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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
84/100 (4860 ratings)
Fast food
Glazed Doughnuts
Regular Coffee
dulce de leche
milk shake
Craft Coffee
Chocolate Iced Sprinkles
Vanilla milkshake
Free Donuts
Chicken Avocado Bagels
Plain Bagal with Nutella
Apple Custard Crumble Strawberry Jam Kookies N Kreme
Cookies & Cream
Original Glazed Donut
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Sit down
Fast food
Wheelchair Accessible
Drive Thru
Cheap Eats
"Was super excited to visit and luckily was there at a time when donuts were being made. Very mesmerising process. Donuts were just as delicious as I..."
"Krispy kremes original glazed donuts hold a special place in my heart. Soft and fluffy dough, with a perfect glaze. Ahhh....."
"I got a selection. The original glazed never disappoints! Some of the other ones were a bit too sweet for me - but this was personal preference. They..."
"They have one of the best doughs, leading to such an amazing..."
"my favourite donut place, love their christmas set, and why i am thinking manukau one ais better than chancery one. takeway sometimes, less..."
"Nice clean and bright place. Staff were friendly and polite. Doughnuts were just Delish, really enjoyed them. We ordered a mixed 4pack and shakes..."
Chanel Rowan
"The glazed donuts are always fresh and to die..."
Sara Khandan
"Soft gooey cream filled delights, that’s the best way I can describe the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Like biting into doughnut heaven. Try out the..."
Darin Joe
"Awesome and friendly service made our dining experience great!! Thanks..."
Tarquin Rupapera
"We’re regulars here. Love their doughnuts 🍩 & their hot chocolate is to die for. Love their new additions & my favourite was the M&Ms (bring..."
Evaline Shandil
"Pretty good donuts. Best ones I have ever tasted, soft fluffy but immensely sweet but good cause it keeps me from eating the whole box all at once..."
"Love their shake with a shot of malt! Customer service awesome. I don’t eat doughnuts, so can’t comment..Overall loved my shake. Would recommend..."
Leonardo Clarke
"Doughnuts always of the same standard in the perhaps ten times I have visited - super light and plain delicious😋 Staff always friendly! Simply..."
Foodie Georgie
"Celebrated national donut day today with a dozen of the classic donuts. I'm not a huge fan of the donuts from here because personally I like them..."
"New Zealand was long due to have a Krispy Kreme store, it was quite so overdue it created such a huge hype and on its opening day (28 February 2018)..."
Ang Sarap
"Best donuts by far always fresh soft and tasty.. great place to catch up with friends if you can grab a table. Only downside is place too busy in the..."
"Best donuts ever !! Tiramisu is our favourite one ... Had been here today for their first anniversary in New-Zealand.. the outlet was flowing with..."
Purnima C Nair
"After all the hype, we finally tried the Krispy Kreme donuts and shakes. No more queue now!! Prefer the ‘filled’ donuts, they are too sweet for..."
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"Best doughnuts i have tried. My favourites are caramel, cinnamon and cookies and cream. Their doughnut shake cookies and cream is my favourite for..."
"So tasty. Feel lucky that Krispy Kreme finally decided to open in New Zealand. It's just doughnuts but the freshness and unique toppings make all the..."
"Tried for the first time yesterday and it was good but very sweet with all the fillings. My best one is the original glazed, very yummy. I will try..."
Sally Barnett
"Dine In and you might get a sample of their newest and latest addition to the range!! The team are friendly and have someone cleaning tables on..."
Robyn De Vega
"Delicious donuts and it's at its most convenient being able to order through Uber Eats. Personally the original glazed is the best donut but the..."
Food Loverrr
"I have never been to Krispy Kreme let alone ever tried a Krispy Kreme donut. My partner in crime and I dropped in on the way out of town and the..."
Kaitlyn Tyler
"You can never go wrong with the classic “Glazed Donuts” They are absolutely amazing, slight crunch on the sugar glazed, soft and fluffy in the..."
"Clean and bright place. Staff and service are always good. Donuts are alright - most flavors are a bit too sweet for my tastebud. Milkshake is bad -..."
"Having a bad day today but krispy kreme donuts at work kinda cheered me up a little bit. Too many donuts to choose from so I went for the basic..."
The Poor Foodie
"I had a Caramel glaze doughnut. It was very fresh and tasted amazing. There were lots of flavours to choose from behind the cabinet. It was clean..."
Steamed Hams
"I first came here when they first opened and had to wait almost 2 hours on the drive-thru queue. Now the hype has kinda died down and last Friday..."
"YUMMMMMMMMM! honestly they are amazing! We went through the drive thru and wow it was really fast. My absolute favourite flavour has go to be..."
"Been here a few times since it opened and the one thing i love is their sundaes. They have an original glazed donut with soft serve and cookies and..."
"So glad this place is no where close to be near my house / work place or even my friends.. if this was then I would had turned in to a giant fat mf..."
Its Me
"Glad to have Krispy Kreme in NZ. Their sugar glazing is quite a treat for the sweet lovers. The other flavours were quite too sweet for me. Would..."
"Krispy Kreme is super popular so you’ll always be guaranteed fresh donuts! They come in an assortment of flavours, with my favourite being the..."
Jenny Da
"I'm not a massive doughnut fan, but yes, even I have to admit that these are good. I tried a couple of the filled ones and found them nice, but a bit..."
"The original glazed donuts are like a sweet heaven in my mouth lol. When they have been made fresh and glazed and served straight away.....they are..."
"A veryyy long wait, even with the drive through. (Also very far away from where I’m located which is fine because they’re opening one in CBD..."
"The best donuts ever sooo delicious baked and fresh. I had the 12 box donuts and I loved all of them and I had the choc honeycomb kreme shake the..."
"Original glazed doughnuts….. need I say more! Don’t be strayed by the other decadent flavours – the original glazed ones are where it’s at!..."
"Krispy kreme is just not good because they make the best donuts.. but also because thrir staff is super awesome.. my husband asked them if they could..."
Richa Khattar Goyal
"This is the first ever Krispy Kreme store established in New Zealand. They are currently offering 12 different flavours of doughnuts with a variety..."
Marcus Lau
"Milkshakes are delicious as are the donuts. Finally somewhere where the donuts arent stale. The only downside is sometimes the drive thru line is..."
"Hands down these are delicious donuts.the apple crumble is a soft and fluffy.hhmmm yummy.I do question what's in them though as my..."
Felicity Williams
"I can have many donuts without I love Krispy from back to my home country. Happy to see it in NZ :) it is sweet n just melt in mouth. Just..."
Alice In New Zealand
"Pure indulgence absolutely worthy of 20 km drive from the downtown. We ordered assorted dozen, every donut turned out to be fresh, soft and fluffy..."
"Waiting in line for these donuts is something but yeah theyre realy nice, glazed and the dolce are my favs, plus living close by doesnt help lol but..."
Cris Taufetee
"Doughnuts were nice, sweet and what you'd expect from a doughnut. I had a range of them but I couldnt taste the flavours as distinctively as I..."
Nijal Topiwala
"Oreo was tooo sweet. But when the original hit my lips it went straight to my hips & raised my nips , nekk minute I’m giving tips. Delicious...."
Hungry Southsider
"I never tasted doughnuts in my friend gave me one just to taste in my office. i like it soo much that on my next holiday I drove all the way..."
Aditya Sharma
"Mmmm, doughnuts!This is my go to doughnut place, compared to other places in nz, Krispy Kreme doughnuts are light and fluffy and it’s..."
"In love with Krispy Kreme donuts, I can’t go past the original glaze AND the Dolcé Deliché ones with salted caramel filling! When they first..."
The Kai King
"Amazing doughnuts that take me back to America. Coffee was surprisingly excellent. Service levels were beyond expectations and facilities top..."
Josh Maniam
"Krispy Kreme is the best!!! My favourite donut is the cookie and cream one! 10/10 for flavour, 10/10 for packaging, 10/10 for pricing (around $2.3..."
Min Min
"Busy store but what do you expect when Kirsty Kreme come to town. Great service and if you’re waiting in line for too long they come out and give..."
"Clean, bright and lovely venue with helpful staff. Really like their donuts although the tea was alright - nothing special. Went there on a Saturday..."
Amorita Maharaj
"Was craving for some doughnuts so what's better way than driving from the north to south for some krispy kreme doughnuts?! Ordered their 4 pack..."
"Why does sugar makes us happy? Or in this case doughnuts? Everyone who steps inside Krispy Kreme is like a kid with their Happy Meal (seriously, this..."
Jade Lim
"Yummy love the donuts. Glazed has to be my favourite. Not to sweet, just right 😊👌I think I may have tried all flavours (cut into quarters..."
Natalie Rivers
"Sooooo unbelievably sweet! I’m a big sweet tooth but holy moly these are some sweet doughnuts. Could probably handle about 1 and be done. Could..."
Georgia Vossen
"LOVE LOVE LOVE YAS! They taste so good! The service is good! So fresh, they’re just so good! Have had these donuts a lot of time and I’m still..."
Colleen Henry
"Stopped by after work to pick up a box of doughnuts for the next day. The line wasn't very big but the doughnut machine was still going so you could..."
Benedict Uy
"Went here for the first time with my boyfriend the other day we both got the milkshake with 2 donuts for $9.50 which is not bad. I tried the loonies..."
"We went here tonight and the donuts are yummy! Also happened to speak to a really informative manager about the making of the donuts etc and we said..."
Tanya Roberts
"Definitely better than Dunkin.  Original glazed is the best. Fresh, soft, and with perfect amount of sugar.Apple custard and chocolate..."
"Krispy Kreme specialises in donuts. This newly opened eatery looks very much like KFC or O'Mac with drive-through service. Donuts were soft & lovely;..."
"I am not even a donut person but this place is AMAZING. It definitely lives up to its hype in my opinion. Personal faves are the caramel, dulce de..."
Mun Clair
"Totally understand the hype for these donuts. Incredibly crispy and fluffy on the inside.All time fave is definately the original glazed and..."
Neelam Chandra
"Loved the donuts! Staff were friendly and helpful just didn’t like the massive line! Would definitely go back but not until the hype dies down a..."
Katharine Hicks
"Awesome taste. price is reasonable too. The best donuts ever.  Fresh and tasty. Would love to go there again and again. tiramisu and dulce de leche..."
Zeeshan Ahmed
"On Saturday night, I was having a rough day at work but still went to Krispy Kreme after work to hopefully boost my energy and mood with some donuts...."
"Living near by, good place for doughnuts. Not sure if this is the first Store in Auckland or not. Haven’t seen any other around. Still see long..."
TTxiaoyang Luo
"Fresh and delicious donuts, and you can get them drivethrough! I liked that they're not stale like Dunkin' donuts since theyre made fresh on site...."
Kiwi Eats Asia
"Best original glazed donuts and shakes! Worth the wait and money! Best donuts ever. The wait is slowly dying down. Highly recommend! Best to go..."
"Overrated new eatery?Naw, it's a delight - great locale, a massive store with impressive interiors, superb staff (Patricia and Ethan were..."
Avi Yabaluri
"Joined the line for 25 mins to experience the hype and enjoy my donuts and shake in all the ambience of a packed donut store in south Auckland and......"
"First time KK customer! If you're short on time maybe go to Dunkin' as you'll be waiting a while. (20+ in drive-thru) The glazed donuts are my..."
Blogmums Problums Xo
"Kookies n Kreme and Apple Custard Crumble are soooo great! The donut is super soft... Also ice coffee is a must to try! Long queue is worth no matter..."
I'm A Foodie
"Got one of the boxes with a dozen in them for my bday when they first opened and were super busy. They weren’t the best but could have been a day..."
Hannah Kraakman
"First of all it’s been over a month yet there was a huge line to get your hands on the donuts. Great variety and nice flavours. Was too sweet for..."
"Only problem is the wait . The lines so long it lead me back to Dunkin Donuts . 5 stars for taste and customer service. Sorry Krispy Kreme but if I..."
"Notorious for its lines all the way to Manukau mall, the Krispy Kreme craze has definitely landed in Auckland with the ridiculous number of patrons..."
"Visited this place yesterday evenig and there were happy staff offering free regular donuts to all customers right outside. The interiors were clean..."
"The hype is dying down a bit so waited for 45 mins in the drive through but it was a sat night after work. I must say it was all worth the wait,..."
"Went here to see what the hype was about. Thank god we didn't go through the drive thru because the line was insane. We went through the express lane..."
"What a delicious flavours. I really loved them all. Super customer service Only one thing they should improve ‘’ coffee..."
"Waited around an hour in line from 9am to buy these donuts. Service was all rounder really nice and they give everyone a free glazed donut valued at..."
Cathy Fan
"My daughter and I decided to stop in on our way home from shopping.. Parked up and went to the express tent.. was in line for approx. 5mins (no more)..."
Mo Holloway
"I love it so much, honestly the best donut I've ever had! So yummy. Definitely recommend Krispy Kreme's - Such a great treat for the..."
"Delicious donuts from Krispy Kreme NZ, Fluffy and tasty donuts. We bought 4 packs donuts that cost us around 12.90$, Bit expensive for just 4 donuts...."
Canistan Charles
"Drove about half an hour to try these donuts out because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I ordered a sampler which consists on 12x..."
"Pro tip: go during rainy days and peak traffic times when people are trying to go home after work. Super passionate drive thru chick needs a raise!..."
Ashleigh Hea
"Finally got to experience what all the hype was about. The original glazed donut is something which is definitely worth the try. It is so light and..."
"I’m HOOKED. Visited on a Friday night and bought their pre-packed dozens through the express lane as I didn’t want to wait. While my friend and I..."
Linh 💛
"yum! is all I can say the wait was about 20 mins to half an hour but I mean cant complain about the free doughnuts while waiting happy customers haha..."
"Hype is definitely worth it. We came on a Sunday and the queue was about 20 mins wait, but the staff were very friendly and gave us free glazed..."
"Finally got to check out this place to see what the hype was all about!We ordered from the drive through. It was about a 40 minute wait,..."
Michelle Ma Belle
"Original glazed is best!Went on opening day. Lined up for 2 minutes and the line was too long. We went to eat Texas chicken and..."
Tony Ma
"The Best donuts in New Zealand the taste of them is amazing they have a lot of flavour and taste just right and fresh the wait of it is worth it !!..."
"Got on the bandwagon and talked myself into waiting 30 minutes in line for these bad boys! TOTALLY WORTH IT! I don’t even have a sweet..."
Hasiba Zareh
"Definitely delicious but a bit over hyped. Donuts taste great, absolutely nothing with them I just think that you could find the satisfying..."
Siobahn Armstrong
"Got a double dozen of original glazed donuts. The wait took ages. The donuts were worth it, the service wasn’t. Cashier chick was confused about..."
"A friend brought me a box of original glazed, and a box of mixed that he'd bought from the store that morning.  I have to say I was disappointed,..."
"Finally got to jump into Krispy Kreme bandwagon now that the queue is more bearable as the hype around their doughnuts has subsided.We ONLY..."
Benz Chan
"Went here 2 days after opening. Waited in line for approx 30 minutes with 3 other friends and tried all the doughnuts as a group as well as Cookies..."
"Very tasty nice and fluffy very soft texture loved it not to sweet just right it was like biting into a nice candy floss cushions very yummy..."
Colleen Diaz
"Excellent staff and good location. Been waiting for the crowd to die down but these doughnuts were totally worth it. They are sweet but light, fluffy..."
"I waited more than 1hour🙀🙀 but it's worth! Even these donuts too sweet for me 🙋🏻 I think they are perfect with iced Americano👏🏼 I..."
"Delicious!!!! I brought a box of glazed and a box of mixed. Menu/prices attached. Very sweet but they're so soft and melt in your mouth!..."
Annie Wilson
"New opening! So many people wanting to get donuts here, there's lines of people already queueing at 6am in the morning!It's a bit on the..."
"Welcome to New Zealand Krispy Kreme 😋😋😋Looking all beautiful on Ronwood ave I see. Fluffy and light.😉😉😉I'm actually..."
"Just attended the opening of Krispy Kreme NZ and despite the anticipated long wait it was well worth it! The team were super welcoming, offering a..."
"5/5 Taste5/5 Display 4.5/5 Quantity 4.5/5 Customer ServiceBest Doughnut Shop in the world finally arrived in..."
"IMAGINE…1 dozen HOT Original Glazed Doughnuts.A Chocolate, Vanilla or Caramel Thickshake.An Apple Crumble Doughnut..."
Georgie @ Georgieats
"We went on a Saturday morning, probably before it got busy but there was a small queue already. The staff were friendly, and the restaurant was very..."
Joy Fu
"Love their donuts. Store is spacious and always busy. Toilet is cleaned. Staff are friendly and fast. However there was only one staff at front on..."
"Best 🍩 hands down! I got a dozen halloween donuts and I put and took them out of the fridge a few times & then left the rest in the fridge over..."
"I would totally 100% percent recommend people to come here, cheap prices, amazing coffee and donuts. It is an amazing view to watch the donuts get..."
"Great service, interior decor is fantastic, just an awesome place to visit with consistent product quality. Highly recommended! Not often I say this..."
David He
"Beautifully located near Manukau mall , doughnut quality was very good 👍🏻 . Plenty of space to sit and enjoy all the delicious food..."
nilofer sumra
"So amazing the people working in Manukau Krispy Cream!! The kids have a blast of time looking the ladies working in the donuts, they were really..."
Karen Jaime
"Excellent services Delicious and fresh donuts and fantastic staff. Long line on the..."
Jan Srivajirasastrin
"Loved the variety of flavours. There are plenty of seats inside for eat-in customers, and staff are very efficient at the..."
Sammy Patricia
"Krispy Kreme in New Zealand is wonderful. All the donuts are very tasty minus the jelly filled, but my boyfriend loved them which is why I kept the..."
Caroline C.
84/100 (3771 ratings)
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Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
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Open Steak Sandwich
Fish Tacos
Fried Chicken Waffle
hot chocolate
Smashed Avocado with Bacon
Salmon Hash
Scrambled eggs
Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich
Chocolate milkshake
Crispy Skin Salmon
Fancy French Toast
Eggs Benedict with Salmon and Spinach
5 Spice Pork Belly
Honey Garlic Chicken Salad
Dry Age Burger
Eggs Benedict
Chicken Waffles
Creamy Mushrooms
New Zealand
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"Thank you Sashi & staff at Melba Manukau for being a fantastic venue for my daughter’s 21st (held 19 May 2018). Our guests loved the food: the..."
Evelyn Safiti
"Amazing place, great service and above all great food 💜♥️ Totally loved the place and environment. It’s a must go place 🎊🎊 and the..."
Vishal N Aakansha Gounder
"Food was yummy, The service was amazing! Martin brought out food out. I watched all the staff and they all were so efficient and friendly, refilling..."
Tracey Smith
"Omgosh love love love Melbas in Manakau! We went for brunch for the first time on Friday! Was amazing service, the food was so delish and came out..."
Samantha Jayne Davies
"I have been there for lunch twice in 1 week and have to say the food and customer service is fantastic. We were cheated and serviced promptly. The..."
Farisha Ali
"Amazing breakfast! Had the smashed avo and the eggs bene. Absolutely blown away! Super cool vibes too. Only thing we felt was odd was how small the..."
Katie Koerber
"Melba is my absolute favourite place to eat at the moment - I love the vibe, the food is amazing and I’ve never had a problem with the staff I have..."
Jess Clarke
"Brunch. The place was packed, the staff were very attentive and explained about the wait for a table. They had us seated in no time. Good was lovely...."
Ruth Edhouse
"Took a group of 41 people to Melba in Manukau for lunch this week. Let me tell you, there are not enough stars!!!! All 41 meals (7 different choices)..."
Lars Kristensen
"The spot!!� cant reccomend this place enough!� amazing food & beverages. Caters to all..."
Erika Peita
"Absolutely amazing service this morning from our server Martin, it was lovely to see him go above and beyond for my Mum who is diabetic. The food was..."
Jennifer Dragland
"All our experiences in Melba were lovely. We would normally only come in a small group and have gone on the weekend so we experienced what it was..."
Kendra Solomon
"Good and fast service but the place is always really busy. Good food everytime I visit, but expensive...."
"Second time here and service and food was very fast and food was..."
"Went with my family last night for dinner post covid 19 and it was great. The staff were friendly and accomodating, the food was good and the..."
"The food was so good and the atmosphere is..."
Avi Lata
"Amazing friendly and quick service! Quick with the food too... Full of flavour! Will definitely be back..."
Matthew Seymour
"Came for brunch, we got the salmon hash and chicken waffles. The hash is definitely something to try as it’s very unique and different. Chicken..."
"The ambience is so nice at this cafe. I come here to study or brunch with friends and enjoy it every time! Some of the cabinet food such as cakes..."
"Came here for dinner tonight and the food was great!! The lovely lady with the short black hair who took care of my table was fantastic. Love the..."
Kat Lim
"Lovely cafe, dined here twice in the past two weeks for lunch and brunch. Lunch was lovely, we had pork belly and chicken schnitzel. Very nice food...."
"I barely eat at cafes but the fried chicken and waffles was so good! The waffle was like a cheese waffle and the fried chicken was so crispy on the..."
"Went here for a lunch meeting and had a great time. Food was quick to arrive and yummy. I wanted to pick and choose from the add-ons for a high..."
"Ordered the Walnut Waffles . Presentation on point and delicious . However , I did get a side of Ice cream which is extra . I think having this dish..."
Julz Robanakadavu
"Came here today for a work lunch. Booked a table for 13 people and got a private area to sit which was great. Had 2 awesome ladies look after our..."
Renée Hyde
"just a warning. If you are celebrating your birthday at Melba and bring a cake. THEY WILL CHARGE YOU $15 TO EAT THE CAKE IN THE BUILDING. Otherwise..."
Timile Mavuso
"Food and service are beautiful and delicious here!! Outdoor seats are quite uncomfortable. Need more options for the desert menu during dinner time...."
"Very nice food with a nice environment... Very friendly staff.. Definitely a place to be..☕ Recommended for a nice meal and..."
Ranjeeta Ram
"It was very busy cafe. Staff was really kind:) love to come..."
Alice In New Zealand
"Always great food and great service. Staff and owners are friendly and attentive. Atmosphere is nice and relaxing. The only thing I would change is..."
Christie Ai
"Everytime we visit, our expectations are always met. Great food, great service. Always one of our top 3 picks for a weekend brunch. My fave dish is..."
Marama Kingi
"First time here today, and would come back again! Food is amazing! The chicken and waffles were delicious and the presentation is lovely. Really..."
Marissa Chellan
"Will definitely be back to taste what's on the menu..had breakfast here yesterday and just can't fault it at all, taste great smells great and simply..."
Muna Paotama
"Came on a busy Sunday brunch. Service was good. Fantastic menu options. We ordered Chicken and Waffles, Classic Melba Grill and Sweet Waffles. It..."
Kaiser 😎
"such great service from the staff.  ordered the breakfast grill, firstly the sausage, bacon and poached eggs were perfect, full flavour and a great..."
"closer to 4food and coffee consistently good, i have been to both this branch in Manukau and the one in Ellersliethey provide colouring pen..."
"Fresh, delightful, tasty, quirky & fun. I love the food which is so brilliant & the beverages oh the beverages are just amazing especially the House..."
Lilly Robinson-Sharda
"We booked dinner for 5. Ordered the 5spice pork belly. Delicious. Also ordered the harissa chicken pizza. It was OK. Not a big fan of the Moroccan..."
"Yum!!!! We got the chicken waffles which were so good and the pork belly which wsd also really good. Coffee was great and service was awesome. Will..."
"A great cafe and friendly faces. Food is amazing and service is fast. Would recommend booking or going early as it can get packed up. There are a lot..."
Akshay Deo
"More like 4.5 stars. Been here a couple of times, whatever i ordered it tasted amazing. Their drinks are fancy too!food 5/5service..."
"Was here last weekend and have been a couple of times now. Never disappointed. Food and service is always great! And so is the decor/setting. Do..."
Prashant Datt
"Good food, drinks, service, and lovely environment to be in. Their menu is also relatively cheap compared to some other cafes. The flavours of every..."
Doris Ma
"Best Cafe in my opinion for the area. Always a great vibe. Staff is very friendly and the service is quick. Eggs Benedict is delicious and the food..."
Elon Solomona
"Been here twice now and I love the fried chicken waffles. Especially their gourmet milkshaes my favorites will be the caramel popcorn and the..."
"Took my friend here for her birthday! Atmosphere was nice, had a very nice coffee, food and service was good too! Cute place for breakfast and lunch...."
Reema Singh
"LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Such an incredible cafe/restaurant! Been here a few times with family and friends! Love the rustic yet sophisticated..."
