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8 Colours Korean Bbq Buffet
81/100 (678 ratings)
"This is the best KBBQ on the shore, absolutely love..."
Rita Hababa
"I have been here for a couple of times already and it didnt disappoint me! If you are after some korean bbq, it is one of the place to go! They have..."
Pam Gaddi
"Ive been here several times and each time the food has been consistently good and reliable. Theres been no bad experiences except one really busy..."
Tina H
"If you’re going on a weekend make sure you book a table a week prior. They’re always fully booked specially on Saturdays and even if you have a..."
Jo Marcelo
"We just recently discovered this place when we were looking for another Korean barbecue restaurant in the Takapuna area, initially we were destined..."
Ang Sarap
"The food was amazing, with a great atmosphere as well. It’s a perfect place to go with friends. They renew the grill every 15 minutes or so which..."
Minh Thu
"Good variety of cooked food and bbq food. Love that they have the cinnamon drink! 8 colors used to be really expensive but I’m glad they have..."
"We had a great time here last Friday June 14. The food was delicious and the waiter (I forgot to ask the name of the guy) was so helpful. He was very..."
Alma Gomez Urbiztondo
"I been to a couple of Korean BBQ in Auckland and this will one of my favorite.The food tastes fresh and just delicious.Plenty of..."
Yusoff Kamal
"Great place to devour some meat! Lamb chop is simply astonishing! Price is reasonable but need various items from kitchen. Been there for 4 times,..."
Yiming Cao
"love it as always! The shrimps are really fresh. Like thin cut streaky pork in particular. Cooked dishes nice too. Also like the ginger drink there..."
Vanessa Zhang
"Compared with other bbq buffet I have tried before, it is more spacious and the table is bigger, the oven and tray are cleaner as well.The male..."
"One of the better Korean BBQ places in Auckland. Quality of the meat is good and there’s a great selection of sides to choose from. Good place to..."
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"Korean bbq buffet with lots of choices of ready to eat food and raw meats/seafood. They give you two hours to eat and also have allocated time that..."
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"My hubby was craving for korean bbq so we head out to Takapuna to satisfy our pallets. Indeed, we were happy to dine here. Everything was topped up..."
"Honestly, the variety is quite stunning. I am a Korean myself and I loooove my meat. For the price u can't beat it. There are traditional pre-made..."
Joseph Kim
"The customer service was nice and they were responding fast. The food was nice with the reasonable price. It's worth to visit if you love..."
Dahae Kim
"Satisfied. Nice korean food with reasonable price. Although there is no chicken for bbq, pork belly and beef was good enough. I like korean side..."
"This is definitely my go-to kbbq korean buffet as it is close to where I live and provides a large selection of dishes.Service: 8/10We..."
Grace Huang
"Love this place for korean bbq. They have a nice selection of hot dishes and a lot of raw meat to choose. Their staff are attentive and replace the..."
"I called to make a booking on the day before visiting but was told I don't need to because it's a weekday + lunch and it was correct.Even when..."
"I like soy bean soup very is so delicious I eat two bowls. Had to leave some space for other food. All food on display are freshly made and..."
Rachel Liew
"Decided to dine here for dinner because we were craving Korean bbq and I heard this place is good. Seated quickly so we could get started..."
"Gave it a second chance on Thursday. Pretty good that they made improvements. Floor is clean and tables are well wiped. But still they need some..."
Jane Cassandra Ramos
"Nice little Korean bbq place tucked in a corner of the shore. I like how they offer both lunch & dinner along with he option to have lunch without..."
Kai Mai
"Came here on a Sunday night with a friend and yeah it was a really pleasant experience. The ambience wasn’t anything too special, but how simple it..."
Simply Sam
"This place isn't too bad, though th only thing I found is there wasn't much variety even though I loved how they marinated some of there meats - that..."
"I love this place when i want to go for korean BBQ. Love side dishes so much n the meat. Especially the meat with kimchi is really good even..."
Alice In New Zealand
"A popular go-to Korean BBQ Buffet but its also very hard to get a booking sometimes since it can be easily fully booked. A better option is calling..."
Mari Flores
"Came here in March w/ my best friend and it was my first time at Korean bbq. Range of meats was alright and the side dishes were good. The spicy pork..."
Sanchez Palalagi
"They have amazing pork belly with great seasoning here, and so is the beef rib.Also I really like the pasta salad and white turnip side dish in..."
Rachel Shen
"Food was great! Lots of options for cooked and uncooked. They have lamb and very sweetly marinated pork to BBQ. Pickled veges were also very good...."
Biwifruit Reviews
"fresh meat! table is bit uncomfortable but staffs are really nice and they refill empty dishes immediately. good quality with reasonable price. one..."
"Eventually I like an "all you can eat" restauramt, and 8 Colours is a good option, one of the best I've triedso far. Meat is good and well..."
Diogo Reck
"This is the BEST Korean bbq buffet EVER!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! I drive 35mins just to eat here worth the drive!!! Thank you to the amazing..."
ItsjustJess :) X
"4/5 Taste3.5/5 Display 5/5 Quantity 3.5/5 Customer Service One of the best Korean BBQ BuffetGreat location, great..."
"One of the greats!Easy parking in Takapuna, great buffet after a day out at the beach or lake in Taka. Good selection of meats...."
Tony Ma
"Good variety of meats for grilling and accompanying cold dishes. Service, however, has always been average. Finishing Fruit and dessert selection is..."
"Favourite kbbq in Auckland, so much good meat selection, so much yummy cooked dishes, so much mushroom and kimchi. Staff are the most friendly..."
"Have come here quite a few times now. The most recent visit was just for the lunch buffet which did not include the bbq meats. The selection of..."
"Went here the other day and because of it's cheap pricing I thoightit might be subpar food. However I was gladly mistaken. Choice of food was good...."
Danica Perez
"It is one of our favorite Korean BBQ places. We do only the buffet as usually in hurry. Great range of side dishes. Salads, soups, sushi, different..."
"Best Korean buffet we've been to, and trust me, we've been to a lot. Place is nice and clean, food is fresh and good quality, price per person has..."
Lo9ve3r 4s
"I think this one is my second favourite Korean BBQ restaurant. It offer a few meat options, such as beef, lamb, and pork. Funny thing is that they..."
"Food was pretty average...pretty smokey place ... although we booked a table on arrival we were told told to wait as it was full , all in all pretty..."
Nivi Jain
"A lot of variety in their buffet dishes, which is really good. Different types of salads, and korean staples like kimchi, tteokbokki, kimbap, fried..."
"Very reasonable :) lacks variety, as there was not a lot to choose from but had a lot of veges such as pickled veg and salads. Two things i didn't..."
"$25 pp all you can eat korean BBQ! I recently visited again and I was a little disappointed by their use of frozen pork belly meat but other..."
"The interior of 8 colours is very modern and options are good. The cooked options were very yummy which is hard to find at some Korean BBQ buffet..."
Michelle S
"By far the best korean bbq buffet i went to. It is money's worth, so if you are on a budget and you want to treat yourself for a big meal go here...."
I Like Food And I Don't Deny It
"Food was pretty good, nice selection of BBQ meat as well as pre prepared hot food and a lot of cold dishes. The food area was quite clean and well..."
Karina Siew
"One of the best korean bbq I've been to. Only eat here when you're starving cz the food is a lot! Well depends on how much you get really but hey,..."
"Lots of variety of dishes, uncooked and cooked dishes. The place may be busy on the weekends edpecially after 6pm since the restaurant is near to..."
Emmelyn Fuentes Rosell
"A wide variety of food. From seafood like prawns and squid to lamb/beef/pork to fruits.One of the best korean restaurant I have been to. The..."
"Among all the korean barbecue buffets i have been, this is the best so far. Me and my husband will definitely be coming back for more. Good service...."
Claudine Anne Tan
"Food is yummy, however more options would be better. The restaurant is clean, the staff are friendly and being helpful. The staff asked how was the..."
"This establishment, there are some very good points and there are some which my parents, my wife and I all agree they need to work on.Good..."
Patrick Tong
"Clean ish interior and nice selection of side dishes!Meat was good and overall service was greatOne thing is that ventilation is bad as..."
"Really good food! The atmosphere is great, nice staff. Came here with a group of four. The prices are affordable for an average Korean BBQ. No WOW..."
Jazmin Lee
"Walked in and was surprised by the funky decor and interior! Was sat down by staff quickly but unfortunately very hard to get hold of their attention..."
"We had our family Christmas dinner @8colours of Korean last night,,, we've been to quite a few of these Korean BBQ restaurant over the years.... over..."
"My favorite Korean buffet in North shore. Quite a wide range of food to choose. The potato salad is pretty! The sweet and sour fried pork and soup..."
"One of the best Korean BBQ in north shore. However, service is a little bit slow. Food is still amazing . I'm full from this ! Highly recommended..."
Michelle Chua
"I've been here twice now, and i loved it both time! If i don't have to drive all the way to takapuna i would probably eat here every week!! I love..."
Lia Yosaatmadja
"I am a happy kid! It's really hard to find a good descent Korean BBQ in Auckland. For people who had lived in Korea for quite awhile and missing..."
I Love To Chew Real Food
"Excellent place for $25. Always tidy and busy! From the outside it looks very average but once you walk in it opens up and has a great atmosphere...."
"8colors is best korean bbq buffet in Auckland. I think here meat is not bad but love here side dish really delicious. But weekdays early time food..."
"top marks for the price u pay - $25 adult,. Love the selection of cooked foods and the huge variety of salads on offer. Ambience is pretty cool and..."
"I only wish there is one in East Auckland! This Korean Bbq buffer is good value ! Has nice side dishes and a decent selection of meat. The only..."
Michael Hung
"At price of $25 per adult they are serving buffet style Korean BBQ here. There is a hot BBQ grill in the middle of your table, what you have to do is..."
Cindy Ong
"We called to make a reservation I let them know we have a one year old baby that's a little sick and asked to be away from any draft around the..."
Mana Katsukawa Otimi
"This is our favourite Korean bbq place! $25 for eat all you can Korean bbq and ambiance is great, place is modern and food quality is excellent...."
"Not bad, the selection of cold dishes was good, some you don't see at other bbq restaurant. Sadly i didn't see any mushrooms and marinated chicken...."
"It's just a bargain with lots of salad varieties, entrees and main dishes.  The cold dishes are authentic.  Considering that I only paid $18 for..."
"Probably one of the best Korean BBQ buffets in Auckland. They have all the usual dishes plus a whole lot more! Their ready cooked meals and sides are..."
"A wonderful Korean BBQ place, located city center, very close to the queen street! The food and meat taste good, service good, recommend it and will..."
Spencer Zhan
"Offers a wide range of Korean food with only $25.00 pp. I like all seafood dishes here and also the beef ribs. But the pork belly is a little thin...."
Michelle Hwang
"My Korean friends took me to try out a new Korean bbq place in Takapuna. Despite having booked a table we had to wait quite a bit for the table to..."
Vivi S
"I have been to most Korean bbq establishments in Auckland, this one is definitely on top of the list.Unlike most Korean bbq places where..."
Wilson Huang
"Love this place!!! No smoky at all! Lovely service and nice fresh food! $25 best spent ever;) specially recommend their beef, so tender so good! Also..."
Wendy Zhou
"One of the better Korean BBQs out there with a nice selection of side dishes. Meat is frozen but thats expected given that it's a meat..."
Jihye Kang
"Gave in to my cravings and decided to try this Korea BBQ restaurant after hearing a few good reviews on it. It's a little tricky getting a parking..."
Marlanda Mar
"Best place to enjoy Korean BBQ!Great selection of side dishes, meat and drinks and so cheap! I always enjoy to dine here with friends and..."
"Good range of food and meat. customer service was great too. I do wanted to see more range of desserts rather than crackers and fruits as I am a..."
Brave Eat
"Very nice internal environment. although they don't have many choices as other Korean barbecue restaurant. I like their beef bone very much it is..."
Zoe Huang
"I have been to 8 Colours of Korean BBQ Buffet tonight and I really liked their customer service and the quality of food. I also tried other..."
Vivian Kim
"Went here for dinner on a weeknight:Cool interior. Wide variety of foods. Ability to cook meals on your table in a fun social..."
Craig Ck Koning
"My partner and i visited this lovely korean buffet restaurant,it was super yummy and we loved the variety they had,we have been to a lot of korean..."
"I recognised the location of 8 Colours of Korean BBQ straight away as being part of the old Sin Bin (which I frequented on Uni Pub Crawls, back in..."
Carl Ewen
"There's good reason why I'm a repeat customer at 8 Colours. The wide variety of meats and side dishes never fails to satisfy my very often Korean BBQ..."
"This was my first Korean BBQ experience so I didn't know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised and I wish I knew this restaurant opened a few..."
Angela (A Style Collector)
"I used to come to this building when it was the Sinn Binn back in the day, I hadn't been here since then and I love what the have done with the..."
Miss Charlotte Cake
"First time to this place, all food was really fresh and tasty. Love the 'cook your own' meat and seafood concept, it was a lot of fun. Ambience and..."
Chanelle Barlow
"Lots of choice & good value for money. Huge selection of vege dishes, and all sorts of meat combos too. Favourite was the marinated beef and also the..."
Elizabeth Harding
"My partner and i were off to GPK for a special occasion then as we parked we decided to try the Korean BBQ.We were greeted with excitement,..."
Dominic Zolezzi
The Elephant Wrestler
81/100 (830 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Fish & Chips
"Great night of bottomless pizza, amazing service from Annabel..."
Emily Morton
"Had an amazing time at bottomless pizza. Our waitress Annabel was so quick and efficient and so lovely..."
"Enjoyed bottomless pizza, our waitress annabel was super awesome 😎..."
Jason Kearns
"Had a great time at bottomless pizza! I’m a vegetarian so having more vege pizza options was awesome! Service from the beautiful Annabel was..."
"Bottomless pizza night was legit! Such good value and good vibes for ya Thursday. Live singer was fantastic and Annabel was an absolute gem! Will def..."
Lexi Tetenburg
"Delicious food and good service from our waiter..."
Laken Skipper
"Great service from Adele and Annabel. We especially loved the chippies. Tomatoes were very on the pizza..."
Billie Davis
"Thank you to the lovely waitress Alex for looking after us and her amazing service. Always bubbly and smiley. Definitely cracked a few good jokes and..."
Emilie Parker
"Adele who served us was amazing! Very friendly and made us feel welcome. Definitely recommending this to my friends +..."
Ashneel Prakash
"Always love coming to the Elephant Wrestler. Often a go-to in Takapuna for its atmosphere and the extensive vegan options available. I had the vegan..."
Shayden Cathro
"We got to eat on Friday before the lockdown in NZ and was served by Annabel, she had served us before. Both times she was very helpful and friendly,..."
Paula Darknell
"From the moment we stepped in to the moment we lost the service was absolutely awesome!! The Bottomless Pizza is a crowd pleaser, fresh, hot out of..."
Ariana Matthews
"Annabel was so lovely. Very attentive, friendly and our order was 100% correct despite the busyness. Would definitely recommend this place. Food was..."
"The food and service was great - Nicole was an excellent..."
Kenya Brooke
"Annabel was great as..."
David Freeman
"Annabel our waiter was awesome! Super friendly and very helpful and made our night great! Super sweet and gives great conversation!..."
Adam Freeman
"Really enjoyed the service (Thanks Dani) and the food, was our first time here and will definitely be coming..."
Andrew Elliott
"Had a great time at quiz night and our server Annabel was fantastic too! Nice job guys..."
"Fantastic school holiday pizza making event at the Elephant Wrestler for the kids today. Staff (Andrea and Adelle) were great with the kids and the..."
Bridget Allen
"I always have a great night here as it’s casual, and it’s a good family environment which is not too bad for kids to hang at for dinner. Last..."
Andy JV
"Food was great..."
Katey Green
"Wow! Exceptional!! Dined with first table and was far from disappointed. Staff were really friendly and made sure we had an enjoyable time. My..."
"Great place and great food. I ordered the burger and fries, some of my favourite fries here. I often come here for prize giving of a sports event and..."
"Yum food, super cool place!! Nicole was an absolute star, she made the experience much more memorable! Thanks for the top quality service, we will be..."
Kerrie Barrett
"Great time at the Elephant Wrestler. Food was yum and the cocktail menu was fabulous. We had excellent service from Bel kept the drinks coming and..."
Tess McDonald
"Food was awesome and copious. We had a mixed meat platter - brisket was melt in your mouth. Drinks are always good here. Bel, the waitress was..."
Alan Wild
"Great night at elephant, food was pretty good. The special cocktails were great and our waitress Adele was even better. Reckons she can’t sing, we..."
Kellie Rogers
"Had a lovely evening here tonight with my husband, greeted by Angela who couldn’t have been nicer, very informative & fabulous service. Good..."
"Excellent food and our waitress, Adele, was wonderful! Definitely will be back. I especially loved that there was an entire vegetarian menu..."
"Had such a good night with the girls here! Adele was a great waitress, super friendly and helpful and the happy hour drinks are $9! I recommend the..."
Bex Argar
"Came here a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The place is split into two - the bar and the casual restaurant area. Luckily we..."
"The experience was AWESOME. Was eating there a Friday evening with friend. The Crispy Pork Belly really got me, along with one more deep fried pork..."
Bijun Yin
"Our waitress Annabel was great, kids enjoyed their food and the Tiger beer tower was awesome!Ribs were great as well though I didn't get close..."
James Mulholland
"This is actually such a cool place during the day. The staff were friendly and organized and the food came quickly.The food was really nice and..."
Romana Petrie
"Always a good time. Lots of space, and the outdoor area is perfect. If you’re ever not drinking, the foods pretty good too. Plus shout out to Alex..."
Sheldon Cornelius
"Hi team I just wanted to touch base, I booked in a table with you guys last month and I just wanted to let you know right through from..."
Yo-arna Searell
"absolutely fantastic service by a young lady by the name of Alex !!!! attention to detail and all service points/ opportunities covered!! ...I will..."
Bevan Hatcher
"As far as a pub goes I definitely recommend the food. Good value and really nice options. I had a work function here so got to try a huge range of..."
"Server alex is always wonderful best bar service in auckland. By far the best bar in takapuna cannot reccomend this place enough, good food..."
Luke Siddins
"Food was yuummy and my tummy was happy and top it up was the brilliant Alex who had served us with a beautiful smile and amazing service. Definitly..."
"We had lunch outdoor which was perfect, as it was so hot. The food was delicious and even better the service was spectacular. Alex was amazing and..."
AhDar Juliana
"Great meal, excellent service from Annabel. Highly recommended, convenient. Going to Bruce Mason Theatre and makes our stay in Auckland..."
Maree Cruckshank
"Met some friends here for dinner tonight. They had a specials menu. We all ordered off that. Was fantastic. $15 mains and $10 desserts. I had the..."
"love this place. great for team hangout. steak very yum. all the entrees are of huge portion. love squids n chicken wings. chocolate cake also very..."
Vanessa Zhang
"Was a pretty cold night, we sat outside and were welcomed with tons of heaters to warm us up. The staff were very attentive and friendly, the food..."
Sassy Radish
"Tend to go here during the day, on a weekday and it’s never very busy which is nice. However service isn’t exactly great considering they..."
Cass Finlayson
"Great! Food was great, we had the all you can eat ribs and they were great. Alex looked after us, and had good chat, was engaging and gave good..."
Jackson McNaughton
"The food was Wonderful , great and friendly services from Kayleigh, she’s help lot. The strawberry pot dessert was very very nice! We will come..."
"Wonderful service from Kristine! Very quick service and the market fish was so delicious. Would definitely come back for dinner soon. Thank you..."
Claudia Flintham
"Great service and friendly communicating waitress Emma - really enjoyed it thanx. Really nice atmosphere and good idea with outdoor and indoor..."
"Came for a work function and arrived early so was seated alone. My waitress Emmy made me feel very welcome and not like a loser. Also the food was..."
Carey Urlich
"What an experience!! Kristine was fan-freaking-tastic! She was accommodating and had a great sense of humor! I would gladly come back if Kristine is..."
Andrea Dasha Tauai
"Angela was so welcoming and knowledgeable. She has great customer service skills! Highly recommend the food and the service. Thanks..."
Abbie Grocott
"Really enjoyed my experience with elephant wrestler! Nikita was kind enough to ask me about my option with my unlimited ribs! All staff was..."
Mitch Richmond
"Had an awesome time here. Friendly, accommodating and lovely staff. Drinks were cold, food was delicious and service was awesome. Kristine our server..."
"went for a friends birthday, enjoyed it alot!! kristine was amazing! super attentive and lovely. she ensured that our large group was well catered..."
Bex Evans
"Had a great dinner here, loved the half price mains option so much I got two! Atmosphere was great for a Tuesday night with gas fire on at front, and..."
Jed Bradley
"Great night out. Our waitress was awesome. Really friendly and great service. Food was excellent and fantastic venue. Will definitely be..."
"This place had amazing venue, would love to come back and check it out during the day! We ordered the hand pulled lamb pizza and crispy duck fat..."
Saish Dharvotkar
"We made a late night dinner and our night was terrific and the food was so good. NAT the waitress  was quick and very attentive in serving us. Plus..."
Babylou De Vega
"Had as great meal with six of us having their new shared platter, food was awesome and we all left very full. We had great service from our waiter..."
Brendon Deacon
"Thanks for a great Sunday arvo!! We did a last minute booking for around 12 adults and 5 kids and it was no hassle at all. The food was great and the..."
Tara Cudby
"I had a huge fish and chips lunch served by the wonderful Adele. She said 'hello', 'rumour has it' you're after something to eat. 'All I ask' is for..."
D A Peel
"very good service and very good food! Had the banquet meal, it was very delicious. waitress Alex was freindly and helpful, would come..."
Kian Jazayeri
"Great night, food was great and service from Charlotte and Amy was exceptional. Highly recommend the lamb roti wrap paired with a Heineken!!. ..."
Nathan Russel
"Nice food and good atmosphere. Great service. Alex was awesome and very welcoming. Our regular spot. Great place for watching sports with all the big..."
"Alex recommended an exceptional beer choice and for that i am grateful. She brought stability when there was unrest. Our lives will never be the..."
Emma Wood
"Great service tonight. The meals were tasty and the food was excellent. A big thanks to our waitress, Annabel for providing great service as well...."
Geoff Ngataierua
"The food was mint. Really really pleased with the service we received from Annabel! She is featured in my cute photo! Super super impressed with the..."
Sammi Skelton
"Of the half dozen or so times I have been here this place has been consistantly really good. Even on Saturday (St Patrick's Day) all of the staff..."
Saskia Halleen
"We went here for the pub quiz, we were served by this amazing waitress Alex! We had so much fun, and loved the food, drinks and staff that we went..."
Jackson Munn
"Read the negative comments about service related elements (waiting times, staff etc)...not going to lie - some truth. But when that duck waddled over..."
Abbas Al-Murrani
"What an amazing night here. The service was phenomenal..the waitress who served us was so attentive and extremely friendly from the get go. The..."
Neelam Chandra
"Had a great night out with a large group of friends for the weekly quiz. Our waitress, Alex, had all our orders covered. Happy, helpful and..."
Kent Smith
"Oh GOD yes. Went to this place on a date, completely random choice. Honestly paid barely any attention to the dude because the food had me way..."
"Went here for my birthday it was such fast and efficient service and at good prices love going here and they cater really well to special dietary..."
"I had bookmarked this place for a while, and it certainly didn't disappoint.I ordered the panko crumbed fish and chips while my friends ordered..."
Vivian C
"Elephant Wrestler was recommend by a colleague at work, I was impressed by her description if the place so I ended up going. I was seriously..."
Phillip Van Rensburg
"The food is absolutely seasoned and delicious here !! Good portions too and the chips were fluffy in the middle . Great customer service and..."
Michael Huges
"Came here with a couple of mates for a catch up meal and drinks. Food was good, service was good. Ambience was great and the live music was great..."
"Recently went here with work collegues for part of our mid year function. There was 15 + of us with two shared platters. I'm not going to lie when..."
"Came here in the weekend with a group of 10-15. The service was great, food was great. Rugby was on so probably added to the atmosphere. We ordered..."
"Been to this place a few times. Always a great place to either chill during the day or come in on the weekend and have some drinks. Great food. Great..."
"Good pizza 8) and they were more than happy enough to exchange the pizza cz I found it too spicy. Would recommend! :D great service, good vibes..."
