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Hollywood Bakery And Espresso
70/100 (83 ratings)
New Zealand
"Ordered the mushrooms on toast with an extra piece of toast. I loved the taste of the mushrooms and the sauce wasn’t too sweet or too spicy. Love..."
"Coffees were really good, strong and hot. With a free muffin with each coffee, can't complain. Not too busy on a Saturday afternoon. Easy and..."
Michelle. N
"Now personally I don't like their baking like muffins and slices as I'm pretty sure they have been brought in by a supplier (EXCLUDING their YoYo..."
ليلىٰ 💛
"Some of the previous reviewers must be minging.  This place serves the best, and freshest paninis, salads and damn good short-order too.  I have..."
"Being In our local mall, we come here often! Though it's not my first choice, it's always "good enough". One time we dined here and it was super busy..."
Couple Of Cheap Westies
"Food is alright. I think a little on the pricey side, but that's the tight wad in me speaking. Staff were friendly enough, a little slow but I..."
Yvannah G
"Everytime I head to Henderson, this would be the first stop for me. Great hot chocolate and pies also. Sometimes it's usually busy, but I always go..."
Tavita Milford
"We love coming here to eat in the weekends. I am not a fan of 'mall food' but the meals here are tasty, good portion sizes and are very good..."
Aneeka Nand
"LOVE their cakes! I mean I really have to go in to get myself their black-forest cake every time I walk past them. Its almost an addiction. They do..."
"to be honest this is a local favourite. i love the fact that they have the salad cabinet as most Hollywood bakeries do not. It is always very busy..."
Felicity Williams
"A nice place to sit and have a snack while waiting for family to finish their shopping. This is a quieter option compared to sitting within the malls..."
"I love this place. They have great coffee, better flat white then any of the other cafes in Westcity ( I have tried all of them) and you also get a..."
Wairaka Mason
Matsu Sushi
70/100 (34 ratings)
"For sushi, its not the best, but its not bad either. Was actually some of the better food court sushi I've had in a while. Need to go here again as..."
"I heard about their bento boxes and just had to try for myself.. got a small bento box for $13 was sooo much food and was all sooo good! Could barely..."
Mo Holloway
"Picked up some lunch on my way through the mall. Stopped at the sushi. I know they have had some food grading issues but everything seems like in..."
Janice McCartain Dagg
"An awesome sushi place located inside Westcity Mall Foodcourt. I like their customer service which was good. I even liked their sushi and wasabi...."
"Used to come here all the time and found the sushi cheap, but it was nothing special. It's successful because you can pack your own sushi which is..."
"It's been years since that last time I was at this Matsu, everytime I would just walk past it. Their sushis are alright, there are some in which the..."
Tavita Milford
"Pretty good for mall Japanese, got a small bento for $13 is a huge amount of food which is awesome. Lady behind desk was a bit grumpy..."
Zhora Watson
"Love Matsui Sushi, best sushi bar out West.Favorite is, chilli pork, tempura, onigiri and sushi. ..."
"Food was superb! My toddler LOVED his baby salmon avocado roll and I LOVED my nigiri too!!!..."
Chelsea Haworth
"The best sushi by far!! I have been getting sushi from these guys since they first started in the mall (very long time!) Always fresh, great..."
Courtney Maloyd
"I love, love, love this place!!Just a little stall in the west city mall, that serves the best Japanese cuisine by far.My fav is the chilly..."
"If I’m in Henderson i feel like having sushi I would go this store get a vegetarian box or a double teriyaki chicken because I just love the taste..."