Aisha Mohammed
"I always enjoy my meals here at melba and i absolutly LOVE there nutella shake "slam dunk" customer service is always lovely an friendly food delish...."
Alice Mcmaster
"Went to have lunch and got caught in the lunch rush mid-week! Staff were friendly and kept us up to date, letting us know how long a table would..."
R. T.
"Nice area to just have a laugh and catchup with your loved ones. Food is great, pork belly I ordered tasted very delicious, would recommend coming..."
"The food and drinks were nice. Melba is a great place to have lunch or dinner with friends and family as the ambience is really nice. If you would..."
"Visited Melba several times and never been disappointed with their quality of food and service. Great place, great menu and a beautiful ambiance...."
Gurman Singh
"Dined here for breakfast and the place wasn’t too busy, we were seated right away and the staff were very warm and friendly! They have amazing..."
"This place was bustling with people. The staff were efficient with orders and delivering food. I would recommend going early to secure a table. I..."
Miura Elikana
"This will forever be a favourite of mine. The ambiance and amazing and the staff are always in their front foot. They are always so friendly and..."
"| Baked Halloumi Salad |-One of the best salads I had. They really stepped up the salad game, salads don't always have to be the..."
"Melba is such a beautiful & stylish place. Welcomed by a friendly team who were very hospitable and patient. The food was great!! ❤️ We ordered..."
"We met relatives for lunch at Melba in Manukau a couple of weeks ago. The cafe is large nouveau industrial style with lots of glass and metal. On a..."
"Be prepared to wait. Better still, reserve in advance. Definitely try the waffles. They are a must. Dont go out without the coffee. In the pics:..."
"Great little place. Ordered the Avocado Smash and a cappuccino which all tasted really good. The cafe was pretty crowded and it took a while to order..."
Roxathina Samupo
"Thank you Melba for an awesome, welcoming and delicious experience. Me and my besty loved the food! We were warmly welcomed in and service was..."
Alicia Aiono
"Highly recommended! Friendly and attentive staff, great decor, and waiting times for food are great even when the place is packed. My go to dishes..."
Tayla Pritchard
"Melba cafe in manakau has such a good menu, everything sounds and looks so good. Their juices and smoothies are great also. I prefer this cafe Melba..."
Mary Hodgson
"Lovely coffee.. salmon Benedict is nice too. The popcorn shake is Devine, not too sweet. Ben there’s few times and the service and very attentive..."
Robyn De Vega
"Was in South Auckland to run a few errands and really wanted to visit this Melba for a long time. The joint was packed on a Saturday Morning but..."
"Prompt service. Instantly greeted and seated although the chairs were uncomfortable, didn’t get a choice as to where we wanted to sit which was a..."
Nicole Havea
"I can’t express how much LOVE this place! As in LOVE! I have 3 favourite meals from here... Salmon Hash, Belgian Waffles with a side of vanilla..."
Liz Scott
"What can I say that hasn’t already been said in the posts below. My first time here with my wife and from the moment we walked in. Everything from..."
"Had a catch up breakfast the other day with a family member and my baby. The staff were very polite. Best iced chocolate I’ve had a long time my..."
"Hot daaaaamn. What a meal! I'm always so hesitant to try fried chicken waffles as I'm a carb food hater and I'm scared of dry chicken. This has..."
Jo Cheung
"We had breakfast here and I had the eggs Benedict and my wife had the Salmon hash. A coffee and a hot chocolate. The staff were very friendly and the..."
Gary Montrose
"I come here alot with my daughters i personally love the place i always get the chicken sniztchel sammy an its so enjoyable ive never had an..."
Alice Mcmaster
"My first time, soon as I saw the creamy mushrooms on the menu I knew what I wanted. The eggs were perfect, the mushrooms were full of flavour...."
Andrew Baxendale
"Every time I come here, I love the vibe and the energy this café radiates. So much happiness and care from the staff. The exterior and the interior..."
Anastasia Lee
"This place has a separate vegan dining menu which is neat. Modern and clean cafe with an extensive range of drinks and food. Friendly staff and great..."
"Busy place but still spacious and airy. Good indoor/outdoor flow. Awesome service. We were well looked after. Food came out within good time. Food..."
"We had very fast service, exceptional food and drink, and the atmosphere was friendly and busy. The good level of staffing means we were never left..."
Mikael Wheeler
"Melba is a great cafe however is almost always packed so have to wait to be seated some days. Their all day menu is good. Really recommend their..."
KJ Eats
"Love how they serve large coffee in a bowl! My order arrived within 5 mins, ideal for a hungry hungry Saturday morning XD 5 star for their creamy..."
Min Min
"Excellent! Absolutely lovely!Great food (plating, flavour and the portion size) and very friendly staff and their serviceBest cafe in..."
"Always like to patronise this cafe.The foods and coffee are good, the waiting staff are friendly, efficient and courteous. The ambience is..."
Marcus Lau
"My friend told me about this place just the other day and it exceeded my expectations. One of the better places in Manukau. Great decoration, very..."
Real Slug
"The food here is amazing, been there twice for lunch and the customer service was awesome. Very friendly team, kids have crayons to colour in their..."
"Great service. The waitresses are very friendly. Food looks beautiful and tastes great. The turmeric coconut milk latte is surprisingly yummy. Really..."
Terri Hui
"It was so busy around 12-1 pm but the staff managed to pull through and cleared a table for us which was really impressive! The food was really good..."
"Came here on Saturday with my husband, my boss & her husband. We came for lunch to celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary. We all had a beautiful..."
Debi Barrett
"A lovely organic atmosphere.Coffee is perfect - the most important drug on the menu. I had the smashed avo with bacon. Second..."
"yum...I enjoyed very much.service and food couldn't be faulted.Will definately come back...I had smashed avo..."
Vicky Lowe
"We came today, 4 adults and 2 kids, for brunch. Between us all we had 3 slam dunks, house squeezed apple and oj. Melba grill, avo on toast, snitzel..."
Gem Hackett
"I went here on Easter Sunday with my girlfriends after church. It was very busy! I love the interior design so beautiful with lots of green plants..."
Cindy Valentino
"my top cafe, always my first pick. I haven't tried much of the menu as my favorite is bacon eggs bene. I have tried the breakfast wrap which was..."
Thompson AJ
"Wow ! I looked at the reviews before coming here and I was a tad sceptical but I couldn’t fault anything. The food was great it was so tasty and..."
Natasha DeWit
"Have been back to Melba again and again, simply because they do everything right.The atmosphere and decor is so spacious and relaxed but..."
Jess Grant
"Went here on a quiet Easter Sunday. Surprised to see the place buzzing. Beautiful decor, very relaxed vibe. Greeted by a lovely girl named Violet who..."
LC Tavioni
"Came here twice in the past month for breakfast and more recently for lunch with a large group. A lovely spacious cafe. I ordered the “Crispy..."
Ms Jones
"Great atmosphere! The staff were friendly and we didn't wait long at all to be served, or for our food to come out. The quality of the food is..."
Brandon Haru
"We were attracted to this restaurant because of how stunning it looked from the outside!The inside was beautiful too, spacious with warm..."
Michelle Ma Belle
"Awesome place to eat and food was pretty good!Also love the fact they are very accommodating for vegans. They have a whole menu just for vegans which..."
Amelia Takle
"Came here for lunch and it was very busy. We managed to get a table though by the door. It's so noisy in there though when its full. Lucky while we..."
Hilary Campbell
"Came here with my brother for lunch. His shout so always worth another star!I had the chicken schnitzel sandwich. It was excellent. The..."
Richard Sharpe
"Went to melba for the first time a bit worried about the service as we’d heard a few stories, upon getting there we realised you can’t believe..."
Amrita Prakash
"Good coffee! Many options and fresh food. Good option if you are shooping or visiting manukau. Nice decoration and big enough. Have good experiences..."
Victoria Velasco
"The cafe looks really modern and cleanThe food presentation is pretty good and so is the service Wished the eggs Benedict had more..."
"This is my local for lunch. Met a friend here for lunch today. Not many great places in manukau to have lunch but this place is lovely. Staff always..."
"Today was my fourth time dining here. As obvious as it is, I definitely love coming here. Everytime I come here I'm always greeted by the lovely wait..."
Sarina Tuihalangingie
"Really nice environment and display of food! Wasn’t wowed by the taste but I would be willing to go back and try something else. Staff are lovely..."
"Had the Melba Classic Salmon Mash and it was yummy. Very filling. Atmosphere and customer service was great. We also ordered the Banana Waffles and..."
"Wow. A step above your average cafe in this area. Going to be a regular treat for us.Nice setting. Comfortable and the food was scrummy...."
"Would 100% recommend this place to anyone! They're so incredibly accommodating and are willing to adapt anything on the menu for anyone. Food is..."
Ellen May
"We ordered a table for 5 people about half a hour ahead of time. The time when we arrived there, five seats has been set. It’s little things that..."
"Love the atmosphere here and the service...was very busy but our orders were served within few kids aged 8 and 3 loved their food and..."
Shivashni Kumar
"Good is always good here but sometimes the service is a bit off, thought it doesn’t stop me from going. I’ve had both breakfast and lunch and..."
"Had their iced mocha. Their iced mocha is made with blended ice rather than with whole ice cubes and is served with whipped cream. It's not their..."
"Nice fast service and super friendly owner. Great quick stop to meet a friend for lunch. Food was nicely presented would highly recommend to..."
Pamela Hutchinson
"Good customer service. Quality food. Nothing to complain about really . Flavours are great . I’d definitely go back . Nice place to have a quiet..."
Leo Dilshan
"Was flying out and looking for a plate to have lunch, Found this place and was surprised at how packed it was considering it was a Tuesday..."
Benedict Uy
"Lots of parking outside this Melba. The dining space is very tidy and relaxing.The food has all your typical cafe staples.The salmon..."
"Been to so many places in Manukau as its close to my work and I'd say Melba is the best. A chain that is still able to keep quality with the bonus of..."
Diogo Reck
"Went here for a work lunch. There milkshakes were really yummy but a bit pricey for what you get. I tried their salmon hash and was not disappointed...."
Hannah Gear
"I recommend the Tempura Fish Bao. It was so good. I'm not normally a fish person but this was perfect. The fish was cooked perfectly...wasn't overly..."
Amy Lai
"Brunch-One of the busy restaurants in heart of Manukau. Woke up this weekend and decided to have waffles. Ordered banana cake waffles and..."
Neel Boppana
"Awesome food and service :) food came out quick and tasted amazing ! I have been here with my partner a few times now and every time it has been..."
James Haliday
"Great food especially the chicken waffles. I tried the XO pork noodles which has great flavour though a little small on the serving size considering..."
"Thank you so much for your amazing service today, all staffs were very friendly & funny. I would come here everyday if I could! The food is just..."
Pepz Tuilotolava
"Great vibe, service and good quality food. The sort of place to kick off your Saturday morning brunch with family and friends. There is plenty of..."
Patrick Nnaemeka Aniokoye
"Tried this for the first time this morning. Was really nice 😀😀 Definitely keen to try more dishes. Had a nice salmon meal for breakfast this..."
Jocelyn Samuelu
"First time here and it was bloody fantastic! The staff were super friendly (for a Friday morning lol) and the meal was superb. I had the salmon hash,..."
Maria Foy
"Been here twice and service never failed us. Went to have lunch earlier, a busy Sunday noon. Probably about 15 mins wait for the food but my chicken..."
Lucille Sia
"Been here quite a few times. A little over priced but the food is amazing. Staff are very friendly and accommodating. I love that they bake onsite!..."
Royale Baylee
"Good service, yummy food selection. Only minor critique from my husband was to swirl the milk better so that the mocha doesnt look like so low tide..."
Mezza B
"Food - 3.5Price - 3.5Ambience - 4.5Staff - 4.5To be fair, my family ate here when my taste buds were comatosed due to severe..."
Benz Chan
"Melba has to be one of my most favourite restaurant/cafes. The service is quick and the staff is very friendly. My most favourite meal here is eggs..."
Garima Talwar
"I know 5 is the top but I'd still like to give a 10 It is impeccableIce chocolate and Egg Benedict is really impressive. Adequate..."
Rachel Shen
"Great place! Buzzing with people, and the staff are friendly and prompt! Food arrived within 10 minutes! We had the smashed avo on sourdough, hash..."
"We have been to Melba with family on various occasions and it has become our go to place when we want to catch up with friends/family over good..."
Lu-Ellen Televave
"One of the best local cafe in Manukau, always a regular here every week and always food exceptional.  Know all the staff as well and are very..."
Winston Lim
"Came here on a Sunday for lunch and it was packed even though the interior is very big for a cafe. From start to finish the service was very good and..."
Jason Zhang
"Pretty nice place. The ambiance is great and the shakes are yummmy. We got the Nutella one and the banana one! For mains I finally got to try chicken..."
Natasha Kumar
"They have a range of good food choices. Their hot chocolates are one of the best ones I have tried so far. Most of the food looks like really small..."
Koyal Lal
"Been there a number of times. This is a fabuluos eatery. Usually have Eggs Benedict and it is always great and consistent. Coffee is always good and..."
Brian Bonniface
"Beautiful decor and good location, outdoor seating is perfect they have small little picnic tables for the kids to sit and enjoy their meals, came..."
"Love Melba, been here plenty of times since it's opened. It's a very busy cafe, however staff are awesome. Everyone is friendly and you get served in..."
Farah Mohammed
"Very good and creative recipes, sitting on solid portions of quality ingredients well cooked. Fast, efficient and friendly service. Cosy, modern..."
Marcel Rocked
"Beautifully prepared and presented meal. Nicest cafe meal I have had in Manukau for some time. Food was restaurant quality. This place has definitely..."
"Had a late breakfast on a Saturday didn't make an appointment which I would suggest specially on a weekend and this place gets busy. Staff were great..."
Angelo Pereira
"Food and Flavour: 4/5Ambience: 4.5/5Seating: 4/5Service: 3.5/5Value for Money: 4 /5We ordered Eggs Benny and Mushrooms..."
BonZ Loves Food
"This place is nice , manakau one looks the best. great place for catch ups with people nice outdoor area to😄. Defiantly gotta go back n try..."
Christine Nand
"Love coming here. The atmosphere is always great and it's a unique and quirky place.The staff are always great. Creamy mushrooms with chorizo..."
Emy Rose
"Let's take your classic avocado and smash it, pair it with a rocket and feta salad that's perfectly dressed with balsamic and present it before a..."
Luke Bilbrough
"Great cafe. Service was good. They do not take bookings as they are always busy. So not the ideal place to go to on a weekend with a large group...."
"nice place, looks clean and staff are friendly. Drinks are really good, we ordered the coffees and milkshakes. Food was almost perfect......"
Allan Fong
"One of the best place to grab lunch while working around there. Food has always been consistently good, including their coffee. Most..."
Bubbly Peanut Butter
"We had a lovely Mother' Day brunch here. The café coped well with the busy crowd and our party of 5 ordered coffees to tide us over until our table..."
"Our only favorite place to hang out for brunch currently in South Auckland. They served a Bircher muesli with grilled pineapple, blueberries and..."
Ann R
"Love love love love looovee thiiis placeee. Staff are soo kind and friendly. I had the besst salad eveeeerrr. The drinks were so cutee. My friend..."
Pooja Karan
"I booked for 16 people for my friends hens party lunch. Staff s were fantastic! vibrant and accommodating. Food and drinks were great!Thank you..."
"Tried a risk with what I ordered for lunch and risk came through. Perfect crispy chicken on waffle, everything on that waffle was amazing and very..."
Debbie L2
"For coffee. This place has the best barista! He makes my neddy dirty chai with almond milk to perfection and the best extra shot soy flat..."
Claude VanDamm
"Love this place for breakfast favorite is the salmon hash, has great parking just outside the door. Our Post Office Box is right by so it's always..."
"Didn't expect a chain cafe to be this awesome! Came here on a Sunday mid morning for brunch on a whim as was in the area and a lot of other places..."
Jasveen Kaur
"Great coffee and impeccable service! Had the ginger and oat slice which was divine. Very keen to come back and try their other food on offer. Check..."
"Melba is seriously one hipster place which attracts all the Instagram fanatics. Not only is this place Instagram-worthy the food here tastes exactly..."
Neelam Chandra
"Slam dunk was so delicious. For people with a sweet tooth 😜 Service was okay sometimes they would come up and then get distracted and..."
Mana Katsukawa Otimi
"Went there with my friends and food was very good. Staff was very friendly. Definitely a good place if you are having a meeting in manukau. Price..."
"Always a great place to come. Have been here a few times and food is always tasty fresh and delicious. Great friendly service and atmosphere is..."
Kylie Graham
"creamy mushroom and chicken snitzel was delish, good service and well worth the price, the orange juice was actually orange juice, not cordial out of..."
Dion Nelson
"Came here for a brunch with my friend. Service was excellent despite it was super busy 5/5! I ordered a pork belly roll along with the mango smoothie..."
Winnie Liu
"Such an awesome cafe! Got the Fried Chicken Waffles and the Slam Dunk milkshake. The chicken was crunchy, well seasoned and succulent. The chips were..."
"I tried many places for brunch but this place is no 1 in my list. Great atmosphere, wonderful staff, fantastic display of food and yummy food at a..."
"Love this place , service is always excellent. We often go out for brunch with our children. The food is always fresh, very well presented, and..."
"Wanted to try this place for a long time after seeing my friend post about it. I ordered the salmon eggs bene and my partner ordered the mushroom..."
Cristine Manalo
"Beautiful place, really nice environment, attentive and amazing staff. The food is so so beautiful and fresh. Love it, definitely recommend..."
"Been here a couple of times for lunch, both with a toddler. All staff super friendly and food and was really good and quick to arrive. Today I had..."
Hayley Scott
"Love their food and setting! Their eggs benedict was delicious and the service was great considering it being a peak time Cant wait to visit..."
Janice Singh
"Food was delicious. We are on our way out of town and needed a quick and simple breakfast place. Melba did not disappoint! It is a bit expensive but..."
Sarah Todoroff
"Without Question the BEST CAFE in Manakau..Superbly Run...Brilliant Staff.Beautifully made Coffee..And YUUUUUU ALWAYS COME OUT WITH A SMILE..."
Marty Barraud
"This is my friends and I classic hangover spot to go to when we go to my best friends house to stay over the bridge and want a big meal to help us..."
"If youre planning on spending the day shopping in manukau, hit up this place beforehand. The portion sizes are alright but the flavours are pretty..."
Roana Bilia
"I've tried 2-3 main dishes from here, was okay tasting with no particular wow factor. Ice drinks from here tasted super bland. The space inside the..."
"The portion size here are alright. The price is quite expensive. The quality of the food is just okay as well. The service is good and the atmosphere..."
Joanne Chiang
"we had the big breakfast, avo smash, eggs been, long black, flat white, mocha and fluffy.. bene was small but very tasty.. not smothered in..."
Grace Sifa
"Came for lunch on a Monday. The place is spacious, clean and has good service. The downside is the lack of options on the menu. I ended up getting..."
Jamez Hill III
"Omg i love love Melba i akways book a table for me and my group as its soo packed during kunch hours. the Pulled pork, melba grill, belgium waffles..."
Mareta Hunt
"This place is a hidden gem,great food service AA++ coffee good too....will be back for sure keep up the great work guys didn't expect this but yeah..."
"Called in this morning for a peaceful breakfast with my 5 month old. The staff were fantastic. Menu is easy, all I felt like was poached eggs, but..."
"What a lovely and modern place to have a brunch on a Sunday morning. Despite this place being packed we managed to get a seat for the two of us. We..."
"They have a great range of cabinet food.Friendly and efficient staff.We order salmon hash and egg benedict with salmon the food..."
"MELBA, I'm in love! I dined here for brunch with 4 other friends on a sunny Sunday morning so understandably it was very busy - and for good..."
Rhiannon Sinfield
"It's a refreshing place to have breakfast at,nice atmosphere and the food was gorgeously presented,they had a good selection of food and that isn't..."
"It's so great to see such a cool place in South Auckland. The decor is super on trend with wood, matte black fixtures, subway tiles and hanging..."
Kate Key
"One of the newest and largest Melba cafe in Auckland, Melba Manukau is a comfy and airy place to relax and enjoy a weekend brunch. The open space..."
Amy @ My Dining Journey
"Excellent welcome food was good and the service very pleasant. Nice to see another quality local eatery I will be back. ..."
Dion Dobbs
"Came here when it first opened and was a great experience. I love the modern furnishings, kinda quirky and the food was great . Nice atmosphere -..."
Lizzie Blackburn
"Went for breakfast on my own mid-week. Food was nice, service was ok. They brought my food reasonably promptly, but my cup of green tea didn't turn..."
Peter Watkins
"First time trying out this new cafe and I was pleasantly surprised. Came here on a Saturday afternoon around 1pm and the place was packed! We got the..."
Priscilla Khang
"On my way to work, I decided to pop into Melba to grab a coffee and a small piece of chocolate slice. I'm new to working in this area so being aware..."
"Possibly the best cafe in the area. Great food and consistently good coffee. The staff are very attentive and friendly as well. Decent sized place..."
"yummiest place to get an eggs Benedict. Very good customer service and the place looked great.. so modern,bright and open. Went here for my 3rd year..."
Jasmine Seutahi
"Have been here a few times with work colleagues, the meals are quite good, large portions, and you can make reservations if you have a larger group...."
Daniel Kinnoch
"We went here with a rather large group on a Sunday lunchtime. The staff were able to accommodate us pretty quickly even though we had people..."
Shiksha Sridhar
"First time eating in Melba today with friends, quite a neat joint, nice open space, friendly welcome from the waitress, we chose to eat outside. From..."
"Great to have a cafe like this in Manukau. Nice vibe and friendly service.Food wise, some items on the menu are good while others are not. The..."
"It's good to see this cafe up in the south. I've been to the one in Ellerslie and thoroughly enjoyed their food there. There is a lack of decent..."
"My husband and I decided to check this cafe out this morning. Have heard great things about it from my sister. We weren't greeted by anyone when we..."
"Finally, an amazing cafe in Manukau! Decided to give this place a go and was very pleasantly surprised. We were greeted by very friendly..."
"Place was packed. We had 3 people in total and were asked to sit at the breakfast bar, despite a table being available, just because the group..."
"Such a great cafe!I have been here twice now and got the creamy mushrooms have been delicious both times. The serving is very generous..."
Mun Clair
"Yay for a decent cafe in Manukau!The place looks wonderful, very nicely decorated and very open layout.Staff were alright, seemed..."
Winnie Luo
"Awesome new little cafe that is always so busy. Been here a few times since discovering it only a couple of weeks ago. Food is nice with lots of..."
"Decent little cafe. After being here once I preferred my meal & drink over urban soul. Atmosphere is great & service was good, super yummy breakfast..."
"It's so nice to have somewhere decent to go for coffee and a bite, besides the mall. M's refreshing and new and the staff are great. The menu's your..."
Vitale Eti
"Finally visited this cafe after hearing lots of good things about it. I had a cuppacino and a gluten free blueberry friand. The coffee was a little..."
Candii Cao
"Visited Melba twice now! Great cafe in Manukau (we don't have enough places like this).  Nice to have another option besides my other favourite in..."
Miss Alesana
"I nearly wept with happiness when these guys opened in Manukau, Melba is a little slice of Auckland Central in South Auckland. It's run by the same..."
Abigail Spence
"A newly opened cafe here in Manukau and boy am I impressed! Plenty of parking and the restaurant itself is very spacious, beautifully modern and..."
"My partner and I had a late breakfast we were greated by a smiling young staff member in which you do not see a lot these days. Once we were seated..."
"Manukau's new brunch joint. It's beautiful, stands out and brings a new energy to the town. I'm in love. If you can get past the lines and waiting..."
Monique Porteous
"Been here just this morning with hubby after night shift and I must say, the place was exquisite for a coffee shop. It is very spacious with an..."
Angeline Pagulayan
"Have visited a couple of times, once for a quick flat white and the other for an iced coffee and snack..the 4.5 is for the flat white which was bang..."
David Parussini
"This by far is a must try cafe around the Manukau area. Excellent layout and quick and efficient staff. The milkshakes were excellent and the eggs..."
Matt Tieu
"Manukau has long needed a new cafe like Melba, with Urban Soul being the only similar style cafe. The interior is really airy and spacious with..."
"Finally a brand new eatery in Manukau! The menu has great options (you definitely have to try the Nutella shake) although it can get a little pricey..."
"What an awesome discovery this was! I have been to many of the cafes from the Cafe Melba group but noticed today this new addition in Manukau. There..."
"This place has only been open a week and I have been 4 times.. great food friendly staff.. favorite so far is journeyman. . Also salmon quiche is..."