"have just cleaned out my bag and found the review card even though it was from March I still wanted to share our experience as we had celebrated my..."
"Great service!!!! Adrien our waiter really made it an enjoyable and fun experience. Very attentive and helpful!! Great place for snacks and drinks...."
"Great beer garden and casual atmosphere. Have been here a number of times and the food is consistently good and a good range of specials keeps the..."
Nick The Greek
"The food was fabulous - everyone in our group of 14 thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the meal. The service from Alex was top class too. Thanks for a..."
Yvonne Hoskins
"Had an awesome meal here tonight, staff were lovely, fast service- and food was awesome, especially the salt and pepper squid. Will definitely be..."
"This place has an absolutely superb veggie burger, delicious chips with seasoning, and friendly service and decent wine for a reasonable price and..."
Roni Ramone
"A great place for drinks and dinner  - although it can get a bit over crowded & noisy with drinkers when you want a relaxing dinner experience -..."
Kelly Manning
"Great time with my wife! Had 2 amazing steaks and was served by a very bubbly Gemma. I highly recommend this place to all ages! I hear that they have..."
Jonathan Hoh
"Been here twice last time I went here I ordered a few platters they where quiet good, quiet a few drink options. Modernish cafe usually has quiet a..."
Heidi M
"We were up in Auckland staying in Taka and popped into the E-Wrestler for dinner and some drinks.  We had been here a few times in the past and have..."
Sheryl Constable
"Hey guys, came in last week with my husband. Had the lamb pizza, Mikky told us to get it & it was amazing. We will be coming back for..."
"As my local I always enjoy the wrestler and am always looked after really well by the team. Gemma inparticular looks after me, She is awesome and..."
Peter Leathley
"Went here for a meal a few nights back, we weren't planning on getting much food but we were so delighted by the menu and staff that we ended up..."
Lola Crate
"My local bar from my house. Always wonderful vibe when I walk in, and the staff are all welcoming, and have great service. Extra credit to Mikki, one..."
Arlena Teiho
"Becoming a regular for us lately. Love the atmosphere and food and the staff are great. Mikki always makes us welcome, #superstar Recommend the beer..."
"Love this place for the Friday night catch up with the boys. Couple of quiets and watch the rugby. Very friendly staff especially Mickey (or was that..."
Peter Wakely
"I have been here a few times and will continue to come back, the atmosphere is perfect for small or large gatherings, dinner, drinks or both. The..."
Bree Atherfold
"Went there for a staff dinner and the staff there was accommodating and friendly. Kain and his crew were helpful as we changed our minds a few times...."
Siu Ling Kuan
"Use to come here for a drink on a Thursday night, although a causal drink was alright before 7pm after that it became crowded and very loud. Drinks..."
Kayla McMinn
"Katie and her team always make sure the outing is a great one. The extensive menu, great ambience and outdoor area make this the ideal location for..."
Callum MacEwan
"Love Elephant Wrestler. In fact I'm in there several times a week  - the food and friendly staff never fail to impress.  Thanks Gemma for looking..."
"Love it here at the Elephant Wrestler!!! Such friendly staff and great meals!! Thank you to Gemma who was in our area and came back and checked on us..."
Rawinia Buchanan
"This is our local pub and they always give us fast and friendly service. Big shout out to Mikki who always looks after us when we go there!..."
Mark Mackenzie
"This is a great place with a very good atmosphere. The food is delicious and the portions good sized. Every time I have been here the service was..."
Patrícia Costa
"I actually want to say how impressed Iwas on Sunday (mother's day) with the service we were provided. I have visited The ElephantWrestler..."
Michaela Kelly
"Great place with a great atmosphere. Welcomed by an awesome bartender Kain, look after us all night and made us some awesome drinks, well done..."
James O'Shea
"Meet an awesome and cheerful bartender today at the elephant wrester called Kain. Extremely helpful and gave great 5 star service. He is a real asset..."
Emerson Smith
"This establishment has changed many times but Elephant Wrestler are the god for Taka! Step back and compare drink prices as they measure up well, as..."
Carl Jackson
"I come here on a regular ish basis. Lany is a fantastic waitress - before our glasses are even empty she is back at our table taking our next order..."
"I have been coming here consistently for about 3 years now, and it has never disappointed me. My most recent visit was on Saturday, I booked a table..."
Hannah-Leigh Stoddart
"I've been here a few times over the last 2 years but my last experience here wasn't the best. We came during the long Easter weekend and they have..."
Angela (A Style Collector)
"This place is always buzzing and an awesome venue for after work drinks or catch ups. Come late Thursday Friday and Saturday night the place turns..."
Couple Of Cheap Westies
"The Elephant Wrestler has a fantastic atmosphere which helps you unwind and relax, the outside courtyard always buzzing with activity and the people..."
Philip Doyle
"I've been here to eat twice this week and both times the meal was lovely but I wouldn't overly rave about the food. However, I do love the atmosphere..."
Caroline Barrett
"We were there for a hen's night on Saturday with a group of 16 and the service was excellent.Our request to bring in a cake of an objectionable..."
"Friendly staff ,lovely food and at reasonable price, as a tourist I thouroughly enjoyed it and was a good experience,I definitely recommend this..."
Danielle Jacobs
"WOW , WOW WOW WOW. As soon as I walked through their heavenly doors I just knew I was in for a treat. The smiles of the staff were like golden kisses..."
"Came here for late afternoon/early dinner. We ordered a Tiger beer and a Pimms with lemonade for drinks, then for mains had the Cajun chicken burger..."
Sam Papworth
"Went for the steak night - it was ok. There wasn't any salad - wasn't given the choice if there is one. Have definitely had better but also..."
Mel Jacka
"Popped into the Elephant Wrestler with Miss Charlotte Cake a couple of weeks ago, prior to heading to a Zomato Meetup, and was extremely impressed..."
Carl Ewen
"We came here last night for a quiet drink before a Zomato meetup and I'm so glad we checked it out! The coolest interior I've seen in a wee..."
Miss Charlotte Cake
"Amazing cosmopolitan and vodka martini. I loved it. You might also like to have the big dish wedges. It's really big and delicious. Not good for..."
"I honestly cannot count how many times i've eaten here! I love it here!I don't think i have ever had a "bad" experience here! The Cesar salad is to..."
Elizabeth Pondling
"Great lunch here. Tried the souvlaki lamb, really nice. Good service, staff are friendly. AlsoWent a couple of weeks back for steak dinner,..."
"Great Atmosphere, great food, love hanging out with people at this awesome bar.  None of the other bars around Takapuna come up to par with this..."
Xtina Cassidy
"Used to be quite busy but looks like it's less so these days. The food is pretty much your average pub food - except priced quite a bit higher. It..."
Maia Churichkova
" Really nice place, to have a drink and enjoy with friends. We do not order anything to eat because we had dined at another place but I saw some..."
"We love coming here and being that it is nowhere near where we live that's saying something. Great menu, lots of choice, great seating options with..."
Aimee Young
"Been here many times for drinks but decided to try it for dinner last night. Came with 3 friends and we got the $80 platter to share (can't remember..."
Justine Doody
"Great place to meet up for a drink or two and and the food is tasty however it is a bit pricey and the menu is kind of boring. The staff are always..."
Joe Ram
"Went here for a work function with 6 people and loved it. The service was super friendly and attentive. The food was well cooked and portion sizes..."
Lisa Whyte
"Nice atmosphere but a bit pricey on the drinks front. Food is to a high standard for pub grub and compared to the drinks you get quite a lot for your..."
Cazza Holland
"This place is lovely for a few drinks with friends! Great staff and great vibes! The food doesn't disappoint either! I've enjoyed all of their..."
Tami T
"awesome place to go for a few drinks and nibbles after work.the outside area with the open roof and TV's is perfect for when the game is on.large..."
Ruben O'Connell
"Great place over the bridge on the shore to grab a drink (slightly pricey) and a bite or even a meal! Friends and I headed here for a girls..."
"Went there a wee while back - cool place!!! Great to sit outside in summer with a cold drink and some lovely tapas to nibble on, especially their..."
Eli A
"We have been to the Elephant Wrestler before and, it being a sunny day, decided to try their Sunday lunch special of Beach Picnic Fish & Chips ($15)...."
"I went out tonight for a farewell dinner.The service was excellent, nice and quick but not at all pushy...The soup of the day was a tomato..."
Yvonne Bocxe
"Booked a table for 2 for my two year anniversary with my partner. Loved everything about this place! The lovely waitresses who constantly made us..."
Sam Smith
"Came in for a special steak on the Tuesday night. What a deal! The steak was huge and well cooked. Loved the drinks menu - I had a special..."
"I love the Elephant Wrestler! It has a great atmosphere and the food is delicious. The staff were all very friendly and happy to switch on the..."
Sam Louw Biagio
"This place is amazing!Sliders, gnocchi, pizza everything is so good.Lovely staff, awesome outdoor area and some nice live music. Would..."
Trayc C
"I totally agree with Alice. My neighbours and I practically live at the place! We've probably sat at every table, tested every night and had..."
"Really have no clue what half these people are on about ??!! This had been my go to place since it opened, wether it's a meeting , birthday , girls..."
Alice Rump
"Oh my gosh you guys have the worst reviews on here !! But I persevered. And it was great!!!We went on a Sunday night and it was still..."
"We went to this restaurant and bar for the first time last week and have decided to write a review because we were very impressed with the food and..."
Kay Baker
"Had a great time at the Elephant Wrestler-really liked the courtyard setting specially as it was nice and sunny day.Our waitress was charming..."
Rohit R
"Really lovely place to catch up with friends over a beer or wine. Great burgers!( try the peri-peri)Mum had the fish and chips.. She said was great!..."
"We've only had good experiences here, but go here realising that it's foremost function is a pub that serves food, not a restaurant that serves..."
"Wife (of 25 years) and I went there and luckily got an outside table. Great ambiance and good service. Being frugal with our money, bought the pizza..."
Pedro Brash
"I went last night - 6 of us and really enjoyed it. When arriving things were a little slow. We had to go get our own drinks. As the night went on 1..."
Alan Dufty
"Went to check out this new bar last nite in Takapuna before heading elsewhere to watch the rugby ...well we didn't leave it was fab great food..."
"This place is awesome. Went there on a Sunday avo and it was packed. Great outdoor bar area - sun was beaming in and it created a really great..."
Callum O'Brien
"even though i only went there for SUnday afternoon bevvie with friends, i already know this is going to provide some stiff competition to the ever..."
Kim Rowell
"The food here used to be great. I think the quality has gone downhill a bit in recent times. Still their $15 steaks on Thursdays are very good value...."
"I had fish and chips here as per usual. I really enjoyed the vibe, it's a chilled out place to hang out, the food was fine and the price was..."
Dog Eats World
Regatta Bar + Eatery
79/100 (2132 ratings)
Vegan Options
New Zealand
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Fish & Chips
Surf And Turf
Juice & Smoothies
"Booked in via first table - great service and food! We ordered the squid, cheeseburger, and braised lamb..."
"This place is officially a new favourite of mine, I’m not sure how it has only a 3.7 rating. The steak, though overcooked was delicious and the..."
"Service = 5/5; Taste = 5/5; Value for money = 3/5; Menu options = 3.5/5; Vibe = 5/5; Hubby rating = 3/5Regatta Bar & Eatery is a beautiful and..."
Honest Foodie
"A bit on the pricey side but great views of Rangitoto. Excellent food overall. Recommend the seafood chowder entree. The Beef Red curry was let down..."
"We had a company Christmas party dinner here on the 10th night, very beautiful place, the staff service was good and I felt very comfortable! Will..."
"Absolutely amazing service and food great friendly..."
Lizzy Goodwin
"Regatta never disappoints! Attentive staff, so welcoming and friendly, great menu, lots of options, the food is incredible and such a beautiful..."
"One of my faves on the shore. This restaurant is great for catching up with friends. Summer is the perfect time to visit. It’s sunny, open fresh..."
Chan Can Eat
"Nice seafood platter. The oyster is really nice, better than my last visit. Chill afternoon with this! The staff were friendly as well. The only off..."
"Came here with a group of people. Such a beautiful location with lots of natural light streaming in to the restaurant for added ambience. Prices for..."
Paige Leota
"We came as a group for a birthday dinner. We got some House Made Bread to share and I ordered the Beef Cheek as my main.The seaweed butter..."
Vivian C
"Had a very nice time, with my mum. The food was delicious, beautiful flavours. Amazing setup and overall aesthetic. And the staff was very friendly..."
"Very good all round. Excellent service, delicious food and a really great atmosphere for a nice relaxing evening. Went here with a couple of friends..."
"Came here for a couple of times. Good location. Nice dinning decorations. Services were good. Best steak...."
Becky Kuang
"Regatta accommodated to our group on a Tuesday without a reservation and they were happy to serve us, our table kept getting bigger and the staff..."
Jenny Da
"The thing I appreciate the most is that Regatta does not take for granted that it is a good restaurant only because it has a wonderful location. The..."
Michel Angelo
"Now that I work in Takapuna I got the chance to try out Regatta along Takapuna Beach. The food was delightful and atmosphere was bright, fun and..."
"My favorite restaurant in takapuna. pretty drinks with the best vies of beach makes me feel free and relax. All the dishes were delicious, staffs..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Great location and love the atmosphere of this place~ The food was not bad either. We had a seafood platter and 2 salads to share between 5 girls...."
Icyicy Guo - 25%OFF GOLD Membership Code: ICYI7584
"Bloody good spot by the beach. Ordered a few oysters which were excellent, and came very quickly. Duck liver parfait was a little bland but cocktails..."
"Messed up our entrees but when they came out, I had no complaints about the taste! The liver parfait and the squid were seasoned really well. Highly..."
"This place has the best outdoor seating for when it’s sunny! The food is awesome. I would recommend the seafood chowder, pan fried market fish and..."
Anna K
"great service, friendly staff and amazing cocktails.. best place to enjoy drinks and food with spectacular view specially on a sunny day.. MUST..."
Sukhpreet Kaur
"Excellent place, when out in Takapuna definitely check it out. The service was excellent we were in a large group so all things considered they were..."
Peneueta Willis
"Went there in the evening on a Tuesday. Was relatively empty. Which we embraced. Had a few beers and shared the Sandbar. (Fish platter). Cooked..."
Andy Stephens
"We had drinks and nibbles as a group and we enjoyed the dining experience. Excellent service and the staff are friendly. The mango colada was..."
"had a really good time this afternoon at this place. must visit. the peach mocktail was just too good with dessert !! Highly recommend to anyone :) ..."
Christina Williamson
"My friend and I had a beautiful birthday lunch here yesterday. The food was amazing and the cocktails delicious especially the chilli and ginger one..."
"I met some friends here on Saturday night and we had a lovely bottle (or two) of Pinot Gris before being seated for dinner. The staff were lovely;..."
Saskia Halleen
"We enjoyed our family dinner at this Takapuna seafood restaurant during the summer holidays. Service was friendly and the venue is surprisingly..."
Raymond Tiong
"It's a lovely day to be sitting here today. A bottle of sparkling wine with Monohull platter plus a half cray tail; feeling refresh with a friendly..."
"Haven't been to Regatta for a while, having convinced my partner, Kristin, to move from Devonport to Titirangi.  Some things have changed but most..."
Richard McCabe
"Dined here for our birthday dinner, not a great impression at the start, we were told to take a seat and the menus would follow, we told the staff..."
"Relaxed environment, attentive and friendly staff. Can't comment much on food other than their Chunky Fries were great (9/10), worth having..."
Tastebud Tingles
"Food is fantastic and menu is well rounded.  Lots to choose from and all worth trying. The beautiful views and service is just a bonus to add to the..."
Evie Jones
"Regatta has a very nice interior design. It is very clean and tidy. The staff very amazing and very friendly. I had the lamb rump and..."
Aaron Gong
"Came here yesterday with my girlfriends and we had wonderful and fun night. We didn't make a booking but were seated very quickly when we pop in..."
"My favorite place to have drinks with friends in a sunny weekend. The location and the view is great. Mocktails and cocktails are super colorful and..."
Bella Luv Food
"We've been for 2 of he wine makers dinners now as well as for Valentine's Day. On each of these very busy times the food and service has been..."
Danielle Dunn
"Great location, great food but service is very poor and understaffed which makes the whole experience tense. We continually had to watch out for the..."
"Over rated place .. nice .. but very unfriendly staff..and not such a tasty kitchen. You can meet and see nice and fancy people there. Have a..."
Helena Roza
"great food there and no surcharge in holiday time. we had woodfired tuna and scotch steak there. Both are great. The seafood platter is so fresh and..."
Carina Chang
"Enjoyed sitting under somewhere sunny and facing the beach.staffs are friendly and their Rump and pasta!Will definitely recommend..."
Yulia Liu
"Beautiful ambience and restaurant layout. Felt like I was in the perfect regatta themed eatery! Beautiful decor and good seating layouts! I got the..."
"Have been here several times and love it so much!! The setting and ambiance is very relaxed and this goes very well with the coastal menu and beach..."
"Amazing service from the waiter who served us. We ordered some drinks and the "Sea" Platter. The salmon was to die for!!! So much texture in one..."
Jazmin Lee
"Came here on Tuesday night and had the perfect evening. Unfortunately it didn't start off so well it felt like we were forgotten about after we were..."
Noosheen Nezhad
"Great location, comfortable atmosphere and delicious food. Layout: I love open plan kitchens and adds alot to the vibe. It's a great place..."
"Went there for quick lunch today. Friendly staff and awesome food! Great view of the beach! We had the wagyu beef burger and the woodfire Scotch..."
"It's my first time at Regatta & we had a bit of trouble finding the exact location.  We started with both natural & battered oysters from Clevedon...."
"Absolutely love this restaurant. The manager let us sit on the other side of the restaurant away from everyone else which was nice, he was super..."
"Location is fantastic. Overlooking Takapuna beach and perfect cone Rangito island.We visit regatta bar frequently once a week ! Food is..."
Tiger Leysa
"We went here for a nice meal out in the evening.  This place is bustling, and if you are coming here in a group, its a good idea to book.  The Surf..."
"Irmarie is super cute, food is pretty good as well.  Been there four times since it opened, never had a bad meal. As an added bonus my father..."
Stuart Bradley
"Beautiful venue with views out to water and Rangi.  All the staff were fantastic.  Food was amazing.  Kids were well looked after.  Faultless..."
Abigail Jones
"Fantastic service Yatin was outstanding. Made us laugh he had great personality but more importantly his service was fast and effective. Great..."
Max Whitehead
"Food is expensive for the quality and quantity It's also very very hot inside the restaurant Staff are very pleasant Food is slow to..."
Richard J
"My daughter & I have been here a few times and the food, service and atmosphere never disappoints! Today my cheeky little monkey spilt my almost full..."
Misti Carroll Landtroop
"Staff was friendly and quick in service. We went there for some drinks only (1 month ago). The atmosphere is bit cold so was the room temperature...."
"Great staff and service. Had a largish group of us and everyone enjoyed the evening. Would recommend this place. Atmosphere was excellent. Would eat..."
Tony Smith
"great place for catch-ups. Love the atmosphere and service is consistently good. No complaints about the drinks. Food (dinner)- average and somewhat..."
"It was great dining here, love the food and the view :) the oysters is definitely something to try. I had the steak and my friends had the fresh..."
Lovely Maralit
"Firstly, the location is spectacular and the Waiting staff are very attentive. I had the steak, which was cooked to perfection. The potato gratin..."
"One of the best locations I. Takapuna, with good food and remarkable service.Regatta has a good menu, with several options for different..."
Diogo Reck
"It has been a very long time since a restaurant has impressed me to the fullest.From entry you feel free and can breathe effortlessly with..."
Tony Ma
"Good view from here, directly to the beach. Takapuna is always my fave place in sunny day. The food was good. I especially love the sea platter,..."
Anastasia Kadir
"When we walked in, we did not expect the menu to be focused so much on meats + seafood, our fault for not checking!So we just ordered the..."
"Whenever I go to Takapuna I always suggest this restaurant for I like this place's open-free-flow spacious layout overlooking the beach.  The dish..."
Wendy Mitchell
"Excellent, great food and awesome service, perhaps best service I have experienced in NZ. The food is value for money and the staff is happy..."
"Amazing location but the food needs some improvements.. We've been to Regatta three times, once for brunch, lunch & afternoon drinks. The best..."
Semanie Cato
"As soon as we entered the restaurant on a Sunday's evening, we were allocated to our seat but when we requested for the seat that we wanted, the..."
Ameri Lim
"Great spot in front of takapuna beach and the corner of two other eateries . We sat outside the deck area and had the beef burger and aubergine salad..."
Richie Chewy
"Great ambience, nice views from the deck, awesome customer service. The food was really tasty, drinks were really good too! Totally recommend the..."
"Wehad a fantastic experience with the Regatta Team.  Attentive, but notoverbearing.  The food was superb, and we ended up having a very..."
Peter Adams
"I love regatta because of the location and the restaurant atmosphere; it's really pumping in there and has a beautiful view of Takapuna beach. It is..."
Caroline Barrett
"Smashing new restaurant in a great location - perfect place to have lunch on a sunny day.  Took visiting friends from the UK here on Fri 27th Nov..."
Gillian Kenyon
"This was our second visit to Regatta and the food and atmosphere was just as great as the first time ... but what I really noticed was the..."
"I Love This place. I went there one sunny Sunday afternoon and was amazing. You can sit in the deck outside looking the beach, is really cool. The..."
"We went to this place on Saturday night. There was plenty of car parking available so it was pretty easy to get our space. The place is quite new..."
Eduardo Dias
"Last saturday i went here and had Fish and chips and tap bear, cappucino. Firstly, the manager was so kind and sweet. Second, the view of sea was..."
"First time going to this bar and it was awesome. Really friendly staff and the drinks were great! Although it did take a while for the drinks to come..."
Brooke Macdonald
"Sunday brunch with the boys - who were pretty set on something 'with a beer' (I think that, translated, means fish and chips or burgers, or pizza,..."
Bri DiMattina
"LAMB RACKpressed belly / goat’s cheese and black olive bonbon / fennel / salsa verde / confit tomato / almond crunchWell what can I..."
Lar Phillips
"Regatta Bar and Eatery is what Takapuna has been missing.  Fabulous setting with pretty much uninterrupted view of the beach and water.  The..."
Ali Lousley Guild
"I love this place. Great food, great service, great view. The lunch express menu is brilliant value for money, this place will be the best spot in..."
Tony Loughran
"What a cool atmosphere. Loved the fish themed fit out with the open kitchen. Food was good. I was with someone who had been there before and loved it..."
Vanessa Morris
"Love this place. Great for kids and good seafood options. Finally a place in Auckland that incorporates life by the sea. The open kitchen and the..."
Franck Hesse
"Really lovely in summer to sit outside. And nice and warm and cosy inside despite it being such a huge space. Hands down the best flounder I've ever..."
Maia Churichkova
"Beautiful, tasty food and kind, attentive service. The most amazing chocolate fondant I've had in a while! It had collapsed by the time it reached..."
"Amazing seafood, great selection. Beautiful view of the beach and very children friendly. The staff are very friendly and accomodating. We ordered a..."
Candii Cao
"Stumbled across this waterfront restaurant for the first time and we will be back! Not only is it right at the waterfront which will be great for..."
"Had the Sous vide salmon and it was delicious, great tastes combined together to make up a very satisfying dish. The decor and location are really..."
"We were attracted by the fact we have met the General Manager who visited our vineyard to taste our wines when he was selecting the wine list...and..."
Mary Sheila Gwyneth Evans
"my wife and i have been here a number of times. both for lunch and dinner. even during the opening weeks when this place was packed i found the..."
Scotty Ray
"Must admit to a wee bit of trepidation heading to Regatta for the first time as there have been some nasty reviews online. Was however pleasantly..."
"Wonderful setting and very relaxed and open plan. The food and service was very good and made for an enjoyable experience. This was our second visit..."
"Great location, well selected wine list, service attentive. We shared the flounder, pleased we shared as it was a massive serving! The flavours were..."
Jo Y
"Hard to beat the location over looking Takapuna beach. From the time you walk in the door the service is attentive and quick. I do like bars with..."
David Boshier
"awesome service. Try the oyster shot it's a great mix of flavours. Such a good location! about time they had bar and food on Takapuna..."
Cazza Holland
"Had lunch at Regatta, dined from their bar menu, delicious bouillabaisse with samphire and sea grapes, service was fast and friendly, very attentive..."
