wait of it is worth it !!..."
"Got on the bandwagon and talked myself into waiting 30 minutes in line for these bad boys! TOTALLY WORTH IT! I don’t even have a sweet..."
Hasiba Zareh
"Definitely delicious but a bit over hyped. Donuts taste great, absolutely nothing with them I just think that you could find the satisfying..."
Siobahn Armstrong
"Got a double dozen of original glazed donuts. The wait took ages. The donuts were worth it, the service wasn’t. Cashier chick was confused about..."
"A friend brought me a box of original glazed, and a box of mixed that he'd bought from the store that morning.  I have to say I was disappointed,..."
"Finally got to jump into Krispy Kreme bandwagon now that the queue is more bearable as the hype around their doughnuts has subsided.We ONLY..."
Benz Chan
"Went here 2 days after opening. Waited in line for approx 30 minutes with 3 other friends and tried all the doughnuts as a group as well as Cookies..."
"Very tasty nice and fluffy very soft texture loved it not to sweet just right it was like biting into a nice candy floss cushions very yummy..."
Colleen Diaz
"Excellent staff and good location. Been waiting for the crowd to die down but these doughnuts were totally worth it. They are sweet but light, fluffy..."
"I waited more than 1hour🙀🙀 but it's worth! Even these donuts too sweet for me 🙋🏻 I think they are perfect with iced Americano👏🏼 I..."
"Delicious!!!! I brought a box of glazed and a box of mixed. Menu/prices attached. Very sweet but they're so soft and melt in your mouth!..."
Annie Wilson
"New opening! So many people wanting to get donuts here, there's lines of people already queueing at 6am in the morning!It's a bit on the..."
"Welcome to New Zealand Krispy Kreme 😋😋😋Looking all beautiful on Ronwood ave I see. Fluffy and light.😉😉😉I'm actually..."
"Just attended the opening of Krispy Kreme NZ and despite the anticipated long wait it was well worth it! The team were super welcoming, offering a..."
"5/5 Taste5/5 Display 4.5/5 Quantity 4.5/5 Customer ServiceBest Doughnut Shop in the world finally arrived in..."
"IMAGINE…1 dozen HOT Original Glazed Doughnuts.A Chocolate, Vanilla or Caramel Thickshake.An Apple Crumble Doughnut..."
Georgie @ Georgieats