Craig William
"Good food and service, it can be a bit noisy but I guess that is to be expected. Finding parking is problematic which can be irritating but they make..."
Jo Jo
"Busy around 11-12 but still got a seat. Great environment with high ceilings and spacious interior. Menu was good, with a variety of food. Service..."
Bradley James
"Love the the place, plenty space and seat. Good vibe to have brunch. Staff are friendly and helpful. The food are great and lovely will come back..."
Orang Indo Jalan2
"Visited this cafe when I came for a vacation to NZ. This place is just amazing. Friendly staff and great ambiance. Service will be little late, but..."
"Service was a little bit late but understandable, the place was quite busy but not full. Beautiful and friendly staff. Beautifully presentation..."
Fay Tofilau
"🚻 toilets ♿ Wheelchair accessible entry I have heard from friends this place is all round fantastic from food to service And they were right..."
Dennis Niu
"Great restaurant and vibe. Fast service and food is always..."
Ryna Ali
"I think this is the best all day breakfast place (and more) Ive been too. Food was fantastic, servings great (can be shared) and service is very..."
Bogie Gonzaga
"Great atmosphere, friendly and amazing Service from staff. Ordered the 3 Spice pork belly and the 3 Egg omelet, great portions and beautifully..."
Raphael Benoni
"Didn't grab the ladies names but the waitering service from these beauties was 💯 💯 and the Kai & Koffee dam near almost good enuff for a..."
V Heketoa
"Our favourite cafe restaurant in Manukau! Great for a quick weekend branch or more formal occasions. The staff are always very friendly and food has..."
Alice PB
"Lovely Cafe with a nice all day menu. We visited two days in a week as the ambience is so pleasant. Fast service, clean and very friendly. The food..."
Richard Smythe
"I came into the Melba and prebooked the table. The manager was very helpful giving me advice on which meals were gluten free On the day we had a..."
Julie Wilson
"We attended mother’s day, morning. The food is just above average (nothing super amazing). for the food we had, i’d feel it’s more reasonable..."
Grace Face
"Literally no complaints at all. This cafe/restaurant is amazing! The staff are super nice and friendly! The speed of service is so quick!!! And the..."
Kadison Phillips
"Didn’t realise Melba did dinner, was pleasantly surprised. The food was great, plenty of flavour and good portions. Steak was cooked exactly as..."
Trish Watson
"Really enjoyed our dishes here. Chicken and waffles were moist and delicious and was our favorite the pork belly was nice and the steak was perfectly..."
J Makafa
70/100 (3447 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Lamb Shank
Hash browns
Hot Fudge Cake
Big Burger
Chicken 'N' Chips
Premium Burger and Fries
Super Bird Sandwich
Chilli Fries
Baked Beans
Surf N Turf
Banana Milkshake
Banana Fritters
Meaty Breakfast
Sizzling Beef
Honey chicken
Garden Salad
Sit down
Table Service
Wheelchair Accessible
Serves Alcohol
Highchairs Available
"Cool place to hangout, cheap food nd dessert . Ample of seating place. Open post midnight on..."
Divya Jyoti Saldanha
"Love their desserts Staff - some are very friendly while others could work on their customer service Environment - decent Their food..."
Evaline Shandil
"I’m not usually a fan of Denny’s but my experience was better than I expected. The new interior is pretty cool. We had a group of 20 people and..."
Erana Edwards
"Food was really good and prices were very affordable. I had the veggie burger and it was really yummy. Staff were prompt and polite. I Would love to..."
"Denny’s is 24/7 best place to go when you have mid night munchies. Breakfast, lunch or dinner I’m never let down with portions. They have a wide..."
LoveFoodWithApassion🥗🍸 (Ngata)
"Mine and my husband’s go-to place when we can’t decide where to get a feed (aside from maccas). I love the food here! I can never get enough of..."
Aira Sue Mari Celis-Vaimalu
"Yes it's Denny's, but yes it has great vegetarian food! They recently added a heap more veggie options to their menu, and the portion sizes are large..."
"I know denny is slightly over priced but it worth eating at with the islander manager he's so nice me and my partner go to dennys a lot because we..."
Tame Tee Ngametuangaro
"Dennys is my go-to restaurant. The food is delicious (not so good for the waistline lol) and the staff are lovely. Because my family go..."
"I have been going to Denny's for many years with my family and friends.  Yesterday I took my daughter and family to the Manukau branch.  My..."
Margaret Cross
"Nothing really exciting about it Got wedges and burgerBurger meat was tender but just a bit better than macas. Chips were nothing exciting..."
"Been here twice now. Always busy, we came around 11pm and it was still packed. I think it should be renovated inside but then it's always open so..."
"We're regulars here and come sometimes once a week to twice a month. The reason for my review is because on one occasion I ordered the lamb shanks..."
Jaz Deane
"The food is great at Dennys Manukau, very popular restaurant & usually always busy, reservations not required but would book for a large group. We..."
"Apart from long waiting times the experience here has been good. The food is normally delicious and the deserts are amazing. The atmosphere is great..."
Wither Assassin
"First things first. If you expect to have a relaxing dinner in a place where you are treated like royalty, then this place is not for you. :-) First..."
Dee Elle
"Always come for dessert when I'm craving a chocolate cake fix. Never disappointed with the Hot fudge cake, my favourite. Love the hot choc sauce,..."
Trish H2
"Service is great, food comes out fresh and at a decent pace. Environment is pretty good too, when it is busy I still can hear myself talk and think...."
"I'm a massive fan of Dennys! Has a great affordable menu, and awesome service. My regulay is the Millenium Burger with curly fries - though sometimes..."
"Been there after movie night from manukau events. It was quite busy. Had to wait 10 minutes to get a table. Food was good. Fast service. Loved their..."
Polash Shariful Hasan
"Stomping ground of those found drinking late into friday night and in need of food before driving back north. While those days are a distance memory..."
"Come here all the time just for dessert love the chocolate fudge cake comes with ice-cream, whipped cream, hot choc sauce & a cherry on top , the..."
Chris Williams
"This was my first time eating at Denny's Manukau. I knew that Denny's always had big portions so I knew that my food won't be insufficient. We waited..."
"food is amazing there!! I always order the chicken salad and its always seasoned well. service is great and everyone is so friendly, its great for a..."
Mele Futi
"Decor of place is dated but food has always been great, sometimes wait is too long but food definitely makes up for it favourite and must try buffalo..."
Maria Samasoni
"Went to Denny's tonight (16th August 2014) for the 2nd time ever and again, were impressed.  2 adults, 2 kids. Took about 5 mins to get seated which..."
Bex Matson
"Had dinner here last night with a deal voucher. We were seated immediately upon arrival. Our order of 4 appetisers arrived within 10-15 min, and our..."
"Pretty yum food although service is soooo slow. I rang the bell about 5 times before someone came. They also took away the satay roll which was my..."
Ancelin Colls
"Good food, consistent quality, good friendly service... what else could you ask for? We usually go here for breakfast and have never been..."
"Once I came to the restaurant the food was good buti think i ordered the wrong ..."
"4.30pm had dinner at this awesome place, was our first time there, thanx to our daughter for putting us on to it.Awesome place to go for a meal,..."
Mike & Elsie
"First time here so decided Sunday brunch was on! Lots of car parks around restaurant. Fairly well signed to find it. Good service, yet minimal..."
Sharon W
"I usually order the same thing everytime I come here so I can't speak for any other dish other than the hot fudge dessert and oreo shake (which..."
Paul Marden
"Service was generally good, atmosphere was reasonable, and there was lots of space when we went. On the brunch menu, plenty of meals come with..."
Luca van Gorkom
"Was feeling a bit hungry so had a quick google and it showed this place was open 24/7 so off we went at midnight and the place was packed. Quickly..."
The Smiths
"The beautiful thing about this place is that it's 24/7 and caters for any budget and diner. I loved my food and monkey bowl cheese sauce. Drinks are..."
Sheila Alao-Davis
"Consistently decent food, their standards have been maintained for many years and still a good goto any time of the night or day when you want a feed..."
Dale Barker
"Weighing up affordability and quality, the food here can't be beaten. You pay for a hearty meal and that's what you get. I ordered the apricot..."
Telea van Booma
"Great customer service, pork ribs stake with salad was yummy yummy. Love there Buffalo chicken wings delicious. The atmosphere was great. Waiting..."
Vianca Maze
"Great customer service, pork ribs stake with salad was yummy yummy. Love there Buffalo chicken wings delicious. The atmosphere was great. Waiting..."
Vianca Maze
"Hadn't been to Dennys for a few years, but enjoyed my meal there on 9.1.2022. I had a satay roll then chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert plus a..."
Lulu Dot
"I ordered a single shot coffee as I don't drink full strength. No-one explained a normal coffee at Denny's is a single shot, so a full strength..."
Dean F. Smith
"Late night meals to early bird breakfast 🥞Best price, alot of Food varieties & plenty of parking, group gatherings to individual/ couples they..."
Sally Aiturau
"Very tidy and love the breakfast 😋 😍 👌..."
Sunny Yap
70/100 (3255 ratings)
Quick Bites
Fast food
Fast Food
Kopi O
Filet O Fish and Chips
Gourmet Burger
Small Fries
Bacon & Egg Mcmuffin
Big Mac and Cheese Burger Combo
Frozen Coke
Chicken Mcmuffin
Big Brekkie Burger
NYC Benedict Bagel
Sit down
Fast food
"Drive through: Never easy! Got there JUST before a buildup of cars in the lineup. The smart thing here though... they have x2 answer call order..."
solesoul56nz “SOLE”
"I haven't been there in quite a long time as I believe it has always been my go-to for fast food over the past 40 years and I was amazed to see how..."
alan hamilton
"Staff were really helpful when my autistic son was guttered about his large sundae coming in the plastic cup as the ordering system shows the paper..."
"Plenty of carparking. Too rushed maybe as often my order is muddled up. And drive through is usually a hefty..."
Sammi Berry
"Always ask if frozen coke machine works before ordering frozen coke lol. Same for soft serve..."
Tepara Koti (Bub K)
"Best time to come early in the morning for some brekkie and letting my son play after. Its quiet and usually less..."
Richemaigne Ouano
"Fast, attentive and friendly is only then beginning at this McDonald's! The food was fresh, hot and beautifully presented! Looks like the pictures!..."
Kahu Brown (Kitty Katts)
"Always pop in at McDs for an ice cream & my favourite Big Mac Combo once in a while when im in Manukau lol Always enjoy the customer services & the..."
Simon And Avaiki CARL MATAITI
"I occasionally use the drive through hoping that TODAY will be the day that I don't have to check the order and walk to the window and ask for..."
Lesley Nia Nia
"Im from Wellington, was up in Auckland for work, had dinner in Manukau McDonald's, and i enjoyed how clean it was, and had so much space to sit..."
Broncos Steak House
73/100 (2288 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
New Zealand
New Zealand
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Fish and Chips
Surf and Turf
King prawns
Farmhouse Chicken
Weiner Schnitzel
Seafood chowder
Kumara Chips
Garlic bread
Steak Meal and Fisherman's Catch
Prime rib
Broncos Burger
Mums Roast
Tenderfoot Steak
Bronco Rib
Mexican Sunset & Pina Colada
Pork Ribs Chips & Salad
T-Bone Steak
Crumbled Camembert
Sit down
New Zealand
Serves Alcohol
Parking Available
Highchairs Available
Full Bar
Outdoor Seating
Table Service
Wheelchair Accessible
"Just had dinner it was amazing steak was so juicy and cooked perfectly for me..."
Rymah Toilolo
"This was on the 14th of December 2019. Great service, food was amazing. Schnitzel doesn’t look as appealing but the rest tasted just as good as it..."
"I have been coming here for years and I have never been disappointed with the food,it's top notch.steak meals never fail.waiters are always awesome..."
Chanelle Taylor
"Wow the food was delicious and the portions were well worth the money, the desserts were yummy, these are only a few pics of our food from my..."
Mereana Mafi
"Been here 3 times now, decent and consistent. And recommend their burgers...."
Andrew Peterson
"Love the food and the atmosphere here. My favorite dessert is chocolate, chocolate and even more chocolate. Highly recommend this place to anyone who..."
Dena Ema Cameron
"Wow had a very pleasant experience dining here! The food was absolutely delicious with huge portions that are well worth the money👍👍 flavours..."
Food Loverrr
"I went to Bronocos with a friend for dinner.Atmosphere: 4/4You can park on site. The restaurant atmosphere is casual; can cater small..."
"This place has lovely food and their service is extremely quick. Our meals were brought out in record time. Would recommend this place to others...."
Rachael Jarvis
"Definitely didnt expect such yummy food as the reviews were so so. Their portions are HUGE though, so I'd say well worth the price. I ordered the..."
Komal G
"Love the food I've been here more than 5 times now and the food is always on point very delicious great for family and catching up with..."
"Bronco's is a must visit in Manukau if you are craving for steak. Ambience is a bit outdated and carpark can be hard to find when it's full house in..."
“Dailee” 25% Off Zomato Gold
"Finally tried this place and was pleasantly surprised as I'm not the biggest steak eater! Service was excellent, waitstaff were very attentive. Food..."
"Delicious and the staff were amazing, so helpful and always checking up on us. I ordered the Farmhouse chicken and it was yum, the chicken was tender..."
Sharlotte Tata
"I've lived in Auckland for 20 years and I have never dined here before. I decided to catch up with a good friend of mine here mainly because she..."
Jen Matautia
"What a relaxing, family atmosphere at Broncos.  Walked in, was greeted enthusiastically by the young lady at the entrance, seated and given my drink..."
"Really didn’t expect a steakhouse to be this good! Went for a family birthday celebration, great service. Cocktails were nice, all of our mains..."
Preeti Kaur
"Was really not expecting too be writing a 5 star review as I had heard different opinions about this place before, but omg . What a beautiful..."
Eleanor Rawson
"Wow. I did not expect to be writing a 5 Star review prior to my visit here after the mixed reviews I had been reading. However my experience was..."
Ishmael Chalmers
"My siblings and i use to come here with our parents all the time when we were little and loved it every time, use to have little games on the kiddie..."
"My go to restaurant! I love this place and their customer service is amazzzzzing! Their desserts are super sweet but the waitresses go miles to make..."
Preeti Mala
"We had a dinner couple of days ago with our mates in this restaurant. I ordered the Broncos Buger. Quantity of the burger was ok but the way they..."
Canistan Charles
"Went here with the Mrs, using an Entertainment Book voucher, and it was so good we returned with the whole family (8, 10 and 12).  It's a good..."
Steve Shipway
"Love the food...Staff polite...Fast service...Good music...Amazing atmosphere...what more could we want lol...I recommend this place to those who..."
Cheyna Tengaru
"This is my go to place with hubby if we are wanting to treat ourselves. We dine here twice a month and are always happy with the staff and their..."
Noa Ng Lam
"We have been going here for a lot of years whenever we can. Just love the atmosphere there with the mixture of music. Went there today for an early..."
Barbara-Roy Savage
"Lunch date with my mum today in this beautiful rainy weather, She loved the place and her food was awesome and so was mine.. staff memebers very..."
"Not the best steak house I’ve been to, but not the worst either. Menus is always good and staff is always amazing! Broncos is one of our quick..."
"Amazing!Came here tonight with Hangry Viz and thoroughly enjoyed our meal.We ordered the bacon wrapped eye fillet with salad and..."
S&G Take Auckland
"I've been a few times and each time it was been ok. Price range was relevant, ambience was relevant for a steak house & service was good. This was..."
Peneueta Willis
"Super duper monies worth when you use the entertainment book. I come here once a year with my entertainment book. But one steak and get..."
Tony Ma
"Another awesome option to treat yourself or host a speacial occasion. Yummy food at an affordable price. And they also have vegetarian and GF..."
Hine Finau
"Very Nice restaurant in Manukau for tasty food and drinks, specially in the evening. Ambiance is lovely and Staff is friendly with good servicing..."
"Went here for lunch today with my sister. First impressions:The entry door looked a bit run down and did not have a compresser thing at the top so it..."
Janice McCartain Dagg
"Came here with my family, food and service were both really good. I had the chicken and mushroom fettuccine and could tell all the ingredients were..."
"Great service, always able to get a table. We never have to wait more than 20 minutes for food! The portion sizes are massive, my only critique would..."
Courtney Walch
"Nice place to eat. You can never go wrong with this restaurant. The lamb shank is one of the best. Good service, the restaurant can be busy at..."
"Nice place and nice food. pub style place for really great food! the potion sizes are quite large! so you get what you pay for 😉 the staff is very..."
"We came here about 2 or 3 weeks ago and ordered the sharing platter for two, chicken calypso and the famous rustler. Sharing platter was yum! Such a..."
Jaz Deane
"Me and my partner ALWAYS get great food from here. He always gets either a steak meal or the bronco burger, beside the salad in the burger making his..."
Olivia And Tosh
"Not too sure about the last couple of reviews but i have been coming to Broncos Steakhouse for over 5 years at least once a week and never have i..."
Isaac Stone
"$17 lunch meals are the best value, big portion sizes & no matter what you choose from the menu it is always scrumptious, choose from steak, pork..."
"Very family friendly restaurant. Parking can be a little difficult when it's really busy. It's off a very busy main road.Food is very..."
"Been here a few times and the food differs I find the lunch is definitely better than the dinner but it's also kid friendly the staff font mind if we..."
Elena Olive Fanene
"Took my daughter here for her birthday as she loves it. Its been easy 15 years since I was last here and it didn't disappoint.As soon as we..."
Arron Parker
"Good food and good service will highly.recommend to people . Nice place for nice food. 👍. Definitely come back here again with in a month ...."
"Broncos steak house is our first pick when my husband and I decide to go out for a nice lunch or dinner. The staff there are excellent, bubbly,..."
Diane Tufuga-Mika
"I would highly recommend Broncos Steakhouse to anyone, I've been going for years since I was a kid and it never fails to disappoint. It's definitely..."
Henry Boyhan
"Came here today for lunch. It took a while to choose as the menu hasn't changed in years and the things I like I have already had numerous times...."
"Dined here yesterday for valentines with work mates and partners for lunch such beautiful food awesome service $17 Luncheons what a bargain I had the..."
Hayley Tamati
"Dined in today with my partner around 12:30, and was incredibly pleased with our overall experience. We have dined here before but the service today..."
"Me and a friend booked to have dinner here as we were both craving a hearty meal. When we arrived I changed my mind, I opted for a pasta instead..."
"Dined here 16/08/2015. This is our go to place when we feel like a filling meal! The portion sizes are generous they have a lunch special that is..."
Ashley Talagi
"yummy food , the service was abit slack . Will definitely eat there again 💕 hopefully the service has improved ☺️ ..."
"Broncos is one of my favourite places to go to for lunch, with $16 dishes who can complain?! Although some items on the menu may come off as a little..."
Victoria McMahon
"Dined here on Friday night with some friends. The last time I was here was probably 8 years ago and I remembered the steak being excellent. I..."
Miss Kiki
"I was there at the Broncos steak house last night. Nothing out of the ordinary but decent food for the price. Wait time was quite long but I guess..."
Polata'ane Matekitonga
"Loved our time at broncos. Kids love d the ribs and salad - portions are big and definitely delicious. Went through a phase where our sunday..."
Tarnz Connal
"Had a great night. The food was great, very large portions and price is reasonable. We had the bronco burger which is huge, has a lot of lettuce..."
Angel Lyon
"This is a hidden gem, one of the only decent Steak Houses around my town. The food is proportioned to feed an army and very tasty. I ordered scallops..."
Nik Sio
"Been there twice with friends and liked it both times. Ordered a steak and a burger. The steak was ever so slightly more cooked than the medium rare..."
Kishore Mitra
"Super comfortable, warm, family atmosphere. Food was delicious and priced correctly.Service was friendly and fast.Guys if you want..."
Aretha Chen
"Was it what I expected...yes...not fine dining, but didn't expect that, good tasty filling food in a comfortable environment. The meals were served..."
David Parussini
"I love broncos its the best fettuccine and scalloped potatoes in the world Soo good and great prices and finally a place which can make a proper..."
Madzy OH Yeah Wadzy
"Amazing experience for our first time here. Service was so polite and family orientated will definately come here again. Love everything about this..."
Hame Moala
"Have been here many times and have never been disappointed. We went last Saturday night and were seated straight away. The staff were very friendly..."
"The food is great and service is excellent but the waiting time for our food dreadful. The moment your server asks you if you want some bread do..."
Jason Paul Garcia
"Went to Broncos Last night for dinner with my family had a great time. I had a T Bone Steak cooked just right with really nice vegetables and..."
"I have to say after living in Manukau for the last 3 years and trying numerous eateries in the area and being greatly disappointed in the lack of..."
Renee Vano
"Went there a couple of weeks ago with family for dinner. I used a coupon. The lamb shank and steak were really good . even better were there service...."
Auck Guy
"If you are after a hearty steak dinner then this place is perfect.Recently went for dinner, my partner ordered the Bronco Rib... well he..."
Louise Dupont
"I find it strange seeing so many mixed feelings about this restaurant so I will put my 2 cents in. Bronco's Steak House in Manukau is a brilliant..."
Jane W
"We had a really good time here last night. The service was good, the steaks were cooked to perfection, the salmon too. portions were generous and..."
Pauline Bennett
"My sister flew out to London on 26/1/13 and she decided to have her last family dinner in NZ at Broncos Manukau. I went online to check out the..."
Kayla Young
"We had a great family birthday held on the 28.01.2013, food was nice except the presentation could have been better, the service was good but a smile..."
Carol Simons
"Great steaks. Great service by one waiter. Not so great the next time but he was still great. Should have got his name. But steaks satisfied and..."
Diiya McCaw
"Our family often have meals at bronco's steak house. Recently the adults' lunch portions had been decreased but the meals were still a reasonable..."
Meng Allen
"Always good food and reasonable prices. They never let us down. We went again today and it is exactly the same quality of food and service like every..."
Hala Toubia
"Awesome steak house, you can't go wrong! We've ventured far and wide to find equal quality but the prices are through the roof (I'm looking at you,..."
"we went for the first time on Saturday night. this is how meals are meant to be, great steak, great service great company. The size and quality of..."
"I had lunch here with my friend and her little daughter a short while ago. The place is gorgeous and it's very much kid-friendly, they even gave my..."
Noelia Gonzalez Quiñones
""Broncos always aims to please and they certainly achieved this last night 02/11/3011". Our committee of 16 adults pre- ordered our meals from the..."
"My Partner & I was in for dinner and I am a chef also, we had great service from as soon as we entered the restaurant.Our food and..."
Ellen Vaeh
"One of my favourite places to go to eat, fantastic steaks, awesome meal sizes and friendly staff... especially love sitting on the outside deck in..."
Shelly Winter
"We went to Bronco's for a Staff dinner two weeks ago, the food was fantastic, the staff were very polite and helpful. I'm a farmgirl so I know good..."
"We went there for a casual dinner yesterday, I ordered 'Surf n Turf' and my partner 'Coyote Special' - both were fantastic, will definitely come..."
"Awesome sized servings at a cheap prices. The food isnt cheaps cuts of meat either, good quality. Bring the family here all the time and our visiting..."
"Went for the first time last night and was completely blown away. This is the sort of place where the customers start passing out when they see the..."
Ryan Judd
"Great place to go for a cheap, laid back lunch or dinner.Service always..."
"This place is fantastic. We often find ourselves skipping "new" restaurants in favor of our old favourite Bronco's.Food is always consistent,..."
Crystal Johnson
"Bronco's is our favourite restaurant for any occasion. Just as perfect for entertaining overseas visitors as for a casual family dinner, we have..."
"great food, great selection, great service, awesome place for family and for..."
"My husband and I felt like a night out and made a choice to go to Bronco's, the greeting on arrival was refreshing, smiles and happy see us. Table..."
"We dined there yesterday for lunch, the restaurant has an excellent atmosphere, and the meals are really reasonable, even the beverage list. Staff..."
"Manukau SteakHouse...Awesome Place,Great Service and the Lunch is only $12.00.I Loved It.I Alwayz go there every Tuesdays.I lOve the Great..."
Diraleen Katipa
"Eat at this place, staff can be hit and miss some great some poor, food is AAA+++ size great food, steak Mexican, chicken, roast pasta they have it..."
Matt Cooper
"Have dined here a couple of times and really enjoy the food. I highly recommend the lamb shanks they are delicious, drinks were served promptly and..."
Kala B
"A GREAT place to eat - GREAT food Great atmosphere. We had the $12 lunch and it was worth $20. Reminiscent of an American..."