Ray Murphy
"Average food, average staff and quite pricey. Great spot though. Ordered a seafood platter, fries, Riesling and ciders. Tried two different Rieslings..."
"This is a fantastic spot for a drink and a spot of people watching. View out over to water (finally) and Rangitoto is wonderful. We both thought that..."
Judith Cheyne
Joe's Eatery
88/100 (214 ratings)
"I don't just go to a cafe for great coffee, I go for a wonderful experience.Joe's Eatery in my opinion ticks all the boxes.A..."
Lawrence Lugg
"This place is literally unbeatable! The best breakfast and coffee in Auckland by a million miles!! I could never eat anywhere else after going..."
Storm Roberts
"Delicious food reasonably price. The owner Joe is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. We ordered fish and chips and bruschetta and by far..."
Sakshi Sachdeva
"lovely cozy atmosphere with super reasonable prices, lovely variety of food and excellent coffee. full menu available during level 3 lockdown!..."
Lauren Adams
"Very nice and cozy cafe. The pork belly did not tend to be too fatty and tend to be chewy with sweet potato mashes as sauce. Seasoning is..."
"Cute and tidy little premises at a very nice location in Takapuna. Joe was very engaged and interacted well with customers. It was a unique menu..."
"Friendly host, happy to help with wine choices and well matched with the food. The samosas were great tasting and light..."
Lynne Lodge
"Ordered lamb burger and creamy mushroom. Lamb patty was flavoursome and chips were of high standard. Creamy mushroom came with two large eggs too..."
"Fantastic food and service. Loved that the menu has a twist and isn't your stock standard breakfast. The Paratha was delicious, fresh and..."
Rebecca Victoria Miller
"The food and service were both excellent! Would highly recommend if you want a good..."
Jono Choi
"Friendly staff and outstanding service! ✨Thank you for the lunch we had there, as I would recommend to come again with my more other friends...."
"Nice little spot in Takapuna. Good coffee. Food was a bit..."
Jamie Philipp
"I had a really pleasant experience with my partner at Joe's Eatery.The staff here are so nice and welcoming. I got the $18.00 chicken..."
Derik Liebenberg
"What a beautiful place. Just the right mix of ambience, friendly staff, interesting menu and excellent wines and craft beers. A definite return and..."
Elizabeth Gakhar
"Lovely Staff and fantastic food. Best scrambled eggs I've eaten, we all loved our meals. Thank you..."
Star Blue
"On a lovely sunny Sunday we went to a recent addition to the great array of cafes and restaurants in central Takapuna - Joes Cafe. We had read many..."
"What a lovely gem of a place in Takapuna. Walking into Joe's Eatery is like stepping into a warm, friendly home. The staff are so welcoming and the..."
Roanne Ward
"Friendly staffs and great chef. They come and asked about our food and all the requests were met. We even received a complementary espresso brownie,..."
"$19 for four pieces of a pork belly dish...however cabinet food are well priced. Friendly and open minded owner, will try other food next time. Thank..."
"Fabulous!  Amazing service and delicious food all round.  I had the pasta which was better than I've had at most Italian restaurants and was made..."
Christine Anna
"Ordered egg bene on Naan with bacon, had no idea that it can be on Naan, the taste was really good. However for a person like me the portion was..."
Kushant Mansukhani
"I came to Jo’s eatery with my partner and small dog and we were greeted with a huge smile from Jo! Amazing coffee, best in Takapuna for sure!! We..."
Jazzy Axton
"Checking out the new opening cafe in Takapuna!Good vibes and feel just like home!I've had granola, half size of pumpkin and turmeric soup..."
Orawan Manasombun
"Joe's Eatery has it all, serves delicious breakfast and lunch it also has a licenced bar for those who wish to skip midday coffeeA must try..."
Godfrey Bent
"Fantastic, tasty food at very reasonable prices. The owner Joe is very friendly and accommodating, and they open in the evenings too, very handy to..."
Selvi Indran
"As soon as you enter this cosy eatery you feel warm and welcome. The coffees made by K are outstanding, definitely best coffee in the area. Their..."
Daniela Elbehairy
"Really great food. Nice choice of tea and hubby said coffee was good too. Good price, good service and a lovely fit out. Will definitely be back...."
"Great food, great service, great ambience. Will definitely be back. Cozy on a rainy day but also gets the sun in the afternoons - and it’s open..."
"I popped into Joes Eatery for the first time the other day. It was a very warm and welcoming environment. With very friendly smiley staff.I..."
Maurice Laporte
"We had been to Joe's on Sunday for breakfast. There is a warm homely feel to the cafe, and friendly service. Had a short chat with their manager..."
"I enjoyed lunch last weekend at Joes Eatery. The place has a lovely relaxing vibe, delicious food and great service. Excellent for a meal or just for..."
Renee Johansen
Street Organics
84/100 (627 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
New Zealand
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"Great location and nice layout. We have been here a few times before and loved it. Today, the staff got our orders wrong BUT once the manager found..."
"I went there in the afternoon for coffee and the place was quiet so it was good to enjoy the day with good coffee. Next time I shoud try food..."
Coriander Lover
"I can't even count how many times I've been here... The service is AMAZING (the manager is the loveliest person ever!) and the food is insane!! It's..."
Elise Maric
"We ordered a Wagyu Beef Burger and a Vegan Breakfast Feast. As someone who isn’t vegan or particularly health conscious, I found the dishes to be..."
Vivian C
"Great breakfast at Street Organics. We had the smashed avocado with balsamic glaze and shaved almonds, the blue magic smoothie and eggs bene. The..."
Daisy Brooke
"Awesome vegan brekkie, Wasn’t a huge fan of the cashew cream on the mushroom - would have preferred it without. 3 tomatoes is too much -..."
Ariane Nuttall
"What a fun loving cafe to enjoy either solo time or giggles with friends. Mouth watering momemts as soon as I step in Street Organics, with..."
"If organic, health conscious but without losing yumminess is your thing....Then street organics may be for you. Serving up a wide selection of..."
Sjr Sjr
"First visit here and was very pleased. The staff were very friendly and polite. Welcomed us and were very attentive. Service was fast even though it..."
"Pretty good food. Had a lovely smoothie and some slices. Very good vegan options. Nice cafe and clean. Has a very large menu with pros to choose..."
"Good range of vegan options.Delicious slices and smoothies. Quick service and clean facilities. Pretty good lunch food.Thanks for having..."
Heather Jenkins
"I ordered through UberEats. If there is one thing this place aces, it’s the Blue Colada smoothie. Id had a big night out before ordering and was..."
Kaitlyn Tyler
"Another Sunday morning adventure, family breakfast this week. Weather a little chilly outside but after walking into Street Organics we were..."
"Have been eyeing to visit this vegan friendly restaurant and finally that moment happened yesterday. My initial feeling was prices were a tad bit..."
"Love this place. The Acai Bowl was so big and delicious. The staff is very friendly and there is free WiFi too. I got a Grab One Voucher which meant..."
Auckland Foodie
"Upon arrival, we were advised that the kitchen will be closing in 20 minutes which I believe was quite helpful. The staff were lovely. Very friendly..."
Adline Shandil
"First time coming here today.. the staff were friendly and greeted us upon arrival even though they were busy. Lovely waitress took our order and..."
"Hubby and I visited this place today it was brilliant. We went there later in the afternoon pretty quiet. We both ordered coffees mine with coconut..."
Lesley Duncan
"Smoothies are just on point If you’re vegan or on some healthy buzz, this place will not disappoint you! I want to try everything on their..."
"this urban oasis is the perfect cafe cover girl: easy, breezy and beautiful! what's even better? looks AREN'T deceiving! street organics is beaming..."
"As soon as you walk into this place, it feels really grand. Great service, lovely staff, chilled out ambience. Food is unique, all vegan, smoothies..."
"Absolutely incredible food. Wide range of options for all dietary preferences and requirements.Staff were incredibly friendly, polite, helpful..."
Andrew Watson
"Lovely atmosphere, friendly service and great variety of healthy options. I️ have been here twice now, and have not been disappointed with my..."
Carissa Vittese
"In the heart of Taka another new health eatery has opened!Clean lovely interior and great serviceWas suprised at the wide variety of drink..."
"Really nice environment/space which is really good for a bit of socialising with friends/family! Really nice organic foods and drinks on the menu and..."
Keeley Watson 💌
"Best coffee In town by far great staff and delicious bliss balls. Gorgeous set up!!! Can't wait to try the rest of the menu it's so good to have..."
"Amazing Customer service, good portion and delicious coffees, especially the Beetroot Latte with coconut milk !! Good atmosphere. The kombucha is..."
"A lovely café with welcoming and super friendly service and lots of options on the menu inc. vegan, vegetarian, gluten/dairy free. Vegan & GF..."
Jess S
"Wow! Amazing food, absolutely scrumptious and the customer service was lovely! X I will definitely be coming back to this store very soon as they..."
"Some really good stuff here. The staff are all extremely friendly and nice. Even a free boot chocolate for my baby girl!The salad tasted..."
Tony Ma
"Such a cool place! Went twice in one day cos it's that good! Coffee is soo cute and the menu is unique and delicious. Slowly working my way through..."
Todd Hinchco
"Nice location, warm atmosphere, friendly staff and healthy organic vegan food. I had beetroot latte and kumura brownie that is really delicious and..."
Feiran An
"We can't get enough of this place! We love coming to the Street Organic Cafe on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Their smoothie bowels are by far the..."
Chloe Lucas
"Daughter wanted to try here because she had heard good things and I would have to say I was very impressed. The coffee was great and we both really..."
James Reynolds
"Went by Street Organics and decided to go in because I was highly attracted by their Cafe design. Service inside is superb! Super friendly and..."
Michelle S
"Stumbled upon Street Organics a few weeks ago before a meeting, and I will certainly be coming back here again to try one of their main meals! Had..."
"This place rocks! Awesome warm and welcoming crew, awesome food and amazing coffees!They have everything the real-food conscious and healthy..."
Karin Waec
One Dak Hanmari Korean Bbq
77/100 (1571 ratings)
"This place was recommended by a friend of mine and fell in love with it ever since. I have to say that despite all the noise and the smokey..."
"Worth the drive from East Auckland! Definitely recommend. One suggestion... get in early!..."
Roimata Edwards
"This BBQ restaurant already had run over 10 years and never changed the owner. A wide range of food options with high quality. The restaurant is..."
Wanzi Xiao
"Good value for dinner, good flavour too. However don't dress nicely as your clothes will get smelled afterwards :)). Nice and fun place for friend..."
Tom Lê
"Compared with the same type BBQ shop in CBD I had last time,the air of this shop is more fresh and others, nothing special. Waiting time is long and..."
Jifferney Lu
"We’ve been coming here for Korean BBQ for so long that I don’t even remember when my first visit was. It’s one of those places that you can..."
"Love the food ! Place is busy but worth the $$$.. will go back to this place again . The apple was fresh and tasty .... pork belly was the best ....."
Nila Khulia
"Very very busy on a Saturday evening , I’ve been to a couple Korean buffet in Auckland , and this has to be one of the best. Plenty of meat choices..."
May Hung
"They have variey of meat which is awesome. We love the shrimp and beef. I enjoyed their kimchi which is not too cold. Busy weekend, you definitely..."
Van Arce
"Used to come here a lot! Always very busy, whether you book or not, there was never a time that you arrive and eat straight away, always have to wait..."
💓 K
"Friend took us here. We love every minute here. There are plenty choices of fresh and marinated meat and the staff keep checking.the amount.Rice..."
Anita Lee
"One dak was my favorite korean bbq buffet when i first came to Auckland. Many choice of meat and and vege. And it's still good. Environment not new..."
LuNa The TuNa
"The quality of meat and seafood was great.But fried chicken was super hard and - points for not having ice cream in the buffet . It was hot..."
Nancy Ishii
"Been here twice now extremely busy so you need to make sure you make a booking even then you might have to wait, all of the food is prepped really..."
Laisa N Julessa
"Woooow absolutely my favourite korean bbq buffet!All the meat is in good quality and abundance! Surprisingly, even their fried chicken wings..."
Darren Big Belly
"Very nice owner, great food! Got little range hood at top of each table, meats are always very fresh and tasty! Sauce is well mixed, no need to..."
"Very good quality beef and veggies, and I enjoyed the time with my friends there. The only one problem is the seat is too narrow so it’s easily to..."
Yaya Chang
"I would recommend One Dak. I think you get great value for your money. It offers a variety of meats and seafood to choose from. There isn’t much..."
"Great value for money. Good place to go if you like Korean bbq with a good selection of meats but they are always busy so recommend booking a table..."
"this is my favourite Korean BBQ restaurant, although it's always smelly after meal, but still my first choice, best beef ribs and beef tongue, nice..."
Alina Kim
"It was my first time trying korean bbq and i visited this place. I’m very happy I visited this place because I think I’m in love with korean bbq...."
Krystal Tran
"great and wonderful place, good choices of meat and vegetables. they often change your grill and used plates. booking is essential during dinner..."
Louie Anthony
"Came here on a Thursday night. When we came in it was pretty full already but luckily we got a table for 3. There’s not much service as it’s a..."
Jason Zhang
"Old establishment, has been around for years. Meat options and vege variety are ok for the price.Place and Decor is getting really old though,..."
"The dinner buffet here is a fun experience. The cuts of meat seem fresh enough and most of them are tender and juicy. The marinated meats in..."
"It is my first time to come here. It is a very famous BBQ buffer in north shore. There are many kinds of raw meat to choose (see photos below). I..."
"Extremely friendly staff .lots of food options for everyone . Busy place but worth going there .it was fun enjoyed Korean food delicious. Good for..."
Amy Brar
"Friendly staff, can be a bit busy & a bit of a wait at times but food is quality and service is always well received. Been here a couple of times and..."
Kai Mai
"My mates recommended this place so we came. Service/ambience is standard here. By the time we were finishing up, people were lining up out the door,..."
"I really love this Korean BBQ restaurant. I know they are always busy even you have a booking but still have too waiting. I believe the have good..."
"I really like the BBQ of this restaurant. Friendly stuff, fresh meat. Business is unbelievably good. You have to arrive at 5pm to get a seat and..."
"Food variety here is amazing and there are much seating options. However, they're always still insanely packed and impossible to get your booking..."
Michelle S
"They have a big selection of food! Not only meat but also shrimp and snacks. My friends and I end up over eating and it totally worth the money!..."
Silvia Fang
"Oh yeah... this is my favorite place for Korean BBQ buffet.Good selection of meats, cooked dishes and Korean side dishes!The only let down..."
"This is the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Auckland and I mean the best! They have good cut of meat and wide selection of fresh yummy hot food to fill..."
Fiona Ong
"Wow, definitely impressed with the variety of food they have here. From marinated pork to squid and prawns, they have them all. They also have a huge..."
"This place is well-known to every Korean BBQ lover. Have been there for many many time. Most of items there are tasty and fresh. Some dishes are just..."
Michelle Hwang
"Their selection and variety of food is good! It's just like your ordinary kbbq. However u might want to book first. It's busy literally everyday..."
Sally Tran
"My partner and I came to your restaurant in March and had a wonderful meal. The service was great and we both tried your Soju and were most impressed..."
Kay Lindley
"One of the better Korean BBQ places in auckland. The offer a variety of fresh vegetables and meat with plenty of side dish options, best of all they..."
"Good selection of meat and side dish, my friends love their fried chicken pieces, but it can get smoky in there, I remember eating there once in Jan,..."
Michael Hung
"My absolute favourite place to eat in Auckland. Been coming regularly for quite a few years now and the quality just keeps going up. Recently price..."
Dennis Zhang
"All you can eat meat BBQ at your own table. Go with a big appetite and clothes you can wash afterwards. Do not take a vegetarian! Awesome value for..."
Jason Page
"Overview: I have now dined at this restaurant a number of times and each experience was satisfying. If you are looking for a place to satisfyingly..."
Audric Kam
"Even though the interiors of this place is not the best they definitely have the highest quality Korean bbq meat in auckland. The price of 25$ per..."
James Lo
"Food ordered:2x AdultsBill: $50Big tummy: We'd heard pretty good things about this place, and I'd passed it countless times..."
A Tale Of Two Tummies
"Really enjoyed my experience there. I booked for an early dinner as i've read that it can get really packed around 7, which it did. Great service and..."
Iluv Pandas
"Definitely an all time favourite of affordable Korean bbq buffets! They have a wide range of meat as well as hot food dishes. I also like their..."
Annie Ren
"Came here with 3 other friends and it was $25 well spent. Food was great and service was good. The staffs were friendly and changed our grill often...."
"Worth it to go. This place will guarantee to make your appetite to be satisfy. However, the place is always fill with nosies and theres no air..."
Andy Leung
"After heard so many positive thing about this Korean buffet I finally popped in the restaurant last week. We came as a group of five and were seated..."
"Enjoyed my experience here! It was no wonder that our group had to wait outside for a bit before being seated because the place was packed! The meat..."
Jee Espino
"Third time visiting here^++^ Love their beef ribs.. They are soooooo gooood >0< have to carry my belly out of the restaurant every time.. Totally..."
Asian Fan
"Buffet 25$ per person. Not bad. Only one kind of meat that i like, taste better that the other. I think they need to marinate all the meats to flavor..."
Inge Sari Indriani
"I was there last night with friends [6 of us] and it was a blast! I asked about the sauces they used as they were so delicious! Thank you One Dak..."
"I like the bbq buffet here and the fact that i can eat as much i want. Service is good..."
81/100 (1442 ratings)
Ice Cream
"Since it was so hot today, I decided to get a strawberry panna cotta ice cream. Having tried many movenpick ice creams such as crème brûlée,..."
Sharon Louie
"Totally satisfied my sugar craving..."
Jonathan Chau
"Stopped in here a while ago with the family after a nice lunch nearby, and everyone was so happy and loved it. The ambience is quite small but has..."
Yana Petrenko
"Love the ice cream here its always so yum and I love how they make their own waffle cones as they are the best tasting waffle cones ever!!! The ice..."
"Delicious flavours, highly recommend the Creme brulee, great service but okay pricing. Very near the beach so it's the perfect spot before the..."
"Probably the best spot in Takapuna to grab an ice cream, Movenpick in Taka is a reliable spot. Lovely staff, quick service and delicious ice cream...."
Hansi Dissanayake
"They have great service and great ice-cream, it is good in a hot sunny day. Go there with friends and family all the time. They all ways have really..."
"After a bbq buffet, an ice cream dessert sounds pretty good. We got the flavor of the week blueberry cheesecake with berry sauce, nuts, and cream...."
Jason Zhang
"Love the chocolate brownie desert they serve one of my favourites also the ice cream always tastes amazing the place is alway clean and tidy and..."
"Stopped by after lunch for ice cream. Ordered the nut lovers dream shared platter.There was only one person on (it was midday on a..."
Benedict Uy
"Surprisingly I don't go for their ice cream however I believe it's excellent.Their iced coffee: WOW, now that's worth going for!!! Great coffee..."
"One of the best ice cream ive tasted here in auckland! Creamy but not so sweet. It satisfy my taste buds and made me crave for more! Will surely love..."
Lovelea Ho Suarez
"I love movenpick ice cream they make the best mint chocolate ice cream that I have ever had! Their desserts are also amazing just a little expensive..."
"There's no denying that Movenpick make the best ice cream.... I know some people swear by the Belgian stuff, or even some of the craft brands coming..."
"You can't go wrong with a place like Movenpick. An excellent selection of ice-creams, hot drinks and desserts.A group of us came here for a late..."
"Food ordered:Triple Scoop (Mint Choc, Swiss Chocolate, Maple Walnut)Single Scoop (Vanilla Brownie)Bill: $17.40Big..."
A Tale Of Two Tummies
"With an abundance of dessert, froyo and ice cream shops these days it seems like we're spoiled for choice when it comes to dessert! With..."
Jessica Teasdale
"Movenpick brings back the *best summer memories. Every summer, I make my way up from the beach to grab some of Movenpicks delicious ice cream. I..."
WeiTing Ashley Shyu
"Yum! Love movenpick ice cream, this place is in a great location for a post-beach treat. They offer a wide variety of flavours, my fav is the creme..."
Tanya Kerr
"Lovely ice cream. You might love the walnut maple ice cream. And the Swiss chocolate ice cream is amazing too. It's quite if you are..."
"Um it was fine here, the guy serving us seemed to have a bit of trouble understanding what we were ordering.The waffle cones were very thin..."
Jesse James .
"Beautiful absolutely splendid ice creams with a variety of flavours to choose from. I like the one in the city near the quay more because of the..."
Vaidyanathan Balasubramanian
"I really like their ice cream especially in summer. Some of their flavors are a little sweet for me, i love their maple walnut in a waffle cone...."
Musings Of A Foodie
"Excellent customer service, the staff are friendly. The ice cream is amazing as always :) highly recommend :)...."
Hassan Qaiser
79/100 (353 ratings)
"KiwiYo is damn allgood. Been here so many times and it's never failed to impress. They always have a good selection and staff are always pretty..."
Anastasia Matiatos
"Came in for some dessert and the service was great and the price was fairly good. They are open pretty late too as we came in around 8pm and they..."
"Service here was great considering there was about 3 workers here at around early 8pm. The place was really empty and don’t think it should’ve..."
Yana Petrenko
"I had a red velvet, chocolate and vanilla flavors. All three flavors were simply delicious. I choose a lot of toppings but their were plenty more..."
Steamed Hams
"Very nice and friendly service, yoghurts have difference choice, even my kids like put theirs favorite toppings, every times coming get different..."
"Kiwiyo has lots of different yoghurt flavours and different topping to choose from! You can mix the different yoghurt types of you want of you can..."
"Clean and friendly they often have their machine down (myb cleaning ? Or filling it up ?? ) anyways I like their waffle cone as my topping but the..."
Its Me
"😊 My first experience was really good, clean environment, nice layout with instructions labeled. Nice friendly service. There are so many..."
Shinal Shivanghni
"everything was very clean and well stocked - I had rockmelon as a topping and it was super fresh! nice to see it was nice and busy too on a Monday..."
Sophie Wilton
"Always had good service here. Came one night with my sister who struggled to walk around much, to which they were very accomodating. Even when I..."
Lillian Mehta
"I snuck in here for a treat on a recent visit. It's a fairly standard frozen yogurt pace with lots of varieties of yogurts and..."
John Finkelde
"We've been here a few times now.  It always is clean and tidy, and has a nice layout.  Im not keen on all the flavours, but stick to the ones I..."
"Good variety of toppings. But not many choices on the flavours of the ice cream. Most of them were fruitish. But they could have cool options like..."
"A cool place in this suburb to have froyo when it's hot outside. The staff is super friendly. Lots of candies and nuts to add on. Floor needs..."
"Can't go wrong with cheap ice cream and candy. The little photobooth adds a nice touch too. Great for catchups with friends and perfect for when..."
C Carr
"This idea is awesome and I admit I go here alot!Its always so tidy and clean and well kept.Staff are helpful and polite and very..."
Trayc C
"Yum yum yum, Clever initiative. Love the new flavours and toppings. friendly service. Bit expensive but worth..."
Monica Flieshman
Tok Tok Kitchen
89/100 (901 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Pad Thai
"Cant wait to go back again!! We had the popping prawns, Kafier Lime chicken, shaking beef and duck salad with rice on the side. Even though it was..."
Natasha Ronaldson
"An absolute treat! The wait staff are really friendly and caring. The food is delightfully Asian with a " fusion" that actually works. Can't wait to..."
Bob Thomas
"One of the best dining experiences I've had in a long time. The sauces were layered and exceptionally well balanced. Spicy without being *only*..."
Gillian Green
"We had special dinner to celebrate my son Nic b'day..the place was cozy,services so quick and full of hospitality,and the foodies were all..."
Suyenti Yenni Lin
"Great great food and atmosphere. Haven’t been in NZ FOR 10 years and food is equal to anything I’ve been to in..."
John Barb Snelling
"Today we had the most delightful lunch. We were a group of 4. 3 of us chose 4 small plates to share and my husband chose the fish curry. Every dish..."
Karen Nunes
"Thai fusion food, must try shaking beef and roti dessert , must try this place if you like something..."
Rex Chen
"Highly recommend going to Tok Tok, thoroughly enjoyed our evening..."
Gizmo Boy
"Very awesome customer service, especially from the Manager Rico! The food was superb, the hospitality was amazing along side of the friendliness of..."