"If its steak you're after ... they're one of the few places that get it right. Food is of very high quality. Mostly service is great too, have only..."
"We come here quiet often Always good steak .. Just sometimes when u ask for water they don't take notice till you ask 2-3..."
Amanda Yim
"been twice now. gopd dyeaks but othet of fering..."
Kevin T
"The food was amaaaazing!! The entrees were main meals in itself, the portion for your money is well worth it and delicious. It was my first time..."
Emma Lauti
"Lovely food and Celebrated my Birthday 🎂 today , June 19th turned 25 years old , and also celebrated my dads birthday but my brtother ate too..."
Alonzo Arendse
"Definitely get your money's worth at Broncos.Meals are Big and looks & tastes fantastic 👌 Ice - Cream Banana Split Sundae was yummy as..."
Lyn Hormann
"The meal and service were superb, we dined with a large group (13 people), yet the meals all arrived swiftly, cooked well, and were correct as..."
Aaron Bublitz
"We went on Thursday 17th for our Anniversary. Ooh my gosh went years ago n said wouldn't go back. But honestly could not fault anything. Was so..."
SW Marsh
"My wife finally found a place where she can get her all time favorite drink make from scratch. Lemon Lime Bitter. The foods are sinfully delicious,..."
Stuart Taulapapa
"Amazing service for a birthday celebration. Top tier! Our server was quick, got every order correct and wore the biggest smile which made us feel so..."
K ajolu
"Get your money's worth at Broncos. Meals (BIG) look & taste fantastic 👌 Did my homework before going, wanted to try their desserts, so had an..."
Julie Cullen
"You know how they say, "Everything's bigger in Texas"? We'll apparently, everything's bigger in Bronco's too. When ordering our starters for my..."
Stalini Naufahu
"Glad I didn't listen to the negative reviews. Meals were huge. We out did ourselves by ordering entrees. Lucky they have doggy bags for the mains we..."
FluffNiggle Berry
"Thanks Team for a great lunch! It was busy today but we were seated quickly. I didn't think it took long to get food either. My husband said it might..."
Ngaire C
"Always enjoy the service, food and atmosphere here. Always yummy and very generous portions, thank you..."
B Sila
"The walkway in and out of the restaurant was over crowded. Had a busting child waiting to go past a waiter who took their time getting out of the..."
Urban Soul
82/100 (2251 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
New Zealand
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
New Zealand
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Eggs Benedict
Sit down
New Zealand
Wheelchair Accessible
Serves Alcohol
Parking Available
Highchairs Available
Outdoor Seating
"Love your tea..."
"A perfect family friendly cafe. Service was amazing and felt very valued. Thank you..."
"Beer battered fish and chips as usual. Could be taken to a different level in terms of execution and flavour but not bad..."
Neha Mahabir
"I was looking for a cafe to go to and found Urban Soul. I had a lolly cake and a hot chocolate. The lolly cake was not hard, it was nice and soft and..."
Steamed Hams
"Great spot to pop into for a chill layback breakfast! Nice out door seating. They offer a great eggs..."
"Initially sat down and thought orders were taken but you actually need to order at the counter especially if you are planning to do split payments...."
"A friend told me about this place - i had no idea it existed and it was quite a nice surprise! Their cabinet food is amazing and very decently priced..."
Candice Stewart
"I had coconut pancake, chips and mocha. Pancake was okay, fluffy and and it had some crunchy bits. The chips were 👌🏻 in a generous amount, hot..."
Wan Ili
"closer to 3.5i would say taste, presentation, ambience, service are all within average/expectation, but not outstanding for me to pick this..."
"My favourite cafe in Manukau. They have an amazing brunch menu and coffee they serve is perfect. Very nice place to bring wife over the weekend and..."
Mihir Patel
"Lovely atmosphere and quite ambiance. Great customer service. We ordered from the cabinet everything was delicious.Would definitely be..."
"Lovely atmosphere inside. It was packed on Mother’s Day so we were seated in the garden house but I imagine it’d be lovely inside. I’m not sure..."
"Came in for brunch for three people, and it is way nicer than I expected, being in the middle of manukau I expected it to be just a run of the mill..."
Jake Ingledew
"Great little spot in Manukau with fresh made spinach and feta muffins and well made coffee. You have a selection of freshly made pastries, savouries..."
Taron Ah Chee
"Been here a few times and have not been disappointed yet.Yesterday we got the chicken burger and chicken salad and both were..."
Prashant Datt
"So happy this cafe is just over the road from work - I love this hidden gem!  There cabinet changes very regularly and is always full of fresh and..."
Caroline Barrett
"Come here often for a quick bite and coffee. Their iced coffee is amazing and food is also quite decent. We tried some of their cabinet food and..."
"Cozy, quiet ambiance combined with delicious food make a great breakfast experience. This is exactly what Urban Soul gave me and wifey when we came..."
Benz Chan
"I've been here several times and I think it's the best cafe in my town. Staffs are really kind, delicious foods (cabinet foods as well!) and overall..."
Robin Pae
"Lovely atmosphere, chill vibe, cool decor, great service and exceptional food and beverages. My partners mocha was divine. Her Bagels were okay but..."
Ishmael Chalmers
"Amazing Service! Friendly staff!love this cafe! Food is amazing! One of the nicest cafes around. Ordered the Salmon Eggs Benedict on Kumara Hash!..."
"Another wonderful Cafe close to home :DDD AND they have Wifi! Very nice location, right next to Countdown and the gas station, finished my chores..."
Min Min
"If you are looking for a great place for a business meeting North of the Bombay Hill, this place is perfect.  There's plenty of spaces for one on..."
Mike E Kennedy
"Food: I got the creamy mushrooms and oh boy. Not shy about portion size which is always a +++++ LOL. So yummy. The bread was amazing. My mum got the..."
Marina :)
"We came here for weekend brunch and it very busy! (Always a good sign). Cabinet food looked delicious, but we ordered from the menu - Kids waffles,..."
"Lovely find in Manukau, better than what you would expect! Loads of seating, inside and covered outside, with lots of food options. Great cafe..."
"Great cafe with wonderful coffee 4/5!! Visited twice this week whilst out in Manukau only bought coffee but great looking food so will have to come..."
"Good food, good service. Chicken burger was really good, my partner was happy with his standard eggs benny with bacon!! Staff were really happy and..."
Gem Hackett
"been here 3 times and it's my second favorite cafe. delicious food friendly staff and the nicest decor.eggs bene is my go to and have tried it..."
Thompson AJ
"I really enjoy this place. Food is fresh, great value for money and most importantly food is delicious. Staff is great always smiling and helps you..."
Johan Kauhega Milika Taumalolo
"I have not been to many cafes out South of Auckland. But the ones I've been to - good golly - they totally get the concept of 'value for money'. I..."
"A Hidden Gem in South Auckland . My favourite cafe by far around Manukau and the food is always amazing. Highly recommended the Egg Bene and Us..."
Julz Robanakadavu
"My first visit today, cafe is located in a weird location which is a bit hard to find. Cafe was busy and is well laid out with good retro interior,..."
Preet Singh
"Food and beverages are so gooooood. Reasonable prices, Venue and location is perfect in the heart of manukau city. Heaps of parking and lovely..."
Josephine Numanga
"BEST COFFEE IN MANUKAU!I haven't eaten here so I can't say anything about the food except that it looks tasty. I have had the coffee several times..."
Stephanie Tan
"I loved it here, the service for me was excellent, the food was amazing and the ambience and very elite. It was in a weird location but that's the..."
Peneueta Willis
"Ordered:Kumara Rosti with mushroomsRolled oatsHot chocolate w/ almond milkSoy latte$43Have been here a few times..."
"Absolutely delicious meals!The ambiance is loud and buzzing but the cafe is a little cold temperature wise. Still, the food is worth wearing an..."
Tara Sutherland
"This café is probably a little out of the way for most but if you’re in Manukau it’s a good place to check out. This cafe has plenty of seating..."
"What a great find this cafe was! One of our number is Vegan and requires Gluten Free food and for once there was plenty of choice, something not..."
Mary Barnett
"Great option if you're in the area. I've found the service and food can be quite inconsistent, sometimes great, sometimes pretty average. Though..."
"My sister recommended this place when I was visiting Auckland. The ambience reminds me of those French inspired cafes. The service was also pretty..."
"Love this cafe , top food quality with ok price , calamari salad is the best! Chicken salad, beef noodle very good, love the smoothies. Just a bit..."
Yu Jia
"Situated in Manukau in the Westpac building, this place can get super busy.They have an outdoor area and a lovely indoor dining area. Order..."
"Their burger tasted okay, very busy during rush hour when I went. Took a good 15-20 minutes to order in the queue and felt a bit ignored. One of the..."
"We have eaten at UrbanSole a number of times. To be honest it is really hard to fault this  Cafe. Today we visited for a Sunday Breakfast - 6 adults..."
"The vegestable souffle was amazing, tahitian lime soda was just right not too much zing and zang so all the food was delectable. There is a variety..."
Mareta Hunt
"Urban Soul is by far the classiest and best cafe/restaurant and venue hire in Manukau. Great ambience, quality coffee, homemade-like baking and a..."
Louisa Plumpton
"Don't know why it's taken me so long to write a review. Visited again this's a fav of my husband and I. Love the food and there is a..."
Michelle D
"Great local cafe! Menu is varied and isn't over priced. I like the atmosphere and staff are always very friendly. I do prefer this Urban Soul to the..."
"A very nicely decorated cafe! It was a little bit confusing upon arrival as we weren't greeted by any staff so we were not sure where to..."
Winnie Luo
"Been here a few times for coffee and cake. Love the coffee here. Went for lunch today and tried their salmon and kumara Rosti. Lovely dish and just..."
"Had a weekend brunch here as it was reccomend by a friend! Very busy so had to sit outside which was fine. Food came out cold and separate so not..."
Holly D-T
"Was not expecting to find this gem of a cafe in Manukau, but oh how glad I was to do so!They offer both cabinet food as well as menu..."
"Really love urban soul. Great place to eat. I love their menu and consistent great service. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting somewhere out..."
Belynda Hibbert
"Great cafe with good quality food (menu changes often enough and great range of options) and beverages. Staff are fantastic and very..."
Sarah Allen
"Went here for lunch today, very busy every time we go there. Had the hot smoked salmon hash. It was tasty, if a bit low on salmon and not overly hot...."
"Mothers Day brunch here. Easy parking, always a plus.Booked a table for eight, only informed it was outside on arrival but fortunately it was a..."
Chris Mcneill
"This is nice cafe for this side of town, the food aint bad and the coffee is good. We had the crepes and brioche french toast and they were tasty -..."
Jayce Huynh
"We love to visit Urban soul every once in a while for family brunch. The different areas in the cafe gives everyone a great range of options and..."
Bronwyn Koh
"Been here multiple times and I really like it. Foods pretty good, shakes are yummy. Sometimes it is hard to find a table because it gets really..."
"I have been here numerous times over the years, and I truly think the menu just gets better each visit. It is often quite busy with regulars and..."
"One of my favourite go to cafés in South Auckland!Me and my partner went over for breakfast; he had the CLT with Coconut Mocha to drink..."
Jen Ibarra
"I was so so excited to give this cafe a go and I'm happy to report that it lived up to expectations. By no means is the food super exciting or..."
"Stoked to find a cafe of this quality in Manukau, the decor is beautiful and food is well presented. Found most staff good to deal with but..."
Paige Eriwata
"A nice place to have brunch and lunch. Great cabinet food and BLT :) friendly staff and nice environment. Food can take a while when it's busy..."
Leanne Kumar
"My partner and I stopped in to urban soul for a quick bite to eat. Can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised at the food and decor of urban..."
Rahera Cullen
"Interesting cafe in the heart of Manukau. It's more of self-service. Basically you have to go to the counter to order your meal before you sit down...."
Lucille Sia
"Awesome cafe in Manukau! Food - We ordered the City Slicker, Sautéed field mushrooms, and Chicken & crispy noodle salad. They were all..."
"Had a lovely breakfast at Urban Soul, the food tasted good and was pretty quick, but the real highlight was the staff who were great when my 8 month..."
Heather Sharpe
"Food was really good! They have like small brunch dishes not really like big main dishes but I don't mind that. Interior is really nice aswell makes..."
Judy Chhy
"One of my fav's in south Auckland. Food taste good, coffee was amazing. Surrounding was warm. Staff was friendly. So glad it's very close too us...."
Jasmine Seutahi
"Beautifully presented food, relaxed, nice background music (a tad loud) and overall enjoyable experience. Definitely worth revisiting. Food was tasty..."
Stephen Harrison
"First time visit 2 this cafe very clean and homely atmosphere. Coffee good would prefer a larger size if availible. Meal more than happy well..."
"Have been here a few times always such a busy place. Food is pleasant and beautifully presented and drinks r good too. As usual we had the eggs bene..."
Sarah Mellor
"I love love love the atmosphere of Urban Soul. It's a great place to have a catch up with friends and the food is served beautifully. I recently had..."
"A nice little local spot, with a lovely outdoor area and very modern decor. In quite the unexpected place, I never would have thought of coming here..."
"Beautifully cooked linguini with capers, olive, sundried tomatoes and chicken. Classic flavour combination and tossed through with pesto and sliced..."
"Came here for lunch yesterday with a frown, place was super busy, lovely friendly staff, we placed our order and our meal was out within 10 minutes...."
Kim Ormsby
"Been here a couple of times for work lunches and it never disappoints. Lovely atmosphere and friendly staff. All the food looks incredible and I..."
Georgia Forde
"The decor of this place is rather modern and sophisticated. Therefore, this cafe is perfectly appropriate for corporate gatherings or group..."
"Urban Soul is a regular haunt but I was interested to try a few new things on their menu. A favourite - the Lamb Salad, was no longer available (such..."
"Had a quick chicken avocado sandwich and mocha today. Let me tell you I have been going to this cafe from more then 2 years now . Never had any..."
"The food is usually above average although some things look a lot better than they taste. Caters to a wide range of dietary requirements. The brownie..."
"As I live in Manukau I can tell it's the best "european cafe" nearby. High quality food and very well prepared. I get a little bit frustrated when I..."
Will Scalioni
"Very busy cafe. We came here for lunch on a week day and we all ordered from the lunch menu. Our food took around 20-30min to cook. The food was..."
Candii Cao
"I didn't feel so guilty when I ate the Stuffed Kumara, it was simple, flavourful and a healthy option. It's definitely worth the try. The price..."
"With the decor being so clean, modern and classy – I’ve had numerous recommendations for this cafe for my lunchtime escapades in..."
"This is THE spot for breakfast in the south Auckland region! The restaurant is an absolute dream - I wish my house was as beautiful inside as this..."
Monique Porteous
"Although the place is beautiful and the staff are super friendly and pretty cool. The parking sucks! Strict parking limits and set places to park..."
Cherryll Thompson
"This is the first time ive been here and i reallu enjoyed it. Food was great. Great service. Will definitely be back again. I had chicken with lemon..."
Selma Baqi
"First time visiting and it was extremely wonderful the setting and decor as you enter the place sets the mood for a comfortable meal. The food is..."
Kylie Graham
"I love this cafe and will find any excuse to go here!The meals are great. My favourite are the crepes!It's a really nice local..."
Miss Alesana
"Great cafes are hard to find in South Auckland so I was delighted when I came across Urban Soul. A friend and I decided to meet there for brunch on..."
Jess Pendergrast
"We ordered off the breakfast menu recently. Great flat whites with no acidity (the best I had in the area). The breakfasts are presented well and..."
Jimmy Ho
"Quite a busy cafe but it's so good to have a nice cafe I can go to locally! The food was amazing, I had the Spanish hash and it was heaven on a plate..."
Sandy Nguyen
"First time here this morning and enjoyed ourselves. The service was great and food came out surprisingly quick! We got the eggs benedict which was..."
Ceciline Thai
"I've been here about 4 or 5 times now; and have always had excellent food. also great service, and great environment to eat in.why can't..."
Mike Birmingham
"Upon entering this cafe I feel like I'm going to brunch with Carrie and the gang. This cafe is a lively, modern eatery located on a busy public..."
Brenda Phu
"Was great when they opened as first decent cafe in the area! Good selection of cabinet food and menu to choose from. Standard cafe fare with ok..."
Jo Y
"Food is excellent! Very busy restaurant but still no excuse for not clearing tables and leaving it for customers to do so really took the gloss off..."
Big Cheese
"Lunch date here with a gf yesterday. Went during a very busy lunch rush. Parking was a hard to find and was told to just park in the..."
"Been here 4 times now. Good pricing, good service and good food. When my dad and I want to eat out for breakfast/lunch this is usually our go to..."
Alicia Birmingham
"i had a bacon and mushroom fettuccine which was yummy it was packed wen myself and a few friends went along, most of us ordered from the menu and i..."
Renee Stringer
"Came here for a work lunch! Was great choice off food fast and cool watching the planes come in while eating :-) nothing to fault with this place..."
"Just had a Sunday lunch, and it was great, friendly staff, good food, and reasonable price. Had the calamari dish, and it was the best cooked..."
Graeme Foster
"This place is the local gem of Manukau, it's always busy and has a beautiful interior. Despite living close by, it's not a place I frequent because..."
"Amazing food with beautiful decor. Finally a great cafe in the heart of Manukau city. No longer have to go so far for a great cafe. There is always a..."
"Yes, finally an upbeat well presented cafe in the heart of Manukau city. Not only that they have the look and vibe, their food and pricing were..."
"Order the Mexican breakfast!! You will not regret it. MINUS THE BACON!!..."
M Hamadeh
"Something a little different for my review - They need to make entrance way bigger, not just a single door + change the bar area to the 2go coffee..."
Cain Anderson
"What can I say, found this place a while ago and made this our regular cafe spot. Hot, strong coffee , awesome cabinet selection both sweet and..."
"I didn't think the coffee was that good but the food was good and the service really good so it was an experience I would like to..."
"I work at in Manukau and one thing that has being lacking is a local quality cafe. Urban Soul has arrived and saved the day! Consistently providing..."
"Wow one of the busiest days of the year, Mother's Day and Urban Soul was a fantastic place to have a late breakfast.Our table was reserved and..."
"The cafe looked beautiful.It was so so busy and you could not move which made it really hard to get around.We were seated (waitress pointed..."
Jesse James .
"Had only heard about this place from friends so wasn't expecting much but was impressed the all round look of the place. Coffee was prompt and food..."
"We always go to this cafe so much so I am taking 4 other hungry teachers there today. The service is fast and very pleasant. The menu ranges from low..."
Lois Hawley-Simmonds
"By far the very best cafe in South Auckland!Can get extremely busy, which on occasion has affected the level food we have ordered. But,..."
Ginny Marr
"My husband and family have been visiting Urban Sole at least twice a week since it opened. We have found the owners and staff friendly and very..."
Dawn Smith
"This is an outstanding eatery in Manukau. In fact, I think its the best cafe in Auckland for food, coffee, customer services, surroundings and..."
Melli B
"Stopped in for a takeaway coffee after seeing the reviews on here and was quite happy with it. Friendly girl on the front counter with a brilliant..."
"Went for Sunday breakfast on the recommendation of a friend. As our family is from the food industry it is difficult for us to go out to eat and be..."
Jan Hare
"Nice cafe and friendly staff. The food was pretty good and the coffee quite..."
"This is a great little cafe. Nice surroundings, great staff and lovely food. It is also very easily accessible from the motorway with plenty of free..."
PK Pop
"Great coffee, tasty food, central location with plenty of carparks. Free Wifi makes working remotely a breeze.Highly recommend, no good..."
Nathan Dunn
"Really enjoyed the set menu deal on Friday night. Food was excellent, service was friendly and efficient. Lovely live background music to set the..."
Rosemary Couper
"This is a really awesome cafe. The staff are friendly and efficient, pleasant and knowledgeable. The food is really great. Quite a different..."
Judy Dransfield
"Yay, this has been my new local since it first opened. Friday nights are great for meeting up after work and the music is great. I have introduced so..."
Sherill Macfarlane
"A very modern light and airy environment with plenty of parking.The food was very good and both of us their low GI option and they can make..."
David Boshier
"I love this cafe. Stumbled in 4 weeks ago for a nosey and Ive been 3 times since and bought my birthday shout for the office just today. Im a..."
"Urban Soul atmosphere - feels like you've stepped into a home away from Home filled with friends family and love ones. You're greeted with a warm..."
"Excellent weekday coffee, great sweets, good cabinet food, but the menu food is expensive and trying too hard. The best in Manukau, and would be..."
Nicola Hoogenboom
"Great cafes are not hard to find in Auckland as we have such a huge variety of choices that can be found throughout Auckland. Although there are a..."
Amy @ My Dining Journey
"It's a neat cafe that I didn't know about with lots of seating inside and outside. We came here for a quick brunch where I shared these lovely..."
"We had really amazing food on our lunch time visit today. Both adults and kids meals were great portion sizes, and really tasty. Very friendly..."
Key Man
"Absolutely loved this cafe in heart of Manukau. They have great variety of breakfast. We had eggs Benedict and Shakshuka. Food was delicious,..."
nilofer sumra
"This was our first time here. We stop in at the countdown just opposite urban soul almost daily and always notice this place buzzing with patrons...."
Samoan Kiwi
"My favourite cafe still. been going here for a while but haven’t been in a year or so and the quality of food, service and everything is still..."
Sokly Sim
"Food was great, coffee was even better. Short wait time even though it seemed quite busy, friendly..."
Trish Watson
"What a wonderful little oasis in South Auckland. We recently enjoyed a brunch here and were impressed with the cleanliness, friendliness and nice..."
Shaun Ashcroft
"Urban Soul cafe has one of the best chicken and waffles in auckland! The potion size is also very good ( lots of..."
Cheryl Prasad
"Loads of choices of cafe food. Baked yoghurt is one of my favourites. Always busy best to get in before the crowds or book a table. Most dishes are..."
Ramesh Pindoria
"If you want a perfect brunch spot then look no further than Urban soul cafe. Food was delicious, prompt service and attentive staff. My food was ..."
Natalie Malcolm
Porterhouse Grill
81/100 (2075 ratings)
New Zealand
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Crumbed Mushrooms
Slow Braised Beef Cheek
Clevedon Coast Oysters
Beef Cheeks
Seared Scallops GF
Spiced South Island Salmon
Aged 500g Sirloin
Refreshing Cocktails All Day
Espresso Martini
Eggs Your Way
Onion rings
Long Island Iced Tea
Seafood chowder
Cheesy Garlic Bread
Steak salad
Seasonal Vegetables
Chicken Schnitzel
Salt and Pepper Calamari
Grilled Chicken Burger
Buffalo Wings
Confit Leg of Duck
Sit down
Full Bar
Table Service
Wheelchair Accessible
Serves Alcohol
Gift Cards Available
Parking Available
Highchairs Available
"Been here a couple of times mostly cause the proximity to where I live. Bit on the pricey side though so wouldn't recommend if you're on a tight..."
Linda Lin
"A kid friendly steak house. We like their duck, too. There duck salad is very yummy. Another must try dishes is potato..."
Karen Chung
"Nice food,cold beer, good..."
James Daniels
"Wow what an experience, just love the new owners and what they have done to the food, staff and the resturant is amazing. Service is just amazing and..."
Bob Johnson
"Staff 4/10 I felt we were not served as attentively as other or even spoken in a good manner to perhaps bcz we seemed young (this is not an excuse..."
Evaline Shandil
"The staff were so lovely and friendly I was waiting for my friend and I think they noticed I was waiting for awhile so they have me a free bowl of..."
Nyriva Cullen
"What can I say...Great steaks, excellent serving size and very friendly service. While the prices are on the steep side, it’s actually pretty..."
Miss M
"Honestly have nothing to fault at this place, everything was delicious even there salad which came as a side. Friendly staff and bonus my kids loved..."
Janey Ilu
"Great deco and furnishings, clean and tidy with ample seating space. Lovely cocktails costing $13.50, tried the avalanche which was delicious and..."
Amorita Maharaj
"Very nice restaurant on the outside of pakuranga mall. Great for lunch or dinner. Nice ambiance for dinner with the famz or dates. Food is..."
"Porterhouse is my go to steak place. You can always rely on getting a good steak, and their mash potato and sauces are amazing. I also..."
Catalina Ramirez Rivas
"Porterhouse’s food is fantastic. Go there a lot and love the food!! Steaks are fantastic. Love the kumara mash. Puddings are delicious. Don’t..."
"One of the best place to have a perfect steak fillet. The meat was cooked to perfection and the service is great. Restaurant is spacious and..."
Brandon Li
"We ate dinner at PG tonight and were suitably impressed.  The steaks and sides were delicious and well cooked, the service was okay albeit a little..."
"Pleasant staff. Food cooked to perfection. We came in for a small family birthday dinner and left deliciously satisfied. Thank you for a great..."
Danielle Tawhai
"One of my top 5. Always come here when i get the chance or if i got the mean munchies.. lol Everything is on point. Love the steak combos. Food is..."
"One of my favourite restaurants to grab lunch at! I always enjoy their lunch specials where the portions are worth the price and definitely fills you..."
"Was a bit worried after some of the reviews but this was one of the best steaks I’ve had in Auckland. Great, friendly service too. Will be back for..."
"Been here a few times, and absolutely love their steak and sauce options! This is my go-to place for steak cravings. Good selection of wine as well..."
"Went for lunch today and the food was delicious. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Good value for money. Will definitely be going..."
Nyria Johnson
"Nice place! For main I had the sirloin steak with mashed potato and peppercorn sauce. The steak was cooked really nicely and the peppercorn sauce was..."
Hilary Campbell
"Excellent food here! Been twice - first time was for dinner and it was delicious! We got the Buffalo wings to start and they are some of the best..."
Shoulyn Singh
"Been wanting to try this out for months now and finally I went with my friends. I ordered the scotch fillet with garlic mash. In my opinion, the..."
"The food was not good that as expected , but not too bad . Its took a slightly long to wait for food and the steak served with low temperature..."
Seow William
"The food was absolutely amazing ! Best well done steak ever and that garlic mash was just perfect . The lamb shank was also cooked to such..."
" Food was really good. Pork belly was very tender and steak cooked exactly as we wanted it. Service could have been better but all in all, not bad...."
Michelle Forte
"We came here for my mother-in-law's birthday, as the place looks like it has a nice romantic ambience. The restaurant was completely packed on..."
Michelle Ma Belle
"Came in for lunch today and the service was really slow considering how empty it wasI have been here a few times and the garlic and cheese..."
Neelam Chandra
"Enjoyed myself a Delicious and very hearty Pulled Pork Sandwich with a complementary side of appleslaw. I need to try what else is on this menu and..."
Zachary Perry
"A place that many have raved about in east Auckland and lived up to the expectation. Joined by three other guests tonight, three out of four of..."
Hangry Viz
"Not my first time visit,always had great experience!Been there this Saturday 5:30ish for my son birthday 4 kids 4 adults, booked table days ago..."
"Had dinner here with a friend and it was overall an enjoyable experience with just a couple of small to moderate let downs.Firstly the..."
"Birthday lunch for our son. Very attentive staff, very comprehensive menu both food and drinks. Not overly busy but food served in good time. Lovely..."
Dave Koefoed
"I am impressed with the style, service and food for this new establishment. The meals were generous in portion but did not dissapoint with food..."
Brad Clark
"Visited this place on a late Saturday evening. They advertised they opened till late so we thought being that we rock up around 8:30 that there would..."
Kai Mai
"Such an awesome restaurant that I would highly recommend! Took my parents out to experience so Western cuisine and they thoroughly enjoyed it. The..."
Shuyi Wang
"We come here all the time when we want a decent steak but can't be bothered getting super dressed up to go into town (right around he corner from..."
Jasveen Kaur
"Came here on a Sunday night which was a lovely time, wasn't too loud and the ambience was great. Got a table easily without booking. Our waitress was..."
Cristine Manalo
"Came here on a Saturday afternoon and it was quite crowded, but nonetheless we were really warmly welcomed by the waiter and the rest of the service..."
"Great food the best steak I've had in a long time, excellent service, child friendly, accomodating venue. Couldn't ask for a better place to eat in..."
Chris Sixt
"We went to dinner on Friday night and I am glad we made a reservation because the place was full. The atmosphere is nice and buzzing with a lot of..."
"Good steak. Good service. Unique dish presentation. Highly recommend. A bit pricey but very worth it. Interesting flavours. Good for a splurge..."
"Came here for lunch a couple of weeks ago and first impression was wow, what a fancy place! Unfortunately the food didn't match its high end..."
"place is very clean with lot of space. love the seating. will be good for group gathering.seating area is good for kids too. staffs are..."
"Great choice of $10 lunches, place is very upscale and there is my choice in the area for a reuben sandwich, bbq ribs, burger, mayo chicken sandwich,..."
Cesar Luis
"We've been to Porterhouse Grill multiple times now - their consisted great service and food is well worth the slightly above average wait times and..."
Daniel Kinnoch
"Enjoyed a fantastic meal at Porterhouse Grill on a Saturday afternoon. The restaurant setting was classy and spacious. The amenities were of a high..."
Dru Naidoo
"Highly recommend! Lovely staff and amazing food. I was really craving a nice, juicy steak and I was not disappointed! With plenty of..."
"Absolutely loved the quality of the steak and was at a very reasonable price for its quality. Had the rump steak and was cooked just right. Looking..."
"The reason im giving a 5 is because of the fantastic customer service we received, the food was decent as-well but was very happy with the way we..."
Adam Foley
"We've been as a family to this restaurant 3 times now and we are never disappointed. The service is excellent and the food is Devine. Our steaks are..."
Louise Culley
"The steak is the best to offer in Auckland. Medium rare, so soft and juicy. Side of potato mash, as I don't like chips, vegetables are also an..."
"Top of the Steak places superbly located in Pakuranga! Been there to have their $10 lunch specials as well as lunches and the odd dinner too. Good..."
"The food was undoubtedly delicious, I got the Hawaiian burger, lots of food but good food. The only thing is that we went on Thursday night and maybe..."
"6 of us dined here last night..... what a lovely experience. Entrees were ordered by all 2 prawn cocktails, 2 calamaris, 2 crumbed mushrooms. I had..."
Debi Barrett
"Dined here for a Christmas work function! Let me say the decor of this place is very modern and clean. It's a very big restaurant and can..."
"Had a nice nightout a few months back with my partner's family, although the meals took some time to be delivered the food was delicious. Can't wait..."
Erica Patterson
"Got a seat on a Sunday night, not too busy but restaurant was fairly full. Quick and friendly service. Steak was cooked to perfection and tasted..."
Sarah Young
"I went there today with my family and it was amazing as always, we had a waiter that was on his first day his name was Dillon very polite but I few..."
Stefan Stojkovski
"Porterhouse Grill is located in Pakuranga mall where I used to work. I went there when it just opened up, and got their light menu which i really..."
Joanne Chiang
"I’ve dined here on multiple occasions now and have had mixed experiences each time. Pros: Stick to the steak! - they definitely do this..."
"I came here for lunch with my beautiful sister. She told me this place was yum so we decided to come and try it out. I got the calamari with chips..."
Helen Liang
"Ate with family today at this restaurant for dinner.The first waitress was very awkward and we left a tad neglected even thought she served..."
Aiko Cefre
"A pretty solid family steakhouse grill restaurant. Our steaks were done right (we asked for medium) , so pretty pleased with that. You can really..."
"Excellent food 5* atmosphere. Family friendly. Eaten here a few times now and there is never an issue even when our baby is having a melt down...."
Gemma Lowe
"If steak is your thing then this place is a must try. Aged Sirloin was one of best steaks I have eaten. The pot of pepper sauce barely got touched..."
Darren Gray
"I've heard a lot of good comments about its food -  well-cooked & good size meat. Today I had a chance to enjoy its steaks with some friends. We..."
"Came here on a quiet Thursday evening. The decor was really nice and inviting, quite modern with a few booths around and nice big tables. The staff..."
"Situated in the pakuranga mall complex. It was rather weird and odd going inside a closed mall on a Friday night. Walking down the brick road to the..."
"Porterhouse Grill is a much more casual restaurant than it seems. A lovely atmosphere, very relaxed. Our group of 4 came here for my birthday dinner..."
"Really good place to eat if you love your meat! Huge portions and the food is cooked really well and customised the way you like it. There's lots of..."
Katie Anne
"Have just been to Porterhouse Grill for an office lunch.  Food was fantastic and could not fault the service.  Great atmosphere.  We will..."
Diane Banks
"Steak was absolute the best I've had so far. But it took at least half an hour waiting for the meal but I guess it's worth. I had the mushroom cheesy..."
"We have tried this place out for dinner and lunch a couple of times and I can vouch that the service and food is good! Staff are always nice and..."
"Porterhouse Grill markets itself as an upmarket steakhouse with premium cuts; although my family and I had a good meal here, I would consider..."
"Dined here on Saturday, Had to search really hard for a carpark due to the Night Market traffic. Restaurant was very busy but we had made a..."
Heath Conroy
"Have been a few times for dinner and the food and service has always been great! Went for lunch the other day and the restaurant wasn't very busy at..."
Aaron Mitchell
"Went here last night with the boyfriend and one of our best friends, and it was GREAT! Wonderful atmosphere, it wasn't too packed and they were..."
"Thanks to Adrian and his team, we had a blast, 3 Adults & 4 kids, the food and restaurant is an absolute gem, finally a local Steak place without..."
"Big food in big portions = me very happy!Nice location, lots of parking (unless the night markets are on which can be a pain...), lovely..."
"Huge meals & beautifully cooked. We had the steak & baked potato. Nice atmosphere & very tasty food. Good friendly service too. Nice..."
Sarah Thomas
"Sunday night and it's 6:30 on Anzac weekend. The staff were super friendly and attentive. Of course I had to try the ribs, perfectly cooked and just..."
"Have recently dined at the Porterhouse Grill several times, and have never had anything but exceptional experiences. The food is high quality, and..."
April Kane
"Was really happy with the food & the service. Had the seafood chowder which was delicious and a decent serving size. Can be a little pricey depending..."
Mike Rapana
"Great meal. Great portions. Highly recommended. Awesome steak. Restaurant is really modern and is the perfect venue for your next meal. Great..."
Pralene Holmes
"Had dinner with a friend here and all I can say is that the dining experience is memorable. Ordered Steak and Ribs which tasted heavenly even without..."
Jason Paul Garcia
"I've been here about 3-4 Times so Can confidently say I can give a justified review for this. The staff for one is superb and always provide the a 5..."
Charlie Lam
"This is one place I can go back to without hesitation. Been here a couple of times. Place is with good decor the staff are all very cheery and..."
"I saw this place while attending night markets and decided to give it a try. It has a amazing ambience and a 5 Star dining alike attire. I can assure..."
"I have been here a couple of times already. both for dinner. The food was delicious and was served pretty fast. Steak was cooked perfectly...."
Jacqui Crawley
"Very impressed with the ambiemce and comfort. I ordered a pork belly which was cooked to perfection. My partner ordered fettucini pasta which lacked..."
Jayden Campbell
"Loved the Hawaiian hamburger that comes with onion rings and garlic mash! They were absolutely delicious. The price was reasonable too and I was left..."
Jeremy Chen
"Had a few meals here, and the food is excellent. The staff is friendly and helpful. If anything not according to your tastes, Adrian the owner will..."
"Porterhouse's taste is good but it's too expensive. I went there with my boyfriend, $80 for 2 people. From stakes point of view, it's better than..."
"Porterhouse Grill is a good local steak house serving perfectly cooked good quality steaks. If you order medium rare, you can be quarantined to be..."
"Great place if you are looking for a good piece of steak to eat! Good service and meals come out pretty fast. Although the seating arrangement in the..."
Bill Chien
"Came here a while ago, my husband had the ribs and I had the calamari and steak combo. Be warned that the sizes are huge! And delicious. We came..."
Miss Kiki
"Great food good value . Service not bad...."
Neil Jones
"I dont have much experience with steak However I am fussy when it comes to steak, I dont like fat and it has to be a good cut. The vibe in the..."
Natalie Williams
"Love the peppercorn sauce..."
Lex Antony Huang
"Very nice food, and a lovely modern, clean place.  We ordered 5 mains and got them all at the same time - no surprises.  Nice kids meals as well...."
"I went to the restaurant a few weeks ago with my family, the food was amazing! I had The Porterhouse Burger with the Peppercorn sauce, a side of..."
Karl Sullivan
"Nice place and fantastic food!! Hawaiian burger is always my..."
"I have had many meals here and cannot fault the food. Have had the wrong information given to me by the waitress as to the flavor of 'the pie of..."
Marilyn Williams
"Favourite local place to eat! I think I am becoming a regular now. The Goodie burger and Porterhouse Burger are always my go-to lunches. The patties..."
Lucia Young
"Made another visit to the best steak restaurant I have found here or Australia. We have made it a fortnightly mission to get a great meal. The steak..."
Brian P.
"Our first visit to Porterhouse Grill was a luncheon for a special family occasion and it exceeded our expectations! Very friendly and..."
Marian Caetano
"I have been to Porterhouse twice once with my family and the second time with friends. On both occasions the service was quick and food came out not..."
Danielle Ruschenda Van Zyl
"Went for a family meal with another family, drinks order taken and served promptly. Meal order taken in reasonable time but took a while to arrive...."
Jean Archbold
"We had a large group booking 20+ people and I'd like to commend the waitresses! Great atmosphere, great food and great service --with such a big..."
Louise Jordaan
"This is our new favorite restaurant. We frequent Porterhouse a few times a month ever since it opened. The food is outstanding and the service has..."
Richie Coghlan
"Absolutely excellent steaks. Like, mouthwatering.I had the Roquefort, which was a thick 'gourmet' eye fillet steak, topped with a delicious..."
Suzannah Grange
"Yes! I read the 45+ reviews on MenuMania for this restaurant/Grill before writing my review. Some of the points that stood out from the reviews..."
Rustom Kambata
"Had my child's 1st birthday dinner with family there. Excellent service, knowledgeable staff, clean restaurant, clean toilets, great family..."
Farhad Umrigar
"Had such a lovely dinner here on Valentines Day! Although the line outside was significant, they were prompt to seat us and gave us enough time to..."
Vahishta Kotwal
"I have to give these guys a great review, me and a friend thought we would meet for a quick dinner. Staff were overall great, sure I got bugged a..."
"Hallelujah! - A local restaurant worth staying local for!Great Decor, great easy to access - easy parking location, very friendly wait staff..."
Alex Lovell
"The menu says: "The Great Steak 49.9;1KG! If you can beat this steak, you can wash it down with a pint on us!" My partner ate the steak,..."
Ria Little
"A group of eleven dined here on Friday evening, and all enjoyed a lovely evening and good food. Being a large group we had a little wait for our..."
Allan Danbrook
"I have been waiting for Porterhouse Grill to open ever since I saw the renovation going on. My partner and I finally got to go last night and I had a..."
"A childless date night. My husband and I spend very little time together without the kids but we decided to give the new restaurant in town a..."
Stephanie Opai
"I first tried Porterhouse Grill a couple of weeks ago. It was a Sunday night and the place was relatively full. We were greeted as soon as we walked..."
Natasha Overall
"Four of us had dinner on Monday night.Entrees were scallops and calamari with the mains T-bone, ribs, steak and lamb shanks. No desserts...."
David Hollies
"Enjoyed a great lunch with my wife and twin toddlers today 12/01/14.Wonderful atmosphere, seated immediately with a smile.Two great..."
"Totally agree it was like being back in SA, the meat quality was second to none, cooked to perfection, generous portions, welcoming atmosphere,..."
"Went for the first time last night with my family.. I don't understand the harsh comments.It's a good family restaurant with plenty space..."
Donovan Duval
"A friend an I ate at Porterhouse last night, we didn't make a reservation and we were welcomed and seated without a fuss.The food was amazing,..."
Alexandra Burridge
"Wow went to the newly opened PORTERHOUSE restaurant in Pakuranga tonight, man what a feast, felt like I was back in South Africa with Steak with..."
Stefanus Nel
"My husband and I walked in without a booking on Sunday 5th, for dinner. We were seated, water came, drinks order done, food ordered, yummy entries..."
Sandy Williams
"Four of us visited for Sunday lunch today, our first experience at Porterhouse Grill. Nice modern décor, and a surprising large restaurant (using..."
"Just what Auckland needed....a truly fantastic steak house with a great menu. We went a week after opening. There are still a few teething problems..."
"Had best ever omlette for breakfast on 24th Dec . Superb .Cooked to perfection. Others had eggs benedict and pancakes. Highly Recommended . Staff..."
Genneth Marshall-Inman
"Had made a booking for four on opening night and upon arrival was impressed with the layout. It was quite busy and despite being well staffed, it..."
"I went to try out this bar with a close and fussy friend, food was fantastic I had the ribs awesome, fish and chips were mouth watering so I was..."
Janet Riley
"I took my parents for a meal at Porterhouse last week and we really enjoyed the food. We shared a selection of starters - the scallops were..."
"Myself and my husband went for dinner when Porterhouse opened last week and had an excellent meal.Our eye fillet steaks were cooked to..."
"Great spot. We got there early with a party of eight. Service was great and the food delicious. Despite some challenging fiid allergies we were..."
Philip Clegg
"Great steak restaurant, up market interior. Steaks are juicy and cooked the way you want with a few choices of sauce. Plenty of sides that comes with..."
"First time at Porterhouse yesterday and we had a sleeping baby with us. The staff found us a quiet corner and they were so respectful of us. They..."
Cee Grace
"The food here is awesome and amazing, have been here multiple times and its a favourite - especially the waffles! The only thing that would need to..."
"We went to Porterhouse Grill with some friends of ours for dinner the other night. The steaks here are very good and they cooked them all perfectly..."
Rice & Kai
"Who would have thought there was a restaurant in Pakuranga Plaza Felt like a steak and had walked by this place a few timesA..."
The Incredible Edible
"The food was excellent. Scallops were fresh and done perfectly. Buttery and melt in your mouth. My prime rib had great flavour in the seasoning, a..."
Evashan Thavar
"I had an eye fillet with creamy mushroom sauce and mash potato. Also had seasonal vegetables for the side. I ordered my steak medium rare, and it was..."
Sy Chung
"Loved the atmosphere, portion size is massive for someone like me with an average appetite. Service was good, I suppose visiting as a part of a big..."
Amod Indap
"Pleasantly surprised by the quality here despite being part of the mall! We ordered the NY strip, t-bone, beef cheek, spiced salmon and some sides...."
Shammi Karunaratne
"My experience at dining here swung from one extreme to the other in several areas. The staff were really attentive and happy to turn the music down..."
Carrie Gow
"We didn't get a chance to eat here but the staff were very gracious in allowing us to sit underneath their heated seats and chill for a bit - in..."
"Located in Pakuranga, Auckland this special home of food was a great choice. Steak, assortment of seafood and other choices ensures everyone has..."
John Loau
"Amazing food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere. All round great place to..."
Tracey Evans
"We had a wonderful dinner date at Porterhouse. Staff is exceptional and the food is amazing. We had to thank the chef Doug and his staff for the..."
Jayne Pritchard
"If happy hour could start at 6pm would be nicer. We had friends over for dinner from USA and they wanted to eat a good NZ steak. No better place..."
Nav Jote
"My family and I had a really amazing time at Porterhouse tonight. Our waitress was Melissa and she was so lovely! She made jokes with us and made..."
Dominique Prinsloo
"This is a fantastic steakhouse. The steak was great, perfectly medium rare and the steak sauce was just as good. My dad had the chicken fettuccine..."
Chinmay Pandit
"Came in without a booking and was seated immediately! Nico was super friendly and made sure we were alright along with a few other staff. Even though..."
Levi Czepanski
"The food was really tasty and the cocktail happy special was on point..."
Tash Whitlow
"Im gonna add 5 stars because the service was fantastic and the pork belly was really really good. We went there with no booking on what was a super..."
U Buliruarua
"Beautiful food, both in taste and presentation and fast friendly service made extra special by the wonderful Nico. Looking forward to returning to..."
Katie Clearwater
"I was looking forward to eat in this place, in my personal opinion the service was good, the food was great, tons of flavour and well done, the place..."
Gerardo Caballero
Lone Star Manukau
76/100 (1797 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Table Service
Wheelchair Accessible
Serves Alcohol
Wine and Beer
Highchairs Available
Full Bar
"Always our family favourite. Customer Service is ALWAYS on point. The manager is awesome! We’ve been in a couple times while it was a full house..."
Aprill Rere
"Delicious mains! I had the Lamb, wow! I enjoyed every bite, perfectly cooked!! Looking forward to..."
Tina Pio Luani-Rod Nansen
"Nice service, staff very attentive food was delicious we had a big group but everything was all..."
"It was our first time here (couple of months ago now). I was suprised that the space inside was actually quiet big and looked nice - as from the..."
Komal G
"Steve, Don and their staff are fantastic. They’re always very welcoming and accommodating. Great food, great service and a nice place to hang..."
"Good place to dine with family and friends, came here on a Monday night was bit busy but food was fast and delicious steak was juicy, Jack Daniels..."
Love Food
"Friendly and great staff, loved the little thank you note written on the receipt. What a lovely touch! Had a few mocktails and namchos and it was..."
Amorita Maharaj
"Welcoming greeting on arrival, prompt service. Staff checked on how the meal was. Entree of chicken, shame it wasn't cooked to order, otherwise..."
Rob Samuels
"I love this place.. food is yum!! Barney’s ribs are my favourite.. banoffee pie is to die for!! Staffs are very nice and friendly!! I love eating..."
"I’ve always enjoyed eating at lone star, the food was good and the service great. The only thing is the wait times, however, they say a busy..."
Peneueta Willis
"Lone Star is great! We enjoyed it a lot. They took great care of my 3 year old niece and provided her with activities to keep her entertained. I..."
"Thursday evening Family Dinner with 20 people.  Great experience from when we walked in, until we left.  We ordered 2 of The Wagon Wheel Platters &..."
Jasmine Williams
"Love this place. I always go here with friends and family because they always have amazing food, great service and great drinks. It’s always busy..."
"My partner and I came in this evening for our anniversary dinner and had a great time. The young lady Lisa who was serving us was so lovely and her..."
"Well cooked steak, freshly baked potato wedges and fresh coleslaw. Such a long wait for food but worth it. Sauce is amazing. Very helpful..."
Canistan Charles
"Dined here on a Tuesday night, so it was not a busy place with only a few occupied tables. Staff were attentive and smiley, and they didn't mind my..."
Benz Chan
"Had a awesome dinner date yesterday. First time dinning here food was superb drinks yummy meal was spot on Johnny Cash chix breast to die for...."
"I love the food, but sometimes the food can be small,  but yeah its wonderful. Definitely recommend coming here. Ribs are delicious but small for..."
Eaeting Lovse
"Lonestar manukau...i love the fresh little loafs with garlic starter for me. Had the surf n turf, massive plate with I like. Everything..."
LoveFoodWithApassion🥗🍸 (Ngata)
"We have just Come from The Lonestar and the MEAL..the Service..Everything about the Restaurant was Tremendous and could not be Faulted in any way..."
Marty Barraud
"I ordered the lamb Trump and my partner ordered the pork Lassoo Hog and for our starter we ordered a beef and chicken fist of pizza (quesadilla..."
Azah Forlife
"Been here 3 times very accommodating staff. We will definitely come back again. The servings are very big, the ribs is to die for if you want the big..."
Romer De Mayo
"Great food excellent service keep up the good work !!!! ..."
Dion Dobbs
"First time there tonight for my birthday and we loved it! Food was delicious service was fantastic.The last few times we tried new restaurants were a..."
Rachel Terrace
"Ordered the Pork Lasso Of Hog and Rednick ribs.Pork was the best thing ive ever tasted lol and the ribs were yuum aswel but weren't falling..."
"Boyfriend took me for my birthday and honestly, this place made my day even lovelier than it already was. Our starter (A FIST FULL OF..."
JiEun Jenny Kim
"I've been to Lone Star Manukau twice this year and both times the food has been tasty, nicely cooked and quick to arrive. But what stuck out the most..."
"We went on Saturday night of Queens Birthday weekend. It was very busy. Although you cannot reserve a table you can be put on a priority list, we..."
Dave Koefoed
"Had a great meal tonight. It's been a while since my mum and I had gone out for dinner and were blown away by the service by Violet. She was rushed..."
Sandie Prior
"It's my first time at Lone Star. Loaf, recommended by those who tried it, was warm & good. I had the "Kiwi Joker" which is Angus rib eye with 2 eggs,..."
"Been to lonestar a couple of times now and they never disappoint. The food at times can take a long time to come out but is well worth the wait once..."
Belle T
"Went for dinner & had the most amazing meal & outstanding service by the waitress Alex. As soon as we were seated she was there taking our orders no..."
"LoneStar in Manukau has improved a lot since the last time we were here a few years ago.The food was quick, drinks were regularly checked and it..."
Jesse James .
"Absolutely awesome place! Felt like V.I.P.s! Food was amazing, staff were really lovely and helpful, will definitely be coming back!! Thanks so much..."