"Loved the food. Good portion size.Nice ambience..Thumbs..."
Dev Choudhury
"Have been here numeric times, love the environment, decorating and food, and sush a nice place for drinks too. But there's something impressed me the..."
"Always a pleasure eating here, the service is brilliant. We had a group of about 15 people at extremely short notice and they accommodated for us..."
Bailey Moffitt
"An exotic asian fusion restaurant in Takapuna.Service: 4/10When we entered the restaurant we stood at the counter and waited for the..."
Grace Huang
"Our waitress recommend the sweet potato pad seuw which was fantastic. Portion sizes of the mains were decent and the quality was top..."
"Excellent lunch here this week. Everything we ordered was superb. Stand outs were the eggplant and tofu curry and the vegan free curry. Both portions..."
Kate Williamson
"Papaya green salad might be too spicy for someone. Takapuna colada is really nice. It’s nice to try the special main recommended by the staff...."
Elsalute Chic
"Favorite spot in Takapuna! Delicious food and awesome restaurant. The wagyu beef steamed buns and popping prawns are to die for! Both are super tasty..."
Alice B
"Had lunch here in the weekend and the atmosphere was so nice and I love the wooden letters on the roof that say 'TOK TOK'. I had the 'peach &..."
"I came to Tok Tok with my boyfriend on a Saturday evening and the place was packed! They managed to squeeze us in, which was great! We got the lamb..."
Sharon Louie
"A thai fusion place in Takapua. Seems to be busy. Been here once, really enjoyed their food and thai beer. However, this place is a little pricy and..."
Becky Kuang
"I got to know this restaurant at the Taste of Auckland event which happened 2 years ago they have a stall at the event and I can still remember it..."
Ang Sarap
"Another Asian fusion for the books. After multiple recommendations we gave this little gem a try! Bookings were a must for a table outside under the..."
Shaun Ross
"Tok tok delivers new and fresh flavours that I cannot experience elsewhere! Their balance between authentic and fusion is just right. My favourites..."
Heonjung Kim
"Delicious. I ordered the vegan yellow curry and I swear it was the most delicious curry I’ve had in a long time. It was creamy, however had the..."
Mya S
"Went in after a recommendation from a friend and I will be back.Friendly, helpful staff, great food (sharing plates), reasonably priced and..."
Debbie Lockart
"Crispy half duck and popping prawns are my personal favs here.Also the crispy Hapuka dry red curry.9/10! nice ambience and service! We were quite..."
"Food is amazingBut staff is unfriendly.Been there many times ,still fall in love with food but had many bad experiences with staff .hooe..."
"It was packed when we arrived but we were looked after pretty well. Food was really tasty and I was in love with my 5 spiced pork belly. All the..."
Quinn Mai
"I have been a regular here for a while now. The reason for a four star is cause the food is either a hit or a miss. We have tried pretty much..."
Mary Hodgson
"We had dinner here and all dishes we ordered were excellent! There was a lot of people there so we had to wait a little bit and table wasn’t the..."
"The Halong Banquet set menu was an excellent option if you would like to taste majority of their dishes. The Ruakaka Kingfish sashimi, Crispy Wagyu..."
"FOOD - we ordered the yellow vegan curry and sweet potato pad seuw. The curry was imbalanced and so overwhelming in flavour that we couldn't finish..."
Gem McLeod
"Everything I brought was utterly worth it. Often when eating out, you come away thinking: d I really just spend this much on that!? At Tok Tok this..."
Meghan Kerr-Phillips
"The place is very spacious and a great outdoor area that is fully enclosed in winter. We ordered a few dishes and they were all delicious. The..."
"Tok tok offers a unique dive into asian fusion, their duck dishes are distinctively tok tok, I love their fusion of sweet and savoury! makes it a..."
"I have dined at a lot of different Asian fusion restaurants by now, but somehow, this restaurant still managed to stand out :)First off,..."
Michelle Ma Belle
"Our family went to there quite a few times because my brother-in-law is a big fan of the restaurant. We usually ordered multiple dishes and share. We..."
Bright One
"Food: Friend and I shared the pad thai. Lots on the plate (but if you’re a hungry sharer then get something as well). Nice flavour but meat was a..."
Marina :)
"Beautiful flavours, well cooked food, but there needs to be a warning on the spice levels! We ordered the beef bun, the pork and scallop dumplings,..."
Kathryn Ruth
"Amazing food, especially loved the wagyu beef brisket. Great selection of cocktails and great service. Over all it was lovely night in a nice..."
Avalon Indiana Jones-Nicolle
"Highly recommend, 10/10, spectacular food, didn’t have to wait long, and relaxed atmosphere even though very busy with Mothers Day.Fast..."
"Loved this place!Friendly service, we sat outside and the heaters there keep you toasty. Big space and very popular for birthdays for some..."
Mrs Puddingcake
"Wife has been numerous times before and has wanted to get me here, she finally got it right. Birthday dinner for her.Menu is simple in..."
"Tok Tok is a place that you can visit over and over, the food is delicious and well thought through. The flavours just work with each and every dish,..."
"Really great food, pretty authentic for South East Asian cuisine. Loved the twist they do with their Pad Thai. Full of flavour. The service could do..."
Sarah Theobald
"Went here for a girls catch up and we all shared entrees and it was amazing! We had the shaking beef, crispy duck, pork belly, lamb bites and the..."
"I tried the lamb bites, summer rolls, and crispy duck. I did not like the taste/seasoning on the lamb but the texture of it was on point. I liked the..."
"We came here for lunch and ordered a fair bit for just the two of us. We got the crispy squid, sticky pork ribs, dry Hapuna curry and sweet and sour..."
"I love this place, granted it is always quite busy, I have always been happy to share the communal tables with others so have never been..."
"Went here for lunch on a very hot day.The outdoor area is nice. Cocktails were tasty which went very well with the lamb bites which was full of..."
"We have visited Tok Tok several times and we have tried most items on the menu.  The food and service are outstanding.  The food has great flavour..."
Sam Jones
"Been here twice with one year in between. It’s a cool Asian fusion restaurant with an Asian fusion decor.The menu looks very fancy but most of..."
Haoyang Feng
"IWe have been wanting to try Tok Tok in Takapuna for some time as it has a very good reputation and receives stellar reviews. Well today we went and..."
"Well, busiest night of the year possibly and need I say the service was IMPECCABLE!Well done Tok Tok. Going off recent reviews the service may..."
"Pop corn shrimp, kaffir lime chicken, salt n pepper squid....delicious.Been here 6+ times, food is consistent, service is getting worse, but..."
"Ordered quite a few dishes here when we came in recently, we tried their kingfish sashimi, popping prawns, kaffir lime chicken, shaking beef, pad..."
"Finally got to try Tok Tok and I can see why it's hard to get a booking. A group of 6 and we had their Christmas banquet. Plenty of great flavoured..."
Andrew Poore
"About half of what we ordered was great, the other half pretty average. For the price point to product/value ratio, probably wouldn't visit..."
"Had an amazing dinner tonight with my friends in Tok Tok, the food is absolutely fabulous! Our waiter is effective and friendly! Definitely one of..."
Feiran An
"Another trendy Asian fusion restaurant with great food. On walking in to the sign that said 'please wait to be seated' we awkwardly stood..."
"Very lucky to live locally to Tok Tok and has to be one of the best places to eat this side of the bridge.  Food here is always fresh and spicy. The..."
"Food is full of flavour. Love how each item is so different. You don’t get bored of the menu. Only thing stopping from getting a 5 is I found the..."
Destiny Mackay
"It had great ambience and awesome service from the staff. The food was great, especially the prawns and crab. The food was a tad expensive side..."
"Tok Tok has nice fusion food, good staff and lively premises. Flavours are fresh and palatable, but missing a little bit of the incisiveness of real..."
Thomas W
"I keep this simpleYum yum yum. Very cool cooking stylesWent with work colleague'sLook forward to going here again.Staff very..."
Robert Dunn
"Situated on a busy corner in Takapuna, Tok Tok's specialty is modernised Asian Street food.It's a large space with inside & outside seating & an..."
"Really good service. I jsut dont like being oushed to order entrees when i clearly just wanted mains. Their food was great, a little too spicy for me..."
"Went here the other night and the food was amazing!! Not only does food make a good restaurant but so does the service and honestly Tok Tok's service..."
"Amazing atmosphere. Great service. Food incredible I love Asian fusion, everything incredibly fresh! So many vegan options. Highly recommend veg..."
Emma Grace
"Awesome food, menu is structured aboud sharing plates which I usually loathe being GF when others arent, but there was such an excellent range of GF..."
"Arrived at 9pm and it was packed. Thought we would have lost our reservation as we were 15mins late. We were greeted by a wonderful waitstaff and..."
Al Kumar
"First time trying this place, expectations were high and it still blew us out of the water. We ordered the duck salad (with mangosteen) and wangyu..."
Inhae Jung
"Came here for a friend's birthday in a large group. Ambience is dim and intimate, was super busy when we got there. I absolutely loved everything we..."
Kenzi Yee
"The food was spicy, fragrant and delicious. Everyone at our table loved everything they ordered. I had the prawn and coconut salad and also the..."
"If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I was seriously impressed with Tok Tok. The service and the food were amazing! We booked online..."
Lia Yosaatmadja
"Food was really good, absolutely beautiful. The special venison dumplings were exquisite, and there was a really good range of meats and veggies to..."
"Came here on a Sunday night for a sweet and easy impromptu birthday dinner for our friend. Ordered the lamb bites, salt and pepper squid, sweet and..."
Panini T
"Came here for a late dinner at 8.30.... still people coming in very busy. Huge place great atmosphere just noisy. Waiting for our table by the bar..."
"Stunning food. Had the fresh coconut and prawn salad, which was surprisingly spicy. Delicious succulent dumplings with a soy caramel, and a..."
Lucia Florence
"The food is great. Really packed with bold & strong flavours that will punch your taste buds out of the park. The papaya salad was my favourite but..."
"such nice and djfferent food there. Not like usual southern east food. we had shaking beef which is huge and tasted great. venison salad is fresh...."
Carina Chang
"Cool venue with delicious food, amazing service, and (surprisingly) good value for money. I thoroughly enjoyed my group dinner at Tok Tok and am..."
Raymond Tiong
"The food here is excellent! We ordered a variety of dishes. The beef brisket steamed bun, the red curry hapuka, lamb green curry and duck pad..."
Miss Kiki
"This place has the most amazing roti and beef dish. I had an amazing eating fiesta. The main let down here for me was the waiting service. For me..."
"My favourite Asian Fusion restaurant in Auckland! With so many restaurants sporting Asian Fusion meals on their menu's in Auckland, the competition..."
Roxanne Sarkari
"large space, outdoor indoor flow and loving the fusion vibes. Great atmosphere and great to have a drink and some sharing platters.Service..."
"Went here last night with a group of friends for a birthday dinner. The restaurant itself is really nice, outside is definitely where you want to sit..."
Alysha Bower
"Had dinner there last night, great space with a good atmosphere & very busy all night. For starters the summer rolls which were half chock full..."
Lyn Templeman
"I visited TokTok in a group of 4 without making a reservation on a Sunday afternoon. The place was almost full and we were told that we had 2 hours..."
Katie Kim 20% ZOMATOGOLD: KATI8621
"Who can keep up with another Asian fusion eatery in the Auckland food scene! I have been here twice both times for lunch. Its a bit of a catch 22, it..."
Courtney @ A Food Awakening
"We went to tok tok last night and damn the food was great!!! Well done kitchen beautiful flavors tasty as!!Definitely we are coming back..."
Juan Pablo Morales Valle
"Amazing! this place is always busy yet we have always felt staff are always helpfull and on the ball and the food comes out quickly. Food is..."
Jason Charleston
"Here for a lunch with friend, firstly impressed by the decoration. The bird's nest hanging on the roof reminds me of my childhood. Cup and water..."
"Everything is good! I ordered Manuka smoked salmon with curry which is amazing with Thai flavor! Really enjoy the food here !Very busy..."
Victor Li
"Dined here on Saturday night and the place was already packed, booking is essential! Upon arrival we were seated promptly and all staff were very..."
"The duck pad Thai was a surprising delight, served in a different way. It was delicious and the meat succulent. Fantastic service with smiley..."
Kate Smith
"+ Absolutely delicious food+ South East Asian twist to your night out+ Nice atmosphere+ Attentive staff- Average, bland cocktail that..."
Jihye Kang
"The food is absolutely delicious! I had the pad Thai and roti and was quite content with that. The let down of this place however is the service -..."
Caroline Barrett
"Ever since sampling Tok Toks Brisket bun and Hapuka dry red curry at Taste of Auckland, we couldn't wait to head to Tok Tok in Takapuna and sample..."
"Been there twice now, once for dinner once for lunch. Great food, awesome decor and we had top notch service from the same guy, tiki tattoo on the..."
Brainless Foodie
"Food was phenomenal. I'd recommend the Hapuka Red Curry, beautiful mix of strong and delicate flavors. Also really enjoyed the beef steamed bun. The..."
Tyler King
"Lunched here after a good friend of mine raved about this place. And after sampling the menu I can understand the hype about this place...."
"I tried these guys at the taste festival, really liked it so decided to eat there sunday the next day. They have really good food. Flavoursome...."
"good tasty food.  would recommend anyone who enjoys Asian flavors, small size dishes -great for sharing with friends. service was good.  would..."
Lang Ea
"I came here with a friend on Sunday for lunch. The place was busy but not too packed so we got a good seat. The staff were very friendly and helped..."
"A big tick for me! Great service and delicious food. I can still remember the taste of shaking beef. The table next to us had the same dish and..."
Lily Chow
"I was pleasantly surprised with this place as my cousin who is vegetarian suggested it and not being vegetarian myself I wasn't that excited but I..."
"As a lover of Asian fusion cuisine, it's no surprise that I absolutely loved this place! Staff were so attentive and friendly, food was awesome we..."
Christine Yeh
"Two thumbs up!! Good food. Great service. Me and my friend ordered pad thai and shrimp salad. Loved every bite. Plus the ambiance is perfect. I..."
Claudine Anne Tan
"Had lunch here with large group of coworkers. The kitchen was quick with food service and the quality of food was good. Loved the lamb, calamari and..."
GlutenFreeGuide NZ
"Oh my goodness, soooo good. First time i've everrrr liked chicken wings AND seafood. The prawn popcorn stuff was amazeballs, the chicken wings sooo..."
"Oh my! I'm pleased I came across this gem. Beautiful restaurant, very attentive and pleasant customer service, and the food was exquisite. I don't..."
Nikki S.
"I had this craving for Thai food today but lazy to drive to East Tamaki. My wife suggested we try this place for a change. We ordered the..."
Eric Mendez
"About time Taka had more asian infusion variety. Tok Tok is pretty cool, great tasting food the tacos and Harpuka curry are my..."
"Food was yummy, a pretty standard Asian fusion. We friend and I ordered a bao each, one main, one salad, one roti, and a drink each to a total of..."
Sulin Wang
"Great tasting food! Loved the flavour of every dish I had! We shared the starter, dumplings and lime chicken and then ordered the roast pork belly..."
Tazyn Fini
"I liked the restaurant. The foods are generally tasty. What we had was spicy. The food portions are not really big, so you might also want to try the..."
"My second visit was way better. The place keeps crowded and the food was way more impressive. This time I've tried the Thai style sashimi, pork..."
Diogo Reck
"My cousin suggested going to this place for lunch cos she has heard it was good. It was a little late in the afternoon like 2-3pm. There were 8 of us..."
"An amazing South East Asian culinary journey.Highly recommend the lamb bites starter and the crispy hapuka red curry main. A special shout out..."
Jyothi Madanlal Chhabria
"Loved it! Went late on Thursday night and it was still busy with a small wait for a table but it's worth it!Enjoyed the popping prawns and..."
"Have been here a few times now and love it. A fantastic addition to Takapuna.You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu, try..."
"I went to Tok Tok with my girlfriend and her family for dinner. We went in on a whim and were lucky to get a table, it'd just opened a few weeks..."
Frazer Noble
"Wow, I went there last week with few friends on a rainy day. Great atmosphere for a bottle of wine, with warm and friendly as well as the decoration,..."
Tra Tran
"We arrived on a busy Sunday afternoon. The first impression wasn't great, as we had to move from one table that wasn't cleaned properly to another..."
Kat Boz
"■ Beautiful interior■ Delicious food■ Amazing service■ Gets very busy■ On the pricey endTakapuna is..."
"Last Sunday, I had lunch with my family at Tok Tok, a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try since it opened in Takapuna some time last year. It was..."
Angela (A Style Collector)
"Food was great but smaller portions that necessary for sharing with larger groups. Salads were also all the same just with one different addition...."
"Came here for lunch having heard good things about this place. Set in the north shore it will definitely add variety to the eateries for the..."
Ivan Koay
"Lovely service. We didn't make a reservation but the FOH were really helpful and got us a table where we prefered. All the entrees were great. They..."
Adline Shandil
"We didn't make a booking but got a table after eating by the bar to order some drinks first , we got the lamb and shaking beef as mains but they..."
Richie Chewy
"We had been there last night. One of the best of Asian fusion food that I had in Auckland. Great service and nice atmosphere. Definitely be back...."
Ben Duong
"We have been to Tok Tok a couple of times since it opened .It is one of the best experiences from a new restaurant in Takapuna that we have seen and..."
Lesley Pether
"Went on a rainy thursday night with three friends for dinner and had drinks on the low tables before our table was ready as we arrived early and..."
Helen Gyde
"As someone who travelled to Vietnam recently and has struggled to find good Vietnamese food in Auckland, this place was a lovely surprise with the..."
Shannon Em
"Me and my son ate here for dinner tonight. Hands down the best restaurant I've been to for quite a while. The food has tons of flavour with..."
"Asian fusion at its finest! The food is as good as it sounds on the menu, it has a lovely open dining space with a enclosed outdoor area perfect for..."
Eden Wood
"This is the second time I have dined at this fabulous restaurant and next time I will give it 5/5 because I am sure by then they will have sorted out..."
Rachel Brebner
"First time there - for mid week lunch. We have now picked out our dinner menu for the next 5 visits 👍 Only tried a few small plates so far but the..."
Sandy Bedford
"Service was great, very friendly. Drinks were nice. Food was great. Portions weren't overly large so it's good to order starter if you're quite..."
"Great place friendly staff and really flavour some food The place was busy as with a nice atmosphere and the menu had a wide variety of fresh..."
David Thompson
"We’ve been eager to try Tok Tok since it opened so were pleased to get there on Saturday night.We arrived at 8pm and were behind a party of 3..."
Semanie Cato
"We had such a great time yesterday at Tok Tok; delicious food, amazing atmosphere, friendly staff and affordable price. I will definitely go back..."
Oxana Timofeeva
"First time visit for lunch yesterday. Great food. We had tapas chicken, rice paper rolls, tuna tacos, prawn dumplings. All food really nice. My fav..."
"The best new Restaurant in Takapuna. Since the new edition of Madam woo we are a bit spoilt for choice in Takapuna.. My advice is try Tok..."
Scotty Ray
"We gave Tok Tok a few weeks to bed in and then tried it mid afternoon one Saturday when it was quiet and we weren't disappointed. We had the popping..."
"This restaurant is opened by the owners of Le Vietnamese cafe in Ponsonby. The food was delicious and reasonably priced. Service was friendly. Though..."
Kim Ying Chan
"I'm a vegetarian, and often these asian fusion places don't have great options (e.g. Mekong Baby, etc), so I was really pleasantly surprised to see 3..."
"I have to leave a 'mixed' review after we went there recently after the new opening. We left feeling let down by the service, but were pleased with..."
"Very impressive choices at lunch.  I ordered the crispy hapuka red curry.  The portion was more than enough with at least 6 large pieces of fish...."
Daikoku Takapuna
87/100 (915 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Been there countless times and never disappoint. Food is always on point. Great service and awesome experience watching the chef showing off..."
"If you haven’t been to a teppanyaki restaurant then you should do this at least once in your lifetime, while the food may be good, you are not..."
Ang Sarap
"Very good meal.....never..."
Te Hauoterangi Dickson
"I had dinner here few months ago, I had a very nice day!The food was so good and also our chef's performance was amazing!Service was good..."
"Good food and still keeping their standard. It's more comfortable with some social distancing...."
"One of the waitress who was talking order needs more training, we felt like we were being rushed and any questions we had were met with curt sharp..."
Jenny Wang
"It is very tasty, especially wagyu beef. We use the zomato gold, just half price to eat wagyu beef, great. I highly recommend this restaurant, you..."
Weiming Tang
"Awesome service, lovely food and have to say the food smell is not as bad as before. The lunch special is very good size portion. Using zomato gold..."
"This place is a must try for a tepanyaki experience! The chef will definitely give you a good show while having your meals! The flavour is okay and..."
Pam Gaddi
"Great place , great novelty. We go here for lunch regularly. It is always good and enjoyable...."
Harry Larry
"We came in here without reservation just over 6pm and got a table straight away with 5 other people. Dinner was delicious. I mean... meat, seafood..."
Jonathan Chau
"I had my birthday dinner here. It isn’t the first time to dine here and I had lunch here couples of time. We ordered sumo steak set and Splash set,..."
Joyce Tsang
"The cooking show was very entertaining, the fire blast was also really cool. It is unlikely that you are able see the cook food in front of you, so..."
Xia Wu
"Good place. Different chiefs have different styles but the performances are not perfect. Food great lunch menu is better even if you are zomato gold..."
Hao Chang
"Food, staff and experience two thumbs up!! I will be back for sure. Their steak OMG melts in your mouth and their Yum Yum sauce is amazing :)..."
Jill Keren Querubin
"What a wonderful dinner with my girl friend here. Actually this is the first date of us and we have a good experience of dining in a Japanese style..."
Eat And Run
"We decided to come to daikoku as we love japanese... we now have a slight addiction to daikoku. I always want to go back because I love the humor and..."
Nicole Monique
"Nice foods, nice service.However, we used two Zomato Golds, instead of discount on the 2nd and 4th most expensive meals, the restaurant just..."
Maria Wong
"Quite pricey without zomato gold.The food was really nice and the performance they put on was enjoyable, but a bit awkward if you don't get into..."
Dom Park
"I love this place, especially now that they are doing zomato gold! The chefs are really friendly and funny... I love the prawns in yum yum sauce!..."
Chelsea Farley [CHEL8858 For Zomato Gold]
"Very good service, food was fantastic. We had the wagu beef which also comes with other dishes. Very pleasant experience with the chef. Would..."
Anna Wong
"Food was good. Ordered fish and teriyaki chicken. I prefer the fish. Good value for money. Lots of lunch special deals plus weekend special..."
Becky Kuang
"Fun vibe, it's really dinner and a show - all of the food was melt in your mouth delicious! Call ahead to book a time, as they need a nearly full..."
Tasty Morsel
"This is one of the best teppanyaki I have been to. Good size portions and a selection of set menu of meat, seafood and vegetables. Fun entertainment..."
J Delicieux
"I am a Japanese food lover.  I really like wayu beef. It is tasted quite soft and juicy. It is totally different from normal steak. In addition the..."
Wanzi Xiao
"we visited Daikoku for celebrating my friend’s birthday. The greatest chef, Tetsu did a great performance for us . His talking is fun, juggling is..."
"Always nice teppanyaki with chuuchuu train n it's friends. Also yum yum sauce (the perfect one), finished by this drawing. TETSU SAN, you are..."
Dewi S
"Great experience, friendly staff with a very personal touch. Food was incredible and fresh with a great comedic side to the evening due to the humour..."
Bradley Pivac
"4/5 Taste4.5/5 Display 4.5/5 Quantity 4.5/5 Customer ServiceVery good Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant in..."
"Good service, nice staff, wonderful presentation and the chef very talented to Performance cooking. In the end the chef write a happy birthday in..."
"Was a fun night and the food was good, although our chef seemed new and accidentally splashed a reasonable amount of hot oil on the man next to us..."
Kirsti Hogan
"Absolutely LOVE this place. Food is delicious, staff are amazing, the show they put on is flawless. Definitely worth the money! We had Yu as our chef..."
Zara Morrison
"Fantastic value for money. We had their head chef Tetsu by chance and he was amazing. Very funny, extremely skilled and polite. We will definitely be..."
Daniel Bell
"Food is yummy as usual, staff is enthusiastic about Teppanyaki food. The kids are excited about the chef’s show-flame on. Kids menu comes in a cute..."