Jarrod Jen Whaikawa
"A totally awsome time & experience 👍🏼😃 right from the get go. My third time dining at Lonestar Manukau 😃 as always fantastic..."
James Michael Anderson
"Dined for dinner on a Monday night with my family! Was busy for a Monday too. The friendly staff welcomed us as soon as we entered the doors, we were..."
Lia Pulu-Tagaloasa
"Love the staff there but really the food is average nd some of the menu is expensive for its price, also get a proper uniform looking like you work..."
"We dined here recently with my cousin for my birthday.We arrived on a busy Friday night and were promptly given a table. I had a wobbly..."
Miss Alesana
"Arrived and were quickly seated and served with a smile, ordered and the starter (white loaf to share) was nice and warm and fresh, mains were swift..."
"The food was great, steak cooked to our liking and plenty of drinks at the bar to keep us happy. When it came time to go home they called us a taxi..."
Dale-Maree Brosnahan
"Lone star was the star of the night, baby back ribs so tender and juice was perfectly cooked, honesty I didn't have any room for dessert, the apple..."
Rex Rozario
"Have been here a few times and never have anything negative to say. The staff are always friendly and the service is always prompt. My only niggle is..."
Maria Foy
"Ribs = gooooooooood.Marks down are for the environment - the music was too loud, had to shout across the table (although points for the..."
Richard Matthews
"Awesome experience of dining. Arrived around 5.30pm when it was quiet. Excellent service by staff and waitress of the evening including a handwritten..."
"There were 14 of our family who dined at Lonestar Manukau on 10/03/14 for my dads birthday. Overall the experience was excellent & our waiter..."
Jasmine Williams
"Ate here last night and it was a really good experience. All the staff we encountered were happy, polite,friendly and knowledgeable. Because the..."
Pauline Bennett
"Just visited Lone Star today. Beautiful food, I had the Dixie chicken, have to say it was delicious. The staff were very friendly gave us a booth..."
Zanna Mohd
"Excellent waitress, fast, friendly and attentive- given that this was their first time working as a collective. Arrived around 2 or 3pm, didn't book,..."
Eunice Rongo
"Almost full house when we arrived on a Black Saturday evening. Good we called to reserve seats earlier. Servers were kind and polite though food..."
Butch Jaca Rafols
"Super busy but our food came out pretty quickly and so did our drinks. Our waitress was lovely. The BB King Ribs were divine! We were all very happy..."
"Great place and great food. The manager was very polite and ensured everyone was looked after. We didn't get served though and had to find a waiter,..."
Clayton P
"Great steak and rustic chunky chips covered in delicious mushrooms. Ribs were tasty and huge even tho we were expecting beef and they turned out to..."
Dion Matthew Hakiaha
"It was a busy night and slow service was expected. Nevertheless the staff was very hospitable and were pleasant. The acoustics are terrible in the..."
Nicky Jones
"Been coming here for the longest time. They are always full. We are group of 5 adults and 4 children. Our table was booked for 6pm. Tonight wasnt..."
"Food at lonestar is always delicious Especially their ribs full of flavour and large portions. Lone Star Manukau is a great branch. Very clean, lots..."
Teta Fanualelei
"Delicious meal. For what I ordered perfectly. 6hrs later im still not hungry. Well worth the cost. Waiter was awesome too. Kids felts n colouring..."
Angel Burnett-Ashwin
"Hadn’t been here in SO long so it was good to see a few changes on the menu!Had a lovely hot garlic loaf for entree with calamari very..."
Ali Tera
"Went there for a booked work function. Food was great and arrived in a timely fashion. The only negatives were always a wait at the bar, one not nice..."
Te Whetu
70/100 (1773 ratings)
Quick Bites
Vegetarian Friendly
Fast food
Fast Food
Vegetarian Friendly
Full Tandoori Chicken
Grill Chicken Burger
Double Chicken Blat Burger
Meal with Rice and Chips
Whole Chicken and Ribs
Garlic bread
Chicken with Lime
Grilled chicken
Chicken Fingers and Fries
Churrasco BBQ Thigh Pieces
Peri peri chicken
Garden Salad
Half Chicken with Fries
Peri Peri Fries
Mixed Plater
Fast food
Fast food
Wheelchair Accessible
"This was not my first time here but I was taking my father and mother in law here for the first time. They are very conservative about their food and..."
"Really good chicken - juicy with a decent amount of bbq sauce, not too salty or oily. Fast service and decent sized portions. The fries weren't..."
Imperius Malekith
"Had the classic burger. Tasted a lot better than I thought. Chicken was nice and juicy, and the mild chilli sauce complemented it perfectly...."
Dan Nguyen
"Ordered the chicken tenderloins in mild sauce, chicken bbq thighs, cheesy pita and two peri peri chips. Its our go to when we are hungry and want a..."
Food Loverrr
"Have been to this place for quite a number of times.The foods, especially the grilled chickens are really yummy. Always feel like having..."
Marcus Lau
"My favorite meal. I love love their grilled chicken and peri peri chips. Cannot say enough about how delicious their meals are. Always a regular at..."
Amorita Maharaj
"First time at Nando’s with Boss and a work colleague. Straight after over time on a Saturday. Met up at Nando’s for a feed and it was well worth..."
LoveFoodWithApassion🥗🍸 (Ngata)
"My favourite place to visit with my friends👌🏻 chicken was delicious. A bit crowded sometimes and they need to work on their customer service..."
"Tried Nandos for the first time with their Superfoods Salad w/ added grilled HOT Periperi chicken strips. Found the salad to be absolutely divine...."
LC Tavioni
"One of my favourite place now for a quick dinner, staffs were friendly , quick service, clean with cosy ambience. The chicken are so tender and you..."
Roger DD
"Never fails to please my partner and I. Service is always good and the place is always super clean 👍🏼 although the service time could be a bit..."
Holly O'Dea
"I am actually really surprised by the low rating of this Nandos. I love the ambience, especially upstairs it's a really nice restaurant to dine in...."
Ashleigh Michelle
"Shared a whole chicken meal between three people and it was quite nice. Love the chicken ribs. The flavours were similar to other chains. Also got an..."
Benedict Uy
"Nice food with good ambiance and service. Tried both veg and non-veg and it was good. Veggie pocket is good for vegetarians and rest everything is..."
"Me and my partner recently went to this Nando's whilst passing through. First impressions were alright, the light shades were strange and..."
"Not the best nandos But food is the same . Too crowded downstairs. Staff isn't friendly . They all look depressed. Maybe management..."
Leo Dilshan
"Been here numerous times. Decor is nice since they upgraded. Most recent time I went was just before the lunch rush. Ordered and food was..."
"Nando's is great. Some staff here are rude but some are extremely nice. The place is newly renovated and they serve their food quite fast as well...."
Marggie Pascua
"Had african style full chicken with peri sauce.. It was just so delicious and mind blowing.. Ordered 1 full chicken which is sufficient to make 2 of..."
Mukesh Bisht
"Newly refurbished Nandos joint! Love the new decor! So fresh and modern, restaurant is clean and very smart. Staff are okay, however..."
"I'm a big fan of nando's. Manukau doesn't let me down, the chicken is delicious, the service is great, they are happy to put extra peri salt on the..."
Jamez Hill III
"One of my favourite places their grill chicken n BBQ ribs ..only problem is their timing ..they will make u wait for 20-30mins to serve you..."
"As a lover of Nando's, this would be one of my favourite stores. I go here occasionally.Friendly service, great location, same old menu but..."
"Great food and awesome service. Food was quick and waitresses knew what we wanted before we asked. All in all great place to dine, only down side was..."
Talah Barnes
"Went to Nandos Manukau with a group of friends! Ordered the family feast. Thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The customer service was amazing and we felt..."
"I go here often because of the friendly staff and the delicious food. It has a nice atmosphere and great food. Highly..."
"Came here to eat with friends, I've always enjoyed their peri peri chips and my friend's got stuffed pita as well as the new garlic bread to share...."
"Nando’s is great but this time they mixed vegan wrap into chicken wrap that wasn’t something we were expecting. Rest in order chicken burger and..."
Tapan Choudhary
"The best and freshest Nando’s I’ve had in NZ. The presentation was excellent. The food was FAST. And I got to order at the counter (some Nandos..."
"I love eating here. The food is always cooked nicely. Delicious food. Love it. The only reason for giving 4 star is many times i went here, i was..."
"This is our go to place for a grilled chicken, love the interior though the only downside compared to other branches is that staff are not so..."
Josephine Lucas De Guzman
"The location of restaurant is very good outside the mall. Interior is nice simple large spacious seating area they have upstairs seating..."
adesh pal
"Was fine, except they put our chicken together on the same plate. One spicy and one not. Also said we couldn't sit upstairs for no apparent..."
Mary Houston
"Food was good but the staff was so nonchalant. They were not welcoming or warm. They just stood around in the kitchen all talking to each other. Even..."
Zain Ali
"Food and services is really good but the plate, water glass and cutleries are really dirty. We needed to clean everything before we use it. Could use..."
Aman Tamang
"The place is really nice and employees are very friendly and accomodating. We went there early like 11am and they only have 1 serving of rice..."
La La
Texas Chicken
70/100 (1734 ratings)
Raw chicken
Chicken tenders
3 Piece Meal
Texas Chicken 8 Piece Pack with 5 Wings Chicken Have Other Parts Should Be Atleast 2 Different Parts
Expensive and Miserable Burger Combo
"I think about Texas Chicken a lot. Unfortunately, I can rarely satisfy my cravings because all of the outlets are so far away, but I did manage to..."
Achini Samarasekara
"10 times better than KFC...."
Simran Singh
"This chicken place is way better then some of its competitors. Love the biscuit. It’s a bit buttery but it’s nice. Tried the Mexican burger,..."
"I like KFC and I feel Texas is on another level. Easily the best recommended foodcourt option. Massive pieces of chicken, very fulfilling and a..."
"I’ve made the trip here from the Shore a number of times since they’ve opened and it is so worth the drive every single time.I always..."
Vivian C
"This must be the best fried chicken in Auckland. Just wondering why they don't open branch in Auckland central. Hot and spicy fried chicken crispy ..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Spent around 23.50 here, got the 6 pack chicken with $3.50 a add on. The customer service and preparation of food was quick. Better than KFC in my..."
"I always crave for their chicken! Its so tasty and juicy. The lady who served me is very friendly but other staffs were nice too. There’s a lot of..."
Jessie Tui
"Update on 30 Aug 2018:We bought 10 pieces of Texas spicy fried chickens today for dinner. They were as good as usual, the skin was crunchy..."
Marcus Lau
"Yum! Chicken is not bad, still prefer KFC because of flavor, these chickens have a crunch and are still moist and juicy, the biscuit or that bread is..."
"One of the easiest review I have placed. YUM! YUM! YUM!Would I go again: YES Value for money: YES My mouths watering..."
J Thomson
"Definitely better chicken than KFC, slightly costlier but big juicy pieces. Spicy option is better and has good flavor. Coleslaw is also..."
"Had lunch here today , 3 piece pack , came out nice & hot!! Everything was good & tasty but my buns were a lil bit soggy other then that 8/10..."
"4/5 Taste4/5 Display 4/5 Quantity 3.5/5 Customer ServiceBest fast food chicken branch in New ZealandQuality..."
"One of the best if not the best chicken in Auckland or maybe in the whole NZ!I have to agree their chicken feels less grease than any other..."
Rafael Del Rosario
"Tried Texas the first time, shocked and satisfied:) As a super fan of KFC fried chicken, Texas piece is perfect so far. Juicy and crispy, original..."
Ellen Zhang
"Service was good during a busy lunch hour. Food came fresh and crispy. Chips were crisp and nice And chicken had nice and crisp coating and not..."
Netty Mc
"Wow it's quite good. Doesn't make you feel sick or greasy like other fast food chains. Fresh, top-quality chicken. Gravy is really nice too. It just..."
Lo9ve3r 4s
"It's a shame that you have to drive to Manukau to eat here. It's pretty much just like KFC, a lot of people say they like it more, but i still love..."
S&G Take Auckland
"Their chicken are really nice and crunchy. I love their chicken tender. The honey mustard sauce is really nice and goes really well with the chicken...."
Krystal Tran
"if you are a fried chicken mukbang fan then this is what dreams of made of and where you should buy your chicken, eat it, and film it. the spicy..."
Mojo Jade
"Really good service. Chicken always moist and not too long for delivery. Better than any Auckland KFC I've been too. And they look alot cleaner than..."
Lē Slade
"Pretty good better than KFC, Hot and Spicy. Gravy more rich but no gravy only option. Lines usually long and no drive through. Service good-great...."
Oment Li
"Back when I was eating meat which was a few months ago I would come here for some tasty, juicy n chunky chicken. Beats KFC by far, only downer is..."
"Way better than kfc. Chickens are moist and Large . Not like kfc being small and dry. One of my favourite fast food places . A+++ would definitely..."
Naire Enoka
"Super delicious ! This is my first time trying TEXAS CHICKEN and I'm in love !!!!!!! They taste so much better than KFC especially their spicy..."
Chiny Chin Chin
"I was fortunate enough to get these fresh, if you have to wait it's worth the wait. Just be careful when you bite down not to burn..."
Tony Ma
"Well the only reason I go KFC is Texas Chicken hasn't opened one in north shore yet. I don't mind to drive a long way to Manukau or Henderson but it..."
"Yes, you read it right. This is a review of a fastfood restaurant 😄. Being a hot&spicy fried chicken lover, I would definitely recommend Texas..."
"Chicken was so much bigger than KFC. I ordered what I'd usually order at KFC and it was such a big portion in comparison I couldn't eat it all. ..."
"Can't beat KFC but love the crunchy coating of Texas chicken. Honey butter bun was weird at first but now the more I eat it the more I like it! You..."
"This is probably my 5th time here. I just loved their crispy, hot and spicy chicken compared to others. It's fresh and juicy and taste like no other...."
"It's juicy, it's tender and so crunchy. I had the the spicy chicken it was beautiful and what the meal came with made it complete, I just love that..."
Ivy Rasmussen
"Great taste is only skin deep. Meat inside is bland. Chicken sizes are bigger than their direct competitors. Honey butter buns are..."
Benz Chan
"Went here yesterday for lunch and it was such a nice change from KFC.  Better than KFC actually.  The chicken was super crunchy and super tender..."
Amelia Whitford
"The chicken is so good, enough spice and super crunchy. Definitely worth the hype. Sometimes you just got to try fried chicken that is not from KFC..."
Marggie Pascua
"The first taste of Texas chicken was at this very mall. After working at AUT south campus orientation last year, I decided to try it out and it is..."
Tavita Milford
"Service was fast. The chicken was delicious and fresh. The buns were so good too. Everything was way better than kfc and it wasn't greasy either !..."
Esleigh Saxe
"Other than the one time that they messed up my takeaway order (gave 3 honey butter buns when I ordered and paid for 6 😟), I have nothing negative..."
Michelle Ma Belle
"Thank whoever that brought Texas Chicken to New Zealand!! The chicken were so crunchy, tender and spicy (if you order spicy ones) I mean not that..."
"Cool place in this noisy food court. Meal was nice and filling. Spicy options are nice. Lots of foot fall into this place, still service was quick..."
"The original Texas chicken franchise in New Zealand. This place is a beauty. For a while it was out performing every other food place in the Mall...."
Josh Law
"I have to say kfc is better, generous portions of chicken but not as much flavour as kfc. Chips are average. Coleslaw is way better at kfc. I eat..."
Jasmine Seutahi
"I liked the new joint Texas Chicken in comparison to KFC. The chicken is bigger and spicier and you get a honey scone with gravy and chips. KFC chips..."
Can Dee
"Im not a big fan of fast food, but will indulge once in a blue moon especialy when tired and hungry. When it comes to chicken KFC is the closest..."
Kiwi Latu
"The crispy fried chicken here is worth the hype. Definitely. Despite having to drive 15 minutes before I could eat it, it survived the journey and..."
"A brand name that resonates through Auckland's fried chicken lovers. I was determined to come and try their fried chicken. As expected,..."
"Visited Texas Chicken a few months back on a weekday lunch, it was busy and we queued up for bout 15 mins.  Once it was our turn the service was..."
John Chin
"Juicy, crunchy and moist. All the things fried chicken should be. I wouldn't say Texas is better than KFC though just because they both have pros and..."
"The fried chicken was really good, crispy on the outside but the meat was still juicy, and I think is better than KFC as it's not as oily and doesn't..."
"I tried TC twice and I think it's one of the best ones in the mall ...quick service and affordable meal ...highly recommended to try if u want a..."
"The service was quick and the chicken was super crispy on the outside and really juicy in the centre.Their mashed potato is way better than KFC..."
Zara Alexzandra Young
"mmmmmmm I had to try this just because kfc was stopping their hot n spicy shortly, I was pleasantly surprised, loved the spicy chicken but yes, the..."
Jon Reid
"Have been told by numerous people how great this place is, finally had the chance to try it out yesterday. The chicken was fresh and crispy and I..."
"Really moist, juicy and crispy chicken. Decent size and portion. The potato gravy were a bit salty. The sweet bun taste like a scone which is great..."
"Best fried chicken i have ever had! When its busy hours they take quite long to make your order but its totally worth the wait. The fried chicken has..."
Renée Chiu
"I have had TC on a number of occasions and i think it's really great. The staff are a bit under trained but since they just started it's forgivable...."
Nicole Mae Flores
"With KFC being one of my past times in recent years i thought I was in a good space to evaluate TC. Recommended by workmates of my partner.Not..."
"Very yummy#spicy#crunchy#moist# check the receipt as they offer for repeat purchase. #YAMO# Will go back, service needs bit more attention..."
Ashika Anand
"First time we went on a Friday they stopped taking orders at 730pm asked me to wait but can't say how long. Went again today and short wait but worth..."
"I've had this. . . Literally nearly every week since they've opened haha. Lovely moist chicken with crunchy coating. I've had both..."
"The wait was rather long at around 10.30am on a weekday. The staff does not seem to be experience enough to deal with a lot of orders. The chicken..."
Candii Cao
"It is quite hard to compare Texas Chicken to KFC. After the family had sampled this new place, we've concluded that KFC will still reign for its..."
"So we heard about this new fried chicken place and thought of giving it a try.The whole conversation was about KFC vs Texas Chicken. Here's..."
Jade Lim
"I went yesturday food very testy or Awsome and service very nice all crews take order very zentley or best all luck in future and I m thankfully..."
Deepa Hardeep
"I don't wanna use this here but really it's finger licking good... The chicken is well cooked and it's spicy as I need. The outlet has opened..."
Hardeep Singh
"Waited in line for 10mins to get my order. Then had to wait for another 5mins for my desserts. Good was very good. Customer service could be a bit..."
Jason Prasad
"Prior to eating here I was told that the food was much better than kfc's and to my surprise it far exceeded my expectations. Only thing that..."
Richard Tran
"Oh yum yum yum , in comparison to kfc , it's not as big portion size slightly smaller . juicier , lighter . so I felt way less guilty eating this ...."
Shannon Toetoe
"It's a newly introduced fast-food in New Zealand. I'm hoping they'll add more branches because it beats KFC by far! The chicken had a rich..."
Razelle Icaro
"Texas chicken is located out a typical food court environment out manukau. So don't expect it like the hype that Carl's J had when it opened out..."
"I liked the spicy chicken. They were good. Take away and dine in is available. Ample space, but the weekend better be there early, or it will be a..."
George Vinish
"Amazing Texas Chicken Chain located in Westfield Manukau! They have tasty chicken which seems to taste a lot fresher at this specific chain. Staff..."
Food and Travel
"Located in the food court of the Manukau Westfield Mall, it tends to get really busy but the service is quick. The spicy chicken burger or wrap is..."
Em Dee
"Shop at food court in Westfield shopping centre. Share table with other food shops The chickens is tasty and juicy. Much better than the other big..."
Baba Cat
"Fast and fresh, very much American style plate of chicken. Chicken is habanero spiced, nice burn, tender and crisp. Chicken pieces are smaller than..."
Jono joe
"Texas is inside Westfield mall. Plenty of parking, nice place to have breakfast, lunch or..."
Mathew George
"We went to this mall for the first time and were not able to decide what to order but looking at what most the people were ordering, Teaxs chicken..."
Raman Singh
"We went to this mall for the first time and were not able to decide what to order but looking at what most the people were ordering, Teaxs chicken..."
Raman Singh
"First time to have it in South of akl instead of west. Guess we were there at dinner time, chicken and chips served at fresh, everything tasted so..."
dan brown
"Good food, good price, too bad no spicy chicken when i was there. Very..."
Therick Ram
"Great fried chicken. Way better than KFC chicken which is so small and barely coated. Have the spicy options for the spice lovers. Service needs..."
Rahul Rajasekharan
Paldo Korean Buffet
82/100 (2732 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Deserts Chocolate
Prepare for Start Cooking BBQ Anything
Multiple Meat Options and Sides
Beef Bulgogi
Korean BBQ Pork
Cole Slaw
Fried Chicken Dumplings
Korean Hot Pot
Shrimp and Beef
Sounds - Peach Strawberry N Grape Flavours
Sit down
Highchairs Available
Table Service
Wheelchair Accessible
"The place was recommended to us! Based on our own experience, we recommend it too! My family, our friend & I dined in first time tonight. We..."
Tala Tasi
"Reasonable price, excellent staff, great menu, place is clean and tidy and the atmosphere is awesome! We will definitely come back again and again....."
Maita Pelayo Lucas
"Absolutely stunning new korean buffet in Botany. The food was prepared in excellent quality with variety of meats and vegetables. Exciting to see..."
Hee Yun Jenny Choi
"Went there last night for dinner it was absolutely stunning! Very traditional, perfect food selection and plenty of it. I didn't get to try it all as..."
Anna Mes
"Good selection of food. A seafood selection would be good..."
Mel Edmonds
"It is a nice quiet enjoyable place. very clean. We have been there several times. Highly recommend to my..."
Lily Yang
"Absolutely love this restaurant. Great food, friendly staff that make you feel welcomed and making sure that you're satisfied and of course their..."
Shannon Rapana
"Loved the fried spicy rice cakes especially. Everything is tasty here and if you love the American gum Big red you have to try the cinnamon punch on..."
Nia Tupouniua
"Ah!mazing!!!we love korean food and have tried different korean restaurants around auckland,but this is by-far the BEST!Cheers team -Paldo(great..."
Surbhi Kharbanda
"Best Korean buffet in Auckland, can I just mention the rice cake is out of this world its my favourite I just cant get..."
Ursha Cunard
"Visited yesterday with friends together. Various tasty foods with gorgeous interior. Not to mention it was clean. Bibimbap was fantastic! Really..."
Jinhee Elisha Lee
"It was my first time with my family we all love the food. The place was really clean and tidy. Love the Korean songs will definitely go back there..."
Paea Pine
"great experience. good location friendly service. food was awesome. real authentic korean..."
Alan Oh
"Love this place. Wanna come with my friends again. Food was..."
Tiny Fernando
"great food great atmosphere . And a great restaurant to take the..."
Matty Osborn
"Great quality Korean food and service ! Highly recommended for all..."
Ev Ting
"I went there for lunch yesterday and there weren't that many customers there. This is the fourth time I have came back for their lunch buffet and..."
"The food is really great. One of my favourites in the city. You can get the variety of good very..."
Cüneyt Güven
"We always enjoy a meal at Paldo, the chefs have a way with flavour and all of their many sides are so..."
Kathryn Ruth
"Awesome as always! Love the bulgogi and spicy pork. Will come back again next time..."
Xilehrf Nanulagap
"Great selection of food for the price. Beats most Korean buffets I've been..."
"I've been a regular customer of Paldo since 2017 and they haven't let me down yet from all the times that I've been here. The great thing about Paldo..."
Rafael Del Rosario
"Great place goood food had a pleasant lunch here. Very..."
"The inside of the restaurant is surprisingly modern and spacious which from the outside you would've never guessed. There were quite a few options..."
Linda Lin
"Great Korean buffet place in the East area!If you love Korean food yet you haven't been here, well,,,,, you are missing a lot!I..."
"Absolutely recommend this place for dinner and lunch especially for big families. So affordable and has a good range of Korean food. All the cooked..."
Miura Elikana
"Was pleasantly surprised at the modern interior with a large selection of food. Food tasted amazing. However the stations weren't refilled or looked..."
"Delicious buffet with many choices of food. Also let’s you customise your bibimbap. Great mixture you can also order hot pots to cook yourself...."
"Pretty cheap for a buffet especially having high quality food. Everything tasted really good, I really liked the rice cake and meat selection is very..."
"Excellent place to have hot pot! Food was everything! Place is clean. Just dessert was let down but was ok. Friendly staff. Will be back again for..."