"Very friendly service and great value for the amount of food you get. We enjoyed the whole experience. This last sentence is just to fulfill the..."
Patrick O'Hara
"I went for dinner wi my hubby for my birthday. Its definitely worth the visit. everything good. wagyu steak tasted so yum. the upgraded fried rice is..."
Vanessa Zhang
"Love this place, we eat here often. Best prawns with yum yum sauce. Excellent service. Great for the family. Kids love watching the chef cook. We..."
"Awesome little spot! Very authentic Japanese teppanyaki restaurant with a very friendly and happy team! The food was well prepared, the artistry..."
Simone Press
"Great food and service. Especially Nicky who did our teppan for our table was funny and showed off some of his teppan skills. It was enjoyable to..."
Yeonie Jeong
"[Dinner] 🇳🇿Daikoku Teppanyaki - 156 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand(Booking in advance..."
Kevin Harland
"Very nice experience to see the food cooked right at our table ~ the taste is A+ highly recommended for group visit or even solo to cheer ourselves..."
Ayat Shakib
"Always my go to place when i after Japanese! Food is always very good as is the service, it can become a bit of a theatrical thing so if your after..."
Isaac Valach
"It was a very entertaining evening. Great for kids or people who like a performance. The food was good, portions a bit small for the menfolk in my..."
Tammy Ockerse
"It is really cool to see tham cook the food in front of you. And if you want to go there get sutff from there compo..."
"Amazing food and service. Very quick to provide beverages and appetisers and the chef was very entertaining. Best steak I’ve had in a..."
Janelle Callaghan
"Lovely place. Great customer service. Enjoyed the hospitality and will definitely be coming back here again. Special thanks to miki, our chef..."
Adline Shandil
"Love teppanyaki, and this place sets the bar for my teppanyaki taste. I’ve been here 2 twice and each time it hits the spot. Garlic prawn with yum..."
The Gastronomist
"AMAZING! Loved my night at Daikoku tonight. Best Daikoku on the shore by far 👌 I had the fish fillet and it was cooked to perfection, melted in my..."
"Great view of Takapuna love there lunch special ! Personal chef that cooks for you and he was very entertaining. Would definitely go back..."
Matiria KC
"Yummy food,great service!We went there on Sunday,so there were a few customers in the restaurant. No other people sat in our table,so the..."
Min Zhuang
"Loved it here. Delicious food and doesn't break the bank. Very entertaining as well :) yum yum sauce on everything!! I recommend going with a big..."
Victoria Taua
"Gorgeous place with amazing service, a chef makes everything right in front of you! Delicious plates aswell that are quickly and well-presented...."
"came for lunch the workers were lovely and funny also it was a great experience, i was worried about eating the prawns as i am pregnant but they were..."
Lauren Jennett
"The meal was very good and the chef makes the night. The theatrics involved in the preparation and cooking make it a fun experience, a little pricy..."
Nick The Greek
"Awesome restaurant with such amazing staff. Food is delicious and I love their flaming technique. Worth the money. Will be coming back..."
Aira B Holland
"Awesome restaurant! Such a great experience, I would highly recommend to anyone. Went with a large group, and the only downside was the wait but we..."
"Came here a couple of Fridays ago for lunch. There were only two other diners when we arrived but the place filled up over the hour we were there. We..."
"pretty good the service is alright though the atmosphere is quite dark and gloomy. It is quite hot as well and the food isn't amazing amazing its..."
"I would love to go back to this place again some time. Affordable lunch menu, food being cooked in front of you and if the chef is in the mood, then..."
Miss Terry Foodie
"Been here a few times for lunch. Short and sweet. I like it alot. Nothing over the top or fancy. Just Daikoku. Your chosen protein (beef, chicken or..."
"The food here is absolutely amazing and it is very entertaining to watch the chefs cook your food right in front of you. They also did things such as..."
"Love this place. We go as often as the wallet let's us. Love the salad dressing, miso soup and prawns, omgosh the good. Very very..."
Chelsea M
"Been dinner once and it was amazing. But lunch is ridiculously delicious. Can't stop thinking about their salad the miso soup. It is super affordable..."
Chrisca Tipace
"Love this place. If your not a fan of that yum-yum sauce or you havent tried it yet then your missing out on the whole experience of dai-koku hehe...."
"Fun and interactive with some great food but looking a little aged. If this place had a little spruce up, maybe add a few changes (due to much of it..."
Asad Naseem
"This is my favourite Japanese restaurant, the fact that they cook your meal in front of you makes it very entertaining. Food never disappoints me and..."
"Been here a number of times and always enjoy my meals. Always try get the early bird special where you dine before 730 mon-fri to get a cheaper rate...."
Lucy Doran
"Had our work do here. We were a bit late seated due to team members turning up late. However we were all quickly seated between two tables.Out..."
Mary Underwood
"Great show by the chef. We kinda waited a bit coz our chef is still doing the other table. But was a good service and a decent meal. Bit pricey but..."
Jb Buen
"This place is awesome!Dinner and a show!The chefs are adorable and very talentedfood is great and the atmosphere is just..."
Trayc C
"Great value for the basic lunch special. $13.80 gets you salad, Miso soup, a choice of steak or chicken or fish with cooked veg and ice-cream. Love..."
"Had such an awesome experience, the chefs definately kept you entertained. The food was very nice couldn't have asked for better. Thank you very..."
Leanne Ashby
"For what ever reason we only ever dine here on a Sunday night, we have only ever had good experiences here, good tasty food, a little bit on the..."
Hamish Collins
"Well - this restaurant is actually a family favourite - especially for birthdays or special treats. We haven't had any bad experiences here - and..."
"Best food, atmosphere and customer service I have ever had. Prices are extremely reasonable for a dinner and a show. I highly recommend this for a..."
Natasha Kristoffersen-Tuck
"Love the ambience, love the showmanship of the guys at the Tepanyaki stoves... food was great and service was fine. However, there is limited choice..."
"My niece introduced me to this restaurant and I totally loved it, the experience was great the food was even better to the point that I took my whole..."
Tracie Tepania
"My family and I love this place, we hope it never closes or moves, we especially enjoy the lunch special because its so reasonable. My fav are the..."
"good lunch special, nice flavour and spectacle of the tepan yaki. would go back, nice..."
"this place is one of the best restraunts ive been to. the service was amazing and the meal was even better. i enjoyed the show put on by the chef. as..."
"I went there recently for a birthday so there was about 10 of us, we couldn't all sit together which was a bit disappointing as the tables cater for..."
Raewyn Lummis
"Cant get enough, Sunday lunch is a..."
"Alot of fun. Good food worth the..."
Lee Henderson
70/100 (13 ratings)
"I love the eggs benedict but not so much on the English muffin that comes with it. I don't think there's any special components on this dish that..."
Lovely Maralit
"What a wonderful Place hidden in the corner it was difficult yo find but great food and good customer service. A lot of variety to choose from and..."
Mohsin Lakhani
"Thank you for today! We were the kind of customers that every café hates. Altering what we wanted from the menu and then messing up our order. Thank..."
Jasmin Matthews
"I've been to this cafe on my uni break with my friends quite a few times and the service has been exceptional. Everyone is so friendly, the food is..."
"We come to Mozaik quite often, the food is consistently good and so is the coffee. My favourite is either the Cajun chicken and prawn salad or the..."
"I'm a fan of their 'healthy' menu which is separate to their normal menu (not currently shown here on Zomato) and the options offered across both are..."
"Went in today with the hubby and kids and the place was very busy. Still we were greeted immediately and shown to a table, menus were provided. We..."
Helen Gyde
"My daughter and I and her seven year old stepdaughter went here for breakfast this morning and could not fault a thing. From the welcoming greeting..."
Wilma Stuart
"I've been to Mozaik cafe a few times and came today for a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. I found the service to be very friendly. It didn't take..."
"We often lunch here. Great prawn and chicken salad and delicious beef burgers. Fast, courteous service. Lots of menu options and generous..."
Fiona Lane
El Humero
93/100 (2574 ratings)
South American
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Juice & Smoothies
"Absolutely great experience! I have been fortunate enough to discover this hidden gem of Takapuna. This was my second time at the restaurant with..."
Radhika Jagdip Nagori
"I feel so lucky to have found this place! It's meat heaven! I tried the short ribs and the meat platter which consisted of beef knuckle, pork,..."
Rayray Chai Latte
"We had the best time here, amazing food experience and the staff were great. I would recommend here for..."
Riwai Grace
"A taste of Colombia in Auckland. This place is fantastic! Everything is excellent. The ribs are to die for. For something different try patacon and..."
Raquel Florez Sorensen
"Just love this restaurant and been many times - lunch or dinner it’s lovely. Various large cuts of marinated steak cooked on bbq. Great to watch..."
Verna Campbell
"Awesome food, The steak was good quality and perfectly cooked. The Yupas, empanadas, arepas and papas criollas were delicious, I have to say you..."
Harlem Avella
"Love this place!!!!! Since they opened the restaurant and till now never been disappointed with there service or quality of food! The hospitality is..."
Olga Parker
"Fantastic meal, friendly staff, good service, well priced. Highly recommend eating in this..."
Rinus Pope
"Highly recommended !! The best Colombian restaurant that I have ever been. Great meat, quality empanadas; delicious Yuca...etc The meats were great..."
Ximena Avella
"A cheery atmosphere with South American music. Great steaks with steamed potatoes and salad. Always busy so book if you require a table. Otherwise..."
Don Campbell
"Love the place. Delicious food. Good service and food arrived quickly. Gotta book if you want a table (even on a Wednesday..."
Audrey Smodrey
"If you want steak everyday,this is the place to be. Their steak & sides are superb. Also, their staff are very accomodating as well. You can’t go..."
"Nice atmosphere and good food. Would..."
Mangi Kim
"If you are looking for Colombia's cuisine you'll find it here. Finger lickin good and very warm..."
Carlos Martinez
"One of me and my partners favs. I generally always order the vegetarian dish with plantain chips because its so damn..."
Caroline Barrett
"Delightful service and tasty..."
Al La Carte
"Had the pleasure of dining here with my companion last night. Was pretty packed when we walked in. We were seated outside which was fine as it's been..."
Nia T
"I would give this place 6 stars if possible. Just amazing.Service 10/10Food 10/10Ambience..."
Coupon Code ROMA1702
"Great colombian food. Simple and meaty. The Costilla beef ribs where tender and just fell apart. Empanadas were fantastic as well with a nice spicy..."
Scott Lawson
"Good steak good service. Love this..."
"Have been here a few times already. The best steak I’ve ever tasted. They pack so much flavour in with the marinade and sauces. I ordered the..."
Tania Dawson
"Really enjoyed the vibes, food, and service. As you walk in, staff are all smiles. The open kitchen brings mouthwatering sights of juicy..."
Doris Ma
"Absolutely loved the food and ambience! Would definitely go again and staff were friendly..."
"The most amazing beef ribs we have ever had! Always delicious and never disappoints. The cheese arepa and other sides are tasty too. Great for dining..."
Sarah Knight
"Food was great, drinks too, would recommend the chicken or beef skewers, arepa, sangria. Service is a little slow but they were really busy...."
Tash Wild
"My favorite South American restaurant in Auckland. Nice dining areas. Beautiful waiters is a..."
"We went with a friend for a good steak... and we found it! Great experience, a bit packed and we ended up at the bar (not very pleasant chairs) but..."
"One of my fav bbq in Auckland! The empanadas, the ribs and the sauces are amazing, super friendly staff. Considering the influx they could make some..."
Diana Garcia
"Yessssss!!! Definitely going again & againRibs were the best EVER, chicken skewers were delicious & the steak was perfect! First time having..."
"Had a great time here. Good location, very nice food and reasonable priced. Love their beef ribs. Tasted so good. The portion is huge for $39. Entree..."
Becky Kuang
"Decided to take my girlfriend for her birthday and had the most wonderful experience! I was nervous about the restaurant ambience at first (as there..."
Adrian Dela Cruz
"My partner & I always love coming here for dinner. The food is cooked perfectly everytime and full of flavour. The staff are very welcoming and..."
Alicia Maree Andrews
"Favourite food place ever. Recommend T bone steak and beef knuckle this time but actually everything is fabulous. Always need to wait during..."
Rachel Wang
"Just..YUM. really yum. Can't say anything more but to recommend choosing two big dishes if you want to leave being really full. Was a little..."
"We really liked the place as the food was quiet different. Especially the meat juicy and yummy marinated. Could be a bit cheaper in my opinion..."
"Well thjs one just made our day!!!What an amazing barbecue experience. From the service to.the food, everything was top shelf.Definitely..."
João Plácido
"Was told that the gold membership can only be used when you buy 2 drinks and get 2 free ones. But when Zomato explains the 2+2 drinks, it is getting..."
Teri Sheng Li
"Went to El Humero for Friday lunch at work. Our co-worker is Columbian and we were very keen to try some of his country's cuisine. We bought the El..."
Leslie Tan
"Every single time is A M A Z I N G !! I always recommend this place to people who are looking for extraordinary food and service! The beef ribs is a..."
Danyelle Borges Esteves
"This place was just too perfect. I was waiting for my steak, but then my waiter GoGo tbagged on my steak. It was an honor to see my food tbagged then..."
Yum Life
"Tucked away down a beautifully lit hidden lane in Takapuna, this place is hidden no more. You need to book in advance as space is limited and its..."
"Amazing meat! But be careful what you order, one steak cut, rump I think was tough and chewy but my slow cooked brisket was sensational! Stick to the..."
"We went for dinner. Everything was perfect! I had Picanha and it was very tender/juice. I want to say thanks for the girls. They are very..."
Bety Silva
"Walk pass this shop so often, glad we finally here. Purposely book the seats right in front of the gill.Very busy restaurant. FOOD is nice and..."
"Delicious food! We tried many assorted items from the menu and everything was good. We also recommend the natural fruit juices. The only note is that..."
"Best place to eat charcoal BBQ hands down. Staff is amazing, place is small but very cozy. The meat is cooked to perfection (please TRY THE RIBS!!),..."
"If you are a meat lover - this place is great. You get a chosen side and sauce to accompany your chosen meat dish. The meat that comes out is a large..."
Mary Hodgson
"Meats cooked on stone grills always taste good, but this place goes further. Their service was impeccable, with a Columbian authenticity, and the..."
"We ordered the "el humero experience" (a mixed platter), and an experience it was! What beautifully chargrilled meat, tasty starters and sides! Our..."
"Been here a few times now and it’s great South American Columbian styles food. Meat is cooked over charcoal, so it’s delicious!Try the Punta..."
"A favourite. There’s something special about meat cooked over charcoal, and by an expert. Juicy, tender and flavoursome steaks. And great place for..."
Rogue Spoon
"Everything I had was delicious!! The sausages were amazing. We had a platter style and tried a bit of everything. Definitely was not..."
"Great friendly service and food.Dinner party for 11 of us on Saturday evening,with no one leaving disappointed.Truly tender Costillas, meat..."
Morné Van Tonder
"I used live in Colombia and thank god!Found this place 10minutes away from my home.I was so missed arepa empanada aji .. etc..The food..."
"Changing my review one year later! We decided to come back here with our good friends and ordered the large sharing experience platter and it was..."
Panini T
"Closes late and has a great selection, not too mention the lovely and accomodating staff! We got there late and they still let us in! Such a good..."
"This place is really cool. The coolest thing I found was probably fried bananas! The sauces are really good too. Very nice and ambient place. Would..."
"I come here at least once a month because I love it so much! The service is great and it’s amazing to see the chefs talking to the customers while..."
"Partner has been wanting to visit this spot for a while so figured why not visit for dinner! Lovely staff and super cosy spot, lots of heaters on..."
"Excellent Staff . Very personalised ,friendly and professional service . Best thing about this place is that you can interact with chefs . Kind of..."
Ishan Subodh Shanbhag
"Favorite restaurant! Never had a bad meal and the food is always fresh and delicious. Service and staff are great. Worth the wait when they are full...."
Deanna Gallagher
"One of the best meat restaurants in Auckland. The owner is super friendly, nice seating, good service. The food tastes great, big portions and very..."
Piggy Cupcake
"Went here for our anniversary. Wowsers! What a fresh take on Latin American food! Delicious food done over charcoal. Flavour was amazing and so many..."
Vanisha Patel
"I love this place and have been here several times. Dishes here are really excellent. People here are friendly and the atmosphere here is brilliant..."
"Went twice, both times for the same meal: Pechuga Asada, the chicken. It was just so good I didn't feel like experimenting! The chicken melts in your..."
Tihana Smiljanić
"Best  Latin American restaurant in town! Arepas are very good, bbq meats are soft and juicy, I love the beef ribs the most! Nice people, nice food,..."
Attila The Hun
"Great Restaurant with a vibrant atmosphere and delicious food. The service was excellent and rhe Rib Eye succulent and very tasty. Highly recommend...."
Gerard @ Bushman's Grill
"No better place on The Shore to get your meat fix. No rooms for vegans here: this is serious meat territory! Longaniza (cured sausage) with arepa was..."
Paul O
"4.5/5 Taste4/5 Display 4.5/5 Quantity 4/5 Customer Service Best Meaty Restaurant in TakapunaBeen here three times..."
"Tried this colombian restaurant in takapuna and i had no regrets! We came in a big group and they were able to cater us even with short notice (we..."
Diana Anne Valeza
"Great food and good service. Do ensure is having to wait for someone to leave to free up space for 4 diners. It was freezing cold outside and a..."
Gillian C
"Love this place so much. If only they have another restaurant in East Auckland. Been here many times and the Flavour always surprises me. Love this..."
"I had a great dinner last night... food was tasty overallI order morcilla was moisture inside at the point that it falls apart by itself, for..."
"My friends and I had a perfect dinner tonight and enjoyed the full Columbia BBQ! We ordered the share meal includes all kinds of bbq. Each item is..."
I'm A Foodie
"Great food and great location, it was great to talk with the chefs themselves about the food and where it came from, we'll definitely be coming back..."
Michael Coup
"Such grill, much food. Happy atmosphere, empty plates, would recommend. Try the pork belly, ribs and beef. Also a great assortment of sauces and..."
"Amazing food and vibe! We have been here a few times and it never disappoints. From the steak to the short ribs, absolutely amazing and full of..."
"Been here a few times& never disappointed. They are always busy, so best if you book first. Great bustling atmosphere & service with tasty food ,..."
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"I love their cassava chips! Steak cooked to perfection. Especially love their beef knuckle! You get reasonable amount of food for the price,..."
"Great food, excellent portion sizes for price. Head chef is very friendly and food is top quality. I can understand why there is a big queue on..."
"Great Colombian ambience, understanding and friendly staff. We didn't have a booking but they let us sit by the bar to eat from there. We got their..."
"Gorgeous, glorious meat. The 900g beast of a cut was succulent, smoky, tender, and so tasty! The spuds were so soft on the inside and crispy on the..."
"El Humero is the best South American food I have in New Zealand ever it was my first time but it will be not my last for sure amazing food,beautiful..."
Clara Huaman
"Went to El Humero with friends several times. Foods are really delicious and we enjoy watching the staffs to prepare our foods. Friendly staffs and..."
"Went here with couple of friends and the food and the smell of the meat cooking was super pleasant. Having an open kitchen to see the chefs cook and..."
"Every time I come here it's always a great experience. They staff are prompt, polite and friendly, the food is always extremely delicious and fast!..."
Enilorac Rellim
"Come back for several times, just so good and friendly price. Highly recommendthe avocado and chilly sauce. If there are more snack choices will be..."
Manshu LI
"As a Colombian I must say that food in this place is authentic and reminds me of home. Staff is really kind and always willing to provide the best..."
"I loved it here, watching my food being cooked was different. I did need to wash my hair after though. The serving sizes were just the right amount..."
Jammie-Lea Wilson
"Amazing atmosphere! Warm and welcoming staff. Gorgeous food. The ribs are super delicious all the meat was perfect. It is very well price. Beautiful..."
Oones Connor
"This place is so delicious. It is on the pricey so perfect for a date night or special occasion. But definatly reccommend, beautiful smoked meat...."
"So far, it's the only place that serves plantenes in the the menu. Unfortunately, they had none when we went due to delay in shipment. we..."
Yuko Saito
"My girlfriend and I got here and we were greeted by a friendly staff member. I ordered the short ribs and my girlfriend ordered the steak. The meats..."
Yrjo Luigi Partosa Galvez
"First time ever goint to this place, I've always walked passed it and always noticed that's busy... so one day we decided to try it and bam... we..."
Saif Nouri
"At the heart of Takapuna, El Humero serves up some really delicious meat dishes. Their food is so delicious that I went back twice in one week. On my..."
"The most amazing food! Oh my word, if you like rustic bbq style food this is the place to go. We went as a couple for my birthday and felt so..."
Jonéll Mongie
"First time to El Humero and we will be back for more fab food, great service and atmosphere...I had the little of most plate and it was Devine..."
Justene Spawforth
"What a fantastic place! I ordered the beef ribs, and they were amazing. The meat was tenderly cooked and fell easily off the bone. Recommended to..."
Austin Ibarra
"Need to book the table or you can't get the seat. Nice steak, it's fresh grilled, incredibly cheap in town and very good customer service! Really..."
Hong C. Tang
"If you love meat, then this is the place to go~~ We had a big plate to share between 2, and still wanted more so had a small plate. Very filling. ..."
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"This is a popular little Colombian restaurant with vibrant decor. The meat we ordered was tender, juicy and full of flavour - chicken skewers,..."
"El Humero is the place to go when you want succulent, butter soft ribs ! Its the best ribs I have ever eaten in my life so meaty and full of flavour...."
Mana Katsukawa Otimi
"Appreciate the uniqueness of this place- the service is basic, and the food is good- a bit underseasoned, but thats easily sorted. Good place to try..."
Eli A
"Well executed dishes, great ambiance and tentative serveice, albeit half premise seems decored like a construction site with skyfolders above and..."
"Have been here 3 times and can't fault this place! Lovely atmosphere, friendly staff and the food is both delicious and very filling. You're pretty..."
Yui Chen
"OMG the best tasting and tender meat(Sirlion) i have ever eaten and cooked to my perfection. The wedges were made from a root vegetable which tasted..."
"I've been here a couple times now and I just can't get enough of this place! How it works is you pick a cut of meat, a side and a sauce. The meat is..."
"Had the Meat platter for lunch and it was stunning. The beef is beyond imagination - smokey, succulent, tender - and is star of the platter. The..."
Amit Tripuraneni
"Food is always great. My partner is from South America so this is like home for them. The service on the other hand could do with a spruce up. I..."
Matt Yeahh
"Absolutely great experience! I have been fortunate enough to discover this hidden gem of Takapuna. This was my second time at the..."
"A very cute restaurant with great Colombian cuisine!! The ambience is cosy and exotic at the same time - works best for smaller groups in my opinion...."
"Our favourite place if we want South American Dish, loved the Ribs and the Empanada is to die for! Highly recommend and the place is homy, great food..."
Carlo C.
"Came here last night for the second time and left with an Argentinian food baby. The food is in-f*#king-credible. The first time we came my partner..."
"Really funky Columbian restaurant with an inviting interior and super friendly staff.  Not a massive menu, but enough choice to tailor your meal...."
Raspberry Beret
"The place was quaint with the usage of woodfire stove and grill. The ambiance was relaxing. Me and my friends have all ordered their sirloin steak..."
Emmelyn Fuentes Rosell
"Ambience is fair. Staff are friendly. Though the front staff (doing the cooking) only greets the people they knew on their language. However, still a..."
"We have been twice now and loved the food. The food is fresh and the meat falls of the bone. Finger licking good! The athmosphere is casual and..."
"This was everything I expected from a Colombian restaurant, the meat was juicy and I simply have not tasted something this good for a..."
Paul Ianovski
"Excellent place. I went late on a Sunday night just after 8, and it was still very busy and had a positive and exciting vibe. The..."
"Let me first say, the menu personally is quite limited, therefore you'll need the really good service of the waiters to guide you through what the..."
Jazmin Lee
"Really nice food and great service. I had the grilled chicken and baby potatoes with salad. Nice mixture of flavours and the chargrilled chicken..."
Corina Elama
"This bustling restaurant is a meatopia, do not take a vegetarian or a pescatarian!Having said that if you like succulent slow cooked tasty..."
Deb Ross
"Been here twice and I was impressed both times. If you are looking for a meaty dinner that's been char grilled then this is the place for..."
"Love the charcoal cook food smell. This place was still packed at 8ish so make sure do booking. Being a charcoal chef myself, I can't fault this..."
Alex L
"I was absolutely blown away by this place. My friend and I came to Fortieth and Hurstmere for the first time and chose El Humero as my friend is a..."
Anna Hinehou
"This is one of my go to places in Takapuna. Very good value for money. $25 for 400g of beef short ribs which includes a salad and a side as well...."
Zach Je Yon Lum
"It was my first time visiting fortieth & hurstmere it is such a cute spot. Nestled in the middle is El Humero. We went for dinner last night and..."
Rebecca MacDonald
"Best place ever! if you love meat, this is a go to! And ask if you can sit by the kitchen bar. Watching the chef cook is quite mesmerising. 5/5..."
Nicole Rosalie Alazas
"Best Colombian food I've had so far in New Zealand. Full of authentic South American flavours, all meat and side dishes were cooked very well and..."
Jihye Kang
"Talia Dickinson Wow.. best lunch I've had in 2016Demolished their mixed grill... great flavours and vibeCheersSALUT Will be..."
William Whelan
"First time trying Colombian food. Love the open plan kitchen and the overall ambience. Staff are very enthusiastic and friendly. The guava juice is a..."
Priscilla Khang
"It's the first time I've been here and well there wasnt disappointing at all. It was wonderful, the food was on very well done and the service from..."
"This place is very similar to the one at Ponsonby, but unfortunately for me this place was pretty average. We ordered steak, chicken and empanadas...."
"Amazing! Came here with my friend for a catch. I booked a table online, I am glad I did! We had an entree and a main and drink for $36 each I..."
Aroha Kay
"I was waiting for someone when i decided to eat but not so heavy. Ive tried El humero's entree chicharon with arepa. I was not expecting for too much..."
Lovelea Ho Suarez
"Hola a todos!Este es un restaurante fantastico!From the nation which produced Football Icon James Rodriguez, world renowned..."
"We both ordered the Chicarron with Arepa, and my partner added Yuca also (a Root vegetable). Arepa is not particularly flavoursome but then it..."
Glenn P
"Great meal, good price and friendly staff. ..."
Neil Davis
"Love these yummy meat and beautiful wine selections, great service and nice atmosphere, definitely recommend this place for a causal night out with..."
Cecilia Wu
"Amazing amazing! Went in for the first time to celebrate my fourth year anniversary with my boyfriend, we went in for an early dinner on a Saturday..."
"Colombian food at its finest. The meat is superbly cooked and falls from the bone. The wood fire ovens are a delight with the manuka wood flavoring..."
Greg Brown
"Unfamiliar with Colombian BBQ restaurants, where better to make our first foray than New Zealand’s first? Using wood fired and charcoal grills, the..."
Hungry Auckland
"We been there for dinner it was really nice experience. Good service by staff and really yummy food i like charcoal BBQ food. Best Colombian food in..."
Rahul Parmar
"Unfamiliar with Colombian BBQ restaurants, where better to make our first foray than New Zealand’s first? Using wood fired and charcoal grills, the..."
Hungry Auckland
"Went out for dinner last night sans child so thought we would try something new. Glad we did  -  great find. Great atmosphere, very friendly staff..."
Paul Riding
"You can smell the BBQ walking towards the restaurant and you actually see it as you come in with the grill by the entrance. It was quite busy and was..."
Benedict Uy
"Great casual authentic dinning & very tasty FOOD!! .This is a small restaurant but cozy. Options to sit at the bar & watch the chefs cook over..."
Isaac Valach
"We had an awesome experience on Wednesday, we arrived about 30 minute before our booked time and they were kindly able to get us.The service..."
Carl Sinclair
"Wont say I know anything about South American food, but I liked what I got. We tried the El Humero pork and it was divine! The pork is apparently..."
Ashlene Cheryl Cardoza
"This would have to be one of our favourite places to eat!! It is with much restraint that we don't come every week!! The BBQ flavours, the perfectly..."
"Can't say I have ever had Columbian food before, suspected it might be similar to Argentinean. It was similar however definitely..."
"A gorgeous little restaurant nestled away in a side alley off the main drag. Pretty much everything comes off the barbecue or the grill situated..."
"Make sure to book if you want to go here, its very popular and deservedly. The food is excellent, tasty grilled meats served with sides of various..."
Auckland Food Tours
"Great food and very friendly staff. We enjoyed the "Pechuga Asada", "Costillas" and the "Chuleta Valluna". Meal portions were very generous. A great..."
Rory Wilkinson
"We made a booking via Zomato 2 days ahead and it worked perfectly. We sat at the bar facing the chef and the barbeque, which we actually enjoyed a..."
Madalina Nita
"discovering my local takeway was closed on monday and my partner was getting take away in the complex i asked the el humero staff if they did take..."
Peter Skipper
"Good food, well cooked and great mix of flavour. The quality of the meat is good (not excellent) but fair considering the price.Best part..."
"A great spot for BBQ that is cooked right in front of you, just like in El Sizzling Chorizo. Place is small and cozy inside, food was amazing both..."
"First time going to Fortieth and Hustmere in Taka and wow what a place! There's so many nice eating establishment's this one nicely bricked walkway..."
Kat. Jordan
"Very surprised to discover this place by chance and to know that Colombians make the barbecue just like Argentinians and Uruguayans.I'd say..."
Diogo Reck
"Went here for my dad's birthday dinner! I loved everything about this place and sets up a pretty good vibe! Food prices are pretty descent according..."
Jeanelle Isidro
"We came here for dinner tonight and had such a great time! The food is absolutely delicious, I got the pork schnitzel and my partner got the mixed..."
Alice Bushell
"El Humero is an amazing place to visit if you love meat. Ordered a main (short ribs), which came with Arepa with cheese as well as a side of salad...."
Ben Ch
"Have been here twice now. Both times were awesome. Staff super friendly, food delicious, decor cheerful and meal presentation was great. Highly..."
"Awesome location, friendly staff, yummy food. Ordered an array of entrees for myself and they were plated beautifully with delicious fresh dips and..."
"I love this place. From the beginning they make you feel welcome and greet you with a warm latin smile! Their food is very tasty and inexpensive for..."
Good Advisor
"Exceptional value for money and such amazing service, food and atmosphere! Will definitely be back to explore the menu further. Staff (including the..."
Cool Cat
"If you're a big meat eater El Humero is the place for you. The meat is incredibly tender and falls off the bone and the portions are big so don't eat..."
Eden Wood
"Love love LOVE everything about El Humero! The staff are friendly, the food is delicious, and the restaurant is cozy. We have been there about 4..."
Tiana Meintjes
"went for lunch with five others, was seated in front of the grill which i highly recommend. we all got the lunch special, food was excellent.the..."
Alice Rump
"This place is awesome! Warm and cost little place in fortieth & hurstmere where there are pretty lights and everywhere and courteous staff guiding..."
Annie Ren
"Happy Birthday El Humero. 1 year old today. The food is delicious and rustic. Made with love by the wonderful people who are dedicated to this..."
Zoe Maclean
"As a Colombian I am very pleased to say that the food here is a wonderful representation of the Colombian cuisine. I've been here several times with..."
Manuela Ovalle Herrera
"Wow! This place is amazing. Very casual inside, the staff are really friendly and the food is great... the best in Takapuna for sure, especially if..."
"Oh my goodness the pork main was heavenly, this place is a total find. We went early as it filled up fast, totally recommend great place and made..."
Sarah Parsons
"Excellent place! The food was amazing and the portions were enormous, will definitely come back as soon as possible to try the famous..."
Lena Obushenkova
"Went there on a weekend for lunch. Had a hankering for some slow barbequed meat. So ordered the barbacoa pork, meat skewers and a side of cassava..."
Kishore Mitra
"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say reservations are a necessity if you want to get a table.We were lucky being a Sunday night early..."
Mary Underwood
"My partner and I dined here on a Tuesday night before a comedy show. We ordered empanadas to start, chuleta valluna (pork schnitzel) with arepa (flat..."
Emma W
"A hidden little gem in takapuna. The food is amazing, the staff happy and always helpful and the atmosphere warm and welcoming. A..."
"Dined here tonight with my partner, we thought being a Tuesday it might be quiet but we booked just in case. Lucky we did as the place was packed, I..."
Sarah S
"Now this is my type of dining. It's affordable delicious food grilled to perfection. My experience at El Humero was amazing! My partner and..."
WeiTing Ashley Shyu
"It depends on who the chef is on the day.  I had a mixed good and bad experience here.  The beef ribs are my favorites.  On one occasion, they..."
"One word - Empanadas! I love this place and will drive 30 mins to Takapuna just for their Empanadas...One of Auckland's new gem's. Grilled meats are..."
Maggie Law
"The restaurant was recommended by friends and we were not disappointed. Three of us ordered the ribs however they only had one left. I was lucky..."
"The food and atmosphere is always awesome here. Food is cooked to perfection and my family had such a good time and everyones tummy were happily..."
"Will definitely come back to this place! It was my first time coming to this place. Great atmosphere and very friendly and helpful staff :D Received..."
Janine Milena Soo Thow
"Food was lovely, my friends had the meat platters and were impressed and i had the plantain and avocado which was divide. the restaurant was very..."
Helen Gyde
"El Humero is a fantastic place to try authentic Columbian food - complete with an open fire grill and run by a welcoming family whose love of food is..."
Cecilia Paredes
"The food here is great, buzzing atmosphere, very busy and for obvious reasons.We did have to wait quite a while for our mains but the taste..."
R & A
"5 star Friendly staff. The food was as expected and very nice but what lets this place down is the time from ordering to arrival of the food. I have..."
"Before visiting El Humero, I had already read some of the reviews so I knew what I could expect. We were greeted by a friendly staff member and we..."
Janice Zumba
"Went there a couple of nights ago based on the reviews and we weren't disappointed. Managed to get a table quite easily. I had the Picada El Humero..."
"It's my second visit after this place first opened. The restaurant is humming, packed with happy customers. We had Colombian style Chorizo with..."
Zafer Isiklar
"Be prepared for a long wait for a table so book a table! But the food is worth it... Have been twice now and the meat has been juicy and melt in your..."
"Delicious slow cooked pork shoulder served on a wooden board, with your choice of sauce and side as well as salad. My friend recommended the Tamarind..."
"A very buzzy place with delicious aromas of food! The staff are friendly and helpful. Their side salad which comes with the mains is delicious😍..."
"This place is very different but in a good way. I really enjoyed the chorizo sooo yum. The vibe is relaxed and the food is cooked to perfection. The..."
Hannah Short
"Visited this place on a quite Monday night as we stumbled around trying to find somewhere new to eat. The vibe of this place instantly pulled us in..."
Lucy Storrie
"Had Chuleta Valluna with cheesy arepa and guacamole; plus a side of empanadas. It was a delicious meal. Definitely recommend this restaurant...."
Katherinne Jaimes
"Enjoyed every moment of this. The ambience was lively but cosy. Restaurant was busy. Staff and floor manager were attentive friendly and had a..."
"Brilliant food, atmosphere and service. Slow cooked pork is a must. Will be back ASAP, really friendly staff and helpful -..."
Sean Ryan
"Good quality food at reasonable priceWe are regular customers as the food is very tasty and the atmosphere greatThe place looks different..."
Omar Henriquez
"This place is gr88888, my family and I went here and we didn't realise how busy it got! We got the last table as all the others were already booked..."
Coral Stroud
"Very welcoming restaurant , great food , friendly staff , highly recommended, will definitely go back , my husband and I had the mixed grill it comes..."
"Really enjoyed the yummy empanadas and cassava wedges. I expected more from the steak, but still pretty good. Great location and vibe at a very..."
"It being a lovely sunny day in Auckland today we went for a long walk while our car was being washed and cleaned.  We also took the opportunity of..."
"Certainly, one of the best restaurants in Auckland. The food is absolutely amazing. It blows you away; and it is extremely well priced. The service..."
"Really great place, good atmosphere, the attention is really good and the waiters are really nice. The food was delicious, the arepas whit cheese..."
"Great place, got the all the flavours right. As a Colombian who really likes his food, I was not disappointed. Great atmosphere, friendly staff and..."
Luis Alejandro Cifuentes
"A great little addition to was super yummy ,its casual ,perfect just to pop in . .Slow cooked pork our favourite.The..."
Sarah Jane
"Really enjoined this place. Staff were very eccentric which added to the charm. Food was above parr and would definatly come again. As soon as this..."
"This place is amazing! The food is delicious and staff are all so friendly and welcoming. My boyfriend and I came here on a Friday night and managed..."
Kelly Stringer
"Lovely staff & atmosphere. Food was fresh and healthy, plus super tasty. Meat was tender and the sides were yummy. Guilt free, delicious and..."
Kat M
"The staff are very lovely and welcoming. We ordered the meat platter and each meat was cooked perfectly, nice and tender. The empanadas were nice and..."
Mara Andrea Martinez
"We had dinner here on Friday, having chatted to the staff previously when visiting another one of the eateries in Fortieth & Hurstmere.   The staff..."
Helen Phillips
"The dog (Austin) and I were out for a walk in Takapuna and went past El Humero. We got talking to one of the staff and thought we would sit outside..."
"Beautiful food, well priced and amazingly friendly staff. Even a complementary Birthday cake for our Mum. Highly recommend.Keep up the..."
Brian Inglis
"Mi novio su amigo y yo fuimos a comer hoy en la noche y todo fue perfecto. La comida deliciosa, excelente atencion y muy buen ambiente. Senti por un..."
Tatiana Sanchez
"The food was delicious and freshly cooked in front of you. Staff was extremely friendly. Good value for money, would definitely go back..."
Candii Cao
"after struggling to find a healthier option that would be satisfying and fits in with junk free June we decided to try this place. Couldn't fault..."
Matt Miller
"If you want to try new food, El Humero is the perfect choice. Colombian style bbq, the only one in NZ. Great meat and very kind staff. 100%..."
Jose Berrio
The Lab Eatery
87/100 (645 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"Wish they had more options for dairy free milks for coffees. Otherwise, the menu is nice. Nothing extraordinary, but simply nice. The food is good..."
Sophia Ignateva
"This place has amazing drinks! I would definitely go again.. love the presentation and different flavours they had! Food was also delicious, I booked..."
Reema Singh
"came here for the cocktails on my birthday, they were all so yum, i got the experiment one and it tastes as good as it looks, so pretty & refreshing!..."
Brooke Gustafson
"If you like turkish food this is another good one to try! Great location and interior. Friendly & courteous staff. The food was delicious. I..."
Nashi Dasgupta
"Food was delicious. The service also amazing. Loved the vibe there. We booked a table for 6.30, even when we were running late our table was still..."
KP Thin
"Nice place to chill and chat with friends. We ordered a platter to share between us. Food was delicious and service was great. The platter had a..."
Sophie Wang
"The vibe of this place is so cute! Everything is lab-themed and all the drinks come out in beakers!There's a big variety of food here, and if..."
"Love this restaurant!! Their presentation of food and drinks are just awesome. A very insta worthy place. But food also taste very amazing. Totally..."
"Friendly and relaxed service combined with real delicious food makes it a great place for catchups. The bread and dip was divine as well as the..."
Amit Tripuraneni
"We loved the cocktails here, they were creatively designed and tasted great!The food is tasty and full of flavour .The lamb platter was big..."
"Dined here for lunch with my friend, we sat on the front deck, lovely place to have lunch. My friend loved her chicken and prawn salad as usual, the..."
"Very quiet night there. Lovely cocktails and very attentive service from our waiter.We all shared entrees and all had a different main each..."
Kay Anderson
"Cocktails here look insane and taste great. Love the lab vibe of it.Iced coffee was delishhh and strong just how its meant to be..."
Neelam Chandra
"Great food, great cocktails, great ambiance and great service! Highly recommend this place. We tried the labgrill platter and absolutely..."
"Dined here for lunch, very pleased with the portions all around the table and food was delivered in a reasonable time. Drinks were..."
"Best meal I've had in a long time! Recommended from first table reviews and though we missed the deal the menu had me excited. Great value for money..."
Kelly Stratton
"I came here for dinner for the first time and it did not disappoint. The daddy and me burger was the standout, will definitely be coming back to try..."
Jeannette Salim
"Came here for dinner on a weekday, relatively empty but felt a warm comfy vibe from the dim lighting and good interior decor, We had the chicken..."
"Came with some friends a few weeks ago. The staff were super friendly and there was a great atmosphere. We order a whole lot of tapas to share. The..."
"VIBRANCE is the keyword for this place. Loved the vibrant atmosphere here and the staff were very welcoming! Creativity and passion around the lab..."
Brendan Chun
"This place is a nice chill restaurant to go to with friends or a date. The food is delicious, really recommend their salmon, and for a reasonable, if..."
"What an innovative and quirky concept, combining the fun and experimental aspects with food; best of both worlds! We got the Labgrill..."
Oksana Zhang
"It was first time visiting for dinner after I read good review. Our family member shared “Grilled Platter”. It was huge and many items on the..."
Hanna Lye
"Love this place. Been there 3 times this year. The staff are very pleasant and professional. The drinks are quirky and interesting. And the food is..."
Rockran Rocky
"Lovely little resturant with great staff and a creative sciency theme - they served our drinks in little beakers and jugs! We ordered the mixed grill..."
Sammy & Raphy
"Wow great restaurant. All of our food were really flavoursome. They use fresh& fantastic quality imgredients. The meats were perfectly cooked,..."
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"This is the 3rd time we’ve had a meal at the lab eatery and all 3 times the food has been delicious! We had a platter to share and The flavours..."
Berdy-Ann Schouten Harding
"Awesome lunch experience at the lab eatery last week. We had 'flame chargrilled lamb & chicken cubes' and 'naked chicken'. We also had 'tropical..."
"I have no idea why this place isn't full, I'm rating it with El Humero as a great spot to eat in Takapuna. The food is fresh, fantastic salads,..."
Deb Ross
"Good experience, nothing too fascinating.Great environment. Staff a bit slothy but friendly.Food looks nice but tastes..."
Tony Ma
"4/5 Taste4.5/5 Display 4/5 Quantity 4.5/5 Customer Service Lab themed Semi-Fine Dining Restaurant with amazing..."
"Lovely place, delicious food and great service.The food we ordered at The Lab Eatery was aromatic and full of distinct and hearty flavours...."
Vanessa Chong
"Food: stuffed squid to start, grill platter and venison main to share and it was bloody amazing, you have to try it all, no words can describe how..."
Mark B
"Overpriced food and long waiting time. But friendly staff. Aesthetically pleasing drinks and desserts, not so much for the food itself. Overall,..."
Liz Kang
"Worse waiting time I've ever had for food for a restaurant! Their service was really slow. The food was average and not worth the price. Wouldn't..."
"Nice place and good location. Friendly service. Coffee was perfect. Took a while to get all meals but worth waiting and there were a few of us. I had..."
"Came here with friends on a Friday night and enjoyed The Lab's great range of food, drinks, and desserts. Thanks to their particularly friendly..."
Raymond Tiong
"Such a great atmosphere!! Came here for a friends birthday and was honestly disappointed we were the only ones in the entire restaurant. I ordered..."
Sam Smith
"After reading reviews online I thought I'd check out The Lab Eatery for myself. My husband and two teenagers really enjoyed our meals at this casual..."
"Lovely restaurant! I went for brunch and we ordered the shakshuka and crab cakes. The crab cakes were creamy and delicate, and the shakshuka was..."
"This place is simpy amazing👌 the ambiance is good,their ladies drink is exceptional and to top it all i ❤️ their food esp. the chicken and..."
Mai Xeena Marr
"I've only been here for brunch but when I went, I really enjoyed it. My sister have tried their lunch menu and she also had good things to say...."
Angela (A Style Collector)
"Came here for dinner and cocktails before a comedy show and shared a few dishes between three of us. Absolutely loved the decor and..."
"Great lunch at the lab yesterday! Will be back for sure Great food and service loved sitting outside, thanks guys! Daddy and me burger was MEAN!!..."
Jass Singh
"We started with homemade hummus & Turkish bread which were good. For the mains, our friends & I had char-grilled lamb Shish, lamb cutlets with..."
"Dined here with a group of friends for my birthday dinner. The Lab, as you can probably guess from the name has a science theme. Upon arrival we were..."
Sarah S
"A group of friends and I went for brunch today and it's a pretty awesome place. The iced mochas come in a beaker and the jug of waters don't really..."
"Came as a group of four - absolutely loved the food here!We ordered:- Chargrilled Lamb Shish- The Lab Spicy Chargrilled Kofta-..."
Daniel Kinnoch
"The concept of this place is cool and we really enjoyed the food here. Great flavours and good portions! We especially loved the desserts. Had the..."
Sandy Hsiao
"This place is serves great food, cool atmosphere, good service and pet friendly! What more could you want?! They also have a great range of Gluten..."
Where To Next Auckland
"I have been visiting lab family since they opened. Food taste so delicious. Very friendly people and amazing cocktails. I highly recommended to..."
Mercan Kazankiran
"Top end cocktails and the chargrills are just amazing and I don't use amazing often when it comes to dinning out.Also one of the best..."
Sean M
"Great service. Great drinks, really strong. I like that. Amazing food. Great company and atmosphere. Love the layout and the music is giving a good..."
Georgia Taylor
"Without a doubt this is new favourite place! EVER! The food was outstanding (I got the chargrill) and the staff were incredible! Looking forward..."
Rebecca Clark
"Great food, great concept - loved the wine with a popsicle inside and the drinks in beakers etc. real shame that this place isn't more popular..."
"This place is absolutely adorable. Loved how everything was lab themed. The food itself was very good, personally loved the roasted chicken as it was..."
Bella Qian
"We were in Takapuna yesterday and went to lunch at The Lab Eatery, which is a relatively new cafe in the central restaurant quarter. The style of..."
"This was quite nice, yummy food and amazing glass to match the theme of the restaurant, even the sauce came in little beaker glasses, was a bit empty..."
"Yum! Solid 4.5 out of 5. Everything we had here was pretty good. A good choice of you are planning to eat in Takapuna. The Lab lives up to its name..."
Arin Gunness
"Ordered the slow cooked capsicums with the lamb. Absolutely delicious. My friends got the burger and it was juicy and tasty for sure and not to..."
Sindhoor Nalli
"Catchup dinner with friends, located the place fine.I would love to see more science decor around the resturant to fit in with the..."
Sarena & Eashvar Chhotu
"Just past the roundabout and behind the bus stop. It is well hidden and on a rainy wintry evening it's easily missed. Would suggest better signage..."
Sukriti Bhatnagar
"Awesome science concept with drinks being served in beakers, and the menu layed out like a science experiment. We ordered the tiger prawns starter..."
The Anti-Man
"Went to try the newbie on the block, just needs a little polishing up as its little ruff on the edges. But food was pretty good and service even..."
"Highlight would be the popsicle wine! Incredible! The service, atmosphere, location and the laboratory theme were all excellent. The chicken and fig..."
"Great service went just for a Chai and muffin. finally someone who knows how to make chai latte! Melt in your mouth freshly baked blueberry fig..."
"Came here for lunch the other day and safe to say we will definitely be back! Delicious and well presented food, friendly staff and fair prices. Nice..."
Claudia Serra
"Came here one evening for a couple of beers and some food. Me and two friends shared a couple of entrees the squid, selection of breads and dips,..."
Lucy Doran
"Nice new addition to Takapuna. Loved the scientific theme and all the measuring cylinders used as water jugs and cups. Lovely variety of mains on the..."
Eden Wood
"I stumbled across this eatery a few weeks ago while strolling through hurstmere Road. What appealed to me was the great outdoor seating very quickly..."
Mary Underwood
Nanam Eatery
92/100 (388 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Beef Cheeks
Roast Chicken
"Drove all the way from East Auckland on a weekday just to have lunch at Nanam. Their Wagyu sausage longganisa is indeed a winner. The taco pao is a..."
Rea Roxas
"I didn’t realise I was missing out on a whole ass cuisine until I tried Nanam. Blew my mind, sis the flavours wow!!! Unfortunately my ass is too..."
Bella Qian
"The location is easy to find, and the Nanam staff was very accommodating. There were so many good stuff to consider on their menu, and since we were..."
Ginger Taduran
"Came here the first time - the starters (wagyu sausage and spring rolls) were very tasty. The main I had (wagyu steak) was good, but nothing special..."