"Extensive range of selection, from cold dishes, Korean hot pot to make your own bibimbap. You name it, they have it. Friendly staff, nice..."
"We‘ve been here a few times now, the food is Authentically Korean. There is a large number of options and all of them are yummy. We always have a..."
Klaus Buwert
"Came here on a Monday for a birthday and had a group of about 20. The ambience was nice and the restaurant was clean. The food was great and there..."
Courtney Ann
"My friends took me here to celebrate a late birthday lunch. Friendly staff and delicious food! I took my family two days later and they are also..."
Maxine Edwards
"This the our family 'S favorite korean buffet at east Auckland. Environment really clean and hygiene, service always polite and friendly. Foods are..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Best ever. I will say $28 buffet dinner with four star hotel taste, extremely clean and quiet environment, large table gap, beautiful food layout,..."
"Food: 4/5Service: 4/5Overall: 4.8/5A decent korean buffet place in Auckland! There were really lots of choices to choose from. I..."
The Poor Foodie
"Food: 5/5Ambience: 5/5Cost: 5/5Service: 5/5Thoroughly enjoyed this place for a buffet dinner on a Tuesday evening. So many..."
Jen Lin
"Definitely one of better Korean buffets in Auckland. Our family and friends love coming here for special occasions. Lots of choices of side dishes,..."
“Dailee” 25% Off Zomato Gold
"Looooove this place! They have such a great selection of food and the atmosphere is waaaay nicer than a lot of other buffet place. Only wish they..."
Bonnie Hu
"I had several lunch buffet with Paldo and I really like it especially the fresh bibimbap! Love the idea of you could have your own bowl of bibimbap,..."
"Great location with lots of parking. Nice looking restaurant. Great for big groups too. Clean and friendly attentive staff. Came through for buffet..."
"Somewhat mis leading, not KBBQ at all. Just purely a korean buffet, with hot pot/steam boat too. Buffet is still good. Would come back here..."
Rob Lam
"Went to Paldo for the first time with some friends for dinner. They had lots of delicious options available, many of which I had never tried before..."
Monleigh Ikiua
"If you want to taste delicious and authentic Korean food, Paldo is a great choice!👍Food is in good quality,but the dessert does a bit let..."
Linda Yan
"This is a great non cook your own korean buffet. Has such a wide selection of korean dishes from beef bulgogi, egg and tofu, squid, spicy pork and..."
"Korean buffet & hotpot. Wide selection of food and all taste good. Love their hotpot. The soup base is very good.Very good services and good..."
Uncle V
"Nice clean and quiet big place suitable for baby as well. We go there for dinner at least twice a month.Food is great. Dinner time hot pot..."
"I've been here multiple of times and they always served us with a smile and kindness. When I walked in to their restaurant, I felt like I was in..."
"Very nice food and worth for $$. There are many different and a wide variety of Korean food to choose from and the place provides a very nice..."
"Always an amazing experience!The waiters are always friendly and helpful.Food choices is always bountiful so no complaints..."
Mary Jane Halaapiapi
"Always good, we have had lunch here several times. A good selection of food. The flavours are traditional and they always have many Koreans dining..."
Gary Montrose
"Service 5 starFood 5starValue 5 starRecommend to allVery authentic Will be backLocation goodWe have good..."
"Don't think I took full advantage of what was on offer other wise I suspect I would give a 5. Otherwise had a really good night here. Staff were..."
Uce Wayne
"Was very pleased with the service at Paldo!! Receptionist knew exactly who we were as we set foot in the restaurant. Food was great and it was the..."
Katrina Fineisaloi
"Its Korean buffet . love this dishes more than BBQ . Tasty:) i prefer to come here when i feel like Korean food but i don’t know what to eat...."
Alice In New Zealand
"Have been to this korean buffet numerous times. In fact, this is one of the restaurants that I frequent the most in Auckland. The reason is that the..."
Marcus Lau
"Been here quite a few times. It is very comfortable sitting place, although they do get very busy. It is a self serve korean buffet, not the bbq..."
Wilson Shum
"Went for a last minute family dinner. We were looking for a Korean BBQ place and booked here instead.  It was a refreshing change to having a..."
"Food and restaurant well presented, with friendly, willing to help staff. . . Family friendly at a good price.. food is amazing. . . Definitely..."
Susan Williams
"The place is really nice for people who enjoy Korean food. They serve lots of Korean traditional cold appetizers and hot dishes as well. It is one of..."
"Initially I thought it was Korean bbq! My bad. It did have a steam boat concept to it.They give you a pot of broth on top of a cooker then you can..."
Jho Meets Food
"Paldo is my go to best korean buffet place. The interior is classy with well spaced seating and good lighted ambience. I love their banchan dishes,..."
"I enjoyed every bits of different flavour for both cold & hot 😋Most of the dishes were tasty, but the ingredients available at the bibimbap..."
"The food there tastes really good. However, it would be great if they have more varieties. It’s really easy to get tired of with only few food..."
Georgia Zhang
"It was quality buffet. Sadly, they start putting food away at 1:40pm. They should make announcement so we can go for our last round. It was on a..."
Lay Cheng Ho
"Friendly service and good ambience. Had lunch with a friend. surprised to see varieties of food choices. Liked side dishes and soup. It was not..."
Rachel Liew
"Was an awesome first time experience would definitely go again the staff were lovely and friendly would have loved to have had some dessert even if..."
X Nqaasz
"Came here last month for the dinner buffet. Lots of different things here like the bibimbap station , hot pot and side dishes. The sushi was really..."
Sanchez Palalagi
"I love the ambience of the restaurant and kindness of the staff. We went there for lunch buffet priced at $19/pax. Make sure to make your own..."
Sheena (Code SHEE7152H For Zomato Gold)
"Enjoyed the huge variety of food they offer. If you usually like the side dishes at korean restaurants you will love this place. its quite spacious..."
"Love this place 🙌 clean dining, not too small. Food is delicious too! Staff are friendly and welcoming, they saw I was pregnant and offered me and..."
Love Food
"Came in yesterday night for dinner for the first time.Tried my first kimchi pancake here. Was decent.Sushi were cut in tiny pieces and..."
Rosanne Choy
"We had lunch at this place today. We came a bit early while it is still close but the nice lady really made an effort to went outside and placed a..."
Edmund Labitad
"My father's 70th birthday lunch was held at Paldos in Dec 2017.The service on the day of my Dads birthday was amazing. The food was fresh and..."
Jen Matautia
"Variety is amazing. Fresh food being topped up all the time. I love the amounts of options for different dishes- you can make a soup, make bimbap, or..."
"We booked a buffet table for a smallish group. It was a weekend & at lunch time, the place looked inviting & we loved the ambience at first sight...."
"Nice korean buffet, with a large variety of korean food. Gimbab, bibimbap, tteokbokki, japchae noodles and bulgogi just to name a few. Also had..."
"I only had lunch meals with my company workers. They loved and enjoyed the korean meal especially the spicy squid and pork. Generally..."
Chun Daeseung
"This place gets so packed especially in the weekend so booking in advance is ideal. Had to wait half an hour to get a table but the staff were really..."
Neelam Chandra
"The food at the buffet was well cooked and it was delicious.There are lots of food choices that you can pick. It really represents the Korean..."
"One of the best buffet restaurants in Auckland. Very nice Korean food. Bibimbap, kimchi, hot pot and all the other meals are so good. Recommended...."
"My family and I enjoyed the buffet that was always topped up on time, plus given the fact we went on a Saturday evening which was very busy with so..."
Sailau Dinel Vaimoso
"I visited here tonight for dinner at around 7pm (Saturday)Luckily I arrived before a big group booking, I was able to try most of the food..."
"Yummy! I have been twice with my family and it was great both times. Great atmosphere, great setting. Will definitely visit again. Lovely food,..."
Brittney Misipeka-Kerr
"Been here twice. This is my new favourite spot and is where i plan to take my guests in future. The restaurant itself is a lovely place, clean, tidy..."
"Been visited a few times. Atmosphere and food are awesome. Staff was very nice and kind. I will go back again. Highly recommend. Also, the service..."
"Came here unplanned as we just wanted to eat out. Upon arriving place is a little bit empty with only few diners being a slow day. Staff was very..."
Miguelito Rodriguez
"Had an amazing time at this reataurant. Will definitely visit again. The setting was beautiful and the food was fantastic. The service was..."
Otara Tamaohi
"Tried my hands on Korean Food, which was good enough specially dumplings, the rice, chicken, fries, eggs, and variety of items...Good to go,..."
Sagar Dani
"Have been here two times already. First time was during dinner and they had this amazing LA Beef Ribs! I will definitely come back just because of..."
"Always my favourite korean buffet restaurant, pretty busy for Wednesday night with only 2 staffs on floor but they doing great job. Great food and..."
Roger DD
"I have been here twice in the last 2 weeks now, once for dinner and once for lunch. Loved both visits, very diverse range of Korean food. However,..."
Adam McLean
"Paldo is definitely one of the better Korean buffet restaurants in Auckland.For $28 per adult, my family was treated to a wide variety of..."
Benz Chan
"Lots of variety of side dishes, the place was clean and very well presented, waiters will tend to your table taking dirty dishes and also maintain..."
Sarah Faith
"It's a good korean restaurant, lots of food to choose from, friendly staff and great atmosphere. $28 per person (dinner) is pretty pricy but food..."
Tien Pham
"Very happy with my dining experience here. Place is tidy and clean. Staff is friendly. Great alternative to greasy Korean bbq, the hot pot is..."
"Good service. Rice cakes, my fave=100, Kimchi Pancakes=100, ALL MEAT= 100. Food is spicy. Clean. We sat on a table with couches so comfort level..."
Anjalei Ghar-Jun
"All you can eat buffet - totally worth the money spent. It was absolute bliss, plenty to choose from, making for short term amnesia when it comes to..."
Nakul Patel
"Food was very good - staff were constantly bringing out fresh dishes so they were always hot (or cold). The dishes in the large crock pots didn't..."
Mona Pamplona
"Had a lovely dinner! Terrific options and the place was nice and clean 👌🏽 Absolutely no complaints. Fabulous service! Definitely going again..."
Soana Taake Talia'uli
"I went to Paldo with my family Wednesday night. I found the place to be very clean & hygenic. The ambience was very cozy & friendly. The meals..."
Magic Bleeds
"Lovely Venue. Spacious and very clean. Buffet style Korean food, where all the food is precooked for you. You just pick and choose what you..."
"Superb service. The food is great too. Very relaxed atmosphere. Great variety of food from entrees to mains. The hosts are always willing to help and..."
Sham Ladkoo
"I went to Paldo for lunch and the food was amazing. I have been to a few other buffets, but this is the only buffet I have been to where they are..."
"First time here for lunch. Found it quite nice inside.. The front entrance looked like someone smashed it. Besides that the interior was modern and..."
Trish H2
"I ate so much I almost exploded. Thinking it's like a Korean BBQ buffet. Usually ou would eat fast since the food takes a while to cook and..."
Tony Ma
"brilliant korean food buffet, like korean bbq but you don't have to cook anything, hotpot is a much appreciated touch. would come definately come..."
"Loved the variety of choice of food and pleasant ambience and friendly staff. We went at 5:45 pm. And one of the first few people. Each table has a..."
Sampoorna Laxmi
"The Good:Great selection of food which is the point of buffetThe atmosphere and designs of the placeGood entry to korean..."
"This place is amazing! Such a great variety, the resturant was quite maybe because it hasn't been open long but would definitely go again, one of my..."
Brittany McCrystal
"Great selection of food. There is so much variety for a great price. I especially love the LA galbi and the spicy pork. Their chicken congee is also..."
Emma Patricia Katili
"Really good service, variety for the kids aswell. Really nice venue & interior. Great value for price, and great place for a family dinner. Very..."
Ahsei Junior Ace Sopoaga
"This is the first time I've had dinner at Paldo, and I loved it!!!It's hard finding certain Korean foods in East Auckland - but Paldo has such a..."
JY Park
"This place doesn't look like much form the outside but once you walk in its a different story.I spent half the night trying to take photos of..."
Nia Tupouniua
"Best buffet in Auckland, fresh food, authentic Korean style, clean and tidy with a very comfortable vibe, AND with lovely staff. Pork belly & fried..."
"Deliciously good! Was greeted as soon as we went through the door, all the waiters were very friendly. There was a large range of food that was..."
"Have been there for two times, love the place because it's clean, spacious and great variety of food. People who love Korean food can go for a try,..."
"😍 my love for good buffet. . Safe to say I've found another great place to satisfy my hunger HAHA. Tried this for dinner and boy am I..."
"Tried paldo for the first time last night for a girls dinner... And i have to say i was very happy with everything! The restaurant is nice..."
Lia Yosaatmadja
"This place used to be "Passito" which is an Italian restaurant - most of the staffs are the same so it seems like its still under the same..."
Mhadel Asuncion RN
"I went for dinner on Saturday night with a group of 12 friends. The staff were friendly, there was a huge selection of food. The side dishes were..."
DeAnn Nicholls
"I really enjoyed my first experience of Korean food I tried almost everything, the kimchi was fabulous, and what a great variaty, well worth $18..."
Joy Paihere Hira
"Yummmmmmmy place to eat!! Love my korean food!, the people are great, the service is great. Nice food!, so many options to choose from. The pricing..."
Maata Puutu
"Lovely dining ambience and restaurant is large. Heaps of parking as well so need to stress there. Seating and space is comfortable, not cramp like..."
"Came for dinner with family friends. There was quite a large selection of Korean food, all of which had already been cooked. I thought that one of..."
Benedict Uy
"Good experience dining here. Lots of choices. Something for everyone in our family, with different tastes or dietary preferences. The mashed pumpkin..."
"First thing to do if you want to dine here: book a table ahead of time. I booked for our Saturday table on a Wednesday night. :-)This is..."
Dee Elle
"Was super excited to see a local Korean buffet. I was hoping for some BBQed meats but instead there were just a huge variety of cooked Korean food...."
"Came here thinking it was cook your own korean bbq but when we got there we realise it was all cooked for you. It had a vast selection of..."
Candii Cao
"Visited again with my sister and partner. Bibimbap was fantastic! Really loved that we could pick our fav veggies and it was fun to decorate..."
Jinhee Elisha Lee
"Finally, a decent Korean restaurant to dine in East Auckland! Went with colleagues, all seven of us loved the place. Was good to see variety of..."
Anna OH
"Tried this new restaurant just opened last week, I actually had to wait two days to book a table as it was already full on their third business day..."
Sook Kim
"Newly opened Korean Restaurant, went with my friends on Friday evening. I was so fascinated to see a PROPER KOREAN RESTAURANT IN BOTANY!You'll..."
"Paldo is a newly opened Korean Buffet restaurant. It was fully-booked on Sunday, and so we went on Monday instead. Still there were quite a lot of..."
"I didn’t know this place was busy but seeing everyone queue up for it, I understand why now. Its legit the best KBBQ I have ever been to, the..."
"I believe they are well-known and are very popular because it's already a queue there before it opens for dinner. My first visit, a big fan of..."
Eric Chou奧克蘭寶哥
"Paldo Korean BBQ buffet is a great place to enjoy a delicious and authentic Korean barbecue experience. The restaurant has a wide variety of meats to..."
himanka sandaruwan
"Was a work dinner. And No, they’re not halal but their vegetarian dishes were tasty. The seafood and prawns were in abundance and all u can eat and..."
Tougheeda Hartley
"Love this place for Korean bbq experience. Worth the price. Variety of meat and also other Korean dishes. Only 2 downsides, there 2 dinner seasons,..."
Angela Soupha
"Service is good and food is yummy! It's worth the visit, you'll be leaving nice and..."
Victoria Lalich
"Service and just the overall feel was great. Food was good, bugolgi beef was slightly mince like but other than that was fine. Place fills up quick..."
The Bearded Bandit
"Self service Korean buffet. I like this place as the food are all cooked for you and no need to BBQ yourself. No heavy odour after meal. Place is..."
"Greeted warmly and seated promptly. Asked if we wanted to look at the food before trying which was very helpful in deciding this was our lunch..."
Nion Naiki
"Awesome Korean restaurant, best cost benefit for the quality of the food and service. The buffalo chicken was delicious, not a Korean food though...."
Mauricio Kimura
"Very good value for money, $29pp for all you can eat buffet at dinner. Good range of food to choose from. The food is flavoursome and the buffet is..."
andy main
"Good place for a family Saturday buffet dinner, cost are competitive/comparable to other buffet restaurants. Selections are normal and acceptable but..."
T Santawirya
"A noce place to satify your cravings amg hunger. This is a Korean buffet restaurant with an option to do BBQ grill or not. They have cooked food..."
Ferdinand Go
Fisher House
74/100 (1474 ratings)
New Zealand
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
New Zealand
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
High Tea
Morrocan Lamb Burger
Fish & chips
Side of Mushrooms with Salmon and Spinach Brunch
Elderwise and Apple Tea
Lamb Rack
Lamb Rump
Eggs Florentine
Vegetarian Platter
Deep Fried Calamari
Chicken Liver Parfait
Salt & Pepper Squid
Smoked Chicken Salad
Fish & Chips
Greek Lamb Burger
Lamb Salad
Fish and Chips
Angus Scotch Fillet
Sit down
New Zealand
Serves Alcohol
Parking Available
Free off-street parking
Highchairs Available
Full Bar
Free Wifi
Outdoor Seating
Accepts Mastercard
Accepts Visa
Private Dining
Table Service
Accepts American Express
Wheelchair Accessible
Street Parking
"Always a pleasant experience coming here with wonderful service. Food is well priced & tasty. Would come back all the time..."
"Came here for a late lunch and the food was amazing! We had the Angus scotch and fish of the day and we both loved them! Probably one of the best..."
"Such a beautiful setting with a huge garden. Dog friendly. A beautiful place to host events. We used Zomato Gold. You can get a discounted membership..."
Little Borneo Girl
"Went for brekky, the place was super quiet. Just us and 3 other pairs there. The place is beautiful and views were nice. Very big area to have..."
"Such a nice place to go for dinner. The atmosphere is cool in a historic house being seated in one of the dining rooms which was nice as it didn’t..."
Emma Judd
"Staffs are friendly. Service is good. Food is..."
Richard Atienza
"Good service and food will go back..."
Kaycee Reid
"Jade did a wonderful job of making us feel welcome and the food was amazing - we had the high tea and it was perfect. Will definitely come back. 5..."
Philip Huynh
"This place is awesome! Came here for our parents anniversary dinner and the service was amazing! Thanks to the lady that helped us take photos! This..."
"Food is good , service is great as usual , very convenient place to have lunch during weekdaysAmple parking space is awesome, will come back..."
Rex Chen
"Came here for the first time. The food was great! I had the sirlion steak and my partner had the mushroom risotto. Abit pricy but overall worth it..."
"Been here a few times. Love the environment, very relaxing. Food is good too and friendly staffs. Will definitely go back again. A good place for a..."
"a nice environment (both inside and outside section) and friendly staff, enjoy their breakfast more than their lunch, been here several times, the..."
"Fantastic European restaurant/bistro offering an Italian atmosphere and wonderful food. The food was exquisite, the servers friendly and I really..."
Sylvester Kuo
"Good service the team we’re very friendly and accomodating. Food was good venison was my favourite however the pork belly was also pretty good...."
Kirstie Jory
"Absolutely delicious! Fast service and sunny outdoor area. A bit on the pricey side but the food stands up to the cost. Looking forward to coming..."
Tasty Morsel
"We waited at the door for a couple of minutes and were brought to a table. Service was excellent and fast! A highchair was brought over for our baby..."
"Cute restaurant setting, enjoyed the outdoor space for lunch, food was nice and came out fast, great service. I'd like to go back for..."
Sarah Wannell
"#zomatogold# experience was great. We went there for breakfast. We ordered Eggs Benedict and corn fritters. Eggs Benedict was great. Corn..."
"We had a lovely time having lunch at Fisher House today. We were seated at an outside table with lovely ambiance. The venue is very spacious and has..."
Ming Shi
"Really neat place, that is secluded. The staff were amazing, and very attentive. I ordered a steak, which was cooked to absolute perfection -..."
Hungry Hippo
"We tried the Fisher House for breakfast. The ambiance was lovely and we enjoyed a nice outdoor table. The service was great - we arrived right after..."
"Lovely setting in Highbrook area.Food served in large portions, was hard to finish off the salmon. Desserts are larger portions to, good for..."
"Had a special dinner with my church and was very pleased with service and food overall... had a 3 course meal starting with the Goat cheese..."
Spencer's Reviews
"Great dining experience at Fisher House for my boyfriends Birthday! We got a great deal on this website through booking early and were seated at the..."
Tori Hockley
"Great customer service from the moment we arrived. Small dining area so booking beforehand is a must! Food was so delicious and flavoursome...."
"Can’t even begin to describe how amazing food is here! The venison was just cooked to perfection and it would the best grilled venison I have ever..."
"loved the atmosphere of this place, it was a warm and welcoming place. I loved my food, though the lamb was a bit under for my liking, but that’s..."
"Went here last night for friend's birthday! The venue is lovely and you feel like you've been transported away considering its in a business..."
"Came here with a friend last week, Overall the food wasn't too bad but was a bit overpriced for what it is. I had the calamari for my entree and..."
Linda Lin
"Lovely relaxed venue for our recent staff Christmas breakfast. Plenty to eat and good service. Garden swing and outdoor area is very pleasant. Thank..."
Pat Edwin
"Located in East Tamaki, Auckland, Fisher House cafe offers you some amazing European cuisine . Its a fine family dine in and is also popular for high..."
Arushi Thapar
"Everything was lovely from the ambience to the service to the food. We enjoyed a variety of dishes for osur 3 course. For entrees we had scallops &..."
Dennis Zhang
"Love Fisher House! Always guaranteed an enjoyable visit.The menu always has great variety and the seating, whether inside or out, is..."
"Found a great deal online and headed out to one of the flashiest houses in Highbrook ✨. We booked an early table and probably got the best seat in..."
Monique Porteous
"Very polite waiters. Relaxed atmosphere. We had the salt and pepper squid, fish cakes and the seared tuna. Good size servings. We will be back...."
Gavin Ruijne
"Amazing food and fantastic service! Absolutely love this place! The steak is perfection! Fish is divine! You have to try the Nutella mousse wow!!One..."
Caitlyn Cooke
"The best steak I've had at 36 dollars. Comes with big sides and the eye fillet didn't have a chewy bit in it. Soup was nice and big. Great service as..."
Riki Paewai
"This is the place if you are looking for a delicious meal with a home taste ~ ordered: seared tuna, lamb, fillet Mignon, salmon. Everything was..."
"The Fisher House venue is a really cool old heritage building, looks impressive outside and in. There's also a really nice, decent sized courtyard..."
Lisa Doar
"I cannot say enough about the service and food we received from everyone we came across at Fisher House.  We were organizing a Surprise 60th and..."
Debbie Tottle
"I really should read the menu properly. The fillet mignon came with bok choy (!!!) So when it arrived, it threw me off a little. Having said that, it..."
R-Dee Roche
"I went here for my birthday lunch with my work mates. We had booked in the table for a Friday lunch. The place was pretty busy! We also pre-ordered..."
"Great value Sunday roast. Nice to see yorkshire pufding on the plate. Very friendly service and perfect tiramisu. Our table ordered the lamb, beef,..."
Justin Crooks
"A very welcoming and warm place for dinner.  It was my husband's 50th and they gave us a small room to celebrate our special day.  The service was..."
Shernaz Petigara
"Work dinner. Never knew this place existed smack bang in the middle of Highbrook business centre!!! So close to work ohh yeah. Lovely decor, very..."
"Fisher house is definitely a hidden gem found among all the industrial business' of East Tamaki. There was approximately thirty of us who..."
"Had goat cheese croquettes. It was perfectly done. It came along with beetroot relish, crispy kale and salad with balsamic pomegranate dressing...."
Sampoorna Laxmi
"I was surprise to find this nice restaurant in the Highbrook/East Tamaki area as this is an industrial area and there is nothing decent around here...."
"It was sometime ago I went however I remember the food was great! We ordered 3 mains and 2 entrees every dish was tasty. Service was good and it..."
Jenna Glasgow
"Was looking at the menu online and was surprised when we were served with a different menu with most of the items cut out. When we left the menu..."
Benedict Uy
"When I'm working from Auckland, Fisher House is very handy for lunch (or an after work drink) and it always has a comfortable feeling - like a local..."
The Wanderer
"Is it wrong to start a review by raving about a certain side? Cause the duck fat chips here are amazing! Fisher House feels quite special; the..."