Arabella Ross
"We definitely enjoyed the service especially how Don was very accommodating to us...."
"Food was so flavoursome and tasty. It's Filipino food I can eat together with my Filipino friends who say it's a good kiwi twist on Filipino food we..."
"Have been here multiple times and have always had a great dining experience. The place is very classy. The servers are always attentive and most..."
April I.S.
"Holy Moly this place is so freaken good!! It's the first time in ages since I smiled so hard while eating food. Honestly I probably looked like a..."
"Food 4/5Service 4/5Ambience 5/5Not your traditional Filipino restaurant Chef has taken ideas from traditional dishes and created..."
Jho Meets Food
"We first visited Nanam three years ago, that was when their restaurant was located in Symonds Street, Royal Oak. Our review during that time was OK,..."
Ang Sarap
"Wanted to come to Nanam for so long. We had a great evening. Food was very good and services were excellent. Love everything we ordered. We tried six..."
Becky Kuang
"I would have given this place 5 star however I find their food quite pricey for the scanty amount they serve. My bestfriend and I went there for..."
KC Yumul
"Great location with good parking spaces. Atmosphere and decor done pretty well. Staff were really friendly and food was really good as well...."
Michael Chen
"The food here is soo tasty and fresh, the atmosphere is beautiful and the service was impeccable. I would eat here every day if I could! Highly..."
Michelle Ngatai
"Great experience at Nanam, what a beautiful meal.Every single dish was delicious, you can see the love that the team put in their restaurant, as..."
Andres Pinzon Mendez
"Really good and quality food, and actually quite filling as well.Roasted pork belly was perfect, crispy skin and tender juicy meat. Both..."
"This restaurant was such a wonderful surprise. We doubted a Filipino restaurant and we were wrong. Walking in the atmosphere was bustling, tables..."
"Some of the best filo food I've had. It's fusion so there's a bit of a twist on some of the classic dishes but overall really tasty. I definitely..."
Leslie Tan
"As a massive fan of Filipino food and my partner being Filipino this was a match made in heaven. Nanam's take on the soul food with a fusion mix is..."
Zachary Smith
"Beautiful service and ambience upon arrival.I ordered a Taco Pao (to share with a friend), and a Pork Belly “Lechon” as my..."
Vivian C
"Delicious! Lots of gluten free options and very friendly and helpful wait staff. Really enjoyed my meal, had the chicken, tofu salad and partner had..."
"Excellent filipino fusion restaurant. Love the ambiance and classy set up of the place. Attentive and helpful waitress.All dishes were..."
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"Filipino Food with a Twist. Make sure to call in for a reservation for this place is packed with people especially during the weekends. A bit pricey..."
Jinky Jimenez Cruz
"Attentive service. Food was excellent. I like the twist on the traditional flavours. Really interesting. Somewhat pricey but makes sense for the..."
"Ever since trying Nanam at its old Royal Oak site a few years ago, I fell in love with its incredible unique and delicious modern Filipino cuisine...."
Annie Ren
"Came here on a sunny Saturday evening before it got really busy.I've heard so much about this Filipino-Fusion and finally got the chance to..."
Oksana Zhang
"Been here a few times and the food is awesome. It’s Filipino fusion food.I usually order 4 or 5 things off the menu because the food is..."
"Such a nice restaurant, very hospitable host and hostess. Very tidy toilets and place has a nice ambiance. Food was good, but not what I..."
The Gastronomist
"Seriously such cool food! The restaurant had such a fantastic vibe to it - loved the interior design. We had never had this type of cuisine before..."
Karma Clarke
"Food was amazing!! Bit of a twist on your normal philipino food. Had 3 tapas and a desert. The pork belly was divine, the lamb croquettes were..."
"REALLY GOOD FOOD!!! Amazing staff, good portions, reasonable price, awesome place, just all round great experience. My new go-to for comfort..."
"Been here a few times and always had a great time with great food. When I first walked in, I loved the deco and the coziness of the place. Staff were..."
"The taco Pao is one of the best baos I’ve had in Auckland! The pawpaw salad and the smoked eggplant are both excellent also! The beef cheek was yum..."
Nuj Writes
"I love how passionate the owner/s and the chef of Nanam. All their hard work is seen in their menus. They perfectly level up the filipino cuisine and..."
"15/08/2018I don't normally come to this side of Auckland, so I thought we will try one of the Metro 50 2018. Didn't have much expectation at all..."
"Tried few Filipino food in night market in AU and NZ, it’s the very first time I have it in a formal restaurant. This place was nicely decorated,..."
"Friendly staff and great ambiance and really good food. Great place to enjoy a modern twist classical Filipino recipes. Warm cosy setting that's..."
Adrian Lim
"We came for the father's day lunch. The size of shared platter was a bit small as opposed to its price (39nzd per guest). The mains were so good esp..."
"Really enjoyed this place. Very different flavours. Smoked eggplant delicious with really good contrast of textures with the crisp brown rice and..."
Deb Ross
"This is a very nice restaurant! beautiful cozy place. You have to make a reservation to be sure to get a table on weekends. You can order small..."
Andrea Barabas
"Stand out in boring Takapuna Food sceneCompared to the typical Auckland food, Nanam serves delicious and flavorful food at reasonable..."
Glamour Girl
"The place was very nice. The service was great and the food was delicious. I’m not sure how authentic it is, but who cares. Loses a star for being..."
"Beautiful, yummy food we’ve been twice and going again tonight, delicious menu and a variety of dishes that suits everyone, lovely staff always..."
"Beautiful food, modern atmosphere, and super attentive staff. I’m usually not a huge fan of Filipino food, but Nanam has converted me. We..."
"In short - excellent. Food was great and reasonably priced. Service was generally good with only a couple of minor slip ups. The only let down was..."
"I had an amazing experience here. The staff here were lovely and very helpful in explaining the menu and overall every accommodating.Highly..."
"Birthday dinner Having loved my first Nanam experience when they were in Royal Oaks it was only a matter of time I visited them again in..."
"Nanam is an experience. The food is fresh, delicious and unlike anything you’ve tasted. If you have not tried Filipino food this is a good place to..."
"Had a lovely dinner on Friday with amazing live guitar music. The menu is not big but has plenty of exciting dishes to choose. We chose the..."
Erina Kudo
"It is a shame I don't have anymore stars to give.The design, the live music, the flavours, the textures, the ambient..everything just..."
João Plácido
"Beautiful meal last night, impeccable service and amazing food! Ovaltine dessert is a must try! I'm already trying to plan another meal..."
Jennah Lysaght
"Went on a here on Saturday night with a group 5. I can say I was blown away with every aspect of our experience. One of the hidden gems in Auckland..."
Eshan G
"Went there quite late but they still accommodate us. Ambiance and music is great. Food was exceptional specially the kare-kare.Though a bit..."
"Really love this place. Have never tried filipino food before and was blown away! The ambiance was great, food was beautiful, the wait staff was..."
"Excellent food, great atmosphere and attentive staff. The kids’ meals came fast however it was a bit of a wait for the mains. Amazing fusion of..."
"Haven’t stopped craving Nanam since the first time I went there! Food is absolutely to die for. Food is so flavoursome. Service was..."
Roimata Edwards
"We were heading down further to hurstmere road to another restaurant but stumbled upon nanam from outside and it looked interesting so we decided to..."
Richie Chewy
"I came here with family after realising they relocated to Takapuna. My goodness if I could score higher I would.Beautiful space with..."
Happy Eater
"We loved this restaurant when it was in Royal Oak, so had to try it again and support them in the new Takapuna site. They are super friendly here and..."
"My husbandThomas Shi took me here for my birthday dinner❤❤ The staff are all helpful and friendly. I love the taste of their lemongrass wagyu..."
"I feel quite lucky that I’m spoilt for choice for places to eat in my neighbourhood. The latest exciting place that opened in Takapuna is Nanam..."
Angela (A Style Collector)
"Our table of four were well taken care of by the friendly staff. All the dishes were well thought out and on the generous side. Great wine list with..."
"What a fantastic restaurant with lovely decor, excellent food and outstanding service. We had a large group and were given a private dining room that..."
Meghan Kerr-Phillips
"Nice ambience, great service.Everything was so delicious- from the croqueta (lamb adobo), clams, crispy pork and its zingy dip, octopus in ink...."
"We only had dessert here but all i can say is ... WOOOOOOW! LOVED the desserts + the service (service was friendly + quick, decor is really..."
Helen I.
"Update August 2018:We went back with my partners family and were equally as delighted. The dishes lived up to our memories and it was again one..."
Shake Out Smales Farm
80/100 (229 ratings)
Fast Food
"We live dangerously too close to this place, i got the beef bruger with cheese and some fries on the side. The bun is a soft brioche bun with..."
Sophie Wang
"A neat little setup in Smales Farm among other quality eateries, Shake Out's frictionless technology is user-friendly and extremely efficient...."
"I ordered Vege burger , it tasted was fantastic. The burger size was smaller than normal burger but the price also cheap , so it was worthy to..."
Tian Sweetly
"Great tasting cheese..."
"Very tasty burgers and chill environment but the size of the burgers are quite small. If you drop $20 for a combo you'll prob be aite..."
"Everything is simple here, from their menu to the self-ordering system and cashless service. Their menu consists of four burgers, fries and shakes...."
Alma Eats
"Best burger in Auckland. Closest thing to In N Out in NZ!Double beef and cheese is the best. The sauce is the best. The cheese fries are..."
Tony Ma
"Love the simple menu and the self serve sauces. Beef patty was juicy but brioche buns were the highlight.Would definitely go..."
Hamisi Opohtie
"Tried for the 1st time to use a voucher up. Really really nice cheese burger. And a very good shake. Good healthy portion sizes ! Smart. Fries are..."
Dean Garner
"Cutest little burger joint 📍Shake Out serves tasty delicate burgers at the touch of a screen! We got: Double Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Cheese..."
Oksana Zhang
"Have I mentioned before New Zealand burgers are the best in the world? I may be wrong but trying burgers in 34 different countries does mean..."
Ang Sarap
"Really yummy cheese fried and milkshake. The price is quite high but I think that’s what you pay for good quality. I haven’t tried burger but..."
"Probably the best (fast food or maybe any type of) burger I’ve had in Auckland. Not greasy and the brioche bun was really good! Fries were yummy..."
Kate Javier
"Yum yum yum. Love these burgers, and the fries with cheese sauce - I have no words for how great this is!I would usually get the..."
Lucy Preston
"Made the trek out over the shore for this bad boy. Worth it. Went for a double cheeseburger, fries and the sparkling lemonade. Perfect order...."
Amindha Fernando
"Shake out is definitely one of the best fast food burger joints out there! They’re cashless (so you can pay with card or with your phone or watch)..."
"Honestly best burgers in Auckland. Been here a few times and can't fault them. The softest, fluffiest buns, high quality patty and delicious sauce...."
Jessica Bell
"Their fries are absolutely bomb, but their sauces need a bit of work. I tried the chicken burger which was great, although after a few bites all I..."
"Shake Out is the damn best burger joint! Been here so many times and every time I go I swear it get's better, the burgers are just too damn good..."
Anastasia Matiatos
"Great cashless concept store, plenty of parking nearby and really enjoyed the chicken burger and fries I ordered. the burger bun is very fresh not..."
"Best burgers i’ve ever tasted, usually i’m not the type to ask for burgers but shake out by far has the best i’ve ever tasted ! My drink was so..."
Yana Petrenko
"A burger ain’t just a burger. Once upon a time it was a homemade mix of mince, sausage meat, onion, herbs, spices and whatever else the corner..."
Phil Morton
"Have been to shake out twice and have highly enjoyed both times. Got the chicken burger both times and really liked it. Tastes similar to bettys..."
"Amazing! This place might have just replaced Better Burger as my favourite burger spot in Auckland.We ordered got a Cheeseburger, Double..."
Vivian C
"Unsure about the service because it was all self service. But the burgers here were really delicious. The fries seemed to be self cut and were..."
Coffee Macarons
"They have a limited menu but fast and efficient ordering process. The chicken burger was tasty and juicy. The fries was just plain nice and crispy. ..."
"Went here last night for dinner, simple menu which is good. Double cheeseburger 8/10, patty was juicy,lettuce,tomato,buns all fresh, chips average,..."
"5/5 Taste4.5/5 Display 5/5 Quantity 5/5 Customer ServiceBest Burger shop in Auckland.I have to say this place is..."
"They got very soft bun, crunchie and juicy chicken, fast and friendly service, clean and tidy store. Flavour was ao good .Better than other burger..."
LuNa The TuNa
"Really yummy burgers! The buns are the best part, enjoyed both the chicken and the beef. The only downside to this place is we found it a little..."
Laura Oliveira
"I've been here three times since they opened. Nice freshly made burgers - however it doesn't compare to The Flaming Onion (in terms of taste,..."
Jason Y.
"Yum! We ordered the double cheeseburger, chicken burger and a side of fries. Pretty basic but its been done right. The burgers are really good..."
Louise MacNaughton
"Yuuummmy! Uncomplicated menu. Fast service. Super soft burger buns. Go for the double cheeseburger! I will definitely be back! I’ll try the chicken..."
"Despite the unappealing promotion post I saw, I decided to give it a try anyways because of some good reviews. The whole cashless service is quite..."
"Finally got to test the hype around one of Auckland’s newest burger joints! 🤩🍔 We got the cheeseburger, chicken burger and cheesy..."
@Happyeatereats On Instagram
"The price is reasonable for the burger. Patty for me is 4.5/5. The bun is soggy but full of flavor. Fries is great specially the sauce. Nice ambiance..."
Bryan David
"OH MY GOSH this place is amazing! Burgers are top notch! Did look a little small but boy do they fill you up, chips were really nice and fresh also,..."
"Novel way to order. Cashless premises so bring your card. Select your menu from the counter via the tablet. Pay via card, grab your number and wait...."
Mary Underwood
"Went and tried out shake out the other night. Was pleasantly suprised. Perfect place for the introvert to dine. Order on a tablet at the counter and..."
Terina Choi
"YOM, great burgers and shakes!! The food is kind of small but it is cheap and tasty. A bit annoying that you can’t take things out of the burgers..."
"Love this place! Simple menu done really well. iPad payment method is great and really speeds things up. Food comes out really quickly and is..."
"Hands down, this place is way better than Better Burger and Burger Burger combined. Me and the wife tried their double cheese burger and normal..."
Red Puntanar-Cadaon
"I’ve been so eager waiting for this spot to open because the photos of the Shake Out food looked so bloody good. Popped in today after work to..."
Hansi Dissanayake
"Amazing staff! And amazing food 🙌🏼 the shakes were amazing and will definitely go back!!! Just note that you have to pay and park outside..."
Maxine Balani
"Quite similar to Better Burger where it’s menu is minimal but they do shakes. Really tasty burger but fries were normal like simple shoestring..."
"You'd be hard pressed to find fault with BurgerFuel's new baby brother - the prices are more affordable, the venue so clean I would literally eat my..."
Richard O
"Simple but delicious burgers. The double cheesburger was so juicy and tender. The lime & pistachio shake was on point and wasn’t too sweet. It was..."
"Shake Out opened three days ago and I thought I should try it. I ordered a double cheese burger for $10.. it was very simple, very tasty and very..."
Master & Apprentice
74/100 (384 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Came here for a birthday dinner with a friend. Food is great but the highlight is definitely the service. Waiter was very polite and..."
"The service was really nice. Specially the guy who served us was really understanding with our special meal request and was super friendly :) we had..."
"Great dinner night out with the girls celebrating my friend’s birthday. Friendly service and very accommodating. The food was delicious and good..."
Jen Lee ( Zomato Gold Using JENL 8447 For 20% Discount)
"Best place for a sneaky date. Great atmosphere, excellent live band (after 7pm) and of course DELICIOUS food. We ordered Beer Batter Fries, Vension..."
Jessica Keenan-Fry
"Used our gold membership at this place. We ordered the chicken Parmesan and pork cutlet. They sent out the wrong dish (pork belly instead of cutler)..."
Amit Mehta
"Food: 4/5Service: 4/5Ambient: 4/5This place definitely deserves a much higher rating. The quality of their food is pretty..."
"Went here for dinner tonight, with voucher. A really nice experience, could of done with a few more skins for the price, but overall.. Yum! Got the..."
Susan Ball
"Not a real problem with this place. Updated the menu this week, along with some new staff over the last few months, can only go up from here...."
Shannon Boyes
"Had been a bit apprehensive given other reviews but were pleasantly surprised. Meals were tasty (ribs and mussels) and of good portion size. I really..."
Jonathan Chen
"Lovely food, with a good menu. Have been a couple of times now and have always had attentive and friendly service. A nice local bar for a casual..."
Thomas Russell
"Bar atmosphere. Good food. Friendly staff. Live band when we were there on a friday night. I would definitely recommend for a place to go for..."
Jared Cobbett
"This is the third time I have been here and we have had a lovely meal each time. The staff are very friendly and efficient. The chicken Caesar..."
John Rogers
"I ordered a farmhouse pie. The mashed potatoes were buttery and met my expectations. The beef and bacon were drowned in thick gravy, which mixed well..."
"We went to Master & Apprentice because they offered Zomato Gold 1+1 on food. We chose the 500gram rump steak which came with crispy onion rings and..."
"We had a last minute meal here recently.  We wanted a home cooked style meal as we were missing english 'pub grub' and got just what we wanted with..."
"Food 4/5Service 5/5Jukebox 5/5Atmosphere 2/5Decor 3/5Food was great. Prices a little high and while the promotions..."
Restaurant Assassin
"It was the first time I went to this place and the food was amazing. The ribs there is good and perfect with onion rings, I ordered the half rack..."
"Love the food. Crew members are really polite and I like the ambience, very relaxing. There's always room for groups of diners. Looking forward to..."
Jaime Talaue
"I’m giving this place a 5 star simply because the only person I saw working on this particular Anzac Day was doing a fantastic job , doing the bar..."
David Hann
"We came here on a Thursday night and really enjoyed the 1/2 rack ribs and Thai mussels (especially on zomato gold!) Staff was very friendly but..."
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"Got grabone voucher to try out this place. Food is good, bar pub style. Their platter is massive, rump steak with mushroom sauce was cook to liking..."
“Dailee” 25% Off Zomato Gold
"Food was pretty good! the beef casserole is a must try.The grazing platter is definitely enough for atleast 4 people. even the regular size was..."
"Been ages since we went out on a date! Kicked it off with deep fried squid and onion rings, which were very good. Followed up with nachos..."
Eric Mendez
"Lovely place to eat out with your friends or partner :-) I went there with my friend at the first time. It was nice food and nice price with the..."
Kyeong Eun Kim
"Nice food and environment after they renovated. We always like to come here for the mussels pot. Although the selection of sauces were not as..."
"Went for a quick meal and drinks. Ordered onion rings, cajun chicken burger and the shitake mushroom & cheese fritters. Firstly the food came out..."
"This place is awesome- Fantastic food, tasty, great portions. Lovely decor - my group ordered - the ribs,the t-bone, steak,fish tacos, chicken tacos,..."
"I was looking for a place on Hurstmere road for some dinner for my 14YO daughter and I, before a show at Bruce mason. Master and apprentice looked..."
Mike Currie
"Visited on a busy Sunday evening, service was excellent and staff very friendly and knowledge of menu and specials was very good. Had 3 mains and 1..."
Grant McAneaney
"4/5 Taste3.5/5 Display 4.5/5 Quantity 4/5 Customer Service I have no idea why this place is rated low. Mainly got low..."
"The apple juice in this bar was great The vibe in this place was super mediocre and made us feel super confident in ordering our foodThe..."
Nathan Reid
"Best part of my night there was the mocktails we had! They didn’t have a menu for them so they asked if we wanted something sweet, sour or fruity..."
Harry Kumar
"We went as a group of 7. The food was pretty good, everyone at the table enjoyed their food. Only downfalls was the waitress was quite grumpy and..."
"It was about time to grab a grabone deal and decided to dine at this new establishment. To share, I ordered the grilled squid and the pork ribs, and..."
Mamak Malaysia Street Food Takapuna
91/100 (921 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
"Came here finally to try, as I love Malaysian food. We ordered the Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang and the Wat Tan Hor. It was quite a busy place but the..."
Wilson Shum
"MAMAK MEE GORENG - the happiest pile of food I have had in a while. The classic "Mamak" mee goreng is soo yummy. I always grab mine medium. The tofu..."
Tasteful Seconds By Kyrsta Lynn
"This is one of the best restaurants to enjoy good Malaysian food. The staff is very friendly and food is amazing..."
"As yummy as..."
Annie Deng
"Family dinner here was great. Softshell crab was tender, crispy and well seasoned. I ordered a lychee drink which was nice and refreshing. Everything..."
"I love how each dish is full of flavor and nutrients ! Usually it’s rare to find restaurants that do cuisine that balances fat-carbohydrate-protein..."
Jonathan Chau
"For Mamak and only Mamak, I would willingly go vegetarian. Their vegetarian dishes are well seasoned and balanced. Definitely recommend. Fool proof..."
Bella Qian
"Pretty solid Malaysian place with good flavours comparable to PappaRich, but with slower service. Tabletops were a bit..."
"I‘ve been here four times and the standard is always consistent. I haven’t been to Malaysia myself so I have no idea if it’s authentic but to..."
"This is one of the resto that serves malaysian food! The beef rendang has a rich and strong flavour and the spicy squid is a must try as well! Good..."
Pam Gaddi
"The food was outstanding. The prices were great ! We had quite a range of different dishes for the 7 of us. Everything was so tasty and the service..."
Rachael Jarvis
"Even my friend told me it was not typical Malaysian food, I still love it. The mike tea, seafood laksa and curry with roti. Every time I walk pass, I..."
"Came here for a quick lunch and had the Sarawak Laksa which was quite amazing. the soup was rich with coconut milk and herbs. Had the perfect amount..."
"Best Malaysian food I have had in any country except Malaysia! Great service , decent ambience and mouth wateringly delicious food! We had the..."
"Mamak is one of our go to Malaysian restaurants if we are craving for some Malay dishes, this is one of our primary choices alongside Uncle Man’s,..."
Ang Sarap
"Was my favorite lunch place. Reasonable priced and lots of good choices. Satay Chicken is highly recommended. Good services.Drawbacks are their food..."
Becky Kuang
"Friendly staff. Delicious food. Nice atmosphere. First time here and will definitely be back!! Great value for money. Fresh and tasty, lots of..."
"Tried the classic mee goreng and the ktm soup. Always loved my visits at Chancery- the trip to Takapuna was worth it. Can be a little salty, but its..."
"Been here once, it’s a very busy place, but we were seated very quickly. The restaurant is clean and service is great, staffs are really friendly...."
💓 K
"One of my favorite Malaysian restaurant in Auckland, great service speed, quality food only thing is parking on the street is sometimes hard to find...."
"Ordered the seafood laksa. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE DISH IN AUCKLAND!! - begged my mum to have this for my 20th birthday last year haha 😂This..."
Jenny Kim
"The best restaurant!!! I love that there are so many vegan options. I usually get the dumplings and the mee goreng, made vegan. It's so delicious and..."
Mallory Vera Boult
"I am shook to the core.Service: 9/10I recommend you guys make a reservation because it’s super busy at dinner time.Even though..."
Grace Huang
"Yummy Food 😊👍🏼👍🏼 Fast service. Highly Recommended. Their Seafood Laksa is soooo good 😍. Authentic Malaysian Food. Portion of the..."
Jinky Jimenez Cruz
"Lots of choice for a vegetarian. Even a vegan will be happy here. The meat eating colleagues were happy too. Went for lunch and the place was pumping..."
"My favorite place for Malaysian food. I usually order the Nasi Goreng or the Chicken curry with roti. Super authentic flavors and pretty affordable..."
Karen Rodriguez
"I would like to say this is the Best Malaysian restaurant in takapuna, very authentic food, good and fast service, staffs all friendly and..."
LuNa The TuNa
"My go to for Malaysian food. Super authentic flavours! I love the laksa here the broth is heavy and flavoursome. Also get the roti tisu, best way to..."
"Been coming to mamak over the past 6 years and hands down the best laksa in Auckland!!! Both locations have great service and food is on par at..."
"Yummy food, a bit spicy but love it. food served really fast after ordering. taste exactly like local Malaysian food. will try different dishes next..."
Demi Lee
"Walking in my first impression was "wow this place is busssy" from couples to families, it seemed like everyone wanted to eat here. But yes we got..."