"Came here today for a second time in the private dining room. We had my dad's 60th birthday breakfast here. The room was aet up very nicely with..."
Miss Kiki
"Just started doing breakfasts a few months ago. Have been twice and impressed. It's really price competitive vs Sierra which is just around the..."
Bruce Batters
"We had the fish burger, 200g Angus beef burger and steak sandwich. Fish burger was bland, Angus burger and steak sandwich were average. The..."
Sally Tran
"As part of a work group lunch this was my first visit. We had booked and didn't realise that we would be in a private room, which was good. Our..."
"Built in 1962, Fisher House Restaurant was converted from a stud homestead. Its relaxed ambience makes it popular with its customers. Turning from..."
"Upon arriving inside and being greeted by a lovely winding staircase, we were ushered around the side of the bar to a really nice room that looked..."
Miss Charlotte Cake
"Fisher House is a 60s homestead repurposed as an event venue and restaurant. Was there as a group of four to have Sunday lunch and we thoroughly..."
Chris Fitzgerald
"Had an amazing lunch with clients last week, good good food very impressive dishes had all round, recommend the chicken salad with pearl couscous..."
"First impression on Fisher House from outside is wonderfully quaint and feels like you're in the country somewhere, has a welcoming feeling to it...."
Salani Millward
"My most recent visit to Fisher House was Sunday 25 August. Once again I enjoyed the wonderful service, food and ambiance . I have returned to the..."
Sandra Farrell
"We had a lovely dining experience at Fisher House on the weekend. Wonderful food, and service. Highlihgts included the vegetarian torte (amazing),..."
Celeste Bowden
"This was our first time dining at Fisher House. Service was excellent, in particular a young lady that waited on us most of the night did..."
Teresa Taramai
"Gorgeous weather today made it perfect for our lunch here - we sat in the sunny, open conservatory. The food was very delicious: I had..."
Olivia Winstone
"Went here with my partner for a nice dinner last Friday evening & wow it was a real treat. The staff were fantastic & the 3 course set menu..."
Fiona Holmes
"We went there for lunch on sunday to try out for mothers day to see if it was any good and by word of mouth from other people. We both chose the..."
"Fisher House hosted my 21st for around 90 people and provided us with a 'Half House' hireage. We had subsidised drinks plus nibbles, with us bringing..."
Laura Conquer
"first of all i would like to say this place is awesome , i like the setting and the location of the restaurant.the staff are friendly and always make..."
"I was told by a friend to try fisher house so I organized a dinner there for 6 people for a 50th birthday from the timeWe arrived the atmosphere..."
"I loved my experience at Fisher House. The staff were attentive and friendly, and the food was very tasty. Would go back again and would recommend to..."
"I recently arranged a combined work dinner. With 13 guests, the drawing room was set aside for us. A tab was quickly set up at the bar making..."
"We have just had a family celebration for our 50th wedding anniversary, and were extremely happy with the venue at Fisher House. The separate dining..."
Michael Lowe
"Just recently went to a mutual friends wedding function. What a hidden gem!I thought it may have been a bit cool for the time of year but ended..."
"Amongst the fledgling new industries of the Highbrook industrial park lie the relics of Woolf Fisher’s history. You know, him of Fisher & Paykel..."
Kiwi Food Wonders
"Fantastic high tea done right on Saturday such a superb successful bridal party for my guests they had mentioned the Great location beautiful..."
Artika Chand
"Food was great and surprisingly really good value for money as well..."
Kaho Hsieh
"Went for dinner today first time here working at Fisher & Paykel a lot of our colleagues have dined here in the past and recommended it walked..."
Aloma Sileli
"The restaurant that we often go to. Fillet Mignon is the best. The staff are kind and..."
"Great customer service. Upon arrival, was greeted by two wonderful waitresses. Ordered a long island iced tea with corona (👀 as we do) lol while..."
Jeanie M
"Excellent place for the a quick meeting with delicious food. The place is situated in the middle of busy industrial area of Auckland and, provide..."
Abhishek Pathak
"Been here for both lunch and dinner menus, both are excellent with lots to choose from. Food is tasty and the premises great, well maintained and..."
"Beautiful place to have a quiet and intimate dinner with family and friends. Place is just near by. Great food! Fantastic flavours! Beautiful..."
Quinn Cueto
"Excellent brunch, everything was tasty. I had the elderflower tea which was lovely and full-bodied from the..."
fareena ashton
"We were quite happy with our order: chicken liver parfait and grilled fish (snapper) and chips. The restaurant has the vibe of a country house and..."
Davide Baj
"Honestly an amazing place with great service and amazing food, history filled and literal hidden gem as it's located in a business district and..."
Shaun AKL
"I wanted to throw my mother in law a surprise birthday high tea because lockdown made her miss out on celebrating her 70th birthday last year. I..."
Wafaa Herbet
"A nice building with historical events pictured in a book on the table and hung on walls for you to see. Food was decent, a bit on the pricier side..."
Jennifer Chea
"First time in Fisher House and loved the environment, food and atmosphere. We dined in and ordered salt & pepper squid and meat lovers pizza...."
saane roa
"We had a friends wedding dinner in one of the rooms here. It was really good that there was plenty of parking. The place was nicely decorated with..."
Benedict Uy
"Went for a business event so there were quiet a few people in the group. I didn't order food till after the meeting, we were informed that the..."
Miriama Patterson
"Been here a couple of times and the food and service are both exceptional! Veal, fillet minion are great. Kids love the kids..."
Tristan Lomberg
70/100 (3371 ratings)
Kids Butter Chicken
Tawa Chicken
Butter Chicken Indian Style
Chicken tikka
Chana Masala Malai Chaap
Chaap Tikka
Heineken Beer
Masala Chai
Chicken 65
Cheese Garlic Naan
Mini Samosa
Hara Bhara Kebab
Vegetable Manchurian
Tandoori Chicken
Chilli Chicken
Chicken biryani
Missi Roti
Mango Lassi
Table Service
"This place is welcoming with charming service and the food better than I have tasted since I was in India.. The manager Ms. MANPREET is very..."
Sanjay Ranga
"I patronised this establishment on numerous occasions and each time I experience great service and an ambient environment. The staff is friendly and..."
Davinder Rahal
"Popped in here on a random chance after craving some butter chicken, the restaurant didn’t disappoint! Clean and mellow, just what you need after a..."
Tyler Andrews
"Absolutely fabulous. The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. The food is absolutely beautiful and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Highly..."
"It is one of the best place for Indian food...... Highly recommend..... just came randomly, very friendly staff, quick service, food is great and..."
"I ordered takeaway Butter chicken combo for lunch. Which also includes a Naan and a can of drink, for $12. Can't go wrong!The Butter chicken was..."
Kat Lim
"First time. Really good authentic Indian taste.(We should know being Indian!) Each dish had its own flavors which is rarely the case in Indian..."
Binni Bilia
"One of my favourite places to dine. They stayed open later than usual one night to accommodate my pregnant butter chicken cravings. Beautiful Indian..."
Isis Ixya Atofia
"Delicious food and great service. Reasonably priced for meals and drinks for two people. Will definitely be coming back to this place. Many..."
Siobhan Leah
"Came back with 4-5 friends after few months, Food is good as usual super good taste, Staff is not very attentive and service very slow. Placed our..."
Sahib Padda
"This is the only Indian restaurant my husband and I will never get sick of, def one of the best in Auckland! As a non Indian myself but have..."
"Besides my grandmother’s house, Chawlas is the only place I come to for goat curry it’s so aromatic, flavoursome and the goat is just so tender..."
Johan Kauhega Milika Taumalolo
"I was pretty happy with service and food was okay. I ordered the Indian butter chicken and was richly flavoured. Husband wanted goat curry but it..."
"Tasty food in this little Indian joint in Manukau.The goat curry was amazing. Perfect blend of spices and gravy.The staff are..."
Jenny Baker
"It was an awesome experience at Chawla Indian Restaurant. Staff was so good and friendly there was a girl Manpreet who took our order she treated us..."
"This is the first Indian Restaurent which I really liked it. Their food is addictive . If you go there once you would definately like to go again...."
"I came to have dinner with my partner today Food was awsome as malai kofta was very yummy!!service is also great here. will be definitely back again..."
Emy Rose
"Fantastic staff. Very friendly and helpful with food allergies. Food was delicious and plentiful. Our family has twice enjoyed this restaurant and we..."
Megan Meech
"All time favourite spot for butter chicken both Kiwi and Indian style. Texture, taste, serving size is great. $12 mains Mon-Wed. Staff could work on..."
"Food is up to Indian standard if you are looking for authentic punjabi food. Very quick service. Indian hot can sometimes be too hot for Indians too..."
Priyanka Champanerkar Nayak
"Caught up with friends for lunch here. None of us had been here before so were pleasantly surprised when we walked in- it doesn't look it, but it's..."
Chai Paani
"Tried this place with my partner for the first time and I'm guttered we hadn't tried this earlier given how local it is. We had samosas for starters..."
Kerry Mcleary
"this is one of my everyday lunch spot. their $12 lunch meal is great. their quality, taste and service is far better than many indian restaurents in..."
"One of the best restaurants for Indian food in Auckland.  I stay less than 2 mins drive but never knew this one.  damn!! We tried Mushroom tikka,..."
Sanketh Gupta
"ProsGreat foodWarm decor - A nice atmosphere for datesGood serviceConsA bit of confusion on what is expected after..."
The Average Person
"Great food and some of the best Indian curry outside of India. Service could have been better, place was only a half full for a Friday night yet it..."
Viren Fernandes
"I am from wellington and visited auckland with family and really enjoyed the food and specially customer service. Really enjoyed with..."
Garry Ishar
"Lunch deal is a steal. Well worth it. Butter chicken was really good. Service was attentive and not overbearing. Naan was nice fluffy and..."
Deen Khan
"Great food, great Resturant, classy set up. Great prices .. lunch specials which is great when you work nearby. Highly recommend this resturant..."
"Nice interior and nice food. Staff at always friendly and love the poppadoms.Food could be spicier - the hot option isn't that spicy. Only..."
"The special menus makes Chawlas one of the most worthy restaurants I've been in Auckland.For only $12 I had a main menu, roganjosh with..."
Diogo Reck
"Was fabulous! Had a great time. Ambience and food was very nice. Service is fantastic. Will definately go..."
"First time there for the $12 lunch special with my sister. It was wonderful! The restaurant is clean with lovely decor. Toilets are clean. Staff was..."
Trish H2
"Lovely interior and atmosphere with friendly staff. I ordered the kadhai mushroom which they were more than happy to veganize, and it was..."
"Simply one of the best Indian restaurants in Manukau. We love their butter chicken and the Chicken Tikka Masala is something to die for. And the..."
"It was nice. Good service and yum food. The butter chicken was more runny than I'm used to but that wasn't necessarily bad. I enjoyed it equally as..."
Dan Browne
"Best Indian in manukau hands down. Great service and plenty of options. Could be the best naan bread I've ever had, light and crispy. They'll also..."
Pamela Mansell
"Had a wonderful dinner last evening at Chawlas. Restaurant set up is nice and was impressed with the service too despite being busy. We were two so..."
"I was here on a Wednesday with a friend, after work. Not busy which was a good thing. Had the fish masala and goat as mains n our starter was garlic..."
Azah Forlife
"Came here to pick up some takeout after sneaking a taste of mum and dads takeout 😁 Atmosphere seemed nice. Clean looking establishment...."
Reservation For Two
"EDITED: I CAME BACK HERE ON 12/09/16 TO SEE IF THEY COULD CHANGE MY VIEWS AND THEY HAVE. The waitress was lovely and attentive, took our orders as..."
Alexandrea Maxwell
"Well worth a visit, read the reviews and my boys and I thought we should try it out as we have been disappointed with other local Indian restaurants..."
David Parussini
"Yesterday i went to this outlet of chawlas..i had ordered cream paneer,dal makhni and shahi paneer along with bread backets..all the currys were..."
Mohit Gupta
"This was my very first visit at Chawla's manukau. Food was AWESOME and service too. Cozy atmosphere..... but i think need to make few more curries..."
Raman Aujla
"Awesome delicious yummy food I had ever in Indian restaurant .. Chawlas known by their special dish it's malai chicken tika .. I have no words to..."
Dinesh Rana
"The food was excellent and the service was perfect!!!! Most of the food we ordered was Indian spicy as we like. We really loved it. Everything we..."
"Chawlas at manukau is one of my favourite places in Auckland! Great food, friendly and fast service. Onion kulcha is my favourite bread. The food was..."
Vippan Kamboj
"Great service, with recommendation for the Indian soft drinks which were really good. Tandoori chicken luscious, and the bhaji was..."
Kris Baudry
"Chawlas has to be one of the best Indian restaurants i've been to in Auckland. The butter chicken by far is one of the best i've ever had. It was..."
Jamez Hill III
"This is Chawla's Manukau. Nice ambience and friendly staff. Lunch special @$12.00 includes Rice,Naan, SoftDrink. Limited Menu for Lunch both in Veg..."
Prashant Belwalkar
"Excellent food and a great service...."
Mustafa Abbas Chittalwala
"Excellent food and a great service. The staff really very good and despite of having two functions running simultaneously, the service very fast. The..."
Vikas Yadav
"Superb food, really a place away from home that tastes like home. Good quality food with decent quantity and awesome taste. If you love Indian..."
Hardeep Singh
"Ordered the weekday lunch combo special. Butter chicken and goat curry. Sooo good! Naan is super fresh too 🤤🤤 great service. And yummy mango..."
Elle Satt
"Been there so many times and still love to go every time. Food quality is awesome. Customer service too good (specially by..."
Rajan Mehta
"Lunch special $15.99 Limited option but good..."
Sh P
"Very nice service by Rohit. Food was excellent. We had special dietary requirements and Rohit catered to all of them. We had been there for the 1st..."
Jolly & Nigam Mehta
"Today I went for dinner and i would like to say the food was so yum. I ordered starters only, like amritsari fish,dry Goat, hara bhara kebab. All..."
Kanwal Ghotra
"Excellent food and good customer service. They have good vegetarian options. Must try missi Roti, paneer..."
Abhishek Pathak
"I'd asked the waiter to provide me a sauce and curry free version of the red tandoori chicken pieces, and as a main of tawa chicken. I asked as on..."
Dave Vaughan
"Food was exceptional. I will be returning, for the food, not the service. The six of us that dined there created our own..."
Charles Royal
"Really satisfied with the service and food,Restaurant staff members are awesome. Loved Everything we ordered but Soya Malai Chaap and masala Indian..."
ruchi ameta
"i had some some veg starter and curries was excellent and the cheese naan was really soft and nice and service was awsm the staff was so nice and..."
vick sharma
"Always happy with service and food malai soya chap best dish .They have very good deal for lunch $12.99 one curry naan 🫓 and rice 🍚 they have..."
adesh pal
"We had indo Chinese food here and loved it. Service was fast and we were served quickly. We ordered the Garlic Chicken and Chicken fried rice. We..."
Debika Dutt
"Whenever I travel from hawks bay to Auckland for business.i always go with my friend there.Nice..."
Vikas Kumar
"i been there on Monday the staff was very friendly and the service was so nice , warm food very tasty highly..."
Joben Randhawa
Post Office Public House
77/100 (1303 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
New Zealand
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Trio of Ice Cream
Arancini Balls
Kiwi Burger
Chicken Wings
Chicken and Waffles
Fillet steak
Fried Mac and Cheese Balls
Garlic bread
Angus Beef Pattie Burger
Eye fillet
Chocolate & Chilli PUD
Smoked mussels
Buffe Food
Sirloin on House Cut Fries
Beef Burger Deluxe
Smoked Salmon
Polenta Fries
Spicy Chicken Burger
Sit down
New Zealand
Outdoor Seating
Table Service
Wheelchair Accessible
Accepts Mastercard
Accepts Visa
Accepts American Express
Live Music
Serves Alcohol
Wine and Beer
Parking Available
Free off-street parking
Highchairs Available
Full Bar
Free Wifi
Dog Friendly
"Love this place! Food and atmosphere is good. Risotto is my fave on the menu..."
Lynette Niumata
"Excellent food and service, lovely atmosphere and great prices as well. The chicken and waffles...yummy! The polenta chips are awesome and the trio..."
Sandee Clark
"Went here for dinner on Friday night and was expecting just an average kind of pub meal but was pleasantly surprised. It was absolutely amazing the..."
Emma Magee
"Went to this place on a Saturday evening.First impressions were that it was a odd place for a restaurant and the outside looks like it could use..."
"Attended twice in one week! Would've been 3 times, but they closed early Sat night! Wonderful Customer Service as always, with lovely, friendly staff..."
Tina Pio Luani-Rod Nansen
"What a beautiful place and relaxing My flight got delayed and i found this place to have best place for glass of wine n beer. Very close to airport..."
"Nice place for hanging out and having drinks after a long day at work. Staff are friendly and helpful. The place gives a cool vibe. Hope to come back..."
Sime Cajot
"Good place for drinks and bar snacks, often with life music and great food options, I really like the pizza and there salads they offerings...."
Mark Tiemann
"Ordered two steak and chips meals for lunch with a friend. Food was nice and customer service was excellent. Would definitely go there..."
George Browne
"Worth the drive out, the atmosphere is relaxing and the food is nice. I had the mac & cheese and eye fillet, both were on point. Prices are not too..."
Dennis Zhang
"Really awesome place to go for dinner if your out by the airport. Really lovely service and the food is well priced. I started with The sirloin steak..."
Hilary Campbell
"We headed for lunch here awhile ago and enjoyed our time there. Staff were really friendly and helpful. Mac and Cheese balls were amazing! Felt like..."
Steviie Nicole
"Pan-fried snapper with green pea & crab risotto was excellent - beautifully cooked & delicious. Eye fillet with mash, portobello mushrooms & tomato..."
"Decided to try this place out as we had an entertainment voucher for it. Glad we made that decision. It's well presented and nicely done inside. We..."
Chai Paani
"Held a function here last weekend. The food was amazing at a great price and the staff were great to deal with - they were very..."
Kirstin Wilson
"Nice place lunch menu a bit small but both dishes we had were great I had Nachos hubby had fish and chips fish was very good. The place has had a..."
"Came here last night with some friends for dinner.Used to be the old Toby's Jug bar/club. This is place amazing !!!Staff were..."
Sarena & Eashvar Chhotu
"This replaced the Toby Jug 5 weeks agoWe had lunch there todayIt is looking good and freshLots of parkingNice friendly and smart..."
Glenn Town
"I absolutely love the Post Office Public House. We arrived just in time to relish the stunning garden view before sunset. The catch of the day left..."
Komal Singh
"Wanted steak for lunch and this place popped up on google, their steak meal did not dissapoint, nice place to relax and have a few beers, play pool..."
Aleah Lutau
"I had an awesome experience for my early 21st birthday celebration. It is an excellent place for functions and enjoying good quality food in a timely..."
Aretha Metuangaro
"We just had my daughters 21st Birthday at the restaurant and it was an amazing night. The manager was amazing and the staff were friendly, polite and..."
sheree ingle
"I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the outcome of our experience at Post Office. Months of planning and saving went into arranging a surprise..."
Heremoni Ah kuoi
"I've used the Post Office Public House for two years in a row now to have a gathering of 20 - 30 people, and the Jannet and the team have been more..."
Joe Johnson
"Friendly staff. Excellent service. Tasty fresh food (catch of the day fish and arrabbiata pasta were excellent). Great cocktails even in a teapot if..."
Tim Hagley
"Staying in the area before an early morning flight and went to the Post Office Public House for dinner. Was pleasantly surprised by the quirky decor..."
Sheena Hay
"I found this place by mistake when driving by two days ago. I liked it so much. That I went yesterday, too. The outdoor fairy lights looked pretty,..."
Rachael Marie
"Great place for a nice pub dinner. Atmosphere was good with very attentive service and reasonable prices. Great alternative to eating at the hotel..."
Mike H
"Loved this place, I wish I had known about it sooner, it was packed on the Friday night I went, which is a good sign too. Great atmosphere. Food was..."
caroline conn
"Nice establishment. Friendly,clean and lovely attentive staff. Price range is average. Good location avoiding busy traffic. The food I ordered was..."
Mez Ashby
"Steak so good, you can cut it with a butter..."
Raj H
"We had our fathers 60th Birthday hosted here and I must say it was such an amazing experience.Massive thank you to our event planner an duty manager ..."
Malaina Taufa
"Great food, service is next level - the staff are super friendly and informative. What else could you want? Give it a nudge, you won't be..."
Greg Swaney
"Great food, awesome friendly service. Very accommodating for our needs and enjoyed the use of the VIP area for our Christmas function. Highly..."
Clint Wagener
"We had our grandmas birthday there on the 20th August and everyone left with smiley faces. We hired the whole dining area which occupied 58 people..."
Nora MJ
"Absolutely wonderful service. Had my Austic brother’s family birthday 🎂 today. He loved the calm warm atmosphere. Loved his favourite steak meal..."
master Scott
Woodside Bar, Kitchen, Functions
78/100 (1281 ratings)
New Zealand
New Zealand
Serves Alcohol
Wine and Beer
Gift Cards Available
Parking Available
Highchairs Available
Full Bar
Accepts Credit Cards
Family style
Non-smoking restaurants
Outdoor Seating
Private Dining
Live Music
Table Service
Wheelchair Accessible
Sports bars
"We live in Waiuku popped in a for a drink very friendly staff and nice atmosphere.Lady at the table next to us suggested we try the lamb it was melt..."
Structural Fab
"Awesome service, good value for money and a satisfying experience..."
"I had the steak meal... It was good but I wish the potions were bigger for the price... The mashed potato was soooo good though... But should of had..."
Rachelle H
"More than the food, I love their customer service, as it makes you want to order more. Thank you lovely ladies! Had a great time with family and..."
Niña Bells
"We enjoyed our dinner tonight ! Great place to dine in !!A nice chilled space , amazing service delivered from the workers . Also , we ordered the..."
"The sauce that comes with the steak is absolutely unbelievable 😋 it’s so so so good! The beef burger is also amazing 👌🏼 definitely..."
Sara Khandan
"First time being at Woodside last night! Enjoyed the food, very nice! I would say service is a bit slow, water wasn’t brought to our table for..."
"This place is great for catching up with friends. Food is great and cooked to expectation. Well seasoned and full of flavour. The service was prompt,..."
Miura Elikana
"We've been here a couple of times upon my partner's recommendation. He had a company lunch and told me that I would love the place.And I..."
Y Anne
"We had lunch here the food is amazing 5/5 the ambience 5/5 Nice and clean! I recommend the pork ribs! salmon size for lunch meal is qwite small just..."
Victoria Tongatala
"Excellent service. Loved my long Island ice tea, however did not really enjoy the chipotle. Loved the wedges. Great ambiance outdoors. Needs more..."
Jen Matautia
"Situated in the heart of Manukau across the way to the Westfield Mall and the infamous Krispy Kreme donuts is a new Family Bar Restraunt caked..."
Food Buster Reviewers
"I had seen this place a few times when I was heading to krispy kreme for my sweet tooth fix. I always thought "hey I should go there and try it some..."
"Ambiance - 5/5Staff/Service - 4/5Food - 3/5Price - 4/5Came here on Saturday noon with my little man and wife. Apparently,..."
Benz Chan
"Good food, a little bit salty for my wife, my 3 years old boy like the kid's meal and my mum like the slot machines. The story of the histories of..."
TTxiaoyang Luo
"Had lunch here, had the steak and rocket sandwich Yummy! Partner had the chicken and bacon burger said it was really good. Chips were beautiful also,..."
Tastebuds On Point
"Great service? YesYummy nibbles? Yes Good atmosphere? Yes Overall a really enjoyable, though short visit. A couple of drinks and..."
Miss M
"It was an awesome experience for my husband and i, we decided to check out this new joint in Manukau, support locally and we really enjoyed the..."
Peneueta Willis
"We really enjoyed our evening, the live music is great but slightly too loud to allow for conversation. Food was of a good quality and portions. Kids..."
Trinity Jourdain
"Had dinner here the other night and it was really good. Food was delicious and I wish I had more. There was a band playing whilst we were there and..."
"It was our first time at woodside, we used the first table app to book our dinner which was 4:30. At that time it wasn't that busy which was nice. We..."
Nina Skipper
"Just home from an awesome night with my parents . First time in this location, and it won't be the last. Food was excellent and the surroundings..."
Campbell Rodgers
"A spectacular ambience with a flare of Pasifika flava...with music and food. Live music and great quick services. My Seafood chowder and pudding was..."
Regina Ieti
"My family and I booked a table for 5 and in the end added more. Woodside was very accomodating and we had to move areas but were very grateful. A lot..."
Vicky Saifiti