"I dont know why we havent been back here in over a year, but will be back very very soon now that we’ve reminded ourselves how good the food..."
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"Been here a few times over the years and the flavours never let me down.Ordered the Mee Goreng this time and it was delicious, packed with..."
Vivian C
"Great food. We had the Hainanese chicken rice and seafood laksa, both excellent. Will definitely come back here. Strangely the CBD outlet doesn’t..."
Leon Tan
"Mamak was a really nice place to eat at. We caught up with some friends and Mamak allowed us to have a vey chilled out experience. It delivered..."
Pippa Plum
"After looking at the amazing reviews, I made the plunge to visit Mamak and boy was I impressed! The staff are super polite and the food is next..."
"Yum. Busy place. Straight forward with no frills as you’d expect. Fast service and generous portions. Beef Rendang is great. Will make a return..."
"Celebrated my friends birthday here and was an amazing experience. Ordered lots of stuff and everything tasted reallly goood!The staff was..."
"My family has been raving about this restaurant for its authentic Sarawak Laksa. I guess this is the only Malaysian restaurant serving Sarawak Laksa..."
Little Borneo Girl
"Photos don’t quite do it justice. But , oh boy Mamak hits the spot, it’s my takeaway of choice and I travel 25 minutes just to get..."
Laura Bartch
"This place took me back to our Malaysia trip last year! Everything we ordered was delish and the staff were friendly. We got the soft shell crab, wan..."
Sasha Catface
"One of the gem over the shore for Malaysian food. Been there a few times. Enjoyed all the experience. Price is tad on the high end but reflected on..."
Daniel Roan
"Yup, one of the most authentic and reasonable Malaysian restaurant on the Shore (so far).You can't go wrong with their Mee Goreng!..."
Jade Lim
"Great food and very good prices. We had 3 different dishes and we loved all 3 of them.We had takeaways but we will be back to dine in and try..."
Danny Van Der Velde
"This is our favourite go to restaurant for a quick, super tasty and very affordable meal. I would genuinely eat here everyday if I could! My personal..."
Sarah Moore
"Was quite excited to come by since I've heard quite good things from this place and I enjoyed the food at the one in Chancery Square.We..."
Benedict Uy
"Love the food here, but I guess I love malaysian food anyway so may be a bit biased. It does get busy and noisy, so if you don’t mind that,..."
Rockran Rocky
"First time to eat here earlier. Cosy ambience. Good food and awesome service. Our food was served within 15 mins which is a real plus. Will..."
Mel Tebia
"Amazing food!! Not expensive but good portions. Quick and great service from staff and orders come out quickly. Highly recommend if you are after..."
Elise Stebbings
"Malaysian street foodWe really enjoyed our dinner here. We tried the chicken curry with rice and roti, char kway teow and sambal green..."
Suzie Lee
"This place is a little far out from where I usually eat, however this was a restaurant that was worth the journey. Having traveled to Malaysia and..."
"Went here for dinner tonight as we got bored of eating Indian cuisines. Food, service were fantastic to be honest. We ordered meegoreng noodles and..."
Rahul Bannai
"Very nice place. Food was delicious. I tried three different curries with roti. Chicken rendang was awesome with thick gravy. Chicken curry is a must..."
Sparsh Angre
"Great Malaysian restaurant.  Hainanese Chicken is very good as is the Laksa.  Mee Goreng is so good and my husband loves it (and he doesn't like..."
"This place always impress me with their great service and yummy food! Their stir fry and soup anything and everything is just perfect in this place!..."
Charlette Taylor
"So much food for the price. You need to be really hungry when you go here. The hardest part is choosing which dishes to get. Lots of healthy..."
Single P's Adventures
"It’s hard to describe how much I love going here. The food screams Malaysian flavors to the fullest. Laksa being my default order every time, I..."
Jonathan Bangera
"Best Malaysian food I've ever tasted. Prices are worth for the portion size. Chicken skewers are grilled and sauteed perfectly. Chicken curry laksa..."
Rosanne Choy
"This is the place I always go to get my Assam laksa(penang laksa) fix! Memang Sedap... liked their laksa menu options. Lots of variety, it’s like a..."
"Authentic Malaysain food.Flavours are just like the food halls in KL and Penang.Service is excellent. The sambal chicken with roti was the best..."
"love the food a lot! it’s my favourite place to eat “watanhor” ! the place is clean and tidy, and the bathroom is clean and sanitary. the..."
Jessica W
"This Mamak has shifted from Chancery Lane to Takapuna. The food is still as good, and service was great too. They paid particular attention to our..."
Mighty Will
"Went here for dinner tonight and it was sooooo good! Very accomodating to vegans too, the menu made clear the options available! Reasonably priced...."
"By far one of the best and most authentic Malaysian/Singaporean style street food joints. Their Teh Ais is a must have! Never disappointed with their..."
TaeYoung Loh
"LOVE THIS PLACE! Ordered the chicken and prawn laksa, teh tarik ais and salt and pepper squid. Chicken and prawn laksa contains so much chicken and..."
Roro Li
"Very good authentic Malaysian food. Char Kuay Teow, nasi goreng and Rendang with roti are my go to dishes. Service is fast and efficient, prefect for..."
"Whatever time you come. Busy or free. Doesn't affect the food quality. Awesome food, great staff and not too pricey!!Please do try Nasi Lemak -..."
"I got a noodle dish and the dumplings for takeaway and they were amazing!! Been looking all over for noodles like these and I have finally found my..."
"I've been here many times and have tried most of the menu. Most of them are good and are flavoursome however I would not say they are amazing...."
"First of all, I am going vegan and m constantly searching for vegan places and Mamak has vegan and vegetarian options. They have Authentic Malaysian..."
Deepinder Bahia
"It's delicious 👍👍👍. Haven't had Asam Laksa for ages, this one tastes so close to the one I used to have long time ago - spicy and sour. The..."
"This place NEVER disappoints.All their dishes are so authentic and flavours are just spectacular. There hasn't been a time when it was just..."
"Went to Takapuna for the evening and our first choice had no bookings or availability for walk ins so we went here and fortuitously it's now my..."
"Service was decent, pretty quick. The place was very clean. All the food was cooked nicely though not the one of best I've tasted in auckland. The..."
Jade Lin
"Firstly, a friendly greeting when we arrived! Secondly, super fast service - our meals arrived slightly over 5 minutes after our order. Wow. Third of..."
Samantha Addison-Saipe
"Ordered the Chicken Curry Hor Fun. Good portion size. However, the food was a little oily for my liking. Generally, this place had a pleasant vibe..."
"Ordered chicken bites and deep fried squid for starters. They were $10-$11 each. It's quite expensive for starters but they were delicious. Two..."
Christy Leung
"We came here really early on a rainy day so we were the first customers for the night shift. The staff are really friendly and welcoming. I've..."
"Dined here for lunch at around 12pm the place wasn't busy but after about 20mins it became pretty packed. Staff were very lovely and friendly and we..."
"Delicious food! I never get disappointed when I come to mamak!Its a great place to bring family and friends for catching up but definitely not a..."
"Great food. Great service. Used to go to the Mamak in Chancery, Auckland CBD. Was always good. The owner is very friendly always there. The food is..."
"Was desperately craving for malaysian food especially char kwey tiao and ended up choosing mamak in Takapuna. And craving fulfilled with their..."
Angelina Stefani
"We went there for dinner. We were welcomed, friendly staff and easy picture menus were great. Really fast serving! Think we ordered and waited less..."
Bo Yun Moon
"4/5 Taste4/5 Display 4.5/5 Quantity 4/5 Customer Service If your into noodle soups and curry, Mamak's Curry Laksa is..."
"food are superb and the staff are accommodating. highly recommended! we've been here countless times and will definitely go back for..."
Kathleen Tambis
"Had the curry chicken rice, roti canai and hainanese chicken rice. Much needed tastes of home. And neslo always helps! Service was good, nice..."
Cheah Yinn
"Love this place! The food is so tasty and full of flavor. The portion sizes are also very generous. My 'go to' meal is the satay chicken rice which..."
"I have been here multiple times and always impressed with the service. It is usually quick and very good food. One of the times, I booked and..."
Romana Petrie
"Mamak Takapuna is our favourite malaysian restaurant in the Shore. We've tried most of their food and every single one of them is delicious! My..."
"Malaysian street food heaven! We loved this place so much! The food tasted authentic and delicious! Came here with the hubby and our 14 month old..."
R-Dee Roche
"I've tried the vege Mee Goreng and vege Nasi Goreng. Both were excellent and have been back many times since. I've also tried the roti and leek..."
"Loved the Mamak store in Chancery Square and couldn’t believe that the Shore branch was better.In terms of décor and ambience, I really liked..."
"Soup dreams come true on a Saturday night. The exquisite fish fillet noodle soup. Such an aromatic flavoured soup and made at the right temperature..."
"This was without any doubt the best food I've eaten (outside the wife's kitchen); the food was exceptional, the ambience was what you'd expect for a..."
Neil Curran
"Highly recommend buying the tissue roti to share with your group as a dessert. All portions are generous with quick service. The food is always top..."
Jyothi Madanlal Chhabria
"■ Great friendly service■ Reasonable prices■ Good varietyMy family decided to hit up Mamak the other night for a lazy..."
"Have been there once for lunch with family. .. very small place and little cramped up for big families but good food... we all were very happy with..."
Vik Singh
"Food here comes for a very reasonable price, even more considering that it is in Takapuna, so no surprises that it is usually packed (being on..."
Diogo Reck
"In terms of Malaysian food, I think Mamak is one of the best you can find in Auckland. Certainly a more upscale version of what you'd normally find..."
"This place is super cosy, price-friendly and has delicious food! What more can you ask for?We ordered the Curry Chicken Noodles, Vegetarian..."
Rohit Victor
"Very busy. They were good to accomodate a large group (9) without a booking on a busy Saturday evening. They were quick on the service, portion sizes..."
Don C
"I went there on a Sunday afternoon. The place was full and busy I'm just planning to have a take away but it took a while for them to prepare so i..."
Chay P Rosales
"We were in Takapuna during the weekend and had a superb lunch at the Mamak. The crowd, the noise, screaming kids, the cramped space, rushed yet..."
Upeka Fernando
"Updated review. Food was fantastic as always, staff were super efficient. They've made some tweeks to the interior that makes it warmer and more..."
Paul O
"A neighbour mentioned this restaurant to us, so we thought we would check it out. When we entered we were warmly greeted and shown to our table. We..."
Liz Rouse
"This place is crazy good! Would highly recommend. Everything I have had in the two times I have been has tasted amazing and it's very well priced. We..."
Alana Geach
"Great authentic food. I've just been to Malaysia and miss it! So this brought me back. I had the maturbak and my daughter had the mee Goreng . Both..."
Nicola P
"After three visits in 3 weeks, I can safely say this is one of my new favourites! Staff are friendly and efficient and the food is to die for! Having..."
"We had dinner here Saturday. The food was lovely, great flavour and plenty. Good service. Memu had many choices we would like to try so will..."
Fiona Thompson Finkle
"Came here with my parents to try the laksa! My parents are always looking for good Malaysian food and I'm glad that I tagged along! We had the..."
Emily Ng
"Lunch for two: Beef rendang - the sauce was nice and flavorful however some beef pieces were tough and hard to chew, which was a let down. The Nasi..."
Eve Espino
"Wow....thats really all I want to say.The food is really really good!! Today I went in with a work collegue at lunchtime. It was pretty..."
"great food and great, friendly service, very reasonably priced, huge portions and yumms! we've been there a few times - once with a grumpy kid and..."
Hannah Chiam
"I can't go past huron street now without grabbing a laksa from this place. Ridiculously tasty, easy on the wallet and the food will make your..."
"Great food at a reasonable price. Definitely one of the better malaysian restaurants in auckland. Every dish is tasty but i recommend the laksa and..."
"I came here for lunch; not the greatest ambiance, or even service (which was prompt enough, but nothing amazing), but the food is what is important..."
"We were so excited when we found out Jeffrey had reopened his original Mamak on the Northshore! We've been a loyal customer since they first opened..."
Cupy Dee
"Excellent customer service. Very friendly staff and an upbeat, inviting atmosphere.I had the Chicken Laksa. Authentic flavours and oh so..."
Jenna Jacobsen Toeono
"I've been the city branch a few times. First time at the Taka branch. Must say this is a better setup and the owner is very courteous, the city staff..."
"“Dailee” 25% Off Zomato Gold ~ Celebrated new job in our family, we decided to head to Mamak for a food feast (curry softshell crabs, salt pepper..."
“Dailee” 25% Off Zomato Gold
"Been here a couple times now and really enjoyed all of the mains that I've tried. Chicken laksa is lovely and creamy - not watered down at all. Curry..."
"Food is very yummy and authentic. Service is very quick and prices are extremely reasonable. The seafood laksa and the roti canai are my favourites...."
"Good food - Had some yummy mee gorang and some nice deep fried veg dumplings, hope this place also had some chicken dumplings but was restricted with..."
Sam Varghese
"Why didn't I know about this place before? Today was my lucky day. I went there with my wife and baby daughter. Easy to find a parking in Takapuna...."
Abdul Wahid Awan
"I have been here a few times now. Excellent service. The mee goreng chicken is a fave and also the Murtabak. Tried something new last weekend -..."
Trish Savelio
"Sarah Nicholls Fantastic value for money. Spotlessly clean and probably only criticism would be a lack of atmosphere ( needed some music..."
Rod De Vries
"Food ordered:Mee GorengSeafood LaksaBill: $29.50Big tummy: First of all, I would've given Mamak a solid 4-4.5/5, but..."
A Tale Of Two Tummies
"Off the road and down a wind tunnel you'll find Mamak, original Malaysian street food.Always packed with Malaysian you know..."
"I recommend going early or booking for a table as it gets busy for dinner. Service is always quick, and the food is great. I recommend the soft shell..."
Erika Bayangos
"It is the best Malaysian restaurant on the North Shore!  I'm not kidding at all.  Its award-winning curry chicken with freshly-made roti is always..."
"Had lunch here today with my mum! After hearing good things about it had to try! We had satay chicken, dumplings and mee goreng! The food was..."
Sophie-fern Wright
"I had already been to the chancery square Mamak, so I knew this one would be just as good. As we got there (a group of 4) there was a large queue to..."
Sophia O-W
"After reading a number of good reviews about Mamak we went there for lunch today with high expectations and we were certainly not disappointed.  The..."
"Great food. Reasonably priced. Didn't get a chance to sample all that I would've like to but in sure we'll be back! Cost us $160 for 6adults and..."
Sanjesh Lal
"Probably the best Malaysian in town. Jeff used to operate Mamak at Chancery, and his fans have worked out that he is now at Takapuna. Reasonable..."
"When it comes to value for money this place is amazing! The food is sensational and authentically Malaysian. The portion sizes are generous and..."
Eden Wood
"If you haven't tried Mamak in Takapuna you definitely should give it a go - the food is fairly priced and incredibly flavoursome. I recommend trying..."
Cecilia Paredes
"Plenty of car park around this restaurant. They have outdoor and and indoor seating but I prefer the indoor seating. Indoor can easily accommodate up..."
Cindy Ong
"Couldn't believe it when I saw mamak opened up in takapuna. This was one of my favourites in the city. Menu and service excellent. I've been for..."
"Went to mamak in chancery when it first opened and didn't realise that it has moved to takapuna. The service was just as good as I remembered and..."
Candii Cao
"The airy atmosphere with the fun translations on the wall. The cheerful and helpful staff and the some very tasty food at a reasonable price all come..."
"Mamak is an absolute gem! Great range of dishes and good potion size too. I'm a suckered for the chicken bites here, usually get them along with a..."
Tariq Az.
"A great discovery. Didn't know about this place. A delight.Was looking for Halal food and they have it. To my surprise, the place was pretty..."
Shah Raza Khan
"The original Mamak from Chancery now relocated at Takapuna, same taste, same flavour, more spacious than Chancery. This is the only place..."
Ashish Bijwe
"Was greeted with a smiling face, and my takeaway order was taken quickly and wait time was not long at all. Nice addition to takapuna, to..."
"Discovered this place while popping by the Department Store. Turns out the original owner of the Chancery branch, which I frequent, decided to open..."
Auckland Foodie
"Three of us were celebrating my friend's graduation in Takapuna. Finding an hour long wait for a table at Madam Woo, my friend suggested Mamak just..."
Anna Hinehou
"One of my favorites Malaysian food in Auckland, I'm actually glad that it opens over the shore, because open after shopping around the Department..."
"Great food , great service. Very nice and simple place as well. We went to takapuna mamak for a family dinner, all of us enjoyed including kids...."
"So glad I found this. Heard about it first from another Malaysian (a plus) and then briefly saw it being written up in Metro (which I take with a..."
"The best place for Malay cuisine in Auckland. Food is delicious, ambience is relaxing, fast service and the owner is very friendly. He makes sure he..."
Sagar Gummadi
"Yum. Had the Nasi Lemak today, friend had the Sambal Chicken, both were fantastic.Owner, Geoffrey very hospitable and..."
Little Red Cup
81/100 (392 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
New Zealand
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"Lovely little place with delicious food and a nice atmosphere. We really liked the..."
Jason Bouwman
"Little red cup is a beautiful cafe in Takapuna. It's a very warm, welcoming and cozy place. Food is fresh and fast, coffee is top notch. I enjoyed..."
Hyunji Kim
"Amazing food. Great place if you are looking for Malaysian food🙂. Loved the claypot rise and curry laksa ❤. Reminded me of home. Lovely place if..."
"Service : 4.5/5Food : 4/5Value : 3.5/5Atmosphere : 4.5/5Wall paintings : 10/5What I really loved about this place was..."
Jonathan Chau
"Friendly restaurant with a dinning area dedicated to groups that dine with small kids. The area filled with two big sacks of lovely toys that my kids..."
Stella Luo
"Found this little gem with Zomato Gold!! Such a great value for the 1+1 food. The clay pot rice is one of the best in Auckland and the satay skewers..."
Ruth Gong
"Have visited this place over a year ago and it was a lovely experience. Came back again this morning with Grabone voucher and they still keeping up..."
Sabrina Mayadayita
"Little gem in Takapuna! We came because it was on Zomato gold and had no issues with it. It looks like a typical cafe but it serves delicious..."
"Cool little cafe! Used Zomato gold and there was no problems there! Got a laksa and clay pot rice. Clay pot rice was really yum! Definitely..."
"Little cafe at Takapuna. Went there with a friend and ordered thai chicken salad and paleo breakfast. Chef forgot to put cucumbers in the salad and..."
Priyanka Silswal
"Great little cafe in Takapuna. The food and coffee are reasonably priced. Overall score:Ambience 4/5Service 4/5Food..."
Jen Lee ( Zomato Gold Using JENL 8447 For 20% Discount)
"You can get free great food with zomato gold here. I paid only 21 dollars for 2 dishes and one long black. Good staff service and great..."
"The food is always good and the service is impeccable! We got the big breakfast and it was delicious- had all the elements necessary for a filling..."
Kristina Isabel
"Had the Paleo Breakfast at the Little Red Cup! Everything about it was amazing! The bacon was crispy, the salmon was perfect, the mushrooms were..."
Rebecca Waimanu Scott
"This place was just incredible. I went back for lunch three times total. The food was not just perfectly cooked, it was also carefully designed. The..."
Doris Montoya
"We found this cafe when we were looking a place to have a light brunch. It's a small spot on the main road of Takapuna, I can't believe I've never..."
Hana Olivia
"We decided to visit this place using a groupon voucher the food was good, the only let down was our eggs were over poached,nice neighbourly feel and..."
Pita Polima
"I’ve been here twice and both times have been good experiences over all. The girl who works on the till is very good at knowing exactly what’s..."
Destiny Mackay
"Came here this morning and had a very pleasant experience. The staffs were friendly, and the ambience was nice and quiet. The cafe wasn't too busy,..."
Sabrina Chae
"They have good coffee and amazing food!! Staff are friendly and cafe has a cozy vibe. We had the french toast and the claypot chicken rice. Highly..."
"Affordable and delicious coffee! I come here every Saturday and Sunday, the food is amazing and the staff are friendly :)) always leave a happy..."
Maia Metcalfe
"Food is Okay. Service is Okay. A place make me feel good. The most important thing is the Cafe has play area with enough toys for kids. I become a..."
Ellen Zhang
"they got 2 menu that with and without pictures! it helps a lot~ like their cafe design and foods are awesome as well(^ω^) gooooooood~~..."
Elaine Ng
"Nice coffee!! I order homemade fruit muesli.very nice!! they sell alot cabinet foods,and scone is yummy.i order berry smoothies for my..."
"This charming place has some really good food - both cabinet and menu - and AMAZING coffee. Whether you're in for a quick bite or a full meal, they..."
Tihana Smiljanić
"The "Keep Fit" breakfast/lunch with cold smoked salmon comes with toast, mash avocado & poached eggs was a big meal. "BrAvo" is cold smoked salmon,..."
"A good day starts with a good breakfast (opss.. Should be said as my big breakfast yea?)Cup of cappuccino , poached egg with fresh vegetables..."
CoCo Lau
"the food is fantastic. love every bite of it. overall is good and worth the price. friendly staff n good service with delicious food. will go again...."
LS Ping
"coffee is amazing and have a great selection of dairy free milk including coconut milk which id never seen anywhere else before. the fresh muffins..."
Sarah McCall
"My family and I come here every day, sometimes twice a day for coffee. We love it here! Great, friendly and welcoming staff! We’ve tried food off..."
Lily Lassen
"Stopped in for breakfast at this cute cafe yesterday! Love all the sayings they have hung on the walls, gives it great character. Their Paleo..."
Sarah G.
"Great spot along Hurstmere road, easy to get a park and good spot outside under the umbrella. Excellent coffee and a great selection of fresh cabinet..."
Jennifer Banks
"Had a grabone voucher and came on Saturday prime brunch time but it was pretty quiet and we got seated at a sunny spot outside. I got the Thai..."
"Went for brunch with the family, 7 of us. It was recommended that we book and arrive early to make sure we could have a table. There was no need, as..."
Liz Rouse
"nice place,  very like it,  food taste good,  coffee taste nice, people friendly, but tables are not very clean, may because it was very busy..."
Chris Russell
"Went in on Mother's Day just before closing and the kitchen were kind enough to make us some meals before the cafe closed. Very tasty and filling..."
Britley Bennett
"had the chefs special satay pork rib and the mixed flavour buns. Was delicious! Very nice kind of Asian kiwi fusion dishes you served. keep it up..."
Catherine Tan
"I've been here a few times now. The coffee is always superb and the treats at the front counter are great. I give this place a 4/5 because it doesn't..."
Rebecca Kennedy
"New restaurant/cafe in takapuna. The food is nice but unfortunately just so many better choices in taka to be had. Prices are essentially in line..."
Greg Brown
"New barista, new food, new menu!! Little Red Cup has changed into a new leaf here and I'm so stoked!Had the most wonderful scones and..."
Lan Nguyen
"The coffee is fabulous!! I am an absolute coffee lover, so I have so much demand for my coffee, but this shop's coffee was inspired me a lot 5/5. ..."
"Not the best looking cafe but the food and service is great. Freshly baked scones and probably the best coffee on Hurstmere Road. We had poached..."
"Just went here this morning with my partner for brunch. It is a cute little cafe on hurstmere road. Inside is nice and open with simple furnishings...."
Alysha Bower
"Great cafe that is worth driving for! Friendly and smiling staff! And the coffee is from espresso workshop so combined with barista skills..."
"Call me non-PC but I normally view Asian managed cafes serving European fare about as sceptically as I avoid Asian drivers...but these guys have..."
Tom Batcheler
"What a great place!Cheaper than a lot of places in the area, but customer service, food and coffee standards are right up there. We eat here..."
"love the food and coffee, the coffee is really good, it's very smooth. I ordered a corn fritter stack, it was so fluffy with a little bit Spanish..."
"It is very yummy and nice. The new coming dessert is dedicated. Forgot to take the house paster picture. I love the pasta as..."
"Delicious food! Love the breakfasts here and I am never disappointed. Sometimes had to get a carpark but it's worth the visit if you can! Came here..."
Emma Grey
"Oh my goodness! Coffee 5/5, food 5/5, customer service 5/5. The coffee is really good. We went for breakfast and I had the pancakes (of course)...."
"Great food and very good coffee! Staff are very welcoming.. ..."
Dominic Zolezzi